Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/30/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/30/09


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Brady hurries into the hospital, and asks Maxine if he can see Chloe. She says she is sorry, but Chloe can’t have any visitors right now. Brady asks if there has been any change in her condition, but Maxine says there hasn’t. Brady sighs, saying that Chloe is young and strong. He is sure that she will come out of this. Maxine isn’t so sure, saying that Chloe may never come out of this. If she does, it won’t be for a long time. Brady gapes. Maxine says she is sorry, but suggests he thinks good thoughts, anyway. Brady, though shocked, agrees.

Sami hurries into the pub, asking Arianna if she knows where Rafe is. Arianna says she has no idea, but Sami insists, saying that she needs to talk to him. Arianna glares, asking what Sami has done to him now.

Rafe strolls through the cemetery and sighs.

Mia meets a frantic Nicole at the park. Nicole demands to know why she didn’t call her back, and claims that she has been worried sick. Mia apologizes, saying there was a crisis at Maggie’s the night before. She asks Nicole what the problem is, and Nicole says this is about Chad, her ex-boyfriend, of course. Mia tells Nicole not to worry. She isn’t sure what she said to Chad, but it worked. Now he will never found out she was pregnant with his baby.

Chad works out at the gym and flashes back to Mia asking him if he will love her forever. He says he will, of course, and the two continue making out in the backseat of his car. Chad comes back to the present and sighs.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ picks Sydney up from her playpen. He frowns, saying that something is very wrong.

In the foyer, Stefano chats on the phone. He tells the person on the other line that he looks forward to it and hangs up.

Sami tells Arianna that she is in no mood to be interrogated after spending all night up with her kids. Arianna, saying that she is just scared, asks Sami if Rafe is hurt. Sami says he isn’t. Arianna huffs, saying that Sami must have done something, or Rafe would have spent the night with her. Arianna adds that she told Rafe not to get involved with Sami but he wouldn’t listen. Obviously, he hasn’t felt this way about anyone since Emily. Sami gasps, saying to herself, “Of course.” She hurries off abruptly.

Mia tells Nicole that Chad bought Nicole’s story about being Mia’s recovery mentor. Nicole thanks God. Mia asks if EJ suspects anything, but Nicole says grimly that he’d better not. She adds that EJ and Sydney are her whole world. They’re all she has, and she can’t lose them. Mia assures her she won’t. Nicole says that she plans on making sure of that and hurries off.

Kinsey heads into the gym and greets Chad. They make small talk about work as Will heads into the gym. Chad glares. Kinsey asks what he is staring at, but he claims he isn’t looking at anything. She turns around, sees Will, and chuckles, claiming she knows Chad is upset that Will is here. Chad scoffs, asking why he would care, and Kinsey reminds him that Will has something he wants--Mia.

Nicole heads into the DiMera mansion and finds EJ in the living room, holding Sydney. She notices the look on his face, and asks if anything is wrong. EJ says everything is fine, but he’s just a little overwhelmed. He tells Nicole that she and Sydney mean everything to him, and that he just wants to make sure that they don’t ever go away. Nicole, confused, asks EJ why either of them would go away.

Sami finds Rafe at Emily’s grave, and launches into an apology for what happened last night. Rafe tells her abruptly that she shouldn’t have come here.

Arianna calls Rafe and leaves him a voicemail, asking what happened between him and Sami. Just then, a man walks over to the bar, leering and calling Arianna ‘hotcakes.’ She glares. Brady rushes over and taps the man on the shoulder, asking angrily what’s going on.

Nicole demands to know what EJ is so worried about, but he tells her not to read too much into it. Just then, Stefano walks in, telling EJ he wants to solidify the Cayman Islands project. EJ agrees and heads off to get the paperwork from his study, despite Nicole’s protests. Nicole sighs. Stefano asks her what’s going on, and Nicole tells him she has a feeling something awful is going to happen. Stefano rolls his eyes, and accuses her of being paranoid, but Nicole says that EJ is suspicious. Something big is bothering him, and it has to do with their family. Nicole frets, worrying that Sami might walk through that door one day with proof of what she did to Sydney. Stefano chuckles, asking how in the hell Sami would ever get proof. Nicole glares, saying he knows damn well how--Rafe.

Sami tells Rafe breathlessly that she was a total hypocrite the night before. She should have just told him about her concerns regarding what happened to Emily. She adds that she couldn’t stand to see Rafe so tortured about her death. Rafe reminds her Emily died at his hands. Sami sighs, saying she doesn’t judge him for that. What happened to Emily was an accident, and she has done a lot of nasty things in her life that weren’t accidents. Rafe sighs, saying that perhaps it was best that this all came out. Sami agrees, saying it might have been fate that caused her to run into Meredith. Rafe gapes. Sami explains that Meredith is visiting Salem. Rafe thought she moved to Florida. Sami says she did, but she’s back now. She admits that she talked to her dad about Meredith. Sami doesn’t think the woman is thinking very clearly right now. Suddenly, Rafe says that he has to go. Sami calls after him to wait, but Rafe hurries off, saying he will see her back at the house.

