Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/11/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/11/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Victor heads into Daniel’s jail cell to find him dressed and ready to leave. He apologizes for how long it took him to make bail and grumbles about red tape. Daniel says he is just glad to be out of there and thanks Victor for all he has done. Victor says it’s nothing, as he knows Daniel is innocent, and besides, he is his godson. He intends to do everything he can to help Daniel. Daniel says he knows they got interrupted before, but he needs to know everything that Victor knows about Kate’s involvement in Chloe’s death. Victor stares. Daniel asks him if he thinks Kate is the one who poisoned Chloe and set him up to take the fall. Victor gulps.

Kate sits by Chloe’s bedside. She sighs, saying that death can take a very long time, but with any luck, today will be Chloe’s day. Just then Maggie comes in, whispering excitedly to Kate that there’s good news in regards to Chloe. Kate’s face falls.

At the police station, Bo tells Hope that Daniel thinks Chloe will clear him if and when she wakes up. Hope says she might not, but hopes she does, since the case against Daniel doesn’t seem to square up at all. Bo suggests they interview the people from the television show later, to see if they remember anything else. Hope reminds him he has a meeting with the planning board, but Bo claims he has it covered, and would rather devote his time to this case. Just then, the D.A., Charles Woods(played by David Leisure), breezes in, threatening over the phone to sue someone if they write an unfavorable article about him. He hangs up, saying he couldn’t help but overhear that Bo wants to work the Jonas case. Bo nods. The D.A. tells him to forget it. The case is closed, and it’s time for everyone to move on. Bo glares.

At the pub, Arianna tells Rafe that it’s not right that he should have to lose Sami over what happened to Emily. She suggests he come up with some plan to try to stay in Salem, but Rafe says it won’t work, since Sami needs all the details of the accident. He tells Arianna that he can’t keep telling lies, so he has to leave town and leave Sami.

At the townhouse, Sam calls Rafe and leaves him a message, telling him that they can’t leave things this way, an that she wants to believe him about what happened to Emily. She asks him to call her, telling her she loves him. She hangs up as someone knocks on the door. Sami, relived, rushes to open it, thinking it’s Rafe. She find Lucas outside and frowns. Luca guesses that she isn’t happy to see him.

Arianna whines that she doesn’t want Rafe to leave her. He suggests that she come with him, but she says she has a good job here and has made some good friends. Abruptly, she tells Rafe that this is all her fault. It all happened a long time ago, but it seems as if it will never be over. Rafe asks Arianna to stop blaming herself. He adds that this is his decision, and that he is handling this. Arianna scoffs, asking if he is going to handle this the way he handled things the night Emily died.

Daniel tells Victor that his number one priority is making sure Chloe is safe, but he also wants to prove Kate was the one who poisoned her. Victor reminds Daniel that Chloe is in a coma, so he doesn’t need to protect her. Daniel disagrees, saying that now that the D.A. pulled the guard from Chloe’s room, Kate can come and go at will. Victor really doesn’t think Kate is blatant enough to kill Chloe in a public hospital, but Daniel reminds him that they both know how cunning she can be. Daniel begs Victor to humor him and to put a guard on Chloe’s door--at least until she recovers. Victor says he is sorry, but he can’t do that.

Maggie tells Kate that she overheard some nurses saying that Chloe’s brain activity has increased, and that she even spoke. Kate, surprised, tells Chloe that she can’t tell her how that makes her feel. Maggie nods, saying she is relieved. Chloe is young and has her whole life ahead of her. She doesn’t deserve to suffer like this. Just then, Lexie comes in. Kate says she has been encouraged by the news about Chloe and asks Lexie if it is true, and if Chloe will wake up soon.

Victor says he will do anything to prove Daniel innocent, but that is all. Daniel scoffs, asking if Victor even cares whether Chloe lives or dies. Victor says he does, since he doesn’t want Daniel blamed for the crime. Daniel sighs, saying he wants Victor to make sure Chloe is safe so that he can focus his time on going after Kate. Victor claims that he can’t help Daniel with that. Daniel asks if Victor thinks someone else poisoned Chloe. Victor doesn’t reply. Daniel sighs, saying he gets it.

Lucas asks Sami who she was expecting, but she changes the subject, asking how Chloe is doing. Lucas grumbles that she is a lying two-faced bitch, and that he doesn’t want to talk about her. He adds that he just came to spend the day with his little girl. Sami asks jokingly if he is ready for a tea party. Lucas scoffs, saying he doesn’t do tea parties. Lucas again presses Sami about who she was expecting, telling her that he can tell something is bothering her. Lucas guesses that this is about her FBI boyfriend, and asks her if things are going badly. Sami makes a face. Lucas asks what she has done this time.

