Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/13/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/13/09


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EJ heads into the DiMera mansion and makes a drink. Stefano asks if EJ has brought Johnny home, but EJ explains that he has a cold, and will be staying the night with Sami. He wonders where Nicole is, and Stefano reminds him that Nicole went to the pub to pick up some food for Johnny. EJ checks his watch, wondering what the hell she is still doing there.

Outside the pub, Nicole talks on the phone with Dr. Baker as Rafe listens in. Nicole tells Baker to go to hell. Baker claims that he is Nicole’s conscience--or would be, if she had one. He adds that he is in paradise right now, and that his only problem is that he is broke. Nicole tells him to stay there and rot, because she has nothing further to say to him.

At the police station, Justin tells Adrienne over the phone that they need to talk about something. His phone breaks up and he sighs, saying that he will call her back. Just then, Hope walks in, asking if everything is alright. Justin says t is, but admits that he is worried about this case. He tells Hope that he doesn’t want to let anyone down. Just then, Bo calls and Hope answers. He explains that he’ll be down to the station soon, but he left Ciara’s water bottle in the car, and has to bring it back to her first. Hope asks him to kiss Clara for her and tell her how much she loves her.

At the park, Ciara stuffs her unicorn into her backpack as the strange man who offered her candy before walks over. He offers Ciara a lollipop, asking her if she remembers him. She shakes her head. He reminds her that they are birthday buddies and asks if she got the unicorn for her birthday. She shakes her head. The man grins, saying that he would buy Ciara a hundred teddy bears if she was his daughter--in fact, he’d buy her anything she wanted. Ciara beams.

EJ tries to call Nicole, but her phone goes straight to voicemail. EJ curses, saying that she ought to check in every once in a while. Stefano doesn’t think that is Nicole’s style, and asks EJ abruptly if something else happened at Sami’s besides her not letting Johnny leave. EJ says he doesn’t want to discuss it. Stefano presses him, asking if Sami’s boyfriend, Rafe, was there by any chance. Suspiciously, EJ asks why Stefano would ask that.

Nicole tells Baker that they have nothing left to discuss, but he tells her that he really misses Benjamin Franklin. He goes on to explain that he ran into a streak of bad luck, and he owes some bad guys a lot of money. Nicole says she can’t help him and threatens to hang up, but Baker asks her if she has really forgotten his letter so quickly.

Bo heads into the park, surveying the crowd gathered for the carnival and wondering how he will ever find Ciara. Nerarby, Ciara grabs her backpack and rushes off. The strange man stares after her and grins.

Hope comes into one of the interrogation room at the station, telling Justin that she just got a suspect to confess. Justin asks if she would consider working for him but she laughs, saying she’d have no life at all if she did that. She tells him wistfully that she feels like she doesn’t get enough time with Ciara as it is. Hope adds that Ciara is growing up and becoming more independent, and that she just wants to spend more time with her. Justin nods, saying that your kids grow up and are gone before you know it.

The strange man who approached Ciara hides in the bushes and watches as Bo rushes over to Ellen, Ciara and the other kids. He hands Ciara her water bottle and Ellen thanks him for dropping it off. Bo hugs Ciara and tells her that he loves her. He heads off. Ellen rounds the kids up to get in line for the merry-go-round as the strange man continues to watch Ciara.

Stefano tells EJ that given the tension over Grace’s headstone, he assumed EJ and Rafe exchanged words. EJ says they didn’t, actually, and that Rafe and Sami have split up. Stefano feigns surprise and wonders why the two broke up. EJ says he isn’t sure. He heard the news from Will himself, and he hasn’t yet spoken to Sami about it. Stefano thinks EJ is acting fairly calmly about all of it. He figured that EJ would be rejoicing in their misery. EJ says he thinks he’ll find it satisfying on some level eventually, but Stefano wonders why he isn’t satisfied now.

