Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/14/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/14/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the Kiriakis mansion, Arianna heads out onto the terrace and finds Brady climbing out of the pool. She gapes as Brady greets her.

Inside, Philip makes a call and asks someone over the phone to help him arrange a college education fund for Carlo’s two children. Victor walks in just then and asks Philip angrily what the hell he thinks he is doing.

Stephanie heads inside Sami’s townhouse, apologizing for being late. She suggests they head over to the Cheatin’ Heart for a couple of burgers, but Sami explains that Johnny isn’t feeling well, so she’d rather stay in tonight. Stephanie says she understands, and is fine with ordering-take-out. She notices a stack of boxes piled in the corner and asks Sami about them. Sami sighs.

Rafe sneaks into the hospital and heads over to a computer near the nurse’s station. He inserts a USB stick into the computer and tells himself that he is going to find out what Dr. Baker has been up to. Just then, Melanie walks over, asking Rafe who he is and what he is doing on that computer. Rafe stammers.

At the pub, Hope tries to call Ellen again to say goodnight to Ciara, but gets no answer. Justin proposes a toast to the three of them and a night with no kids or other responsibilities. The three toast, but Bo has another disturbing vision of looking for Ciara and finding her bear in the woods near the park. Bo comes back to the present, jumps up from his chair, and hurries off, saying that he has to make a phone call. Hope and Justin stare after him in surprise.

Sami admits that she and Rafe broke up, saying sadly that she really thought she was going to get her happy ending this time. Stephanie tells Sami how sorry she is, and asks what happened. Sami explains that she kept questioning Rafe about something from his past, and the whole thing just spiraled out of control. Stephanie says she understands completely and guesses that she and Sami are in the same boat. Sami assures Stephanie that she did the right thing in regards to Philip. Sami just thinks Stephanie is too good of a person to have to deal with Philip and his family. Stephanie fears she might just be a coward, but Sami says that isn’t so. Her staying with Philip would mean she condones what his family does, and Sami knows that Stephanie can’t live like that. Stephanie thanks her for putting it all into perspective. Sami thinks that one day, Stephanie will get her own happy ending. Stephanie vows that they both will--eventually. They both laugh.

Rafe quickly removes the USB stick, gives Melanie his name, and claims that he was just trying to look up a patient’s room number. Melanie tells him he is supposed to ask a nurse that information, but Rafe points to the desk, telling Melanie that no one is around. Melanie demands to know if he is trying to charm his way out of this. Rafe claims he isn’t, but Melanie doesn’t believe him. She asks him what he is really doing here and why he is on that computer.

Justin asks Hope if he missed something, saying that Bo dashed off like there was some kind of emergency. Hope is worried, but tries to play it off, guessing that Bo remembered something about an investigation and is calling down to the station to check it out. Meanwhile, across the room, Bo calls Ellen, who answers her phone. Relieved, he asks how Ciara is and Ellen says she is having a blast. Bo is glad, and asks to speak to her. Ellen looks around, but Ciara is nowhere to be found. She tells Bo that she must be right around here somewhere and begins calling her name. Bo hangs up in a panic, rushes over to Hope and Justin, and tells the two they have to leave immediately. Hope asks what’s going on, but Bo says he will explain everything in the car. She and Justin follow Bo out the door. Hope asks him frantically if something is wrong with Ciara.

Brady tells Arianna that it is nice to see her and she apologizes for barging in on him. She explains that she tried to call, but he didn’t answer. Brady tells her he didn’t hear the doorbell, and Arianna says some man let her in--probably the housekeeper. Brady laughs, telling her that Henderson is actually the butler. Arianna rolls her eyes, and Brady quickly adds that Henderson works for his grandfather, not him. Arianna says is doesn’t matter and tells Brady that she’s glad she found him, as she has a present for him. She hands Brady a small gift-wrapped box.

Philip hangs up the phone and explains to Victor that he is setting up an educational endowment for Carlo’s kids. Victor asks him flatly why he thinks this is his responsibility and Philip gapes, reminding Victor that Carlo died doing their dirty work. Victor tells him to stay the hell out of all this, retorting that Philip already messed up by calling the EMTs for Carlo. Now the police are involved and the lawyers are having trouble answering their questions. Philip explodes, asking if all Victor cares about is being inconvenienced. He reminds Victor again that a loyal employee--a father, a husband, and a friend-- is dead. Doesn’t that bother him? Victor asks Philip why it should.