Rafe tells Arianna that he is just handling Sami the best way he knows how. Arianna sighs, reminding him that losing Emily nearly killed him. She can’t stand by and watch him go through it all over again. Rafe asks her angrily if she plans on telling Sami the truth herself. Arianna shakes her head. Rafe nods angrily, saying he can’t either.

Lexie sighs, telling Kate and Maggie that spikes in brain activity are common in coma patients. Sometimes they even wake up and say a few words. Kate asks her if Chloe’s improvement is really meaningless, and Lexie nods, saying that some neurologists even consider that kind of activity to be a prelude to death. Maggie gasps and sobs. Lexie apologizes, saying she wishes she had better news. Kate asks if Lexie is saying that Chloe is going to die soon. Lexie sighs, telling Kate that there is always hope that she won’t.

Bo tries to explain that the case against Daniel isn’t all that airtight, and Hope nods, but D.A. Woods disagrees. He asks Bo viciously if his opinion has anything to do with his father Victor being Daniel’s godfather. Bo says it doesn’t. Woods tells Bo that his point of view is irrelevant because he has a conflict of interest. The district attorney adds that if he were to decide to investigate further, Bo wouldn’t be involved. Bo glares.

Sami tells Lucas that she hasn’t done a thing this time, and tells him about the letter Meredith sent her, telling her about the car accident Rafe’s former fiancée was involved in. She shows Lucas the letter and he begins to read. Worriedly, he tells Sami that this letter claims that Rafe killed Emily. Sami nods, saying she knows, but adds that Meredith doesn’t have any evidence at all. Lucas sighs, saying he thinks Meredith is right, and that it’s very possible Rafe killed his fiancée. Sami gapes.

Arianna suggests that Rafe come up with a way to make Sami forget all about this, and just focus on the two of them. Rafe says that Sami is the kind of person that never gives up, especially since she knows Rafe is keeping a big part of his life a secret. Arianna says that Sami is pretty big on secrets--look at the whopper she told to EJ. Rafe says that was different because Sami didn’t love EJ. Arianna reminds Rafe that she is in love with Rafe, though. Rafe says that love isn’t always enough. He found that out a long time ago. Arianna tells him how sorry she is. Rafe sighs.

Daniel guesses that the reason Victor won’t go after Kate is because he wants to protect Philip. Victor nods, telling Daniel that Philip is very devoted to Kate, and that he can’t betray her. Besides, his only priority right now is making sure Daniel isn’t found guilty. He tells Daniel that he got him a great lawyer, and that he is on his way down here. Daniel thanks him. Victor advises him not to worry about Kate and Chloe, and to focus on his defense. He asks Daniel what the wants to do first. Daniel explains that he wants to keep Chloe alive.

Bo retorts that he is involved in all cases that this department investigates, including Dr. Jonas. Woods tells Bo that he is ordering him to step aside. Bo insists that he has to offer some kind of rationale, but Woods say he already has. He reminds Bo that he has a long and well-documented history of interceding on behalf of his family. Hope jumps in, saying that isn’t true. Woods scoffs, asking if Bo plans on having his brother step in to defend him as well. Bo tells the D.A. to make his accusation in writing and to stop slinging mud. Woods says he isn’t, and that he is simply informing Bo and Hope that they can no longer work on this case. He heads off, telling the two that if they disobey his orders, he’ll suspend them both. He walks out. Bo and Hope frown.

Sami tells Lucas that she has read the letter a hundred times, and that Meredith has no proof of Rafe doing anything. Sami thinks she might even have an agenda and just wants her to turn against Rafe for some reason. Lucas asks how Rafe reacted when Sami confronted him. She says that he was upset. Lucas guesses that he walked out. Sami admits he did. Lucas shakes his head. Sami jumps to Rafe’s defense, saying that he was just upset and didn’t want to talk about it. She reminds Lucas that he isn’t one to talk, since he shot EJ in the back. Lucas retorts that he did his time, and besides, EJ deserved to die. Can Sami really say the same about Emily?

Arianna tells Rafe that it seems as if his wedding day was a lifetime ago. She thinks it’s amazing that he was able to move on and pick up the pieces afterwards, going on to have a great career with the FBI. She sighs, adding that she even went on a journey to find herself. Rafe tells her he is glad she is back in his life, but Arianna wonders if he is sure about that. She says that if it hadn’t been for her, the whole thing with Emily never would have come up. Rafe tells Arianna that Emily was the love of his life. There was no way that her death wouldn’t be a major issue for him. He sighs, adding that Arianna did what she did and he did what he did, and Emily died as a result of it. They can’t make it go away or change what happened. He takes Arianna’s hand, saying that most importantly, they can never, ever talk about it.

