Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/5/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/5/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Kate heads into Daniel’s jail cell. He sleeps on a nearby cot. He asks why she is she is here. She tells him she wants him to suffer. They lay into each other, calling each other awful names and accusing each other of poisoning Chloe. Suddenly and without warning, Kate grabs Daniel and kisses him passionately.

Stephanie walks into the park, and a morose Philip heads over, saying that he needs to tell her something. She asks what it is, and Philip explains that her leaving him was the best decision she ever made.

At the pub, Arianna gives a man an envelope of cash for a mysterious shipment (presumably of drugs) he just delivered. Brady walks in, asking who the guy is. Arianna explains that he is delivering some wine to the pub. Brady asks if he can help her do anything, and Arianna admits she needs some help in the pantry. She leads Brady back to the kitchen and gives the ‘delivery’ guy a dirty look.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole plays with Sydney. She has a birthday cake nearby with six candles on it--one for each month Sydney has been with them. Nicole blows the candles out and wonders where EJ could be.

EJ visits Grace’s grave at the cemetery. He sobs. We pan in on Grace’s last name--Brady.

Daniel pushes Kate off of him, asking her what the hell she is doing. He adds that he is in love with Chloe. Kate tells him that unless he can raise the dead, he is too late to help Chloe.

In Chloe’s hospital room, Lucas stands over her bed, and demands to know how Chloe could do what she did to him. Suddenly, Chloe’s machines beep wildly. Chloe flat lines. Lucas gapes.

Stephanie tells Philip that on the contrary, she thinks it was a mistake to tell him that she never wanted to see him again.

Nathan rushes into Chloe’s room and checks her. Puzzled, he finally notices that the monitor on Chloe’s finger slipped off. He puts it back on, and the machines resume their regular beeping. Nathan sighs with relief, admitting to Lucas that he thought she was dying. Lucas asks Nathan how long he thinks it will be before Chloe wakes up. Nathan isn’t sure. Lucas sighs, saying he doesn’t think Chloe would want to live like this. He asks if Chloe has a ‘do-not-resuscitate’ order.

Daniel tells Kate that someone would have contacted him if Chloe had died. Kate grins, saying he’s right. Chloe’s not dead-dead--she’s just brain-dead.

EJ storms into the mansion, telling Nicole about going to Grace’s grave, and the name on her tombstone. EJ fumes that his daughter’s name is Grace DiMera. He is never going to forget that, and he is going to make sure no one else does, either.

Philip says that he just wants to make sure Stephanie is safe, and not being around him is the best way to ensure that. He then tells Stephanie about Carlo getting shot and killed. Stephanie sighs, saying that she knows Philip will do the right thing by Carlo’s family. She adds that he is one of the good guys, whether he likes it or not.

Arianna comes out of the kitchen and thanks the man for his delivery. He warns her that Brady could be trouble. Arianna promises that she will handle Brady herself.

Nicole hands Sydney to EJ, but she shrieks. Nicole takes her back, joking that she is a mama’s girl. Nicole and EJ open presents for Sydney, and EJ decides that he feels better. Nicole sighs, telling him that Grace is gone, and that there is nothing he can do about that. EJ says they’ll see about that.

Philip wonders why Stephanie broke off their engagement, and if she just did it for the hell of it. Stephanie warns Philip that he can still walk away from this lifestyle. She admits that it is too late for them, but it’s not to late for him.

Kate tells Daniel viciously that she cared for him more than that brain-dead slut ever could. Daniel reminds Kate that Chloe is in a coma, not brain-dead. Kate tells Daniel that Chloe isn’t going to wake up, and that e is going to continue to rot in jail. Daniel accuses her of doing all this and asks her if she is proud of herself.

Nathan tells Lucas that they may have to take extreme measures, but for now ,they just need to wait and see what happens. He doesn’t think it’s likely Chloe will come out of this any time soon, but miracles happen every day. Lucas tells Nathan that he doesn’t believe in miracles anymore.

EJ, now alone in the living room, is on the phone yelling about a headstone emergency. He tells the person angrily that cost is no object, but he needs it done tonight. He hangs up in a fury. Nicole comes in just then, saying she put Sydney to bed. She asks EJ why he went to the cemetery earlier. He admits that he needed to remind himself of what Sami took from him. Nicole asks him why. EJ admits that he had a dream about Sami.