Nicole asks Dr. Baker what letter he is talking about, and Baker reminds her of the letter he wrote detailing each and every one of her crimes, from her miscarriage to the baby switch. Nicole doesn’t think he would dare reveal anything, but Baker says he would. All it takes is one phone call and she loses everything--her husband, her baby, and her palatial estate. Nicole grimaces, asking what he wants. Baker tells her he needs a hundred grand. She tells him he’s insane, but Baker ignore her, telling her he’ll get her the information on how to wire the funds into his offshore account. He hangs up. Nicole does the same and sighs, heading into the pub. Rafe follows her. Nicole walks over to Arianna, asking if her takeout order is ready. Arianna heads off to get it. Rafe greets Nicole, saying that he wanted to thank her again for telling him and Sami about Grace’s tombstone. Nicole says she just thought they should know. Rafe hopes EJ never finds out, and Nicole tells him worriedly that he must never say anything. Rafe promises that he won’t. He adds that it isn’t easy keeping secrets from people you live with. Nicole thinks he should know, since she heard about his past, and that he was keeping something in it from Sami. Arianna comes over with Nicole’s food and Nicole pays her. She tells Rafe that she is sorry, and that she wishes things could have worked out for him and Sami. She heads off. Arianna asks Rafe what that was all about. Rafe says he isn’t sure, but he is trying to find out.

EJ explains to Stefano that he is just trying to process what he heard, and that he doesn’t feel one way or the other about Sami and Rafe breaking up. Stefano wonders angrily what there is to process. Rafe and Sami made him suffer, and now they are suffering. EJ says he is going out and storms off. Stefano sighs, hoping he isn’t going to see Sami.

Lexie says goodbye to Theo and Abe and heads out of the station as Bo heads inside. He greets Abe and Theo, and Abe explains that they are on their way to the carnival. Bo asks Abe to keep an eye on Ciara for him, and apologizes, saying he doesn’t want to seem overprotective, especially since he teases Hope about it. Abe says he understands and agrees to keep an eye out for Bo’s daughter. He tells Theo they might take Ciara with them to the bumper cars. Theo squeals excitedly. Bo thanks Abe, saying it makes him feel better to know Abe will be watching Ciara.

Ellen gathers the kids and heads off the merry-go-round. The man watches from the bushes as Ciara lags behind. Ellen hurries over and tells her to leave her backpack behind and join them all on the ride. Ciara heads off. The man walks over to her backpack and takes out her friend’s teddy bear. He sniffs the bear and grins creepily.

Arianna asks Rafe when he is leaving town, but Rafe explains that he has decided not to leave right away. Arianna asks why, and Rafe explains that he is still in love with Sami. He gets the feeling that she is going to need him around to protect her. Arianna asks what Sami needs protecting from.

EJ heads into the cemetery and over to Grace’s grave. He sighs, telling her it should have been different, and that he should have been there to hold her hand. He and her mother should have been there with her at the end, not that other man. EJ sighs as Lexie clears her throat behind him. She tells him sadly how sorry she is and gives him a hug. She apologizes for intruding, but EJ says she isn’t. He asks quickly how much she overheard and she tells him she heard what he said about Sami. Lexie sighs, asking EJ if he still really has feelings for Sami.

Nicole rushes into the mansion, telling Stefano that they have a problem. She tells him all about Dr. Baker’s demands. Stefano wonders how much he wants, and Nicole explains that he needs a hundred grand, since he apparently has some gambling debts. Nicole adds that if he doesn’t get the money, he’s going to tell everyone about the baby switch. She frets, adding that he doesn’t even know that Grace died, and there’s no telling what he might do if he found out. Nicole suggests that Stefano just write Baker a check and be done with it, but Stefano says he isn’t giving that SOB one penny.

Hope asks Justin if he and Adrienne are empty-nesters yet, but Justin says that Jackson is still living with them. He sighs, admitting that it’s easy to want them out when they’re young and loud, but as the time gets closer, he isn’t sure he wants them out at all. Hope says she has never wanted Ciara out of the house. She guesses that perhaps she has held on to Ciara a little more tightly because of what happened to Zach. She says that his death made her aware that every moment you spend with your child is a gift. Bo comes in just then, telling Hope that Ciara is at the carnival and having a good time. Hope worries that Ellen may be watching too many kids at once, but Bo assures her that everything is fine, and that she just worries too much. Hope says it isn’t about that; it’s just that she knows Ciara is having a great time and she wishes he could be with her. He hugs Bo, glad that their little girl in in good hands.

Ellen and the kids finish riding the merry-go-round and head back over to park bench. Ciara looks around for her missing bear as Ellen hustles the kids off for juice and cookies. The man comes back over, grinning and asking what’s wrong. Ciara explains that she lost her bear. He suggests they go look for it together, but she says she can’t. The man says he understands that her parents want her to stay with her friends. He suggests that he go look for the bear himself, and then he’ll let her know if he finds it. Ciara nods and smiles, heading over to Ellen. The man grins and heads back over to the bushes. Abe and Theo greet Ciara as the man picks up her bear from the ground and heads off with it.

