Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/17/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/17/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Out on the terrace of the Kiriakis mansion, Arianna and Brady kiss passionately. Brady breaks off the kiss and lays Arianna down on one of the chairs. The two kiss again.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Stephanie and Nathan share a couple of beers. Stephanie admits that she doesn’t like they way they left things with Melanie. Nathan assures her it isn’t either of their faults, saying that Melanie was completely out of control. He adds that he didn’t do anything wrong, and that he refuses to grovel. Stephanie reminds him that he admitted earlier that Melanie had a reason to be jealous, but Nathan says that he was mostly joking. Stephanie says she still wants to call Melanie and smooth things over. She takes out her phone, saying that it’s the right thing to do and it could even prevent something disastrous from happening. Nathan asks what she means, and Stephanie tells him that when Melanie gets mad, she gets even.

At the pier, Philip asks Melanie if she really plans on making him feel better. She says she does. Philip is reluctant, but Melanie asks him to be quiet and listen to her.

Bo finds Ciara’s bear in the woods and panics. He calls her name worriedly as Hope rushes over. He shows her the bear and she gasps, asking Bo where their daughter is. They both rush off, calling out for Ciara.

In a tool shed somewhere, Ciara tells the man that took her that she wants to go home and see her Mommy and Daddy. The man smiles and tells her not to be scared, as she has him now.

Daniel heads out onto the terrace and finds Arianna and Brady kissing. He clears his throat uncomfortably, apologizing for interrupting. Brady and Arianna sit up and stare, embarrassed.

Hope asks Bo frantically if the vision he had of Ciara being kidnapped told him anything about her whereabouts. Just then, Justin rushes over, telling the two that the police are here. Hope rushes off to keep searching and Justin follows. Bo gives a description of Ciara’s clothing to some other officers and asks them to begin a search. He brokenly reminds them that Ciara’s kidnapper could have changed her outfit. The men head off. Bo sighs.

The kidnapper hears sirens in the distance and asks Ciara if they are friends. She nods. He asks her to be very quiet until he says it’s ok to talk. He warns her menacingly that if she doesn’t obey, then she will never see her parents again.

Daniel apologizes for busting in on Arianna and Brady. Arianna hurries to throw her dress on over her bathing suit, and tells the two that she needs to go anyway. She tells Daniel it was nice to meet him, stammering uncomfortably. She adds that she will call Brady later and hurries off. Daniel apologizes profusely for interrupting, but Brady says it’s alright, and that he’s glad to see Daniel made bail. Daniel nods, saying Victor saw to that, but there something important neither of them can do without Brady’s help. Brady asks what Daniel needs him to help him with, and Daniel says he needs help saving Chloe.

Two nurses stand by Chloe’s bedside at the hospital. One turns to the other and tells her worriedly that they’re losing Chloe. We pan in on an unconscious and pale Chloe.

Nathan tells Stephanie that he doesn’t think either of them owe Melanie an apology. She bolted out of here without waiting for an explanation. Stephanie says that Melanie was obviously upset and embarrassed, but Nathan said she had no reason to be. Just because he’s out with Melanie doesn’t mean that he can’t talk to Stephanie. Stephanie wonders why he won’t call it a date, but Nathan claims that he wasn’t on a date with Melanie. He tells Stephanie that he and Melanie are friends, and he promises to smooth this over with her later. Stephanie says she really doesn’t like it when Melanie is mad at her. Nathan promises that Melanie won’t be mad for long. He adds that he should really be the one that is insulted here, since Melanie assumed he invited her and Stephanie out on the same night. Stephanie wonders if he is blaming Melanie, but Nathan says he isn’t. He adds that it’s Melanie’s prerogative to be mad, and it’s neither of their responsibilities to placate her. Stephanie sighs, unsure.

Melanie asks Philip if he plans on making a decision. He asks what she means, and she sighs, saying she can tell that his father’s callousness over Carlo’s death is tearing Philip up inside. Philip asks her not to play shrink with him right now. Melanie tells Philip that she also knows he’s never going to feel better unless he figures out what Stephanie means to him. Melanie wonders if Philip still loves Stephanie and wants to be with her. Philip admits he can’t just turn off his feelings for Stephanie. Melanie says that she used to think Philip was a Kiriakis to the core, but now she isn’t so sure. Philip tells her abruptly that he has to go. He starts to head off, but turns back to tell Melanie that he realizes that she only wants what is best for him.

