Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/31/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/31/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In Chloe’s room at the hospital, Kate stands over Chloe, telling her it’s nice to see her this way---unable to cause any more pain or trouble. Kate urges her to stop fighting and to let go, as everyone would be much better off.

Will rushes over to Brady at the nurse’s station, asking Brady what’s wrong with Chloe, and why she’s here. Brady sighs.

Daniel lies on his cot in his cell. An officer opens his cell door, telling Daniel that his lawyer is here. Lucas walks in as the officer heads off. Lucas glares, calling Daniel an SOB.

In her room at the inn, Meredith answers the door to find Stefano outside. She thanks him for arranging her return to Salem. Stefano says it was his pleasure, and adds that he is going to explain the real reason he brought Meredith back to town. The camera pans in on a newspaper clipping in a scrapbook, “Bride-to-be Dies in Mysterious Accident.”

At the townhouse, Rafe and Sami kiss. Rafe breaks it off, saying that he can tell something is wrong. Sami admits that she wants to know where he went after he left the cemetery.

Stefano hands Meredith a check. She gapes, saying that this is a lot of money. Stefano tells her that after what she has done, she deserves every penny.

Rafe tells Sami to forget it, and she agrees, saying she is just glad Rafe is here with her now. He sighs, telling her that he knows she won’t let it go until he answers her question, so he is ready to tell her the truth.

Nicole heads into Chloe’s room. She sighs, wondering what happened to Chloe.

Kate talks to Will, trying to comfort him as Brady looks on. She says she knows how upset Will must be. He asks Kate to tell him what is going on. Kate tells him that Chloe is very ill. Worried, Will asks if the cancer came back. Kate says it hasn’t--someone actually tried to kill Chloe. Will gasps, asking who would have done such a thing.

Daniel tries to apologize to Lucas, but he won’t have it. He accuses Daniel of sleeping with his wife, and then trying to kill her. Daniel sighs.

Stefano explains that his corporation grants awards in a variety of fields. After hearing of Meredith’s work as an administrator at a hospital in Florida, he wanted to reward her for the wonderful things she has done. Meredith thanks him, but wonders why he didn’t just wire the money instead of bringing her all the way to Salem. Stefano says that it’s because he learned she was raised here. He thought she would enjoy coming back home. Meredith chokes up, telling Stefano how hard it has been for her to come here. Stefano feigns sympathy, saying he is sorry to hear that. He asks Meredith if she can talk about what happened.

Rafe tells Sami that he went to see Meredith after he left the cemetery. Sami sighs, saying she knows Meredith blames Rafe for Emily’s death. Rafe agrees, saying she’s right to do so. Sami disagrees. She insists that what happened to Emily was an accident--unless there is something Rafe isn’t telling her.

Daniel asks Lucas to hear him out, but he refuses. He guesses that Daniel is trying to say he’d never hurt Chloe because he loves her. Lucas angrily asks Daniel if they were sleeping with each other the night of his engagement party. Daniel doesn’t answer. Lucas demands to know if Daniel is going to claim that the affair didn’t happen because he is such a stand-up guy and Chloe isn’t a whore. Daniel rears back and punches Lucas in the face. Lucas tackles him and throws him on his cot, threatening to kill him.

Will asks Kate why Daniel would want to kill Chloe. She sighs, saying it’s all going to come out anyway, and it’s best that Will hear the truth from her. Kate explains that Daniel was in love with Chloe. Will gapes. He assumes that Chloe rejected Daniel, because she’s in love with his dad. He asks if that is why Daniel tried to kill her. Kate sighs.

Nicole sits by Chloe’s side, and admits that there are a lot of things she wanted to tell her, but she always assumed they had plenty of time. She chokes up, telling Chloe how much it meant to her that Chloe accepted her into her heart as her friend, despite their terrible history. She sobs, admitting that she doesn’t deserve Chloe’s friendship--not after what she has done.

Stefano apologizes to Meredith, saying that he should be more sensitive, especially considering his own tragedy. Meredith ask what he means, and Stefano tells her about his son dying recently. Meredith tells Stefano how sorry she is. She adds that she understands, since she also lost her sister, whom she was very close to. Stefano asks if her sister lived in Salem when she passed away. Meredith shakes her head, but tells Stefano that the man responsible for her death is here in Salem.

Rafe tells Sami that he isn’t holding anything back, and that killing your fiancée in a car crash is enough. Sami reminds him that it was an accident, and of how many times he assured her that Grace’s death wasn’t her fault. She is just trying to do the same for him. Rafe says that what happened with Emily was different. Sami asks if he could stopped her from dying or something. Rafe whispers that he could have. Sami asks how he could have prevented the accident.