Ellen rushes over to Abe at the park, asking if he has seen Ciara. He says he hasn’t, and asks Ellen how long she has been looking for her. Ellen admits she’s only been missing a few moments. Abe asks Theo if he has seen Ciara. He yells, “Seen Ciara!” over and over. Abe thinks he must be tired and tells Ellen that he will help her search as soon as he finds Lexie and gets her to take Theo home. Ellen thanks him and the two head off in opposite directions, calling out for Ciara.

Maggie heads into Sami’s townhouse and greets Sami and Stephanie. Sami explains the change of plans, and Maggie agrees to stay at Sami’s place for a while. She gets the feeling that all isn’t well, and Stephanie says that she and Sami were just discussing the men that are no longer in their lives. Maggie, surprised, says she knew Philip and Stephanie broke up, but she had no idea Sami and Rafe did. She tells Sami how sorry she is, and how difficult she knows this must be, especially after everything she has been through. Maggie adds that she knows the two are dealing with a lot of pain right now but that will lessen over time. Then one day, both of them will find their true soul mate, and the pain will go away completely. Sami sighs, asking what happens if you’ve already found your soul mate. Does that mean the pain never goes away?

Melanie threatens to call security, but Rafe says that he will tell her the truth, and admits he is looking up the full name of a nurse he is interested in. Melanie asks for her first name and Rafe comes up with the first one he can think of--Anita. Melanie says no one by that name works here, but Rafe scoffs, doubting that she knows every nurse who works at the hospital. Melanie admits that that is true and adds that she would hate to stand in the way of true love. Rafe asks her if that means he can use the computer.

Brady opens the gift and finds a card inside entitling him to a picnic basket for two from the Brady pub. Brady thanks her and asks her jokingly who he could go with. She suggests Paris Hilton, but Brady nixes the idea. He says he could take his accountant, but the guy is pretty boring. He grins, guessing that he will just have to take Arianna. She agrees to clear her schedule, and Brady asks her what the gift was for. She says that she wanted to thank him for their picnic the other night, and admits that she was hoping they could do it again sometime. Brady reminds her there are other ways for them to spend time together, and suggests she come for a swim with him. She tells him abruptly that she can’t.

On a tropical island somewhere, Dr. Baker enters his room and sighs. A man steps out of the shadows and greets him. Startled, Baker asks the man what he wants. The man scoffs, saying that Baker knows what he wants.

Melanie tells Rafe that she would love nothing more than to let him look this Anita person up so he can meet her and fall in love, but everything on that computer is confidential, so she can’t let Rafe look at it. He claims that he understands she has to do her job and Melanie apologizes, saying she would help him go look for the woman herself, but her shift is almost over, and her match-making lately has been blowing up in her face. Rafe laughs, saying he gets it, and heads off to the elevator, agreeing to find Anita some other way. Melanie wishes him luck.

Bo rushes up to Abe at the park with Hope and Justin closely behind him. Abe explains that no one has seen Ciara. Justin tries to reassure a frantic Hope, telling her that he and Adrienne lost the twins at a fair once, but Hope ignores him and heads off, calling out for her daughter. Abe tells Bo that he put in a call to the station and officers are searching the whole area. Bo thanks him and heads off in a panic, calling for Ciara. Later, Hope pokes around in the bushes near the bench and finds Ciara’s water bottle. Justin sees her and tries to reassure her, but Bo comes rushing up and interrupts. Hope shows him the bottle, telling Bo where she found it. She sobs, wondering where her baby is. Bo hugs her, trying to comfort her. His phone rings. Bo answers it, hopeful there’s news about Ciara.

Arianna explains that she is just on a break from the pub, since she agreed to close the place for Caroline. Brady says he understands and promises that they will hang out again some other time. Arianna suggests that she come back after she close the pub, and Brady agrees, saying that he can wait. She adds that she also has to go home and get her swimsuit, but Brady tell her that swimsuits aren’t allowed. Arianna asks if that is really true and Brady pulls her in for a kiss instead of answering. He tells her he’ll see her when she gets back. Arianna grins and heads off in a daze.

Dr. Baker tells the man to get out of his room, as he doesn’t have the money. The man says sarcastically that he is shocked. Baker swears that he will have the money in a couple of days, but the man pulls a gun, saying that he is through waiting. He tells Baker to hand over the money--now. Baker sweats.

Melanie heads off as Rafe gets in the elevator. He walks back out and heads over the computer. Just as inserts the USB stick into the laptop, Sami walks over.

