Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/10/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/10/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Nicole shows up at Samiís townhouse to thank her for not telling EJ that she was the one that told Sami about the tombstone. She notices that Sami is crying, however, and asks her what is wrong. Sami explains tearfully that Rafe left, and that she doesnít think he is coming back. She throws herself into Nicoleís arms, sobbing.

Outside the pub, EJ leaves Nicole a message, telling her that he knows something is bothering her, and that he wants to know what it is. He hangs up as he notices Rafe walk over. EJ snaps, asking Rafe if he is spying on him. Rafe chuckles, asking if EJ has something to hide.

Will and Mia kiss in the park. Chad walks over and sees the two. He frowns.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano holds Sydney on his lap and coos, telling her that sheís a DiMera through and through. He frowns, admitting that she is also a Brady, but that they donít want anyone to find that out, especially Sydneyís wretched mother, Sami.

Nicole asks Sami what happened with Rafe, but Sami thinks she should know, since Nicole warned her not to trust Rafe from the beginning. Nicole asks what Rafe said or did, and Sami hands her Meredithís letter, asking her to read it. Nicole reads the first few lines and gasps. Sam nods, saying that the letter says that Rafe murdered his former fiancťe. Nicole asks Sami if she really believes it.

EJ retorts that hiding things is Rafe and Samiís specialty, not his. Rafe rolls his eyes, asking if they are really going to go through this again. EJ glares, saying Rafe obviously doesnít care if he lies and cheats his way through life as long as he is with Sami. He guesses the two of them are willing to damn the rest of the world. Rafe says theyíre not willing to damn the rest of the world--just EJ.

Chad interrupts Mia and Will, coming over to make small talk about school starting soon. Mia asks if he is working tomorrow, since Leah quit her job at the cafe, but Chad says that Evan has been lax with his schedule because of cross-country practice. He adds that he heard Will was going out for the team and asks him how fast he runs the two-mile. Will retorts that it is none of his business, but Chad can rest assured that Salem High is going to kick Salem Westís butts this year. Chad agrees whole-heartedly, moving in to high-five Will. Will looks at him suspiciously, and Chad guesses that Mia hasnít told him. Will asks what it is she hasnít told him. Mia gives Chad a dirty look.

Lexie, Abe, and Theo head into the DiMera mansion. Lexie greets Stefano, who swoops Theo up into his arms and gives him a hug. Lexie and Abe give Stefano a birthday gift theyíve bought for Sydney, and Lexie admires her in her playpen. Theo comes over and notices Sydneyís stuffed dog. He insists on having Charlie right away. Lexie and Abe arenít sure where it is. Theo is on the verge of having a meltdown, so Abe hustles him off to look for his toy in the car. Lexie tells Stefano that she prays Abe finds it, as Theo doesnít handle it well when he gets stressed or upset. Stefano says he can understand that, as most people donít handle stress well. Lexie sighs, reminding him that Theo is autistic, and itís ok for him to say that word out loud. Stefano says that he just doesnít see Theo that way; he only sees him as his lovely grandson. Stefano chokes back tears as he admits that it breaks his heart to see Theo upset. Lexie reminds him that he is just being overprotective when it comes to his grandchildren. She thinks he really worries too much. Stefano sighs, saying she has no idea.

Rafe heads into the pub and greets Arianna, asking if she has a second. She says that she can always make time for him, and asks whatís going on. Rafe explains that he came to tell her goodbye, as he is planning on leaving Salem.

Sami wonders why Meredith would lie. She explains to Nicole that she met the woman, and she could see the pain in her eyes. Itís clear that she hasnít gotten over her sisterís death. Sami takes the letter from Nicole and reads aloud the part about Emily knowing some awful secret about Rafe that could have destroyed his career. He took her out shortly after that in the car, and thatís when she died. Nicole asks Sami if she talked to Rafe about this. Sami nods, but says that Rafe wouldnít answer any of her questions. Nicole asks Sami if she really thinks Rafe is a murderer. Sami wonders what else to think. Nicole tells Sami that she thinks there is something more to all of this. Sami asks what she means.

EJ heads into the mansion to find Lexie on her way out. She explains the situation with Theoís toy, and EJ promises to call if they see it. Lexie thanks him and heads off, saying goodbye to Stefano. EJ asks him if Nicole is back yet, but Stefano explains that he hasnít seen her. EJ fumes, saying that he has left her several messages. Stefano tries to change the subject, suggesting EJ open Sydneyís gift from Lexie and Abe but EJ ignores him, wondering what could be more important to Nicole than spending time with her husband and daughter.

Arianna asks Rafe if he got a job elsewhere, but he claims that this isnít about work, and that he just needs to get out of town and clear his head. Arianna asks if Sami is going with him, but Rafe shakes his head uncomfortably, saying that she has a family and responsibilities here and canít leave. Arianna guesses that Sami must be pretty upset. Rafe admits that he hasnít talked to her about it yet. Arianna gapes, guessing that Rafe is leaving town because of Sami.