The kidnapper tells Ciara happily that the police cars have all gone somewhere else. Relieved, he tells Ciara that there is only one more thing she has to do.

Back at the police station, Bo gives a group of officers some instructions and they all head off to join the search for Ciara. Hope wants to go back out, too, but Bo thinks they can be more useful staying here and coordinating a search. He gets ready to call the police chief over in Brookville, but Hope stops him, asking him if Bo is sure the bear is Ciara’s. He says he is, but Hope shakes her head. Angrily, Bo asks her what she is trying to say. He suddenly asks how Ciara got her bear back. Defensively, Hope asks why he is questioning her in that tone of voice. Bo asks her in a fury if she gave Ciara the bear back or not.

Daniel reminds Brady that they were friends before all this happened. He assures Brady that he loves Chloe, and that he would never try to hurt her. He also knows Brady cares for her, and that is why he came to him. Brady asks what he needs, and Daniel tells him that he’s locked out of the hospital and needs an ally to save Chloe. Brady tells Daniel that he has thought about it, and he feels Daniel is innocent. Of course, he also wants to save Chloe’s life, so he will help Daniel in any way he can. Daniel thanks him as Victor comes out, asking what is going on. Daniel hurries over to thank Victor for all he has done, but admits that there are some things he can’t do. Victor suggests he ask Brady for help, saying he is sure Brady will do anything he can. Brady nods in agreement. Victor adds that he vowed to treat Daniel like a son, and that is what he intends on doing. Philip walks out on to the patio as Victor tells Daniel and Brady that they exemplify what it really means to be a Kiriakis.

Nathan tries to convince Stephanie not to feel guilty about Melanie being angry. He adds that Melanie usually gets over things pretty quickly, and he vows to take care of explaining to her what really happened. Stephanie still thinks she should call Melanie, but Nathan tells her she has to stop obsessing. He suggests they go do something fun, and he doesn’t care what, as long as they do it together. Stephanie agrees that that sounds nice, and promises to stop talking about Melanie and to stop worrying. Nathan grins, saying that the best thing she’s said all night.

Hope tells Bo that of course, she didn’t give Ciara her bear back, asking him angrily if he thinks she deliberately ignored what they discussed. Bo says he doesn’t, but that they just have a lot more questions right now than they do answers. Justin jumps in, saying that it may not have been Ciara’s bear. They haven’t even gotten the test results back on it. Bo says it’s her bear, and he knows it. That means they screwed up somewhere, and they have to focus on finding Ciara. An officer comes in and Bo asks if there is any news. The man says they’ve done a sweep of the whole area, but they haven’t found anything. Bo grunts in frustration.

We pan in on Ciara, who is tied up on a cot in the tool shed. The kidnapper blindfolds her and puts some headphones on, telling her she’s going to listen to some music. Suddenly, car doors slam shut outside. The kidnapper backs into a corner and cowers.

Bo assures a frantic Hope that they are going to get Ciara back. She nods, suggesting they get back out there and continue looking, since Ciara has only been gone about an hour. Just then, an officer comes in with a note in an evidence bag, telling Bo he needs to see it. Bo looks over the note and gasps.

Nathan and Stephanie stroll through the park. Nathan talks to her about his following in his great-grandfather’s footsteps and deciding to become a doctor. He confides in her about his fears in regards to living up to Tom’s legacy, then stops short, apologizing for being so boring. He suggests they head over to the carnival, but Stephan claims that she isn’t bored, and that there is nothing she’d rather do than be talking to Nathan and talking about Nathan. He grins.

Philip asks Victor to have a word with him alone. Victor protests, but Philip says it is important. Victor sighs and excuses himself. Daniel quickly explains to Brady that he needs to get into the hospital to see Chloe, but he can’t get in. Brady asks if Daniel thinks he can wake Chloe from her coma, and Daniel nods. He says that he needs access to her medical records, but he fears any friends or colleagues of is may be watched. Brady agrees. Daniel just wishes there were a way for them to get into Chloe’s room. Brady thinks there must be a way.