Rafe tells Arianna about how nervous and angry Nicole seemed while she was talking to Dr. Baker. He goes on to explain that Baker delivered Sami’s baby, then he was mysteriously made head of pediatrics over at the hospital. Sami thought he was a bad guy, and didn’t want him around, so Rafe talked to him and convinced him to leave town. Arianna asks if he thinks this is the same Baker Nicole was speaking to. Rafe thinks it’s a hell of a coincidence otherwise. Arianna wonders if Baker also delivered Nicole’s baby. Rafe nods, saying he thinks so, and whatever is going on between Baker and Nicole involves Sami. Rafe says that is why he has to stay in town to protect her.

Nicole tells Stefano that the only way to keep EJ from finding out about the baby switch is to placate Baker and give him the money he wants. Stefano wonders what will keep him from coming back for more money every time he needs it. Nicole insists that a hundred grand is pocket change for Stefano, and asks him if he really wants to have yet another Brady grandchild. Stefano sighs, saying he’ll pay Baker this time, but Nicole has to warn him that this is his last withdrawal from the DiMera bank. Stefano tells Nicole to also tell Dr. Baker that blackmailing a DiMera isn’t good for one’s health.

EJ tells Lexie that he can’t and won’t have feelings for Sami--not after what she did to him. He adds that he even regrets having to share Johnny with her. EJ insists that Sami is out of his mind other than their connection over Johnny, and he just has to discipline himself to stop thinking about her. Lexie thinks it sounds like EJ is trying to convince himself that he doesn’t have feelings for Sami. EJ says Lexie doesn’t understand. He has to hate Sami and constantly remind himself of what she did to him. If he doesn’t--EJ breaks off. Lexie asks him to finish his sentence.

Rafe admits to Arianna that he may be reading too much into this Baker thing, but he can’t take the chance, as he couldn’t take it if something happened to Sami. Arianna offers him a place to crash at her apartment, and even offers to make him breakfast every morning. Rafe promises that he will think about it, and Arianna says she hopes he finds what he is looking for. Rafe admits he isn’t sure what is going on with Baker and Nicole, but he is going to find out.

Stefano gives Nicole a bank account number that can’t be traced, and asks her to wire the money to Baker from it. Nicole thanks him, saying he has no idea how much this means to her. Stefano warns her once again that this is the last time he will give money this parasite, and Nicole says she understands. She asks Stefano where EJ is, as Johnny’s food is getting cold. Stefano explains that Johnny wasn’t feeling well, so he stayed at Sami’s. Nicole asks why EJ isn’t here, then, and Stefano explains that he went back out. Nicole worriedly guesses that EJ knows about Sami’s and Rafe’s breakup, and that he is over there comforting Sami right now. Stefano says again that he isn’t sure where EJ is. Nicole thinks that Sami is probably crying on EJ’s shoulder right now, and trying to reel him back in. She frets, asking Stefano if EJ really hates Sami, or if that is just a lie.

EJ tells Lexie that he has a beautiful wife and daughter at home, and that Nicole has been nothing but supportive of late. Lexie guesses that he is grateful towards Nicole, and EJ asks her irritably if she is trying to insinuate that his devotion to his wife isn’t based on love. Lexie sighs, asking if something happened with Sami recently. EJ explains that she and Rafe broke up. Lexie asks how he feels about it, and EJ admits he shouldn’t care one way or the other. Lexie thinks he does care and EJ admits he does. He reminds Lexie that he and Samantha conceived two children together. The mature part of his brain tells him that it isn’t healthy to hold on to all this hatred for Sami, especially considering Johnny and his feelings. Lexie agrees with him and EJ sighs, admitting that he doesn’t understand why all this is an issue. Nicole is a wonderful mother and wife, and she’s loyal to the family. Lexie guesses that EJ can’t get Sami off of his mind despite all of that. She just wishes he could have peace of mind. EJ says he isn’t sure that will ever happen. He tells Lexie he loves her, and she hugs him, saying she loves him, too.

