Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/3/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/3/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe lies in bed, holding a sleeping Sami in his arms. He flashes back to Meredith threatening to make sure everyone--including Sami-- finds out what he did to Emily.

In Meredith’s room at the inn, Stefano tells Meredith that Rafe’s girlfriend deserves to know the truth about the man she is involved with. Stefano can tell that Meredith would rather not inform Sami herself, so he offers to lighten her burden and do it for her. Meredith sighs. Stefano starts to head off.

Sami’s phone rings. Rafe stares at the phone worriedly.

In Chloe’s hospital room, Brady assures Nicole that she doesn’t have to face this alone, as she has him. Nicole corrects him, saying that they have each other. She adds that they will be there for Chloe together, and takes Brady’s hand.

In Daniel’s cell, Lucas scoffs, asking Daniel if he is really supposed to believe his own mother tried to kill his wife. Daniel says he is going to have to believe it. Eventually the truth will come out, and everyone will know that Kate is the one that tried to kill Chloe.

Victor heads downstairs at the Kiriakis mansion. He finds Kate in the foyer, surrounded by luggage. He smirks, asking if she is fleeing the scene of the crime. Kate glares.

Sami sighs and rolls over, answering the phone. She listens for a moment and gasps, “OMG!”

Nicole asks Brady what happened to Chloe. Surprised that she doesn’t already know, Brady explains that someone tried to kill Chloe. They poisoned her, and traces of a lethal toxin was found in her system. Nicole gasps, wondering who would want to kill Chloe.

Victor is surprised that Kate didn’t say goodbye, and reminds her that her going on the run makes her look awfully guilty. Kate calls him a treacherous bastard and informs him she isn’t leaving Salem--she’s just moving out of this dusty mausoleum. She wonders why she should stay when Victor has turned his back on her. Victor scoffs, wondering why he would want her here after what she has done to his godson. He adds that he is glad Kate is leaving, as he would have thrown her out on his own. He tells her viciously that he wants her out of his house and out of his sight.

Daniel asks Lucas to really think about how Kate has been acting lately. Lucas reminds Daniel that Chloe saved his mother’s life. She could never try to kill Chloe. Daniel says he doesn’t think Lucas could be that stupid. Lucas promptly tells him to go to hell. Daniel sighs, telling Lucas that Kate wanted revenge--the oldest reason in the book. He adds that Kate know about his affair with Chloe, and she wanted to make both of them pay.

Sami hangs up and explains to Rafe that her grandmother called to tell her Chloe is in a coma. Rafe, surprised, asks what happened, and Sami tells him that Chloe was poisoned. She starts to call Lucas, thinking that he must be freaking out, but then decides to call Will. She gets his voicemail and sighs, wondering what she is supposed to tell Allie and Will. She doesn’t think it’s fair that they have to deal with this after all they have been through. Rafe tells her that all she can do is make sure her children know that they must treasure every moment they have with their loved ones.

Meredith stops Stefano, explaining that she already discussed her concerns with Sami. Stefano asks if Meredith gave her details, but Meredith shakes her head, saying she didn’t think it was her place. Stefano says that it’s not only her place, it’s her responsibility. He reminds her that she doesn’t want another innocent woman to fall victim to the man that killed her sister. Stefano doesn’t think that she would able to live with herself if that happened. He tells her he will be in touch and heads off. Meredith stares at the phone and sighs.

Nicole asks Brady if anyone has been arrested in connection with Chloe’s poisoning. Brady tells her that Daniel was. Nicole, shocked, asks why Daniel would kill Chloe, considering that he was in love with her, and she was in love with him. Brady, surprised, asks Nicole to repeat herself. Nicole explains that Chloe confided in her. Although she was married to Lucas and was trying to put Daniel out of her mind, she couldn’t. Chloe told her that she thought about Daniel day and night and that she was in love with him.