Bo hangs up the phone and tells Hope that someone saw a car speeding away a few moments before Ciara went missing. She asks if they got a license plate number, but Bo says that all they got was the make and model. Hope tells him worriedly that that isn’t enough. He assures her they’re doing everything they can, but she shrieks that she doesn’t want to hear that. She just wants her daughter back. Bo takes her into his arms, vowing that they will find Ciara, and that everything will be alright.

Philip can’t believe that Victor views Carlo as just another statistic, and asks if Victor even has a heart. Philip grumps that Carlo worked for them for years. Victor retorts that Carlo was simply an employee and adds that the man knew what his job entailed when he took it. Philip doesn’t think Carlo expected to die, but Victor says he compensated him well, and Carlo knew what was expected of him. Philip calls Victor a cold son of a bitch. Victor tells Philip that this is the way they run their business. If he doesn’t like it, he can go teach kindergarten. He warns Philip to toughen up a bit if he plans on working for Titan in the future. Bad stuff happens, and he had better start getting used to it. Philip glares.

At the pub, Arianna has closed up shop and chats with her drug dealer. The man is surprised she got rid of the first brick so quickly. He tells her that he only has another ounce of cocaine to sell her for now, but she will get more when the next shipment arrives. He congratulates her, adding that the people in charge are really impressed with how quickly and quietly she gets the job done. She says she is just aiming to please. The man warns her to be careful not to get pinched. Arianna says he will do her best not to.

Melanie rushes into the Cheatin’ Heart and meets Nathan. He greets her and starts chuckling. She asks what’s wrong, and Nathan points out that she has buttoned her shirt wrong in her hurry to get here. Melanie, embarrassed, laughs it off and heads to the bathroom to fix it. Just then, Stephanie comes in. She greets Nathan, asking him what he is doing here.

Sami tells Rafe that she brought Johnny in to have his cough checked out, but he turned out to be fine. Rafe is glad. Sami asks what he is doing here, and wonders if he has changed his mind about leaving Salem. Rafe stammers as Sami stares at him hopefully.

Nathan tells Stephanie that he is here with a friend, Melanie, and that she’s in the bathroom. Melanie comes out just then and sees the two talking. She hides around the corner and listens in as Nathan explains that he got Stephanie’s message, and that he would love to hang out again sometime. He tells her had a lot of fun at the concert, and she says she did, too. Melanie storms over just then, accusing the two of flirting while she was in the bathroom. Nathan stammers. Melanie demands to know if he planned this. Stephanie claims she just came in to get a beer. Melanie snaps, saying that Stephanie is horning in on her date. She wonders sarcastically if everything in Stephanie’s closet is as low-cut as the top she has on. Stephanie tells her coldly that she’s out of control, but Melanie says she is very much in control and that she refuses to get involved in a triangle with Stephanie and Nathan. Nathan gapes as Melanie tells Stephanie he’s all hers. She stomps out the door. Stephanie and Nathan call after her to no avail.

Bo reassures Hope that they will find Ciara as Abe rushes over, telling the two that they’re running the make and model of the car through the DMV’s system and having their detectives check out the owners. Bo asks if they have anything yet, and Abe explains there’s one lead. A car matching the description of the one seen speeding away from the park was reported stolen. Some hikers spotted it down by the river. Hope tells Bo worriedly that that is where Ciara must be. The two rush off.

Arianna tells the dealer that she has it covered and asks about him. He tells her his set-up is going well, and that his bosses take good care of him. Arianna asks if that goes both ways, and if she will be covered by them if she gets into trouble. The dealer assures her that she won’t get into any trouble--not if she is really being as careful as she says she is.

Rafe tells Sami that he has some things to take care of in Salem, so he really doesn’t know when he will be leaving. She starts to question him about why he is at the hospital, but she stops, saying she really doesn’t have the right to ask Rafe any more questions. Rafe admits that it will be awkward running into one another like this. Sami says wistfully that she could put a lot of time and energy into trying to change his mind, but she knows that won’t work. Rafe chuckles weakly. Sami tells him that she’ll miss him and hurries off. Rafe sighs, saying that he will miss her, too.

Later, Rafe shows up at the pub to use Arianna’s laptop. She lets him in, telling him that he can stay, but the place is closed. Rafe explains that he just wants to use her laptop, and Arianna asks if he is still looking for information on Dr. Baker. Rafe nods, saying he needs to find out if Nicole and the Dr. Baker that delivered Grace have any connection--and more importantly, what their connection is to Sami.

