Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/7/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/7/09


Written By Jenni
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Kate meets Lucas at the pub. He tells her that he intends on heading down to the courthouse to make sure Daniel doesn’t get an opportunity to make bail.

Bo heads into Daniel’s jail cell and greets him. Daniel tells Bo that as soon as he makes bail, he’s heading to the hospital to try to save Chloe’s life.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ vows to make sure that Sami is punished. Nicole says she already is being punished. EJ demands to know how.

Sami comes back to the townhouse alone and finds Meredith’s letter on the floor. Sami picks it up, opens it, and begins to read.

At the gym, Mia admits to Will that she isn’t a virgin. Will glares at Chad, asking if Mia is saying she lost it to him. Just then, Rafe walks in.

Sami continues to read the letter. She learns that Emily’s death wasn’t an accident.

Nicole suggests that she and EJ not talk about Sami anymore. EJ, intrigued by her statement that Sami is already being punished, tells Nicole that he wants to know what she meant.

Rafe heads over to greet Will and Mia. Mia bursts into tears and rushes off. Rafe asks Will what’s wrong. Will sighs, saying that he just found something out about Mia and another guy.

Sami bursts into tears, wads up the letter, and throws it in the trash. She sniffles, then changes her mind, retrieving the letter and continuing to read it.

Kate tells Lucas that he can’t speak at Daniel’s hearing. Lucas flies into a rage, saying he doesn’t care, and that he can’t let that bastard Daniel walk without the court hearing about it. Kate tries to convince him not to go to the hearing, and Lucas eventually agrees, saying he will go to talk to Chloe instead. Kate asks what he needs to talk about with Chloe, and Lucas says he is trying to decide whether or not he is going to forgive her. Kate scoffs.

In Chloe’s room, Lexie examines Chloe and looks over some charts. She shakes her head and sighs.

Bo tells Daniel he has bad news, and explains that Daniel won’t be getting out on bail. Daniel is furious, as he assumed that he was innocent until proven guilty. Bo says he is, but given his background, he’s been deemed a flight risk. Bo says that unfortunately, this cell will be Daniel’s home until he goes to trial.

Rafe guesses that Mia slept with another guy. Will claims it isn’t a big deal, but Rafe thinks it is, and admits that the thought of his mom with EJ makes him angry too, even though all that happened before they met. He tells Will that jealousy can kill you, and suggests he try living in the now instead of in the past. Chad rolls his eyes and heads off. Will asks Rafe if things are going well with his mom and Rafe admits that they are.

Sami fumes and crumples the letter.

Kate runs after Lucas and tells him she sympathizes with him, as she knows he is going through a terrible time. She apologizes, saying that she has made a lot of mistakes, but that she still wants to be there for him.

Abe heads into the hospital and over to the nurse’s station. He asks for news on Chloe, but Lexie says it isn’t encouraging. She sighs, adding that she is doing the best that she can for Chloe. Abe tells her that she needs to check her email.

Nicole admits that she only sympathizes with Sami because she has made a lot of mistakes, too.

At the park, Mia sits glumly on a bench. Chad comes over to comfort her.

Sami un-crumples the letter and continues reading.

Chad tells Mia that he doesn’t like to see her cry, and that he wishes there were something he could do. Mia says there isn’t. Chad admits that he wishes that they could get back together.

EJ asks Nicole what kind of mistakes she made, but she says that isn’t the point. She tells him that he isn’t going to be happy if he continues to obsess over Grace and punishing Sami for lying about her. Nicole reminds EJ that Sami lost Grace, and that should be enough. EJ says this is about her lies and nothing else. Nicole asks him furiously what he would think if it wasn’t Sami’s daughter that died.

Rafe heads into the townhouse. Sami hands him the letter, asking him angrily to say that this isn’t true.

Lexie checks her email and learns that Theo was accepted into a mainstream school. Lexie is surprised. Abe doesn’t think she looks too happy about it. He thinks she is probably worried about how Theo will adjust, but he thinks they should give this a shot for Theo’s sake.

Chad tries to remind Mia of all the good times they had, but Mia says her life wasn’t very easy after they broke up. Chad again says he is sorry for all that and given the chance, he would never hurt her again. He tells her that he doesn’t want to see her cry. Mia insists that she isn’t crying because of him. Just then, Will shows up. He and Chad glare at one another.

EJ asks Nicole what she means, and she covers quickly, saying that it could have been anyone’s child that died. She claims that she is just trying to get EJ to look at this from someone’s point of view other than his own. EJ grumbles. Nicole begs him to try to have some compassion for Sami.

Rafe asks Sami what the letter is, and she explains Meredith sent it. She adds that she found it when she came home. Rafe sweats.

Daniel bewails his circumstances, saying that he has spent his whole life helping other people, and the thanks that he gets in the end is that he is viewed as a flight risk. Bo tries to reassure him, and Daniel thanks Bo for standing by him. Bo encourages Daniel not to worry anymore, vowing that this isn’t over.

Lucas stand by Chloe’s bedside and tells her that he was stupid to think that he could make her love him in return if he just loved her enough. He tells Chloe that he can’t forgive her, and that it doesn’t matter to him if she wakes up from this coma or not--their relationship is dead. Kate watches from the doorway and grins.

EJ is suspicious of the way Nicole constantly defends Sami these days. He asks her what is going on with her, Sami, and Grace. Nicole frets.

Sami demands to hear answers about the car accident that killed Emily. She tells him angrily that she knows that Emily found out some awful secret about him that could destroy his career, and he took her out n a car. Sami shrieks, asking if he was angry enough at Emily to be driving recklessly. Rafe glare4s, asking if Sami is trying to say he killed Emily.

Kate heads into Chloe’s room, asking if Lucas is ok. He wails that he isn’t and that he never will be. He rushes off. Kate smirks at Chloe, telling her that she has to face the consequences of her actions now.

Bo heads off, telling Daniel he has to leave. Victor comes in shortly after. Daniel is relieved to see him, telling Victor that he assumed he had given up on him. Victor says that on the contrary, he knows that Daniel is innocent. Suspicious, Daniel asks what he has been up to that led him to that conclusion.

Will asks Mia if they can speak alone. Chad agrees reluctantly, telling Mia to think about what he said. He heads off. Will wonders why Mia confessed to him that she wasn’t a virgin. Mia uncomfortably admits that she thought he should know. Will says that he doesn’t care about that and that all he cares about are the tow of them.

EJ tells Nicole that he realizes she tends to be emotional, but this whole thing is getting out of hand. Nicole tearfully admits that in her mind, Grace and Sydney will always be connected since they were born on the same day. EJ seems to accept this and heads off to take a business call. Nicole sighs.

Rafe can’t believe that Sami would take Meredith’s word over is. Sami demands to know why Meredith would say these things, telling Rafe in a fury that she wants answers. Rafe says he has one answer for her. He promptly walks out. Sami gapes.

Will tells Mia that all he cares about is the their future together. He kisses her.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate gets news over the phone that pleases her to no end.

Daniel asks Victor to help him with his legal case.

Chloe lies in bed and moans for Daniel.

Rafe spies on EJ as he talks on the phone.

Nicole shows up at Sami’s townhouse. Sami tells her that Rafe left her and bursts into tears.

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