Hope hands Justin her notes on Kate’s statement, but Justin suggests they call it a night. He invites Hope and Bo to the pub with him to grab a bite to eat and catch up. Hope is reluctant, but then remembers that Ciara is sleeping over with Tracy tonight, so she agrees. The three head out of the station.

Lexie heads into the park and greets Abe and Ellen as they watch the kids play a game on the grass. Lexie tells Abe about finding EJ at the cemetery and the hard time he is going through right now. Just then, Tracy hurts her hand and shrieks in pain. Ellen, Abe, and Lexie rush over to check on the little girl. The strange man, who has been watching from the bushes, takes his chance and approaches Ciara, showing her the bear he took from her earlier. She takes it and smiles happily. The man leers.

EJ heads into the mansion and finds Nicole waiting in the foyer. She asks him if what she told him about Sami and Rafe was true and if EJ was with Sami this whole time. EJ says he hasn’t been. Nicole asks if he wishes he had been with Sami.

Arianna offers Rafe another beer, but he tells her he is going to head over the café to use their computers. Arianna offers him the use of her laptop, and asks what he needs it for. Rafe explains that he wants to do a little research on Dr. Baker. Arianna says she was thinking about it, and Baker is a pretty common name. She doubts Sami’s Baker and Nicole’s Baker are the same person. Rafe shakes his head, saying that his gut is telling him that it’s the same guy, and that Sami needs help.

Justin, Bo, and Hope head into the pub. Hope decides to call Ellen. Bo groans, reminding her Ellen probably won’t hear her phone ringing, and Hope puts her phone down, agreeing that she is obsessing a little. Justin says she just loves her kid, and that makes sense, but Hope jokes that she is trying to be a cool mother that doesn’t hover. She fidgets, then takes out her phone again. Bo chuckles, telling her to forget about not hovering over Ciara. Hope grins.

Lexie examines Tracy’s hand and assures Ellen that she just sprained her wrist. Meanwhile, the man tells Ciara that he talked to her daddy, and that she is supposed to come with him. Ciara stares, unconvinced. The man guesses that she is supposed to stay the night with her friend. Ciara nods. The man says he is sorry, but her mommy is in the hospital, and she really needs to see Ciara, so they have to go. Ciara takes the man’s hand, dropping her water bottle. He hustles off with her. The adults hover over Tracy as Theo watches Ciara walk off with the man. He gapes as tires squeal away a few moments later.

EJ tells Nicole that he considered going to be with Sami tonight, but then he thought about the two of them. Nicole sobs, telling him she just wanted him to love her more than he loved Sami, and that she has tried to be a good wife and friend to him. EJ tells Nicole tenderly that he cannot just push Sami out of his mind, but he loves Nicole so much more than he ever loved Sami. The love he feels for her is deeper than anything he has ever known. EJ apologizes for hurting Nicole, assures her is a hundred percent committed to her, and tells her he loves her. She says he loves him, too and the two kiss.

Stefano makes a call, telling someone over the phone that he has a little problem that needs to be taken care of.

Rafe makes a call to one of his friends at the FBI, saying he needs to call in a favor. He asks for some access codes to some classified websites, and the man agrees to get them for him. Rafe thanks him and hangs up. He doe some internet research, wondering how exactly Dr. Baker fell off the face of the earth. He wonders where he can get more information, then lights up, wondering why he didn’t think of this before. He places Arianna’s laptop on the bar and rushes off.

Bo and Justin make small talk about Caroline as Hope orders another round of drinks. She decides to try calling Ellen again, but claims this time that she just wants to tell Ciara goodnight. She doesn’t get an answer, and Bo guesses he is in the car, on the way home with the kids. Hope says he is probably right, and Justin suggests they all try to relax and enjoy some free time without their kids around. They all toast, and Bo has the same vision of searching for Ciara. He calls her name and finds her teddy bear on the ground in the woods. Bo comes back to the present and grimaces.

The strange man hurries through the woods with Ciara. He tells her she must hurry, as her mommy is waiting. Ciara drops her bear on the ground in the same place Bo’s vision detailed.


Arianna tells Brady, “I'm glad I found you. I have a gift for you.”

Victor tells Philip, “You better thicken up your skin because bad stuff happens. Get used to it.”

Sami asks Rafe, “Did you change your mind about leaving Salem?”

Hope shrieks, “I want my daughter back!” Bo assures her, “We'll find her. I promise you we'll find her.”

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