Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/12/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/12/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel runs into Kate in the park. He tells her that he’s free, and she congratulates him. Daniel, suspicious, says he thought Kate wanted him to fry in the electric chair. Kate smirks, telling him she needs to show him something. She pulls him in for passionate kiss. Daniel asks her what she is doing, and Kate explains that she is showing him what could have been, Instead, he chose comatose Chloe, and he hurt her son. She vows to make him pay. Daniel glares. Kate comes back from her fantasy. She sits on the park bench and frowns, vowing to take care of Daniel herself if the state doesn’t send him to the chair.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Hope and Bo greet Justin, asking him how his work as the legal head of Victor’s company is going, and how Adrienne and the kids are doing. Justin tells the two that everything is going well, and explains that Victor sent the jet and asked him to come back to town immediately. Victor gives him a look and Justin guesses Victor wants to talk business first and catch up later. He sighs, telling Victor he read up on Daniel’s case on the flight over. Even though the case is circumstantial, it’s extremely strong, and Justin fears that Daniel is going to be in need of a miracle.

At the pier, Daniel tells Lexie that he needs her help. She asks him what he wants her to do, and Daniel hands her a small vial, telling her she needs to administer a couple of milligrams of it to Chloe every few hours. Lexie takes a look and gasps, saying that this is the same drug that nearly killed Chloe. Daniel nods, saying it’s the same drug that is going to pull her out of this. Lexie shakes her head, saying that this is risky. Daniel tells Lexie that this is Chloe’s only chance, and that she’ll die without it. He begs Lexie to help him. She sighs.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole shows EJ pictures from Sydney’s birthday party. EJ, distracted, nods and vaguely says that it was a great party. Nicole sighs, guessing that he is thinking of Grace. She admits that it’s ok for EJ to think about his daughter, and what he missed out on by not knowing her. EJ says that he made a promise to himself and to her that he was going to try to move on. He apologizes. Nicole says that on the contrary, she is the one that should be sorry.

At the townhouse, Sami begs Rafe to tell her that Emily’s death was an accident, and that Meredith is wrong. She vows that it will be over if Rafe will just tell her that. Rafe apologizes, saying that he can’t tell her what she wants to hear, because nothing he says is going to stop her from asking questions. He adds that there are holes in his story, and he won’t be able to fill them for her. Sami asks if he won’t fill them or if he can’t. Rafe sighs, saying he gets that Sami is trying to find out the truth, but he can’t tell her the truth--ever. He adds that because of that, Sami has lost faith in him. Without faith, the two of them don’t have anything.

Justin tells Bo ruefully that the police produced a lot of evidence against Daniel. Victor snaps that it is his job to get it all thrown out of court. Justin sighs, saying he will try, but he reminds Victor that he has never actually tried a criminal case. Sure, he spent a couple of years working with the D.A. in New York, but since then, his focus has been corporate law. Victor claims that Daniel just needs someone from the family on his side--someone loyal. He gives Bo and Hope a pointed look. Justin asks Bo if he has checked out all the suspects. Bo reluctantly admits that all the evidence points to the doc. Hope agrees, adding that it keeps piling up, too. Hope tries to assure Justin and Victor that all they want is the truth, but Victor retorts that they should be looking at someone other than Daniel. Bo sighs and he and Hope head off, promising to talk to Justin later. Justin asks Victor what that was all about, but Victor tells him to forget it. Justin tells Victor that if he wants him to help Daniel, then he is going to need to know everything Victor knows.

Rafe claims that if Sami trusted him, she would have dropped this a long time ago. Sami says she does trust him, especially after everything they have been through together, but she can’t just think of herself here. She has children to think of, too. She reminds him how Lucas reacted to the news about Meredith’s letter. Rafe scoffs, asking if she is trying to say she doesn’t trust him around her kids. Sami says that isn’t it at all, but Rafe ignores her, reminding her angrily that he saved her life several times while they were in the safe house. He adds that he did that because he loves her, not only because it was his job. Sami swears that she trusts Rafe--it’s just EJ and Lucas that she is worried about. Rafe retorts that he doesn’t give a damn about either of them. He adds that he always thought everything happened for a reason, and he is now sure that Meredith’s coming to town happened so that the truth would come out. Sami asks if he means the truth about Emily, but Rafe says he meant the truth about him and Sami. He tells her that this isn’t going to work, and that it’s over.