Arianna heads into the pub and takes out the shipment of cocaine and some scales. Just then, someone bangs on the door. Arianna hurriedly puts the scales and drugs away and answers. It’s Melanie, saying that she needs to talk. Arianna tries to explain that now isn’t a good time, but Melanie barrels over her, saying she keeps having this awful thoughts, and she fears she isn’t a good person. Arianna interrupts her, shouting that she doesn’t have time for this, as she has work to do. Melanie is taken aback. Arianna apologizes, saying she is just stressed from work, but Melanie tells her she can’t play a player. She asks Arianna what is really going on here.

Philip accosts Victor in the living room, demanding to know what Daniel is doing in the house. Victor angrily reminds Philip that Daniel is family. Philip accuses Victor of not being honest with him about Daniel or anything else, and Victor tells him to stop bitching, as that is all he seems to do lately. Philip think Victor is shutting him out, and says that he refuses to do the heavy-lifting for Victor anymore unless he knows what is going on with the family. Victor rolls his eyes, saying Philip’s frustrations are noted, and that they’ll discuss this later, as he needs Philip to do something more important. He hands Philip a slip of paper. Philip looks it over and moans in disgust, saying it’s just more dirty work. Victor snaps at him to stop whining. Philip screams back at he isn’t whining--he’s quitting. He wads up the paper and throws it on the floor.

A man and woman enter the kidnapper’s hideout. He asks them if it’s happening and the woman grins, saying it’s happening even as they speak.

Bo tells Hope that the note is a ransom letter, and the kidnappers demand five million dollars if they ever want to see Ciara again. Hope sags against the desk as Bo hands the ransom note off to an officer and instructs him to have it tested for prints and DNA. Hope asks how long they have to get the money together, and Bo explains they’ll be contacted with a drop-off point within the hour. Hope frets, wondering how they will get that kind of money in the middle of the night. Justin offers to go talk to Victor and rushes off. Hope gasps suddenly, saying that this is happening because of that newspaper article. Bo stares in confusion, and Hope reminds him of the donation she made. She guesses that the kidnappers must think she is rich.

Arianna admits there is something going on, and that’s why Melanie can’t be here. She asks if Brady is here, but Arianna interrupts, asking Melanie as a friend to leave her alone right now. Melanie says she understands, and says she was heading to the carnival anyway. Arianna promises they will talk later. She really wants to be there for Melanie, but she just can’t right now. Melanie says she gets it and heads off. Arianna locks the door behind her. Melanie starts to knock again, but changes her mind and heads off. Arianna takes out her scales and starts weighing out cocaine.

Brady tells Daniel that he thinks he may have a way to help. Daniel asks what it is, but Brady say he can’t say right now, as he isn’t sure it will work, and he won’t be sure until morning. Daniel panics, telling Brady that Chloe is dying. They don’t have that much time. Brady say he knows that, but Daniel must be patient. Daniel agrees and Brady promises to call him soon and let him know what is going on. Daniel thanks him and heads off.

Philip tells Victor that he can no longer work for him at the cost of his soul. Victor scoffs, asking when Philip became so spiritual all of a sudden. Philip tells Victor that over the past few weeks, he has literally given up everything for this family. The turning point was Carlo, and how unaffected Victor was by his death. Victor rolls his eyes, asking if they really have to revisit this. Philip tell Victor that he can’t be as cold as Victor wants him to be. He can’t keep trying to prove his worth by doing things that he hates himself for doing later. Victor asks snidely if Philip is quoting Stephanie. Philip claims that this has nothing to do with her. It’s about him and Victor, and how he will never be the son that Victor wants him to be. And now, finally and for the first time, he doesn’t want to be that son anyway. Philip heads out of the house, slamming the door behind him.

Hope asks Bo if he thinks this is her fault. Bo tells her that the kidnappers sent the newspaper article with the note, so they do probably think Hope has a lot of money. He adds that that isn’t necessarily a bad thing since it gives them insight into the kidnappers’ mindset. Hope suggest that the money is irrelevant, reminding Bo of the vision he had of finding Ciara’s bear in the woods. Bo says he believes that Hope didn’t give Ciara the bar, but Hope knows he is wondering how she got it unless Hope ignored the safeguards they took to make sure Ciara didn’t get it back. Bo says that he never accused Hope of anything--he just asked her if the gave Ciara the bear back.

The second kidnapper tells the woman he came in with that he has to leave. She hisses at him not to leave her here with Kyle and that kid. The man tells her that he has to go to his part in all this, and she has to do hers. The man heads off.

