Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/4/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/4/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Philip answers his phone at the pub and finds Carlo on the other line. Carlo is at the pier, stumbling around and groaning. He tells Philip that there has been a complication and asks him to send Brennan. Worried, Philip asks why he needs a doctor and if he’s at the pier. Carlo groans, saying he can’t say any more over the phone. He hangs up. Carlo opens his jacket and finds a large stain of blood. He moans in pain. Meanwhile, Philip tries to get hold of Dr. Brennan, cursing. Brady walks into the pub and asks Philip what the hell is going on.

In Daniel’s jail cell, he and Lucas continue to argue about Chloe. Daniel claims that he and Chloe were in love, and were planning on running away together. Lucas doesn’t buy it, saying that Maggie told him that Daniel and Chloe had been fighting. Besides, everyone could sense the tension between them. Daniel claims they were just in agony because they couldn’t be together. Lucas tells him to shut up. Daniel reminds Lucas that he can leave if he really thinks Daniel is lying, but he thinks a part of Lucas knows that he’s telling the truth, and that he and Chloe were in love with one another. Daniel claims he had no reason to hurt Chloe. He asks Lucas angrily to really think about who would want his wife dead.

Kate sits by Chloe’s bedside, saying that she understands that Daniel is charming, but she wasn’t promised to another person like Chloe was. She angrily asks the comatose Chloe if she was thinking of Daniel on her wedding night. Kate grimaces, wondering why Chloe married her son in the first place if she was in love with Daniel. Hope quietly walks in behind Kate, who tells Chloe that she made her do what she did. Hope asks Kate what it is she did. Kate whirls around, surprised.

At the park, Arianna meets with the man Brady accosted in the pub. He tells her confidentially that the best thing about her is that no one would ever suspect her of being a dealer. Arianna rolls her eyes and suggests they get down to business. The man asks worriedly if he is going to have to deal with that guy with the mean left hook again. Arianna shakes her head, telling the man that from now on, they’ll run everything through the pub as a shipment, and then they won’t have to deal with each other directly. The man leers, saying he likes dealing with Arianna. She tells him to shut up and hands over an envelope with some cash and a sample package of some white powder. Arianna tells the man that the shipment had better be as good as the sample, or she’ll make sure he’s incapacitated for good. The man smirks, tossing the sample back to Arianna. He tells her to keep it as a sign that he really isn’t that bad of a guy. He heads off. Bo comes over just then, greeting Arianna. She secrets the package of drugs in her palm and hides her hands behind her back.

Daniel tells Lucas that he feels sorry for him. He thinks a part of Lucas realizes that Kate is the only person who could have done this to Chloe. Daniel also thinks that Lucas realizes what Kate is really like, and what she is capable of when it comes to her children. Lucas denies it. Daniel ignores him, adding angrily that Chloe and Kate were the ones that thought Lucas couldn’t handle the truth. Daniel, for his part, thought Lucas was man enough to handle it. Lucas says he’ll show Daniel what kind of a man he is and threatens to kill him. Daniel insists that Kate poisoned Chloe because she didn’t think Chloe was good enough for her son. She did this to Chloe and to him. Lucas yells for the guard to get him out of there and tells Daniel angrily that he thinks Daniel deserves to be in jail. Daniel says he might, but they both know Chloe doesn’t deserve to die. He adds that he has to get out of here so that he can help her. Lucas scoffs, asking Daniel if he really thinks he is the only one that can save Chloe. Daniel says that on the contrary, Lucas is the only one that can save her. Daniel wonders if Lucas really loves Chloe, or if he is willing to let her die. Lucas glares. The guard comes over to let Lucas out. He gives Daniel another dirty look and storms off. Daniel sighs.

Kate accuses Hope of listening in on a private conversation, but Hope thinks it sounded like a confession. Kate sighs, telling Hope that what Chloe made her do was lie to Lucas and betray him. She watched her son devote his life to a woman that was cheating on him, and she did nothing about it. Hope thinks that Kate must have really hated Chloe. Kate scoffs, telling Hope not to put words in her mouth. All she hated was the possibility that Lucas would end up hear-broken. Hope apologizes for snooping in on her conversations and putting words in her mouth. She takes out her tape recorder and suggests slyly that Kate go ahead and put her side of the story on the record, and that way this conversation can be public. Hope also adds that if Kate needs an attorney, she can arrange for her to have one. Kate asks why she would need an attorney. Hope smirks, saying Kate can probably better answer that question than she can. Kate fidgets.