Justin asks Victor if he is mad at Bo and Hope because they arrested Daniel. Victor says he is, of course, and that they both know that he expects loyalty from the family. Justin asks him how positive he is that Daniel didn’t do this, and Victor says that he is a hundred percent sure. Kate walks in behind the two as Justin asks Victor if he knows who did this. Kate greets Justin, and he hugs her. She greets him, but stops short and pulls away, telling Justin to keep his damn hugs to himself if Victor has brought him in to defend Daniel.

Lexie sighs, telling Daniel that she has always trusted him and admired his work. Daniel begs her to trust him now, vowing that Chloe will make it through this alive if Lexie will only help him to save her. He places the vial in Lexie’s hand. Just then, Abe rushes over, asking Daniel angrily what he just handed Lexie, and what the hell he thinks he is doing.

Nicole tells EJ that she is sorry for pushing him so hard to stop obsessing about Sami. The truth is, she is jealous of Sami. EJ wonders how she could be jealous of Sami when all he feels is hatred towards her. He adds angrily that Sami is a despicable human being. Nicole tells him that she thinks they all need to try to get along for Johnny’s sake. Besides, she feels sorry for Sami, since she lost Grace, and now she is losing--Nicole stops suddenly. EJ asks her to finish her sentence, wondering what it is Sami is losing now.

Sami refuses to let Rafe walk out the door, saying that she trusts him with her life and with her kids’ lives. Rafe claims that she lost faith in him, and without that, they have nothing. Sami tells Rafe that she loves him, and he loves her, and she can’t let him do this. Sami pulls him in for a passionate kiss.

Abe tells Lexie that he began to worry about her, since it was getting dark. He asks Daniel what he was giving Lexie and takes a look at the vial, saying that Lexie has access to any drug she wants. Daniel explains that when he was indicted, he lost his hospital privileges, so he gave the drug to Lexie to administer, since she knows the procedures. Abe glares, saying that he knows Daniel went straight to Chloe’s room after he got out of jail, and now he is trying to get his wife to help him poison Chloe. Lexie claims that isn’t it at all, and says that Daniel just wants to try giving Chloe a small dose of the drug that poisoned her, in the hopes that it will kick-start her immune system and possibly end her coma. Abe flies into a rage, saying he can’t believe Daniel wants to give Chloe the same drug that nearly killed her. Daniel claims that it has been tried many times with success. Abe doesn’t care. He tells Daniel that he is in violation of his bail agreement, and that he is going to back to jail. Lexie reminds Abe he is no longer on the police force, but Abe says loftily that he is the first citizen of Salem as the mayor, and that he plans on making a citizen’s arrest.

At the pub, Bo makes a call to the police station and asks an officer there to have the vial with Daniel’s fingerprint on it tested again. He hangs up as Hope comes over, explaining that Ciara is making a cake for them and will be out in a minute. Bo tells her about reordering the tests for the vial, and Hope approves, saying that they always found it odd that no other fingerprint was on the vial apart from Daniel’s. Bo reminds Hope that Victor basically fingered Kate, and so did Daniel. He doesn’t think they can ignore two accusations like that, not matter what the D.A. says. Hope asks if they are taking sides on this, but Bo says they are just doing their jobs. It will be up to Victor to take sides, and he’s going to have to--Kate or Daniel. Hope thinks things are about to get interesting at the Kiriakis mansion.

Victor warns Kate not to speak to Daniel that way. He answers a phone call as Justin asks Kate why she wouldn’t want Victor to help Daniel, considering that he saved her life. Victor hangs up the phone and tells Justin that there’s been an incident, and that he needs to get down to the station right away. Justin hurries off. Kate lays into Victor for bringing in his nephew to save the day, but Victor reminds her that he warned her he would do everything in his power to save Daniel. Kate asks him viciously when he plans on turning her in. Victor reminds her that he also said he wouldn’t do anything to either hurt her or help her. Whatever happens, happens. Kate, furious, asks what happens to her when Justin puts the spotlight on her. Victor scoffs, saying she’ll have no one to blame but herself.

Rafe breaks off the kiss, telling Sami that he can’t do this. Sami begs him not to give up on her, and tells him that she loves him. Rafe says he loves her too, and the kids--which is why he can’t do this to them. He heads off, saying he is going to collect his things. Sami sighs.