Daniel sneaks over to Chloe’s room at the hospital, but Maxine rushes over and stops him. He begs her to let him see Chloe, but she says she can’t let him anywhere near Chloe’s room. Daniel asks how she is doing, and Maxine tells him about Chloe’s recent brain activity. She admits that she doctors don’t think it’s anything significant. Daniel disagrees, saying it was significant. That is why he has to go in there now and save her.

The district attorney meets Kate at the pub, telling her he has bad news. Kate says she has already heard, and that Lexie told her that Chloe probably won’t make it through the rest of the day. Woods says he is sorry to hear that. He promises to change the charges against Dr. Jonas to first degree murder if Chloe dies. Kate guesses that this is the first Woods is hearing of Chloe’s condition and asks what his bad news is. Woods explains that Victor intervened and bailed Daniel out of jail. Kate grimaces.

Bo and Hope head into the Kiriakis mansion, and Victor thanks them for coming. Bo tells Victor that he wanted to talk to him about the sixty million he put up for Daniel’s bail. Victor shrugs, saying the judge was just trying to scare him, so he had to stick it to him. Besides, he fully believes that Daniel is innocent, and asks Bo and Hope in surprise if they feel differently. Hope says that the are keeping an open mind. Victor scoffs, saying he backs Daniel a hundred percent and expects the rest of the family to do the same. He asks Bo to make sure that this case doesn’t go to trial. Bo frowns. Victor ask him what’s wrong.

Sami tells Lucas that of course, Emily didn’t deserve to die. What happened was an accident. Lucas reminds her that Emily’s sister doesn’t seem to think so. Sami is sure that Meredith is just upset Emily is dead and is looking for someone to blame. Lucas tells her to go ahead and believe in the man she loves, but it’s a road that will lead her straight to hell. Sami scoffs, saying that Rafe isn’t Chloe. Lucas shrugs, saying she can be blind if she wants, but his eyes are wide open, and he realizes that he and Sami can believe anything of the people they love. Sami asks suspiciously if he is thinking forgiving Chloe. Lucas says he isn’t, and warns Sami not to be a fool in all of this. He tells her not to let her love for Rafe blind her to who he really is.

Daniel begs Maxine to let him in to see Chloe. He adds that she can even come with him if she likes, but she must let him inside. He swears that he knows how to save Chloe’s life. Maxine sighs sympathetically and hurries off. Daniel grins and heads over to Chloe’s room.

Kate grumps, saying that she can’t believe Daniel is free on bail while poor Chloe is still lying vulnerable in a hospital bed. Woods agrees, saying the D.A.’s office was unhappy as well. It appears that the judge did a 180 on denying Daniel bail once Victor got involved. He notes that the bail was sixty million, so Victor must be convinced of Daniel’s innocence if he was willing to pony up so much cash. Kate warns him that Victor is going to be all over his office, but Woods assures Kate she has nothing to worry about. He knows Jonas is guilty, and he plans on proving it in court. Kate thanks him, saying she is glad he is so confident, but worries that her son will be devastated when he learns Daniel is free. Woods assures her that she needn’t worry. He and the police are going to make sure Daniel ends up where belongs.

Bo sighs, telling Victor that they have to follow proper protocol. The public has to see that the department is impartial. Victor curses the public, reminding Bo that he wasn’t nearly as impartial when it came to Philip being shot. Hope reminds Victor angrily that Bo was nearly fired over that. Victor claims this is the same thing and tells Bo that family comes first--unless of course, Bo and Hope happen to think Daniel is guilty.

Lexie and a police officer rush over to stop Daniel from going into Chloe’s room. The officer guards the door as Lexie pulls Daniel aside to tell him that the D.A. ordered Chloe’s room guarded to ensure that Daniel doesn’t get in. If he disobeys, then his bail could be revoked. Daniel groans, saying that Lexie knows that he could never hurt Chloe. Lexie says she does know that, but Daniel still can’t go into Chloe’s room. She tells him he can’t do anything here to help Chloe, and suggests that he just go home. She promises to let him know what is going on here. Daniel gives her a pained expression and heads off morosely. Lexie sighs.

Sami claims that Meredith saying that Rafe killed Emily doesn’t make it true. Lucas agrees, but adds that Rafe refusing to talk about the whole thing makes the accusation more plausible. Sami claims she knows Rafe. She knows he wouldn’t do this. Not only have they been through a lot together, but he helped her through the hardest time in her life--Grace’s death. Lucas sighs, reminding her that when she follows her instincts, bad things happen. She asks him to stop, but Lucas refuses. He tell her that she isn’t just putting herself in danger--she’s putting their kids in danger too. Lucas asks her if she really wants a murderer living in the house with her kids. Sam scowls. Just then, Rafe walks in. Lucas heads off to collect Allie and comes back. Sami says goodbye to her. Rafe starts to do the same but Lucas hurries off, slamming the door. Rafe guesses he knows what that was all about.