Arianna finishes weighing out her cocaine as someone bangs on the door of the pub. She dumps a bowlful of baggies of drugs into a knapsack and puts everything under the counter. She heads over to the door and opens it to find Brady standing outside.

Daniel has a drink at the bar of the Cheatin’ Heart. He tells himself than he has to calm down. He sips his drink and curses under his breath, saying that he knows he could save Chloe if he could just get in to see her. Just then, Chloe puts a hand on his shoulder. She smiles and tells Daniel not to worry, and that she knows he is going to save her.

Philip heads into the park and leaves Stephanie a voicemail, telling her that he has done something that could change everything, and that they need to talk. Just then, Nathan and Stephanie walk by. Philip watches as Nathan cajoles Stephanie into letting him feed her some cotton candy. She giggles. Philip rushes over and sucker-punches Nathan. The two roll around on the ground, kicking and punching. Stephanie shrieks at Philip to get off of Nathan.

Hope tells Bo again that she didn’t give the bear to Ciara. An officer comes over just then, telling Bo and Hope that the results on the ransom note came back, and it’s completely clean--no fingerprints or DNA. Bo sighs. The officer also tells him that the tests on the teddy bear came back, and they’re conclusive--Ciara definitely had that bear earlier tonight. Bo and Hope stare in disbelief.

Kyle removes Ciara’s headphones. She sits up and declares that she wants her mommy. The woman snaps at her that that is too bad, and that everyone wants something that they can’t have.

A woman sits down next to Daniel and flirts with him, trying to engage him in conversation. Confused and upset, Daniel says that he has to go and hurries off. He leans on the door outside the bar and sighs, begging Chloe not to leave him.

Brady tells Arianna that he came by to apologize for the interruption earlier. He explains that Daniel is a friend that he is trying to help out right now. He made a few calls to do so, but he might be tied up dealing with it in the morning, so he also wanted Arianna to know that he might not be available. She thanks him for telling her, saying she might have thought he was avoiding her. He says he could never do that. He moves in for a kiss, but spots something on the floor near the bar and heads over to pick it up. It’s a small baggie of cocaine. Arianna feigns surprise and gulps, asking Brady what it is.

Stephanie manages to pull Philip and Nathan apart. Philip demands to know what is going on as Nathan exclaims that Philip is crazy. Stephanie lays into Philip, telling him that nothing is going on, but it isn’t any of his business anyway, since they aren’t together. Philip tells her that something happened tonight that he needs to talk to her about, but Stephanie says she doesn’t want to hear it. She storms off. Nathan follows. Philip sighs and sinks onto the park bench. Melanie walks over just then.

Daniel strolls along the pier and sighs. He has another vision of Chloe. She assures him that she can feel how much he loves and cares for her, and despite what he thinks, that is helping her. She vows that he will always be in her heart, no matter what happens. Daniel comes back from his reverie and vows to save Chloe, begging her to hold on just a little longer.

Back in Chloe’s room, the nurse tells a colleague that it’s a miracle. Just a little while ago, she thought they were going to lose Chloe, but she has really rallied now and is fighting hard.

Arianna asks Brady what the baggie is. He tells her gravely that it’s cocaine.

Melanie tells Philip she heard shouting and asks what happened to his face. He tells her it doesn’t matter and confides in her that he went home and talked to his father, and things suddenly became very clear. She asks what he means. Philip pulls her in for passionate kiss.

Justin rushes into the Kiriakis mansion and tells Victor that Ciara has been kidnapped.

The woman tells Ciara that if her parents are smart, then she will see them again soon. The woman takes out her phone, telling Kyle that Dean can tell her if Ciara’s parents are being smart or not.

Bo instructs a group of police officers on the night’s plan to sweep the park a second time and to get CSI involved. Just then, another officer joins the group. It’s Dean, one of the kidnappers. Bo vows to do whatever it takes to get his little girl back.


Nathan asks Stephanie, “What are we gonna do about Philip?” She replies, “I am going to do whatever it takes to forget about him.”

Philip tells Melanie, “You're the one I want to be with. Only you.”

Arianna asks Brady, “Aren't you a little worried you might be a suspect?”

Bo snaps at Victor, “This is my daughter. I call the shots!”

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