Nicole tells EJ that she overheard Rafe and Sami arguing, and admits that she thinks Sami might lose him. EJ says that that explains why Rafe was acting so oddly earlier. Nicole heads off to put Sydney to bed, promising to come back down later to arouse EJ’s interests. He grins and she heads off with the baby. She hears her phone ringing as she passes through the foyer and answers. It’s Dr. Baker, who is sipping a tropical drink in a bungalow. Nicole reminds him she told him to never call her again, and he wonders how she can treat him so badly when he gave her her precious baby. Nicole scowls, asking what he wants. Baker asks her to guess.

At the police station, Abe and Lexie stand in a room with Daniel as the D.A. breezes in, taunting Daniel for violating the terms of his bail. Lexie asks Daniel worriedly if he has called his a lawyer, but Daniel explains that Victor hired a new one. The D.A. tells him nastily that he can wait to hear from his attorney in his cell. Just then, Justin walks in, telling Woods not to be so hasty. Lexie and Abe greet him, and Daniel assumes Victor has hired him to be his new lawyer. Justin nods and grins, saying that he and the D.A. need to get one thing straight--he is a Kiriakis at heart, and he never loses.

Bo sighs, saying that Victor know that family comes first for him, but he also refuses to take sides any time it’s convenient for him. Hope says she understands, and that Bo has always made that very clear to Victor. Just then, Ciara comes out with a cake for Bo and Hope. Hope hugs her and thanks her as the two praise the cake she made.

Nicole guesses that Baker needs the number to Gamblers’ Anonymous. Baker scoffs. Nicole says flatly that she isn’t giving him another dime. Baker insists that she is. Nicole says she can’t talk right now. Baker advises her to call him back soon, or he is going to blow the whistle on her little baby-switching scheme. He ask Nicole how the babies are doing. She frowns as EJ walks in. Nicole pretends a telemarketer is on the phone and hangs up. She sighs, telling EJ she wishes she could change her number. EJ smiles, saying he wishes he knew what took to get those people to stop hounding a person to buy their stuff. Nicole sighs, saying she wishes she knew, too.

Rafe packs his things as Johnny coughs from the bedroom. He advises Sami quietly to take him to the doctor, and she agrees to call tomorrow. She heads off to check on Johnny, saying she’ll have to think of something to tell him so he won’t wonder where Rafe is. Rafe take a painting of his off the wall and prepares to leave. Sami comes back, asking him to wait, but Rafe simply says he’ll send for the rest of his things later and walks out.

Woods asks Lexie if it’s true Daniel asked Lexie to administer the same drug to Chloe that she was poisoned with. Lexie admits that it’s true, but in a much smaller dose. Justin asks her if she thinks it could save Chloe’s life, and Lexie nods, saying it could. Daniel begs her to give Chloe the drug, but Lexie sighs, telling Daniel that she is sorry, but she can’t.

Bo and Hope sit with Ciara at the pier. Bo points out their boat, the Fancy Face, to Ciara, explaining that once, her mommy and daddy sailed all around the world on it with her older brother, Shawn. Hope says she has an idea and suggests they do the same with Ciara one day. Bo agrees, saying they could go visit Shawn, Belle, and Claire. Ciara asks if they can see Zach, too.

Sami stops Rafe and hands him a picture of Grace, saying that he should take it to remember her. Rafe thanks her, and the two reminisce about Grace’s birth and christening. Rafe sighs and says he’ll see Sami around. She walks him to the door. After he steps outside, Sami slams the door angrily. She storms over to the couch, throws a pillow across the room, and sobs.

Bo tells Ciara that she will see Zach someday, but it will be in Heaven. Ciara claims she knows Zach, and Hope reminds her that she remembers him in her prayer every night. Just then, Hope gets a call from the station. She tells Bo that she has to go, and he offers to drop Ciara off with Ellen and Tracy, and then meet Hope at the station. She agrees. She says goodbye to Ciara, warning her to mind Ellen and to not talk to strangers. She heads off. Bo picks Ciara up and asks her if she is ready to go to the carnival. She nods excitedly. Bo heads off with Ciara. The strange man who offered Ciara candy a few weeks ago follows the two.

Sami pouts on the couch as the door opens. She gets up, thinking it’s Rafe, but it’s Will. He sees the box Rafe packed sitting on the table and asks Sami what’s going on. Sami sniffles, saying that Rafe is gone and that he’s never coming back.