Stephanie apologizes to Nathan for ruining his night, saying that she doesn’t understand why Melanie went berserk over nothing. Nathan isn’t so sure it’s over nothing, since Melanie obviously assumed he tried to make a date with both her and Stephanie on the same night. Stephanie just doesn’t think Melanie gave Nathan the benefit of the doubt, and he agrees. Stephanie asks him if he was really on a date with Melanie, like she said. Nathan said he wasn’t really. Stephanie is quick to add that she really doesn’t care who he hangs out with, and that she isn’t jealous at all. Nathan feigns disappointment and Stephanie laughs. She apologizes again for interrupting his night out with Melanie, and swears that it was unintentional. Nathan say he knows, and asks abruptly if Stephanie is still into Philip. She admits that she still loves Philip, but that it is over between them. Nathan is glad, because he wanted to ask Stephanie to join him for dinner and save his night. She agrees, saying that it sounds like fun.

Philip strolls along the pier, looking sadly at the spot where Carlo died. Melanie comes up behind him, greeting him. Philip wonders what she is doing here, telling her that the place is dangerous at night. Melanie says she is in the mood for danger and grumps that her ego got bruised earlier. She can tell Philip isn’t in a good mood either. He admits that he can’t stop thinking of Carlo. Melanie reminds him that Carlo’s death wasn’t his fault, and that it wasn’t as if Carlo was family. He just worked for him. Philip snaps at her to shut up, saying that she sounds exactly like his father.

Dr. Baker hands over his wallet to give the man all the cash he has, and the man notices a card from the clinic inside. Baker explains that he owned it, and the man scoffs, wondering how a doctor gets mixed up in all of this. Baker assures the man that some money is coming to him in a couple of days. If he’ll just give him a little time, he’ll give him a percentage of the cut for himself. The man grabs Baker, saying that he had better not be lying. Baker swears he isn’t, and the man agrees to give him two days. He heads off. Baker sighs.

Rafe checks the information he downloaded from the hospital computer. He notes that Nicole cancelled an appointment Sydney had with Dr. Baker. Rafe wonders if Nicole knew Dr. Baker before he came to the hospital in Salem.

Maggie comes back from tucking Johnny in, and Sami thanks her, offering her some tea. Maggie accepts, and explains that she put Rafe’s boxes away. Sami thanks her, and Maggie assures her that it will get easier. She notices that something is wrong, and asks Sami if something happened at the hospital. She admits that she ran into Rafe. Maggie hugs her and Sami sighs, wondering why love has to be so hard.

Arianna heads back onto the Kiriakis terrace, asking Brady if he had given up on her. He admits he had started to think she changed her mind. Arianna slips out of her dress, showing off a revealing bikini. She asks if Brady is still interested. He says he is, of course. Arianna rushes off to get in the pool. Brady follows.

Nathan thanks Stephanie for hanging out with him, and she thanks him for inviting her, saying that it’s nice to hang out with a guy and have things not be so complicated. Nathan proposes a toast to uncomplicated fun. The two clink their glasses together.

Philip accuses Melanie of not caring that a good man with a wife and kids died, but Melanie says that she was just trying to make Philip feel better. She claims that she respects the fact that Philip cared about this guy, as she knows he has a good heart. Philip grumps that she is the only person that thinks so. He goes on to say that his father doesn’t care about Carlo at all. Melanie thinks that is messed up. Philip agrees, saying it’s really making him question everything. He tells her he doesn’t know what to do. Melanie says she knows what to do and asks Philip to let her help him feel better.

Arianna and Brady get out of the pool. She shivers. Brady wraps a blanket around her and hugs her. She admits she is feeling a lot warmer now. The two kiss passionately.

Maggie asks Sami if it is too late to change her mind about letting Rafe go. Sami admits ruefully that it is, but she still feels like she is making the biggest mistake of her life. She wonders if Rafe feels the same way.

Rafe finds information about Dr. Baker’s clinic in Brookville. He guesses that that must be where Nicole met Baker. He wonders what the hell Nicole was doing at the clinic, and what her connection to Dr. Baker is.

Bo finds Ciara’s teddy bear in the woods, just like in his vision. He gasps and begins shouting out her name.


Daniel asks Brady, “Well, then, how the hell do we get in there?” He replies, “There's gotta be a way.”

Melanie asks Arianna, “Don't play a player. What's really going on?”

Philip tells Victor, “I'm quitting for good.”

Bo reads a letter to Hope, “$5 million if you ever want to see your little girl again.”

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