Lucas accuses Daniel of acting crazy so he can claim he isn’t mentally competent to stand trial. Besides, how could his mother be plotting revenge when she just found out about Chloe and Daniel’s affair? Daniel scoffs, saying that Kate has known for months. Lucas can’t believe that Kate wouldn’t tell him, but Daniel explains that after Lucas fell off the wagon, Kate was fearful of what he might do if he learned of the affair. Lucas wonders why Kate was so insistent on Daniel and Chloe working together on her TV show, if that is true. Daniel isn’t sure, but tells Lucas that Kate claimed that she wanted to move past her anger and forgive both him and Chloe. Lucas thinks she might have meant it, but Daniel doesn’t think so. He thinks Kate is only motivated by anger and revenge. Lucas disagrees, saying that all Kate cares about are her children and their well-being. Daniel says he gets that, and so should Lucas, but he doesn’t, which is pretty pathetic. Lucas glares. Daniel sighs, explaining that Kate did all of this for Lucas. Sure, it might not make him happy, exactly, but it avenged his honor. He adds that Lucas must know Kate would do anything for her kids--including committing murder.

Nicole explains that Chloe told her she loved Daniel, and was jealous because there was another woman in his life. Brady shakes his head, saying Daniel never said anything about that. Nicole, surprised, asks if Brady knew, too, and he nods, admitting that he and Daniel went running together, and that Daniel confided in him about Chloe. He said that he was deeply in love with her and couldn’t stop thinking abut her. Nicole wonders where Chloe got the idea that Daniel was moving on. Brady shrugs, but says it can’t be true--not from what Daniel told him. Nicole sighs, saying Chloe is the only one that can clear this up, but she worries that Chloe might never wake up to tell them what happened. Brady hugs her and soothes her, assuring her that Chloe will wake up.

Victor asks Kate if she plans on pitching a tent at the pier. Kate scoffs, saying that she is moving in with Lucas, not that it is any of Victor’s business. Victor chuckles, saying he is sure Lucas would love to have Kate staying in the home he built for his bride--the one Kate poisoned. Kate vows that Lucas will never find out anything, adding pointedly that she didn’t do anything to Chloe. Victor smiles, saying there is one way Lucas could learn the truth, and that is if Victor tells him. He chuckles. Kate glares.

Daniel asks Lucas to really think about this. Kate was a jealous mother. She learned of the affair. She tried to get Daniel to start things over with her, but he turned her down. So she devised this crazy plan to poison Chloe and to frame him for it. That way she could get back at him and Chloe, because Chloe would be dead, and Daniel’s life would be over, too. Lucas freaks out, screaming at Daniel that he and Chloe are the villains here, not his mother. He accuses Daniel of not only trying to kill his wife, but trying to frame his mother for the crime as well. Daniel sighs.

Sami leaves Lucas a message to call her back and hangs up, cursing under her breath. Rafe asks what is going on, and Sami flies into a rage, telling Rafe all about Chloe cheating on Lucas and how horrible she is. Rafe reminds her gently that Chloe is in a coma right now, but Sami thinks it serves her right. Rafe asks what she means, and Sami tells him that Chloe was poisoned. Knowing what Lucas did to EJ, Rafe assumes he must have done it. Sami jumps to Lucas’ defense, saying that him shooting EJ was different. Besides, Lucas isn’t the prime suspect in Chloe’s poisoning--Daniel is. Rafe is shocked, remembering how devastated Daniel was when they lost Grace, and how he did everything he could for her. Sami reminds him that jilted lovers do crazy things sometimes.

Meredith starts a letter to Sami, telling her that she needs to know exactly what happened the day her sister, Rafe’s fiancée, died.

Nicole tells Brady that she still can’t believe Daniel did this. If Kate were a suspect, though, it would be a different story. Brady asks what she means. Nicole reminds Brady that he lives with Kate, and must know how devious she can be. Nicole doesn’t think a human being on this planet would actually trust Kate. Brady shakes his head, unsure. Nicole says it makes perfect sense. Kate poisons the daughter-in-law that everyone knows she can’t stand. Nicole asks Brady to really think about this, and wonders who would actually put this crime past Kate.

Kate asks Victor sadly why he has turned on her. Victor tells her it’s because she went after his godson. It wasn’t enough for her that Daniel lost the love of his life, so she had to punish him some more. Victor adds angrily that she didn’t do this for Lucas either--she did this for herself. Daniel rejected her, and preferred a younger, more voluptuous woman, and Kate couldn’t take it. Victor accuses her of perpetrating this whole thing because her ego was shattered.

