Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/6/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/6/09


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At the DiMera mansion, EJ wakes up and rolls over to find Nicole already out of bed. He sighs and flashes back to exchanging Grace’s headstone for one with his last name on it. He mutters that he can’t believe Sami kept his child from him, calling her sadistic and heartless. Just then, EJ catches sight of a photo of Nicole with Sydney. He smiles, saying that things with Nicole are much simpler than they ever were with Sami.

Downstairs, Stefano heads into the living room and finds Nicole getting ready to leave. He asks where she is going and if he can give her a lift, since he is on his way out. Nicole asks where he is going, and Stefano tells her that he wants to make sure that his plan is falling into place, and that Rafe is packing his bags and leaving town. Stefano reminds Nicole that this is what she wanted. Nicole frowns. Stefano asks Nicole what exactly she is up to.

At the townhouse, Sami bustles around, getting Allie and Rafe’s lunches together. She reminds Allie to eat her fruit before she has her cookie. Rafe peeks in his bag and notices that Sami gave him Allie’s pink thermos. Sami chuckles, saying she must have mixed them up. The two hug and Sami sighs, saying this is normal, and that she likes normal.

Mia runs into Will in the park. She asks him how his step-mom is doing, wondering why he didn’t call her back the night before. Will tells her abruptly that he doesn’t want to talk about it and asks her to leave him alone.

Nicole tells Stefano that she was planning on running a few errands. She asks if Rafe has really left town already. Stefano beams proudly, reminding her that he said he would take care of it, and he did. Nicole asks how he managed to pull this off, and Stefano tells her all about Rafe’s fiancée, Emily, that died tragically on their wedding day. Nicole asks him if he suspects that Rafe had something to do with her death. Stefano nods, saying that is why he brought Emily’s sister to town. He hoped she could fill in the blanks, and he was right. Rafe did kill his fiancée, and he has convinced Meredith to tell Sami everything.

At the pub, a flustered Stephanie tries to get some work done. She ends up spilling coffee all over her papers as Roman comes in. He helps her sop up the spilt coffee, asking if everything is alright. Stephanie claims that she is just a klutz, but Roman thinks this is about more than just coordination. He thinks she must still be upset about Philip. Stephanie sighs, asking Roman if it is possible to will yourself to stop loving someone.

At the hospital, Nathan stops Melanie on her way into a room, asking her not to give a particular patient any more Maxim magazines, since he has blood pressure issues. Melanie agrees and starts to head off, but Nathan stops her again, asking her to join him for coffee on his next break. Coldly, Melanie says she doesn’t have time. She huffs off. Nathan watches, confused. Maggie, who was standing behind Nathan and saw the whole thing, sighs.

Sami comes back from dropping Allie off at her carpool. Rafe tells her his boss called and said he didn’t have to be in to work for three hours. He snuggles up to Sami, wondering what they could do with all that time. She makes some mundane suggestions, like cleaning out the closets or playing Scrabble. Rafe makes a face. Sami moves in for a kiss. Just then, someone knocks on the door. Sami and Rafe both groan. He heads to the door reluctantly, yelling jokingly that they don’t want any. He opens the door to find Nicole outside. Surprised, she asks Rafe what he is still doing here.

Maggie heads over to Nathan, noting that Melanie doesn’t seem happy with him. Nathan jokes that Melanie is pretty subtle, so he’s surprised she noticed. Maggie asks if anything happened at the concert, since she heard Nathan was out with a young woman on a date. Melanie, who is nearby going through paperwork, listens in as Nathan tells Maggie that he went to the concert with Stephanie. He explains quickly that he and Stephanie are just friends, adding that he doesn’t really have the time for a relationship right now. Maggie asks him why he keeps staring at Melanie, if that is true. Nathan says he is just curious to know why she is angry with him. He then abruptly decides that he doesn’t care and heads off. Maggie looks at Melanie suspiciously.