Stefano assures Meredith that if he had had any idea that she might run into the man that murdered her sister, he would never have asked her to come here. Meredith tells him that it was time to face her fears, anyway. Salem was her and her sister’s home--until Emily moved to Virginia to be with her fiancé at Quantico. Stefano asks if her fiancé was in the FBI. Meredith nods and scoffs, saying that he seemed like the all-American hero. He even came to see her just a little while ago. Meredith adds angrily that he came by to tell her he’d moved on with his life and found a new girlfriend. She tells Stefano that he should be in jail, as he murdered her sister.

Sami assures Rafe that if Emily really loved him she wouldn’t want him to keep blaming himself and torturing himself over this. Rafe admits that he was ready to love again when he met Sami. She taught him how to live again. Sami smiles, saying her grandmother always says that the heart is the most resilient muscle. Sami strokes Rafe’s face, telling him how much she loves him. Rafe says he loves her, too and that he always will. He asks her if she believes that. She nods.

Daniel and Lucas face off, breathing heavily. Daniel warns Lucas not to talk that way about Chloe. Lucas glares, asking if Daniel is trying to say his wife isn’t a slut. He can’t believe Daniel wants to defend her honor even though her blood is all over his hands. Daniel claims that isn’t true, but Lucas accuses him of being a murderous home-wrecking bastard. He vows to make sure the whole town finds out, too. An officer comes over, asking what is going on. Daniel says he is just having a disagreement with his attorney. Lucas nods. The officer asks the two to keep it down and heads off. Daniel tells Lucas quietly that he pursued Chloe. She resisted because she loved Lucas. Lucas asks him if he is trying to say he didn’t have sex with his wife. Daniel says he and Chloe did have an affair, but the only person Lucas should hate right now is him.

Nicole tells Chloe tearfully that she has a lot of things to tell her, but she didn’t want to burden her with her awful secret. She sobs, telling a comatose Chloe about her miscarriage, her plan to pass Mia’s baby off as her own, and finally the switch she made to get Sami’s baby. Nicole bawls, saying that Chloe could probably never forgive her for what she has done. She adds that she isn’t even sure she can forgive herself. She grabs Chloe’s hand and cries hysterically. Suddenly, Chloe squeezes her hand. Nicole looks up hopefully, calling out her name.

Daniel explains that he is the person responsible for this nightmare. Lucas asks angrily if he is trying to play the victim or feel sorry for himself, but Daniel insists the only one he feels sorry for is Chloe. He advises Lucas to go do something constructive and be with his wife. Lucas shakes his head, saying that he can’t believe he trusted Daniel. Daniel says that he and Chloe tried to fight their feelings for one another. Lucas, with growing horror, asks Daniel if the reason Chloe called off their engagement is that she was in love with him.

Will asks Kate again if Daniel tried to kill Chloe because she rejected him. Brady excuses himself to make a phone call. Kate sighs, saying that this won’t be easy for Will to hear, but Chloe was in love with Daniel. Will gasps, asking if Kate is saying that Chloe tricked him and everyone else.

Stefano asks Meredith what happened to her sister, but says he understands if she doesn’t want to talk about it. Meredith sighs, saying that Emily died in a car accident. Surprised, Stefano says that he doesn’t understand, since Meredith just said that her sister was murdered. Meredith admits that if anyone would understand, it’s him. She agrees to tell Stefano exactly what happened.

Sami tells Rafe that she knows he loves her, and that he doesn’t have to shut Emily out or his love for her just so he can move on. She thinks Rafe is an honorable person, and that it’s sad that his past is torturing him. Rafe says he has enough to deal with in the present. Sami agrees, saying she knows he still thinks of Grace. But he has put his pain aside to be strong for all of them, and she and the kids love him. Rafe tells Sami that it’s her--he gets his strength from her. The two kiss.

Lucas begins to put two and two together. He guesses that after Chloe broke off the engagement, Maggie told him about Chloe and Daniel’s affair. He was at Daniel’s place, prepared to confront him, when the explosion took place. Daniel doesn’t deny it, saying that he and Chloe were planning on leaving town together. Lucas wonders angrily why Chloe ended up marrying him. Did she pity him that much, or was she just feeling guilty? Daniel says it was neither. Chloe married him because she made a pact with God.

Maxine explains to Nicole that involuntary movement is common in coma patients. She tells Nicole gently that Chloe isn’t going to be waking up any time soon. Nicole just wishes she could do something to help. Maxine assures her that her just being here, ad staying strong and positive, is beneficial. Nicole thanks her, and Maxine heads off. Nicole sits down by Chloe’s side, saying that perhaps she has been listening to her. She sobs, begging Chloe to open her eyes. She tells her they all love her, and need for her to wake up. Brady walks in just then, and watches in surprise as Nicole cries hysterically.