Chad tells Kinsey not to play dumb. He claims he knows the real reason she is so interested in Mia, and says it’s because she has a thing for Will Horton. Kinsey tries to deny it, but Chad won’t listen. He tells Kinsey that this is her golden opportunity. Obviously, Will and Mia aren’t going to last, so now is a good time for her to go lay the groundwork for a future with Will. Kinsey tells him he’s lame, but agrees that she’d like to piss Mia off. She heads over to talk to Will. He tells her he’s in the middle of a workout, but Kinsey says that she just wanted to apologize for being such a bitch. Will gapes. Mia walks in just then. Chad hurries over, telling her it must be fate that they’re running into each other outside of work. Mia rolls her eyes.

Brady and the man scuffle. Arianna shrieks at them to stop and pulls them apart. The man gets up off the floor and rushes out of the pub, calling Brady an SOB. Arianna tells Brady angrily that she can take care of herself. Brady reminds her that that creep was hitting on her. He knows she can take care of herself, but sometimes a person gets blindsided, and they can’t. Arianna insists she could have handled the situation, but Brady thinks she needed help. He vows to be there for her every time she does. Arianna demands to know what is going on with him and asks him why he is so upset. Brady sighs, saying that he cares about Arianna a lot. He vowed yesterday that he wasn’t going to let anyone he cares about get hurt again. Arianna is taken aback, “Again?”

Rafe heads over to Meredith’s room at the inn. He greets her at her door, telling her it’s been a long time. She scoffs, “Since you killed my sister you mean?”

Brady tells Arianna about Chloe’s coma. He says that he doesn’t love Chloe that way anymore, but she is his ex-wife, and he will always care about her. He sighs, admitting that he wishes he had been more observant when it came to Chloe. Then maybe none of this would be happening. Arianna says she doesn’t understand, and Brady sighs, saying she doesn’t have to. Perhaps he overreacted when it came to that jerk, but he isn’t going to apologize for it. He’s realized now that overreacting is better than not reacting at all. He says that he is going to go, sure that she is tired of hearing about his feelings for her. Arianna asks him to stop.

Chad apologizes to Mia for not believing her about her stint in rehab. He adds that he was an insensitive jerk. Mia thinks he just has trust issues. Chad apologizes for that, too. Mia tells him she has to go, as she is meeting Will here. Innocently, Chad asks her if Will is here.

Kinsey tells Will that she has always been jealous of Mia, and that is what made her act the way she did. She says he is sorry. Will thinks she should apologize to Mia, since she was the one who was hurt. Kinsey says that she will. Chad points Will and Kinsey out to Mia, and she heads over. Kinsey greets her, telling her that she’s glad to see her. Mia glares, saying she knows she isn’t.

EJ heads into the living room to find Stefano alone. He tells him that he concluded the deal they were speaking about and Stefano thanks him. He asks EJ what is wrong. EJ claims nothing is. Stefano reminds EJ that he loves him and just wants to help him. EJ finally admits that he loves his wife and daughter, but he just can’t seem to get Sami out of his mind.

Sami and Nicole run into one another in the park. Sami greets Sydney. Nicole tells Sami that she can tell something is wrong, and asks if she is alright. Sami sighs, telling her that she thinks she and Rafe broke up.

Rafe says that he didn’t expect Meredith to be anything less than truthful. He adds that he understands how she feels. She snaps back that he doesn’t, and that he never will. Rafe sighs, telling Meredith that what happened to Emily was an accident. He adds that he blames himself every day. Meredith says she used to believe that, too. She actually at one time felt sorry for him because he felt so guilty. Now, however, she knows the truth-- that it was all an act. Rafe, surprised, says that he loved Emily. Meredith snaps back sarcastically that Rafe loved her to death.

Arianna tells Brady that she thinks that he is an amazing person. Brady is surprised, asking what she means. Arianna wonders why it has to mean anything, and why he has to make such a big deal about her telling him how she feels about him. Brady shrugs, saying it doesn’t have to mean anything--like before, when she told him she felt nothing for him when they kissed. Arianna admits that that wasn’t true, but she made a promise to herself. Brady says he knows that she is wary of getting involved with a former drug addict. He vows that he will not slip up again. He adds that he wants her to give him the chance to prove it. Arianna isn’t sure. Brady says he is, and pulls her in for a passionate kiss.