Daniel asks Lucas if he really hasn’t noticed how erratic his mother has been behaving lately, and how anger and resentment seem to ooze out of her pores. Lucas snaps that the only thing he has noticed is how much of a sexual predator Daniel really is. First he went after Chelsea, then his mom, and now his wife. Lucas shakes his head, saying he sure feels sorry for the new woman Daniel is seeing. Daniel, confused, asks Lucas what he is talking about.

Nicole heads into the DiMera mansion glumly. Stefano is in the living room alone, preparing a cocktail. He asks Nicole why she is in such low spirits, and she tells him about Chloe. Stefano shakes his head, saying he heard about it, and that it’s a tragedy. He tells Nicole that he has some good news for her that may distract her from her sorrow. Nicole ask what he means, and Stefano tells her that she doesn’t have to worry about Rafe anymore. Nicole asks what happened, but Stefano says she doesn’t need details. All she needs to know is that it’s a done deal.

Meredith continues her letter to Sami, saying that she just wants to protect her. She feels that if she saves Sami from a similar fate, then her sister won’t have died in vain.

Lucas tells Daniel about him and Chloe going to his apartment to pick up a suit and finding a woman’s scarf on Daniel’s floor. Daniel, confused, says he doesn’t understand. Lucas changes the subject, wondering who else besides Daniel had access to the drug that poisoned Chloe. Daniel isn’t sure, but he says that if he could have helped Chloe with some kind of antidote, he would have, because he loves her. Lucas scoffs, saying he doesn’t believe that. In fact, he thinks Daniel would rather see Chloe six feet under than in bed with her husband.

Kate flies into a rage, insisting that this is about that low-life slut that betrayed her son and nothing else. Victor reminds her she could have just told Lucas the truth, and he would have divorced Chloe, but that wasn’t enough. She had to make sure someone died. Kate threatens to take Philip and move somewhere else. Victor rolls his eyes. Kate reminds him angrily that if he turns her in, Philip will never forgive him. Victor sighs and caves, saying that Kate can stay here if she likes, but only because of Philip, and the fact that he has been through enough already. Brady walks in just then, noting that Kate is packed and ready to leave. She explains that she was thinking of moving out, but Victor reminded her how welcome she was here, so she decided to stay. She heads off to unpack. Brady asks Victor what that was all about.

Sami apologizes to Rafe, saying that she didn’t mean to imply anything about his and Emily’s relationship. Allie comes out of the bedroom, and Sami greets her, sitting her down and explaining that Chloe is in the hospital. Sami assures Allie that the doctors are taking care of her, and that she and Allie’s brothers will be there for her anytime she needs them. Rafe adds that he will be there for her, too. Sami hugs Allie, telling her how sorry she is.

Meredith continues her letter to Sami, and flashes back to telling Stefano about Rafe and Emily’s car accident. Meredith continues her letter, saying that if Emily had known what kind of a man Rafe really was, that none of this would have ever happened.

Nicole demands to know if Stefano had something to do with Sami being so upset earlier. Stefano says he isn’t sure, but assures Nicole that Sami and Rafe’s house of cards is tumbling down around them. Nicole frowns. Stefano thought that she would be jumping for joy, but Nicole tells him that she has changed her mind, and that she no longer wants him going after Rafe. Stefano gapes.

In Chloe’s room, Kate sits by Chloe’s side, saying that she will just have to be content with the fact that Chloe’s cold heart is still beating. She finds it strange that it’s so comforting to unburden herself to Chloe’s half-dead presence. She wonders if Chloe can hear what people are saying to her.

Lucas informs Daniel that Chloe was onto him. Lexie told him that Chloe had asked her to make sure that Daniel didn’t treat her. Daniel scoffs, saying that he would never hurt Chloe, and that talking to Lucas about this is a waste of his time. Lucas taunts him, asking him if he is really supposed to believe Daniel missed this diagnosis and was unable to help the woman he supposedly loves. Daniel grabs Lucas’ collar and slams him up against the bars of the cell. He tells Lucas angrily that if he truly loves Chloe, then he will believe that Kate is the one that poisoned her, not him. Daniel adds that unless he wants Chloe to die, Lucas needs to listen to everything he has to say.