Nicole suggests that Rafe isnít talking to Sami about Emily because the whole thing is too painful. Sami scoffs, saying that that is what Rafe told her, but she doesnít understand why breaking up with her is preferable to talking about something painful. Nicole guesses that is true, but she still thinks Sami should give Rafe the benefit of the doubt until she finds out the whole truth. Sami tells Nicole flatly that this is weird. Nicole doesnít understand. Sami says itís odd that Nicole is so quick to jump to Rafeís defense, and she thinks she knows why. Nicole gulps.

Chad explains that his parents just moved, so heís going to be attending Salem High this year. Heís surprised Mia didnít say anything. Will claims she did, but he just forgot, since Chad isnít really on his radar. Chad glares. Mia grins, asking Chad if he really thinks they sit around and talk about him all day. She tells him to get over himself and the two head off. Kinsey saunters over, telling Chad that she thought he was going to try to break those two up. Chad reminds her angrily that she hasnít done her part. Kinsey shrugs, saying that Will is into charity cases, and she canít help that. Chad calls her a jerk and tells her they have to come up with a better strategy. Kinsey thinks itís going to be hard, since Will and Mia appear to be pretty tight. Chad says he isnít so sure of that.

Arianna demands to know if Rafe and Sami got into a fight. Rafe says that he doesnít really want to talk about it, and asks her why she cares anyway, since she never liked Sami. Arianna huffs as Rafeís phone rings. He explains itís his boss and walks across the room to take the call and tell him his plans. Arianna heads over to the kitchen and tells Pete that she is going on break. Arianna takes off her apron and sneaks out the door.

Sami tells Nicole that she thinks she is defending Rafe because she was also able to look the other way when EJ had Philip shot and Stephanie kidnapped. Nicole retorts that she loves her husband conditionally, and Sami quickly tries to smooth things over, saying she realizes that. She really appreciates everything Nicole has done for her lately, and she realizes that Nicole is actually one of the few people she can count on. However, she isnít Nicole, and she has to draw the line somewhere. That is why she didnít tell EJ about Grace. Sami sighs, saying it doesnít even matter now that she has lost both Grace and Rafe. She sobs, telling Nicole this is punishment for the things she has done in the past. Nicole assures her that isnít how things work. Sami disagrees, sobbing and saying sheís going to pay for all the horrible things she has done for the rest of her life and that she deserves it. Nicole tearfully tells Sami that this isnít her fault--none of it is.

Stefano asks EJ what is going on with him and Nicole, as he has heard them arguing lately. EJ sighs, admitting that he fears Nicole is keeping something from him. He also adds that he ran into Rafe, and instead of starting something with him, like he did over the tombstone, he completely backed off, which EJ found odd. EJ thinks Rafe seemed out-of-sorts. Just then, Sydney squeals. EJ picks her up ad takes her off for her nap. Stefano chuckles, telling himself that Rafe is playing right into his hands.

Rafe gets off the phone and looks around for Arianna. Abe, Lexie, and Theo come in, looking for Theoís stuffed dog. Lexie greets Rafe, and Abe asks if Arianna is around, since she waited on them earlier. Rafe says he thinks Arianna went on her break. Abe takes Theo outside to try calling the mansion to see if anyone has found Theoís toy. Lexie makes small talk with Rafe about Sydneyís six-month birthday. Rafe solemnly tells her it would have been Graceís birthday, too, and Lexie says how sorry she is. Rafe asks her how Nicole is doing. Lexie says she wouldnít know since Nicole wasnít there. Rafe explains that he asked because Nicole has seemed really sad lately. He adds that Graceís death seems to have hit her pretty hard.

Sami explains that she is paying for every bad thing she has ever done thanks to karma. Nicole insists that none of this is her fault, and that she has to realize that. Just then, Arianna knocks on the door. Sami answers, and Nicole excuses herself, telling Sami that they will talk later. She heads off. Sami tells Arianna tiredly that Rafe isnít here. Arianna glare, saying she knows, because she just talked to him. She demands to know what Sami has done to her brother.

Mia and Will walk through the park hand-in-hand. She apologizes again for not telling him about Chad coming to their school. Will says that itís alright, but he does wonder how Mia forgot to tell him something like that. He asks Mia if there is another reason she didnít want him to know. She sighs, admitting there is.

Nicole heads into the mansion and greets Stefano, asking where EJ is. He explains that he is putting Sydney down for a nap and asks where she was all morning, noting that Lexie and Abe came by to drop off Sydneyís gift. Nicole admits that she was with Sami, who is a blubbering mess thanks to Stefano. Nicole explains that Sami got a letter from a woman named Meredith, who told Sami that Rafe murdered her sister, Rafeís former fiancťe. Stefano says gravely that sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, but Nicole isnít so sure that the story is true. She admits she doesnít know Rafe that well, but she also doesnít think he is capable of murder. Stefano says that doesnít matter, since Sami believes it. Now they are one step closer to getting Rafe out of town and ensuring that he never learns that Nicole took Samiís baby. Stefano grins, telling Nicole that she doesnít have much more to worry about.