Will apologizes to Mia for going off on her, but she says she understands if he doesn’t want to talk right now. Will tells her quietly that his step-mother is in a coma. Mia gasps. Will goes on to explain that she was poisoned. Astonished, Mia asks if they know who did this. Will says everyone thinks it’s the guy she was having an affair with. He breaks down, telling Mia that he wishes he had a normal family, and that he is tired of everything being screwed up. Mia asks him not to talk that way, but Will tells her that if she were smart, she’d stay away from him.

Kinsey heads into the gym and meets Chad, who is lifting weights. She shows off her skimpy gym outfit, asking Chad if he thinks Will is going to like it. Chad says that if he doesn’t, then there is something wrong with him. Kinsey sighs, saying that she just hopes their plan works. Chad vows that it will. He tells Kinsey there is only one thing left to do, and then Will and Mia will be history.

EJ comes downstairs to find Stefano heading out. EJ asks if he has seen Nicole, and Stefano tells him that she had a few errands to run. He adds that he is also leaving, as he needs to go express his gratitude to a visitor who is leaving town. EJ hopes the engagement was productive. Stefano chuckles, saying it was extremely productive.

Rafe asks Nicole where else he would be. Nicole quickly covers, saying that she thought he was at work. Sami asks Nicole what is going on. She apologizes for barging in, and tells Sami that EJ did something that she isn’t going to be happy about. Nicole explains that she wanted Sami to hear it from her before she discovered it herself.

Roman tells Stephanie that he has been where she is, and he knows that it hurts like hell. Stephanie sighs, saying she knows she isn’t the first person to get her heart broken. Roman assures her he knows it still isn’t easy to deal with. Stephanie thanks him for being so sweet, but says she suspects that what he really wants to say is ‘I told you so.’

Maggie greets Melanie, who is surprised to see her. Maggie reminds her she rushed out of the house this morning and asks her if it had anything to do with Nathan. Melanie claims she just wanted a good parking spot, and wonders why Maggie would think it had anything to do with Nathan. Maggie admits that Nathan told her that Melanie had been acting coldly towards him. She asks Melanie why. Melanie sighs, saying that Nathan is always complimenting her and acting as if she has a lot of potential. She stammers, saying that he thinks she’s a good person, and that he doesn’t really know her. Maggie says she gets it. She thinks Melanie is pushing Nathan away because she doesn’t think she is worthy of him.

Stefano shows up at Meredith’s room at the inn. He hands her a rose and notes that she is packing, telling her he just wanted to come by to say goodbye. She gushes, thanking him for the generous grant he made to her hospital. He says it was no problem and apologizes if her visit here brought up any bad memories. Meredith says that on the contrary, she thinks that she finally got closure in regards to her sister’s death. Stefano guesses she took his advice and contacted Rafe’s new girlfriend. Meredith nods, saying she made sure that Sami Brady will find out everything Rafe ever did to Emily.

Nicole heads into the DiMera mansion and greets EJ and Sydney. EJ asks her where she was, and she explains that she was running errands. She coos at Sydney as EJ asks her what she was doing specifically. Nicole ignores him. EJ sternly asks her where she was all morning. Nicole reminds him that he promised to stop keeping tabs on her. He reminds her that she promised not to keep any more secrets. Nicole fumes, saying that just because she doesn’t account for every minute of her day doesn’t mean she’s keeping secrets. She asks him angrily if he is trying to compare her to Sami.

At the cemetery, Sami looks at the tombstone EJ had made and fumes, calling him a vindictive bastard. She sobs, telling Rafe that her baby’s name is Grace Rafaela Brady. Rafe assures her that they will have the engraver change it. Sami tells Rafe that when Nicole told her about this, she thought it was some sick joke. She tells Rafe that EJ is an SOB with a heart made of stone, and that she won’t let him get away with this. She storms off. Rafe follows her with a sigh.

Mia reminds Will that if he is this upset, then what his dad is going through must be unimaginable. Mia adds that Will has to be strong for his dad. She vows to be strong for Will and to help him get through this.