Bo and Hope agree with Victor that they doubt Daniel did this. Bo adds that he has known a lot of bad guys, and Daniel just isn’t one of them. Victor suggests they start looking at other suspects, and Bo asks if he means Kate. Hope nods, saying that Daniel seems to think Kate framed him for the crime. She ask how Victor would feel if they managed to get enough evidence to arrest Kate. Victor say that Philip would hit the roof, but if Kate did this, then she belongs in jail. Bo guesses that Victor wants them to get the evidence against Kate, free Daniel, and keep Victor’s hands clean in all of this.

Maggie strolls through the park and greets Lucas and Allie. Lucas sends Allie off to play with her friend Becca and tells Maggie angrily to keep walking. She gasps. Lucas accuses her of lying to his face, and says that he has nothing to say to her. Maggie gapes. Lucas elaborates, telling her in a fury that he remembers her letting him know about Chloe and Daniel’s affair the night he got drunk and was involved in the explosion. He accuses Maggie of lying to him afterwards, when he had amnesia. Maggie tries to explain herself, but Lucas doesn’t want to hear it. He wonders how she could do this to him--how she could be so cruel. Maggie sobs.

Rafe guesses that Sami showed Lucas the letter. She admits that he came to pick up Allie, so she asked him his advice. Rafe asks if Lucas had any to offer, but Sami claims he didn’t. She asks if Rafe got her message. He says he didn’t, and that he just came by because he felt they had unfinished business. Sami agrees that they do, saying that there is something she needs to tell him.

Maggie tearfully tells Lucas that she couldn’t tell him about the affair a second time because of the way he reacted the first time. Lucas scoffs. Maggie goes on to say that Chloe vowed that she only loved Lucas and that she would never be with Daniel again. So she decided to give Chloe and Lucas another chance instead of destroying Lucas’ life right then and there. Lucas shakes his head, saying that Maggie is his aunt, and that he trusted her. She sobs, saying she is sorry. Lucas says he is, too, adding that he doesn’t want Maggie to be his AA sponsor anymore. He says he can’t trust anything that comes out of her mouth, and she made a fool out of him. He yells at her to get the hell away from him and to stay away. Maggie bawls and rushes off.

Lexie talks on the phone to Abe at the pier. They make plans to take Theo to a carnival later, and Lexie hangs up. Just then, Daniel rushes over. He tells Lexie that this is urgent, and reminds her of all the cases they have worked on together. Lexie says she remembers. Daniel begs her to listen to him, frantically telling her that he needs her help.

Kate heads into the park and greets Lucas, saying Maggie nearly ran her over a moment ago. Lucas grumbles, cursing Maggie to hell. Kate asks what is going on, and Lucas retorts that Maggie knew about Chloe and Daniel and didn’t say anything. He glares at Kate, remembering that she knew the truth, too. Kate vows that she didn’t know anything for sure, and didn’t want to be the mother-in-law from hell. Lucas whines that everyone knew except him. Kate says she is sorry, especially since she has more bad news. Lucas asks if something has happened with Chloe, but Kate says it’s about Daniel and the fact that he has made bail, thanks to Victor. Lucas vows to go over there and give Victor a piece of his mind, but Kate stops him, saying that this is all just legal maneuvering, and that things could change at any time. She confides in Lucas that the district attorney told her that if Chloe should die, Daniel would be charged with capital murder--meaning he’d face life in jail or even execution.

Hope and Bo tell Victor about the D.A. ordering them off the case. Victor fumes, calling Woods a cockroach and vowing to step on him. Bo stops him, saying that he has to stay out of this. They have other detective working on this, and they’ll figure it all out with a little help. Victor refuses to sit around while Daniel is railroaded. He thanks God that he called someone in who knows where he stands with the family. Bo warns Victor again not to pressure the D.A. Just then, Justin walks in (played by Wally Kurth). He greets everyone. Bo and Hope gasp in astonishment.

Sami admits that Lucas asked her to stay away from Rafe, but she can’t do that because she loves him. She asks Rafe to tell the truth about Emily. If he tells her it was an accident, then she will believe him, and she won’t ask anymore questions about Emily. She asks hopefully if Rafe can tell her that.


Bo tells Hope, “Victor's the one who's gonna have to take sides-- Kate or Daniel.”

Kate asks Victor, “What happens if Justin--no, when Justin puts the spotlight on me?” He scoffs, “Then you have no one to blame but yourself.”

Rafe tells Sami, “I can't tell you the truth-- ever!”

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