Victor gets off of the phone and tells Brady that he needs to get back to work. Brady demands to know why Kate was thinking of moving out--especially at a time like this. Victor explains that she was planning on moving in with Lucas, to be with him during this crisis. Brady asks if that is the only reason. Victor shakes his head, admitting that Kate thought he wanted her to leave. Brady asks where she would get that idea from.

Kate tells Chloe that she can’t help but wonder what might have been if Chloe had loved Lucas the way he deserved to be loved. Kate thinks she and Daniel might even have gotten back together. Even if they hadn’t, at least he wouldn’t have humiliated he the way he did--and the way he humiliated her son. Kate glares at Chloe. Chloe vegetates.

Daniel tells Lucas that if he loves Chloe, he must make sure Kate stays away from her, and he must also ensure that Lexie gets down here to speak with him. Daniel says he has some ideas on how Lexie can better treat Chloe, and she needs to hear them. Lucas refuses to help Daniel in any way. Daniel accuses Lucas of being a self-pitying jerk and wonders how he will live with himself if Chloe dies because of his negligence. Lucas retorts that Daniel probably won’t be able to live with himself when Chloe wakes up and points the finger at him. Daniel says that won’t happen. When Chloe wakes up, she’ll tell Lucas that she and Daniel are in love, and that she plans on leaving Lucas for him. Lucas glowers.

Victor tells Brady that Kate misunderstood him, but he can’t blame her, given the situation. Brady asks if Kate really assumed Victor wanted her to leave, and Victor nods. He explains that Kate has been making a lot of mistakes lately, adding cryptically that it would be a shame if one of them turned out to be serious. Victor heads off. Brady stares after him quizzically.

Lucas tells Daniel that he knows Chloe didn’t love Daniel. All she wanted was for Daniel to be out of her sight. Everyone could pick up on the tension between the two. Daniel claims they were just in agony because they couldn’t be together. Lucas replies that Maggie told him the two were arguing. Daniel sighs, saying that Chloe loved him. She told him so, and they both agreed to start a new life together. Daniel insists that the minute Chloe wakes up, she’ll corroborate that. She planned on leaving Lucas so she could be happy--and those are her words, not his.

Kate admits to Chloe that she was starting to fall in love with Daniel, but he was elusive, and her feelings for him were always stronger than his feelings for her. Kate glares, saying that now neither one of them can have him--and it’s all thanks to Chloe.

Stefano stares at Nicole in astonishment, asking her if she would really rather Rafe stay in town and learn her secret. Nicole says that he might not, and wishes there was another way to ensure Rafe doesn’t learn about the baby switch. Stefano demands to know if she is worried Sami will come after EJ if Rafe leaves town. Nicole shakes her head, saying she knows that EJ will hate Sami forever for what she did. Stefano warns Nicole that he will hate her even more, considering how treacherous she has been. Nicole sighs, saying she just wishes this didn’t have to come at Sami’s expense. Stefano, shocked, asks Nicole if she is actually feeling guilty for what she did. Nicole admits she is, screaming back him sarcastically that she can’t believe that she feels guilty over something so trivial as taking Sami’s baby and letting her believe her child is dead. Stefano tells Nicole angrily that she has to let this guilt go and never look back.

Sami, now alone with Rafe, tells him again that she didn’t mean anything about him when she said that love makes you do crazy things. Rafe says he understands, and that they don’t need to talk about it. They love and trust one another, and that is all that matters. Sami admits that she usually self-destructs and screws things up when things start going well. Rafe assures her that both she and their relationship is indestructible. The two kiss.

Meredith seals the letter to Sami, saying to herself that Rafe will probably think this is then end of things, but he’ll be wrong.


Kate tells Chloe, “You made me do what I did.” Hope walks in, “What exactly did you do, Kate?”

Daniel asks Lucas, “Do you really love her, or are you willing to just let her die?”

Brady makes a call, “Damn it, Philip, pick up the phone.”

Philip leans over an unconscious man on the pier and takes out his phone, “911, this is an emergency.”

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