Melanie heads into the waiting room of the hospital with some coffee for Nathan, who is reading a medical book about comas. He thanks her, and she admits that she brought the coffee in an attempt to butter him up. Disappointed, he guesses they won’t be going on a date later. Melanie nods, saying that they switched her shifts last minute, and she just started work a few minutes ago. Nathan sighs, saying that he understands, but he had tickets for the concert in the park. Melanie tells him jokingly that she would much rather be changing bedpans that listening to music in the moonlight. She adds that she has to go, but Nathan stops her, saying he wanted to thank her for whatever she’s done or said to Maggie. Whatever it is, it’s helping. Melanie smiles, saying that Maggie has done a lot for her, too. Nathan says he owes her, and Melanie heads off, telling him to go get some sleep, unless he’s forgotten how.

Arianna slips the drugs into her purse and pretends to need a Kleenex because of the pollen. She and Bo make small talk about her new position at the pub. Just then, Bo gets a call about an emergency near the Kiriakis warehouse. Bo groans, says he is on his way, and hangs up. He tells Arianna that it was nice to see her and heads off. Brady heads over with a picnic basket. He greets Bo, but Bo rushes off. Arianna explains that she thinks Bo had some kind of emergency. Brady nods and tells Arianna how nice she looks. He’s brought a picnic basket, and he sets it on the bench, asking Arianna to hold on while he makes a call. Brady walks a few feet away and takes out his phone. He curses, telling Philip to pick up the phone.

Philip finds Carlo bleeding and groaning on the ground at the pier. Carlo tells Philip to get out of there before the cops arrive. Philip asks what happened. Carlo moans that Victor is going to kill him. Philip takes out his phone. Carlo begs him not to call Victor. Philip calls 911, telling them that a man has been shot behind the warehouse and is bleeding. Carlo begs Philip to get out of there. Instead, Philip gives the operator his name.

At the nurse’s station, Stephanie sets a stack of files down on the counter near Nathan. Nathan groans about how much paperwork he has to fill out. Stephanie says that all he has to do is initial the meds tally, but Nathan says he has to tally the meds first. Stephanie admits that she has already done it for him. Surprised and delighted, he thanks her. He offers to take her out to the concert in the park as thanks, but Stephanie says it’s too soon for her to be dating. Nathan insists that they can just go as friends, and maybe get some pizza. Stephanie agrees, saying that it sounds nice. Nathan suggests they hurry up and get out of there before something bad happens, and they’re forced to stay. Stephanie chuckles.

Philip instructs Carlo to apply pressure as Carlo groans. He tells Philip that he and his father have got to look out for his wife and kids. Philip promises that he will be able to do that himself. Besides, they’ve got that Cubs game to go to. Sirens wail in the distance and approach quickly. Philip tells the 911 operator that the paramedics are here and hangs up. Carlo says weakly that Victor is going to be furious he dragged Philip into this. Philip reminds Carlo how many years he has worked for their family. There’s no way he could have walked away. The medics rush over and tend to Carlo. A police officer has accompanied them, and Philip assumes he’ll want some question answered. The officer says he doesn’t, but someone else will. Bo walks over and glares at Philip.

Hope sits in a waiting room of the hospital with Kate. She records the conversation as Kate explains that she thinks Daniel tried to kill Chloe because she was trying to make things work with Lucas. Hope reminds Kate that she dated Daniel, too. Did he act so obsessively when she ended things? Kate glares, admitting that he didn’t. Hope notes that Daniel seemed to care more about losing Chloe than he did Kate. She then apologizes for saying so. Kate frowns. Hope then asks Kate about knowing of the affair, and why she didn’t tell Lucas. Kate claims that Lucas couldn’t bear the news, which is why she fears how he will react now that he does know. She thinks the whole thing proves that she did the right thing, since she gave Chloe the resolve to re-commit to her marriage. Kate adds that it doesn’t really matter anymore now that she is almost gone, though. Hope asks what she means, wondering if Kate thinks that Chloe will never come out of this. Kate admits that she has a bad feeling that Chloe is never coming back to them.

Arianna and Brady have a picnic on the grass. Brady thanks her for agreeing to do this with him. He offers her some wine, but Arianna says she will just drink water. Brady assures her that he doesn’t have a problem with her having some wine. Arianna thinks he has a pretty easy-going attitude about the whole thing. Brady admits that he is good at compartmentalizing things. Plus, being out here in the moonlight with a beautiful woman is pretty relaxing. She smiles, saying that he can be pretty smooth. Brady admits that doesn’t always work out for him. Arianna pulls him in for a kiss.

The paramedics have Carlo on a gurney and prepare to wheel him off. Philip assures Carlo that he will call his wife. He asks the medic if Carlo can hear him, but he shakes his head. He and another medic wheel Carlo away. Bo asks Philip if he is on a first-name basis with these kind of folks. Philip nods miserably, saying that Carlo had two kids. Bo says it’s nice to have a family business. No one could possibly have a problem with that. Philip sighs.