Nicole and EJ make out on the sofa. He stops, telling her that he’s going to have to go get Johnny soon, since it’s their turn to have him for dinner. Nicole tells EJ ruefully that Cook has a Moroccan-spiced halibut planned for dinner. EJ admits that Johnny won’t like that, and Nicole offers to go down to the pub and pick up some kid-friendly food. EJ thanks her and kisses her, promising that after Johnny goes to bed, they’ll test their endurance. She giggles as EJ kisses her again.

Daniel begs Lexie to consider the treatment for Chloe, but she tells him that she will have to have Chloe’s next-of-kin, Lucas, approve of it. She isn’t sure he will once he hears this was Daniel’s idea. Daniel doesn’t think Lucas is enough of a heartless bastard to want Chloe dead. Woods tells Daniel that he has heard enough, and says that he will be taken to a cell shortly. Justin asks the D.A. how Daniel violated his parole. Woods explains that Daniel tried to poison Chloe again, and he was caught in her room. Justin shakes his head, saying that Daniel simply asked the chief of staff of the hospital to try administering a drug to Chloe. Also, he was never in her room, as the police report states he was caught just outside the room. Woods says Daniel’s intent was clear, but Justin doubts he wants to go in front of the judge and tell him he can read minds. Woods glares. Abe admits that he may have overreacted, and that Chloe is really in no danger now that a guard is posted at her door. Justin thanks him for saying so. He asks the three to excuse him so he can speak to Daniel alone. Woods storms off, vowing that this isn’t over. Lexie and Abe follow. Justin admits that keeping Daniel out of jail for the time being is going to be easier than getting these charges dismissed. Daniel asks incredulously if he really looks that guilty, and Justin nods, saying it looks bad from every angle. He assures Daniel that he is going to try to find some new evidence. Daniel tells him flatly that Kate is one that did this. She poisoned Chloe, and then she framed him for the crime. Justin is surprised, but says that it may be hard to prove Kate did anything, since she is usually pretty clever. Daniel says they must find a way to prove Kate did this, because that is the only way he can help Chloe. If they don’t hurry, she may die.

Later, Justin stands in Bo’s office, telling Adrienne over the phone that they need to talk about this. Suddenly, she breaks up. Justin sighs, saying he will call her back later. Hope walks in behind him just then, asking if everything is alright.

At the park, Bo hands Ciara a pony he won for her, asking her if she thinks it can replace her bear, Tommy. Ciara nods. Bo reminds her to listen to Ellen’s mom, who comes over just then, assuring Bo that everything will be fine. Bo heads off, saying goodbye to Ciara. Tracy comes over, asking Ciara how her bear is. Ciara opens her backpack and shows Tracy the bear, saying he’s doing well. Just then, Tracy spots some ponies and dashes off. Ellen collects two other children and tells Ciara to follow them. She rushes after Ellen. Ciara stuffs her unicorn I her backpack and starts to follow, the man following her and Bo pops up, offering her a lollipop and asking if she remembers him. Ciara lights up.

Will tells Sami that he doesn’t get it, as he thought Rafe was a good guy. Sami says he is, but sometimes things just don’t work out. Just then, EJ shows up to pick up Johnny. Sami explains tiredly that Johnny still has that cough, so she’d rather bring him over in the morning, since he just fell asleep. EJ sighs, saying she could have called. Sami snaps that she had other things on her mind and heads off to check on Johnny. EJ notices the packed box and asks Will if someone is moving in or out. Will says that Rafe is leaving. EJ asks why, but Will isn’t sure. He adds that he doesn’t think it is any of EJ’s business. EJ tells Will that he really doesn’t care anyway and heads off. Outside the door, EJ stares off into space, thinking.

Nicole starts to head into the pub, but Dr. Baker calls her again. She tells him to leave her alone, but he claims that he can’t do that, as he would be her conscience if she had one, and besides, he is broke. Nicole says she has nothing left to say to him and hangs up as Rafe walks up behind her.


Bo tells Hope, “Our little baby is just fine. She's in very good hands.”

The strange man offers Ciara his hand, “Why don't you come with me, and I'll help you look for 'em? Come on.”

Dr. Baker threatens Nicole, “All it takes is one phone call, and you lose everything.”

Rafe tells Arianna, “Well, I don't know what's going on with Nicole, but I'm sure as hell going to find out.”

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