Meredith tells Stefano that there was tension between Rafe and Emily right before the wedding. She had found out a secret about Rafe--a secret that could have destroyed his career at the FBI. Stefano asks if Emily confided in her what the secret was, but Meredith shakes her head, explaining that Rafe didn’t even know that Emily knew. Emily wasn’t sure what he might do if he found out. Stefano thinks Meredith is sure what Rafe would do, however--he murdered her sister.

Sami and Rafe kiss and roll around in bed. She stops him, telling him that she just wants this to be about them--them and no one else. Rafe agrees. The two kiss passionately.

Brady heads into Chloe’s room. Nicole catches sight of him and flings her arms around him, sobbing.

Will can’t believe he ever thought Chloe was good for his dad. Kate reassures him, saying they all thought that. Furious, Will snaps that he hopes Daniel stays in jail for good. Kate warns Will that Daniel is going to do whatever it takes to prove his innocence, and they have to be prepared for what he might say. Will asks what she means. Kate divulges that Daniel may say bad things about her.

Daniel explains to Lucas that Chloe made a promise to God that if Lucas survived the explosion, that she would marry him. Lucas thinks she was just feeling guilty, but Daniel says that Chloe loved him and Allie, and wanted the three of them to be a family. Lucas accuses Daniel and Chloe of having an affair behind his back, promise to God or no. Daniel tells Lucas that Chloe was never unfaithful to him while they were married. Lucas ask if that tore him up. Daniel admits that it did. Lucas snaps that he is glad, and says nastily that perhaps Daniel can be happy in his next life. Daniel scoffs, saying that Lucas can believe what he wants, but he never broke his promise to stay away from Chloe. She was faithful to Lucas and she wanted her marriage to work. Daniel claims that he respected that because he loved her.

Meredith agrees that Rafe killed her sister because she found out his secret. Meredith explains that the day of the wedding, she ran out to do some errands while Emily stayed behind at the house. Then she got the call that Emily had died in a car accident, and Rafe was with her. Stefano clucks sympathetically. Meredith says that it didn’t make any sense. Emily never said she was going anywhere. The wedding was to be at the house with just a few close friends. No one ever knew why those two got in the car. Stefano is surprised the fiancé never told anyone. Meredith says he didn’t, and that the police just swept the whole thing under the rug. She adds that Rafe said it was an accident, and that she wanted to believe that, but she just couldn’t. Stefano asks why not.

Rafe tells Sami that he needs to tell her something, but she has to promise not to mock him. Sami agrees. Rafe tells her gravely that she is his hero, and that she saved his life. Sami chuckles, saying that she isn’t used to being anyone’s hero. Rafe says that is nonsense, and that she is a hero to her kids--even Will, as much as he tries to deny it. Sami says she needs to tell Rafe something too. She divulges that he is the best thing that has ever happened to her, and she thanks God every day that he is in her life--because he is her life. The two kiss.

Lucas tells Daniel that he doesn’t understand. If he loved Chloe so much, then why did he try to kill her? Daniel says he didn’t--Lucas’ mother did. Lucas gapes.

Will doesn’t understand why anyone would say anything bad about Kate. She tells him that all bets are off once lawyers get involved. She adds that she and Lucas are going to need Will’s support. He nods, and ask what will happen when Chloe recovers. Kate sighs, saying that she doesn’t want to be negative, but she also needs to be realistic. She tells Will that the doctors don’t; expect Chloe to recover. In fact, it would be a miracle if she did.

Brady holds a sobbing Nicole, telling her that he will be there for her. She asks about him and how he is doing, since it’s clear that he still cares for Chloe. Brady admits that he doesn’t like the idea of not having Chloe around. Nicole sobs and strokes Chloe’s hair, wondering who she will talk to and bounce her problems off of. Brady hugs her and assures her that she still has him.

Meredith says she became suspicious of Rafe a few months after Emily’s death. He wouldn’t tell anyone why he and Emily were in the car together, and the police just swept the whole thing under the rug. She never saw Rafe again--that is, until today. Meredith explains that she has moved on, and has stopped obsessing about getting justice for her sister. Stefano assures her that it is never too late for justice. Perhaps Rafe won’t go to jail for what he has done, but there is someone who should know what Rafe has done. Meredith looks at him quizzically.

Rafe lies in bed with a sleeping Sami. He flashes back to cradling Emily in his arms at the scene of the accident. He sobs and begs her to wake up.


Daniel tells Lucas, “You know damn well that your mother would do anything to protect her children, including murder.”

Stefano asks Meredith, “Would you want another innocent woman to fall victim to the man who killed your sister?”

Sami takes a phone call, “OMG!”

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