Melanie heads over to the nurse’s station. Stephanie asks her worriedly if Nathan has left. Melanie says he has, and Stephanie tells her that he forgot to sign out. Melanie doesn’t think it’s a big deal, but Stephanie tells her that Nathan could get into trouble. Melanie suggests that Stephanie sign out for him, saying that she’d be telling the truth. Stephanie says that Nathan’s signature is weird, and she isn’t sure she can pull it off. Melanie takes the pen, saying she is all-state in forging. She look over a sample of Nathan’s signature, and copies it onto the sheet. Stephanie tells her it looks perfect and Melanie grins, saying Stephanie ought to thank God she uses her powers for good. Stephanie grins.

Hope tells Kate that they are finished for now. Kate tells Hope sarcastically that she will let Lucas know Hope stopped by to offer her condolences. Then at least he’ll think Hope has some compassion. Hope tells Kate she isn’t going anywhere, as she doesn’t think it’s right that Kate has to spend all this time with Chloe alone. Hope adds that she will be sharing some of the burden. She starts to head off, but stops and listens in as Kate gets a call. It’s Lucas, and he wants to meet Kate somewhere private. He says angrily that he knows what Kate did. She gapes.

Nathan rushes into the hospital and over to the nurse’s station breathlessly, as Lexie gives a couple of other interns a lecture about keeping up with paperwork. Nathan whispers to Stephanie that he forgot to sign out as Lexie comes over to check his file. He panics, nearly telling Lexie that he forgot to sign out, but Stephanie stops him. Lexie checks over his file, saying that everything is in perfect order per usual. She shows the other interns and heads off, lecturing them about being as detailed as Nathan is. Nathan, shocked, asks Stephanie how this happened. She smiles, saying that all Nathan needs to know is that he has friends.

Arianna breaks off the kiss with Brady. He tells her that he’s nuts about her. She tells him what a great kisser he is. He vows that the night will only get better, and tells her he has an amazing dessert in store for her. He goes to reach inside the picnic basket, but upsets Arianna’s purse. She reaches out to grab it, but it’s too late. The contents of her purse spill out over the blanket, including the small baggie of white powder. Brady gapes.

Philip tells Bo that he must find out who did this. Bo says sarcastically that he will get working on it as soon as he finds out who kidnapped Stefano and Stephanie, and who shot Philip. Philip glares, saying that Bo caught that person. Bo chuckles, saying that all he caught was a stooge. He’ll never learn the truth because of two old men who always have air-tight alibis, and their sons that think family loyalty is more important than anything else. Bo says flatly that he can’t help Philip. Every time he tries, it’s an exercise in futility--one that he gets paid crap to do. Bo heads over to the boxes Carlo was leaning against and surveys the puddle of blood. He tells Philip that he will be able to go home to his family tonight and sleep. He wonders if Philip will be sleeping all that well tonight. Philip gulps.

Kate heads into the Kiriakis mansion and finds Lucas leaning over the bar. Kate begs him not to drink. Lucas glares, asking her if she doesn’t think he is strong enough to avoid drinking. He adds that he knows she doesn’t think he is capable of leading his own life. Kate retorts that she is tired of him blaming her when his life doesn’t go the way he likes. She told him that Chloe would cause him nothing but heartbreak, but he went ahead and married her anyway. Lucas lays into Kate for not telling him about the affair. She says that she thought he couldn’t handle the truth, and that she was right. Lucas replies that he talked to Daniel, and knows all about how he learned of the affair, and got involved in the explosion before could confront Daniel. Kate is surprised he talked to Daniel. Lucas tells Kate that Daniel’s opinion of her is pretty low. He adds that Daniel told him all about how he and Chloe were involved, and were planning to run off together before Chloe made that pact with God. Kate claims Daniel is crazy, and will say anything. Lucas reminds her that she purposely paired Chloe and Daniel up on her show, even though she knew of their affair. Furious, Lucas also reminds Kate of how obsessed she was with the food on the show, and how she knocked that deviled egg out of his hand. He demands to know if she was trying to protect him then. Kate turns pale. Lucas yells, asking if she was trying to protect him when she poisoned his wife.

Bo and Philip head into the hospital. Bo asks a nurse if she has any information on the gunshot victim brought in. She tells Bo that unfortunately, the man didn’t make it. Bo tells Philip he is sorry. Philip sighs, saying that Carlo wouldn’t call 911. He should have called himself as soon as Carlo called him. He admits to Bo that Carlo died because he was loyal to the family. Bo wonders how his wife and kids will feel abut it. Philip says that Bo knows Victor will take care of them, but Bo isn’t sure money is enough. He asks Philip sarcastically if he plans on enrolling Carlo’s kids into the Kiriakis apprenticeship program. Philip growls at Bo to interrogate him if he wants, but to lay off with the big brother routine. Bo tells Philip that he has to go talk to the medical examiner, but that he will have more questions later. He adds that he thinks Philip tried to do the right thing, but unfortunately, that’s not enough when it comes to his family. He heads off. Philip sighs. Melanie comes over, asking him what is wrong.