Chad asks Kinsey if she is in, and she says she is. Chad accuses her of just wanting to hook up with Will. Kinsey admits that is part of it, but thinks she will probably dump Will quickly. She tells Chad that Will doesn’t look like he’s a laugh-a-minute. Chad jokes that she doesn’t care about laughs. Kinsey rolls her eyes and takes out her phone, asking Chad if they should do this. He nods, telling her to let the games begin.

Stefano asks Meredith how Rafe’s girlfriend responded. He guesses that she was devastated. Meredith says she isn’t sure. She thought telling Sami in person would be too difficult, so she sent her a letter. Stefano, hiding his anxiousness, asks if Meredith put the letter in the mail. Meredith shakes her head, saying she called a messenger to personally deliver it. Stefano grins.

We pan in on the floor of Sami’s townhouse. The letter from Meredith lies in front of the door.

Nicole tells EJ that she was out shopping for Sydney. EJ wonders why she didn’t just say so, and Nicole admits she got defensive because she hates it when he accuses her of keeping secrets. EJ tell her that he realizes she has some insecurities about relationships but she needs to understand that that he loves and adores her. He kisses her. She thanks him for saying so and kisses him back. Just then, the doorbell rings. EJ calls for Harold, but Nicole says she saw him leaving when she was pulling in. EJ heads off to answer the door as the bell rings more insistently. EJ opens it to find Sami and Rafe outside. Sami calls him an SOB.

Melanie is surprised Maggie cares, since Nathan could have any girl he wants. Maggie reminds Melanie that she thinks the world of her. She adds that she knows Melanie had a bad childhood, but she has to stop using that as an excuse. Melanie asks what she means, and Maggie says she thinks Melanie likes bad boys because she secretly feels like she deserves to be treated badly. Melanie cries quietly, telling Maggie that she guesses she is right. Maggie tells her she has to break that pattern of thinking. She has to try to find a guy that is going to love her, because that is what she deserves. Melanie nods and sniffles.

Will heads into the gym and greets Kinsey, who is pretending to cry. She thanks Will for coming, and explains that she called because she thinks her parents are getting divorced. Will says he is sorry. Chad looks on, amused. Kinsey asks Will not to tell anyone, but she wanted to talk to him about it, since he has been through it with his parents. She pouts, telling Will that she really needs a friend right now. Mia heads into the gym just then, and catches sight of Will and Kinsey. Chad rushes over and makes small talk about kickboxing. Mia ignores him and stares at Will and Kinsey. Chad asks her if she had told Will about Chad transferring to their school. Mia admits she hasn’t yet. Chad says that he would break the news to Will now, but he looks pretty busy. Mia glares.

Melanie finds Nathan in the park. She sits down and tells him a story about a really great intern that she turned down for a date because she was scared he wouldn’t like her once he got to know her. She tells Nathan she has been thinking about it, and she has decided she does want to go out with him. In fact, she has been thinking of asking him out herself. She blushes and stammers, asking Nathan if he would like to hang out with her.

Sami asks EJ how he dared to change Grace’s headstone without consulting her. He sarcastically responds that that isn’t anything compared to her not telling him Grace was his daughter until she was dead. Sami starts to protest, but Nicole comes in, asking the two to quiet down. EJ glares at Sami, asking how she even found out about the tombstone, since he only had it changed the night before. He demands to know who told her about it. Nicole frets.

Nathan tells Melanie that he doesn’t have time to play games. She says she understands, and adds that she knows she has a reputation, but it’s different with him. She likes who she is when she is around him. Nathan explains that his focus right now is on his career, and he really doesn’t need any distractions. Melanie asks if that is what she is to him--a distraction.

Kinsey moans and groans to Will about her parent’s divorce as Mia watches angrily. Kinsey asks Will out for coffee, but he declines, suggesting that she talk to a counselor about all of this, since the two of them aren’t really friends. Kinsey agrees and thanks him for listening. She heads off. Will’s friend Tad comes over, joking with Will about becoming close to Kinsey. Will says flatly that he thinks she’s a bitch, and she isn’t his type. Tad chuckles, saying that Kinsey is every guy’s type.