Kate swears to Daniel that she is heartbroken, and that she never wanted any of this to happen. She doesn’t know why she was so delusional about Daniel. Daniel admits that he was delusional about her, too. He asks her to look into his eyes, and then she’ll see the truth.

Lucas wonders aloud if Chloe can hear him. Nathan heads off. Lucas talks to Chloe about Daniel, wondering if it’s true that the two of them were going to run away together. Father Matt walks in the door just as Lucas tells Chloe that she deserves to rot in hell if she was planning on leaving him for Daniel.

EJ claims that Sami is haunting his subconscious. Nicole wonders if this is really about Grace.

Nathan interrupts Philip and Stephanie. She introduces the two. Philip tells her to enjoy her date and heads off.

Arianna brings Brady a milkshake, thanking him for his help. They toast, and she apologizes for making him miss the second part of the concert. Brady claims he didn’t like the music anyway. Arianna reveals that she did dinner theater, and that she plays bass. She and Brady talk about musicians they both like. She plays some music for him she just bought, and Brady admits he just bought the song as well. The two get up to dance, but end up kissing.

EJ ignores Nicole’s question, saying that he needs to go over to the cemetery and supervise the people putting in the new headstone. Nicole demands that he answer her question about Sami. EJ says they will talk about it later and heads off.

Later at the cemetery, EJ grabs a shovel and tells a man digging that he will finish the job himself. EJ works at digging the old tombstone out of the ground. Nicole walks over just then and sighs.

Brady breaks off the kiss, tells Arianna it’s time to get back to work, and starts to unload the shipment Arianna received. Arianna panics, telling him to stop.

Nathan and Stephanie sip wine in the park and enjoy the concert. Nathan proposes a toast to Lexie for hiring Stephanie so she could save his job. She admits that she loves the job. The two toast and smile.

Philip, back at the Kiriakis mansion, examines a picture of himself and Victor. He remembers Stephanie telling him he can walk away any time. Just then, Henderson comes in, telling Philip that Joyce, Carlo’s widow, is here to see him. Philip sighs.

Lucas whirls around and sees the priest, saying that he didn’t realize that he was there. Father Matt explains that he is here to anoint Chloe, since she is ill. Lucas demands to know if Father Matt talked Chloe into marrying him, but the priest claims that that was her decision. He guesses that Lucas is confused. Lucas admits he is, wondering above all, why God would want Chloe to marry someone she doesn’t love.

Kate reminds Daniel that Chloe made a pact with God to stay with Lucas. Since she had decided to run away with Daniel, it is probably God that is punishing her for breaking her vow. Daniel glares.

Arianna explains that she got the wrong delivery, and that the box has to go back the next day. Brady tells her he has to go, and Arianna thanks him for all his help, promising to call him in the morning. He kisses her and leaves. Arianna opens the box and finds drugs tucked inside a wine bottle.

Joyce tells Philip that she wasn’t thinking when she slapped him earlier. She apologizes, telling him she knows it isn’t his fault Carlo is dead. Coldly, Philip tells Joyce that Henderson will show her out.

Father Matt promises to pray for Lucas and Chloe. He reminds Lucas that he won’t be at peace until he can forgive. Lucas sighs, saying he wishes he knew how to do that.

Daniel tells Kate that if she is right about God, then she is going to hell herself. He adds that this all could have been solved if she had just told Lucas the truth to begin with. Kate claims she didn’t want Lucas to drink himself to death. Daniel thinks Kate just wanted to get back at him for hurting her, since she loved him. Kate claims she was just using Daniel for sex, but he doesn’t buy it. She accuses him of wearing a wire and of trying to get her to confess. Daniel rips his shirt open and tells Kate that she can frisk him. He grabs her hand, but Kate shrieks, telling him not to touch her. She says the only comfort she gets out of all this is that Daniel can never touch anyone else. She goes to the cell door and yells for the guard.

EJ finishes setting up the new tombstone with ‘DiMera’ on it instead of ‘Brady.’ EJ sobs, saying he would have done anything to save Grace. He curses Sami and smacks the old tombstone with his shovel. It cracks. EJ nurses his fist as Nicole looks on, sighing.


Maggie tells Melanie, “You're pushing Nathan away because you don't think you're worthy of him.”

EJ tells Nicole, “I feel that you're withholding something from me.”

Sami tells Rafe, “He is a vindictive son of a bitch and I am not going to let him get away with this.”

Meredith tells Stefano, “I made sure that Samantha Brady will find out everything that Rafe ever did to Emily.”

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