Kinsey asks Mia if they can have a private talk later to sort things out. Mia says sarcastically that it sounds like a lot of fun. Kinsey heads off. Mia asks Will what that was all about, as she saw him and Kinsey getting friendly together. Will shrugs, saying that Kinsey was just trying to be nice. Maybe she isn’t as bad as Mia thinks. Mia gapes. Will suggests they just forget about Kinsey. He tells Mia that he is glad that she came. She says she is, too.

Kinsey heads over to talk to Chad. He asks her how it went, and she tells him she planted a little seed with Will. She asks him if he plans on doing the same with Mia.

Mia and Will laugh together as a woman rushes over, asking if Will is Will Horton. He nods. She hands him a note, telling him that she has an important message for him.

EJ tells Stefano that he had a dream about Sami. Usually he is dismissive of them, but he can’t seem to shake this one. Stefano tells him that these feelings aren’t healthy, and adds that Sami seems to have some kind of perverse hold on EJ. He reminds EJ that he loves his wife and daughter. EJ nods, agreeing that he does. Stefano tells him that he has to prove to himself and them. If he doesn’t, then he is going to lose everything he cherishes.

Sami tells Nicole that she and Rafe had a misunderstanding. She thought she had cleared it up, but then Rafe ran out on her like he couldn’t even stand to be near her. Nicole tries to assure her that it will all work out, but Sami says she can’t talk about it right now. She hurries off, excusing herself. Nicole frowns, wondering if Stefano is behind all of this somehow.

Rafe sighs, telling Meredith that he knows he can’t change her mind about him. Meredith asks why he is here then, and wonders how he found her. She gasps, asking if that blonde woman told him. She demands to know if Rafe is involved with her. Rafe admits that he is. Meredith chuckles nastily, saying that Rafe’s past is coming back to haunt him just as he is getting his life together.

Will tells Mia that something is going on with his dad’s wife, and that his grandmother has been trying to reach him. He says he has to go. Mia offers to come with him, but Will declines, telling her that he will call her later. He hurries off. Chad heads over to Mia, asking her where her boyfriend went. Kinsey watches the two and grins. Mia tells Chad that she has to go, too, but Chad explains that he has good news for her before she goes. He’s really excited about it, and he hopes that she will be, too.

Brady breaks off the kiss, and asks Arianna to come out to dinner with him. Arianna is reluctant, but finally agrees. Brady says he has to go, and promises to call her later. He heads off. The man Brady fought with earlier shows back up and grins, calling Arianna by name.

Nicole rushes into the mansion, calling out for Stefano. EJ tells her that he had to send Stefano away. He tells Nicole that he has bad news for her. Nicole quivers.

Rafe tells Meredith that he made a mistake by coming here, saying that he didn’t mean to cause her more pain. He adds that he has fallen in love again, and that he is moving on with his life. Meredith says sarcastically that that lifts her spirits. Rafe sighs, admitting that he would have traded places with Emily in a heartbeat, but he refuses to feel guilty about falling in love again. Meredith tells him to move on by all means, but the whole world is going find out what he did in that wedding accident, and what really happened that day. She adds that that includes Sami Brady. Rafe huffs and heads off.

The man accuses Arianna of being edgy these days. She rolls her eyes and hands over some cash. He asks if this is all she has. Arianna nods, saying that it’s every last dollar. The man hands Arianna a small bag and heads off.

Back at the hospital, Brady asks Maxine if he can see Chloe. She says he still can’t. Will hurries over, asking Brady what happened and if Chloe is alright.

Chad tells Mia that his parents have been happy with his behavior lately, and how responsible he has been, so they agreed not to send him back to boarding school. Mia asks if that means he’ll be attending Salem West. Chad shakes his head, explaining that his parents moved a few months ago. He’ll be going to Mia’s school. Her eyes widen.

Nicole gasps, saying that she can’t believe Chloe is in a coma. She then wails, saying she just spoke to her a few days ago. EJ tells her gently that Chloe isn’t doing well. Nicole wonders how this could happen, but EJ says no one is sure yet. Nicole sobs hysterically, but stops, saying that she has to try to keep it together for Chloe’s sake. EJ holds her, telling her that he is going to be there for her. He knows he has had a few things on his mind the past few months, but all of that is over. He is now one hundred percent focused on his family.

Rafe heads into the townhouse. Sami is surprised and admits she didn’t think Rafe was coming back. He says he loves her. She says she loves him, too. Rafe vows that nothing will ever change that. The two fall into each other’s arms.

Back in Meredith’s room, she thanks Stefano for arranging her return to Salem. Stefano says gravely that it was his pleasure.


Kate tells Will, “Chloe was in love with Daniel.” He replies, “Wait, are you saying she tricked me?”

Lucas glares at Daniel, “You slept with my wife and then you tried to kill her.”

Meredith tells Stefano, “Rafe killed my sister because of what she found out about him.”

Sami asks Rafe, “You could've stopped her from dying?” He whispers, “Yes.”

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