Sami retorts that she visits her daughter’s grave, and that EJ isn’t the only one that misses her. Rafe lays into EJ, asking him how he could change the headstone without consulting Sami. EJ shrieks that Grace was his daughter, too. Nicole tries to quiet the three down as Rafe tells EJ angrily that he needs to focus on Nicole and his daughter with her instead of tormenting Sami about Grace. EJ glares, asking what he is trying to say. Rafe says coldly that EJ would leave Sami alone if he truly appreciated what he had.

Roman assures Stephanie that she will get over this one day, reminding her that she is still the young woman who fought so bravely through her ordeal with Owen. Stephanie hopes that he is right, and Roman says he is. He says that Philip may have turned out to be a jerk, but there are other guys out there, ones that will treat her the way she deserves. Stephanie admits she went out with a guy the other night. They’re just friends, but she had a really good time. She just hopes he did, too. Roman tells her that there’s no way he couldn’t have, considering how great Stephanie is. She smiles and tells Roman she has to get back to work. Roman tells her to call any time she needs him. She thanks him and they tell each other they love each other. Stephanie heads off.

Melanie asks Nathan if that means he thinks about her sometimes. Nathan stammers. Melanie backtracks, asking Nathan not to answer that. She just wants him to know that when she said she didn’t want to go out with him, it was only because she thought he liked her more than she deserved. She say she’s sorry they couldn’t go to dinner, and says he will see him back at the hospital. She heads off. Nathan sighs.

Tad tells Will that one of their friends dated Kinsey last summer. He said they went all the way even though they only dated for two weeks. Will notices Mia listening in and heads over. Tad greets her, and tells Will he has to go. Tad leaves. Will hopes Mia didn’t overhear, but she says she did. Will explains that Tad likes to exaggerate sometimes, but Mia thinks that he might be wrong about Kinsey. What if she did all of that stuff with that guy because she loved him?

EJ tells Rafe angrily that he can’t believe he has the nerve to accuse him of neglecting Sydney simply because he cares about Grace. Sami retorts that she never told EJ about her because his family kills people for sport. EJ tells her angrily to leave. Sami warns Nicole to take her daughter and run while she still can. EJ opens the door and gives Sami and Rafe five seconds. Rafe warns EJ that he if he ever pulls another stunt like he did last night, there will be hell to pay. Rafe and Sami storm out. EJ stomps into the living room. Nicole sighs.

Outside the pub, Stephanie calls Nathan and leaves him a voicemail, thanking him for the night before. She adds that she hopes that they can do it again sometime.

Nathan stops Melanie, telling her that in medicine, they teach you to explore all possible options before jumping to conclusions. She jokingly asks him what her diagnosis is, and if she is going to die of humiliation. Nathan laughs, and suggests they try going to dinner again. Melanie jokes that she will have to check her calendar, but says that she thinks she can make it work. Nathan smiles.

Mia tells Will that just because a girl sleeps with a guy, that doesn’t mean she’s easy. Maybe she was in love with him, or maybe he told her they were going to be together forever. Will asks if she is defending Kinsey. Mia tells him that she is talking about herself, actually. Will says he doesn’t understand. Mia sighs, saying that she is going to come right out and say it--she isn’t a virgin.

Stefano heads into the mansion and tells Nicole that the deed is done, and that Sami and Rafe will be destroyed forever. He tells her it’s a cause for celebration and heads off, pleased. Nicole sighs and heads into the living room. EJ apologizes for her having to deal with Sami, but Nicole says she doesn’t blame Sami for getting upset. EJ flies off the handle, angry at Nicole for empathizing with her. He says that Sami deserves to be punished, and that he is going to make sure that happens. He storms off. Nicole huffs, saying to herself that that is happening even as thy speak.

Sami returns home alone and finds the letter from Meredith on the floor. She opens it and begins reading.


Bo tells Daniel, “This cell will be your home until you go to trial.”

Kate asks Lucas, “Talk to Chloe about what?” He replies, “Whether or not I forgive her.”

Nicole asks, “What if it wasn't even her daughter who died?”

Sami hands Rafe a letter, “It's about Emily. Tell me it's not true.”

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