Arianna scoops up the contents of her purse before Brady can see the drugs. She apologizes for being so territorial about her purse. Suddenly, she gets a text. She pretends to walk a few feet away to hear the music in the park better, but really checks her phone. A message is on it telling her that the shipment is en route to the pub. Brady asks Arianna if anything is wrong. She says that nothing is, and adds that she’ll take that glass of wine now.

Hope heads into the jail to see Daniel. He asks if there is any news on Chloe, but Hope tells him that Kate says the prognosis isn’t good. Daniel scoffs, wondering how she would know. Hope explains that Kate has been sitting with Chloe. Daniel freaks out, threatening to hire a private guard to watch Chloe. Hope tells him that that isn’t going to happen. Angry, Daniel tells Hope that if he is in here, and Kate is out there, then Chloe is going to die.

Kate sobs, saying that she can’t believe Lucas would take a murderer’s word over his own mother’s. Lucas says the whole thing makes perfect sense to him. Kate was probably angry that Daniel dumped her and took up with Chloe, so she thought she’d kill two birds with one stone. Kate claims she dumped Daniel. Lucas ignores her, saying he doesn’t believe that Daniel would be stupid enough to leave all that evidence lying around his apartment. Kate wonders angrily why Lucas even cares if it’s true, considering what Daniel and Chloe did to him. Lucas accuses Kate of turning him into his lapdog. She was running his life with a remote control, and watched while he married a woman Kate knew was cheating on him. Kate says she went through hell to keep the secret, but that in the end, she just wanted him to be happy. Lucas flies into a rage, saying he is tired of hearing it. He claims that Kate doesn’t do anything that doesn’t benefit her in one way or another. He starts to storm off, but Kate stops him, sobbing and telling him how much she loves Chloe. She admits she was upset at Chloe for betraying him, but she can’t stand the idea that Lucas thinks she could have hurt Chloe. Lucas says he can’t think clearly about anything right now. He stomps out the door. Kate sobs.

Joyce, Carlo’s wife, rushes into the hospital and over to Philip, asking how her husband is. Philip opens his mouth, but no words come out. He swallows.

Brady brings Arianna a glass of wine. She takes it and promptly spills it all over herself. She apologizes as Brady chuckles. She tells him ruefully that she ought to go, as she needs to change, and has inventory at the pub later, anyway. Brady sighs, saying he understands. She heads off. Brady tells himself that perhaps they can stay out past nine next time. He sighs. Arianna heads out of the park, making a call to tell someone she’s on her way.

Hope assures Daniel that Kate can’t touch Chloe. That will undo everything she has put together. Daniel thinks it sounds like Hope believes him. She says that it doesn’t matter what she thinks--only what the D.A. does. Daniel says he it means something to him. Just then, Hope gets a call about another case. She tells Daniel to hang in there and heads off. He sighs, lying down on his cot and saying he doesn’t have much of a choice.

Melanie tries to stick around to support Philip, but a nurse hands her a stack of files, telling her to get a move on. Melanie heads off reluctantly. Philip apologizes to Joyce, but she slaps him, calling him an SOB. He holds his cheek, telling Joyce that he and his father will take care of her and her kids, since Carlo was family, but Joyce doesn’t want to hear it. She wonders how Philip lives with himself and tells him to get away from her. He heads off with a sigh. Joyce sobs.

Later, Philip strolls in the park. He flashes back to Bo wondering how he sleeps at night and to Joyce asking him how he lives with himself. Philip sighs, telling himself that he doesn’t know. Just then, Stephanie walks by. Philip greets her morosely.

Melanie shows up at the Kiriakis mansion, looking for Philip. Henderson tells her that Philip isn’t here, and suggests she try his cell phone. Melanie tells Henderson that Philip isn’t answering. She wonders where he is.

Stephanie asks Philip what is wrong with him. He says that he has something important to tell her.

Arianna heads into the pub, which is closed. She flicks the light on as a man a comes in with a box. He sets it down on the table, and Arianna hands him an envelope full of cash. Just then Brady walks in, surprised that the pub is still open. He sees Arianna and the man, and asks her who he is. Arianna gulps.

Lucas heads into Chloe’s room. He stares at her, wondering aloud why she did this to him.

As Daniel sleeps in his cell, Kate heads inside quietly. She watches him sleeping and grins.


Nicole tells EJ, “This never ends. You are obsessed with Sami again.”

Stephanie tells Philip, “You're one of the good guys, whether you like it or not.”

Arianna says, “I'm really glad you came tonight, Brady.” He replies, “So am I.”

Daniel vows, “I am not gonna let Chloe die.” Kate replies, “You're too late.”

Lucas tells Chloe, “You deserve to die. You deserve to rot in hell.”

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