Rafe finds Theoís toy and gives it to him. Theo clutches the stuffed dog and beams. Lexie and Abe both thank him, and Lexie apologizes if she seemed a bit intense before. Rafe says that he understands that she just wants her child to be happy, and then abruptly tells the two that he has to go. Lexie, surprised, watches as Rafe rushes off.

Sami claims that she didnít do anything to Rafe. Arianna says she doesnít buy it. She explains that Rafe told her he was leaving town, and she can only assume that it has something to do with Sami. Sami asks if Rafe said that, but Arianna claims that he didnít have to. Sami tells Arianna to be mad at Emilyís sister if she insists on being angry. Sami hands her Meredithís letter, explaining that she found it under her door earlier. Arianna begins to read. She turns white.

Rafe sits by Graceís tombstone in the cemetery, telling her that she will always be a Brady to him. He sighs, saying that yesterday was her sixth month birthday. He flashes back to catching Nicole sobbing at Graceís grave and saying that she would do anything to bring her back. Rafe comes back to the present and smiles, saying that Grace managed to touch everyone she met.

Stefano hisses at Nicole that she is an ingrate. He adds angrily that if she really wants that idiot Rafe around to ruin her life, then that can be arranged. Nicole retorts that she doesnít want to see anyoneís life ruined. Stefano asks her sarcastically if she is the new poster child for compassion. Nicole says she will be upstairs, but Stefano stops her, telling her to show him some gratitude. He canít believe that she can pretend to be so noble after he had to clean up the mess she made from switching two babies. He wonders where her nobility was then. Nicole sobs, saying that unlike him, she doesnít like hurting people. She admits she has been cruel and has made some unforgivable mistakes, but at least she regrets them. Stefano scoffs, asking her if she wants a gold star. Nicole says that she just doesnít want to cause any more pain. Stefano says that either she can suffer or Sami can--itís her choice. He reminds her that she has done an unforgivable thing. She stole another womanís baby. Either Sami loses her child and the man she loves, or Nicole does. He ask her which it is going to be. Just then, EJ walks in, asking the two suspiciously what they are arguing about.

Mia tells Will that after what happened to his stepmother and Grace, she just didnít think the news about Chad transferring was all that important. She hopes that Will isnít angry. He says he isnít, but admits that he doesnít like the idea of Chad attending their school, since he clearly has a thing for Mia. Mia tells Will that none of that matters. Chad means nothing to her, and that part of her life is over.

At the gym, Kinsey tells Chad that his whole plan is a waste of time, since he isnít even on Miaís radar. Chad says that canít be true, as Mia was really into him when they dated before. Kinsey accuses him of being on a head trip, but Chad says Mia is definitely different now. He thinks something happened. Kinsey says drugs can do that to a person, but Chad knows itís something else. He vows to find out what is really going on.

Rafe talks to Graceís tombstone, telling her that he hates to tell her this, but he has to go away for a long time. He doesnít want to do this, but he has to. He sighs, admitting that he wants to tell Sami the truth, but he knows that he canít.

Arianna tells Sami that the letter makes it sound as if Rafe killed Emily. Sami asks her if itís true, but Arianna tells her that she has to go back to work. Sami demands answers, saying that she knows Arianna knows something. Arianna insists that this is between Sami and Rafe and rushes off.

Stefano excuses himself and Nicole explains to EJ that she and Stefano were arguing because he thought she was being insensitive. She sighs, admitting that she just wants to have a normal and happy life, and it depresses her to talk about Grace and how tragic her death was. EJ agrees that that is insensitive. Nicole sighs, saying that she just wants EJ to focus more on Sydney. When itís her birthday, he needs to pay attention to her. Besides, he was just telling her how much he had been grieving for Grace lately. EJ reminds Nicole that Sydney and Grace were born the same day. Nicole says she knows, and apologizes. She admits she wants Sydney to be the focus of their lives, but that doesnít mean she wants EJ to forget about the daughter he lost. She tells him she loves him and says she hopes they are ok. EJ says they are and hugs her. He stares off into space.

Rafe heads back into the pub and greets Arianna. He asks where she was earlier. She claims at first that she went to run errands, but Rafe gives her a look. She sighs, admitting that she went to see Sami, and saw the letter Meredith sent her. Rafe asks if she said anything to Sami, but Arianna says she didnít. Rafe warns her not to try to talk him out of leaving town. Arianna reminds Rafe that this isnít like him--running away from his problems. She asks Rafe if he is really going to leave her and Sami behind in Salem. Rafe sighs, telling Arianna that she knows why he has to do this.

Sami sits with Allie on the couch, explaining that Rafe is leaving, and that he is going to miss Allie. Sami sighs, saying quietly that she loves Rafe and that she should believe in him, as that is what she would want from him, too. She tells herself that she has to call Rafe and give him a chance to explain.


Kate says, ďWhat you're saying is that our Chloe may not be with us much longer.Ē

Victor says, ďDaniel, I'll do everything I can to prove you innocent.Ē

Rafe tells Arianna, ďThis is my decision, and I'm handling this.Ē She replies, ďRight, the way you handled the night Emily died?Ē

Lucas tells Sami, ďI think it's very possible that Rafe killed his fiancťe.Ē

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