Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/29/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/29/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Abe and Bo look over the forensics report. Abe notes that since Daniel’s fingerprints are on the vial of poison, that Bo knows what he has to do. Bo sighs. Abe asks him if he still thinks Daniel is innocent. Bo nods. Abe reminds him that the attorney general has this report before him, too. What will he think if Bo doesn’t move on this? Bo says that he doesn’t care. All he cares about is finding out who poisoned Chloe,. And he knows for a fact that Daniel didn’t do it.

In an interrogation room, Hope tells Daniel that he makes Kate out to be a pretty formidable opponent. He is accusing her of planting the vial in his apartment, placing his fingerprints on it, and splicing a recording together that made it sound as if he and Chloe were arguing. Hope thinks she has had quite a lucky streak. Daniel says that now that the cops know what Kate is up to, they can stop her. Hope wonders how she got the poison in the first place. Daniel isn’t sure, but he begs Hope to keep an eye on Chloe, fearing that Kate will try to kill her again. Hope assures him that that won’t happen. After all, Daniel is in police custody. If Kate were to make another attempt on Chloe’s life, her house of cards would fall apart. Daniel asks if that means that Hope believes him, but she says she didn’t say that. Daniel sighs, begging Hope once again to keep an eye on Chloe. Kate will want her dead if she wakes up, because Chloe will be able to back up everything he has said. Daniel assures Hope that if she watches Kate closely, she’ll be able to prove that she is the one behind the poisoning.

At the hospital, Kate tells Victor not to dare threaten her. Victor glares, saying he refuses to let her pin this crime on his godson. Kate asks him to think of what Daniel has done to her and her son, but Victor doesn’t care. He tells Kate that she has gone too far this time, and she had better come up with a way to fix this. Lucas rushes over just then, asking Kate what is going on. She hugs him, telling him how sorry she is. He asks if her cancer has returned, but Kate says this is about Chloe, not her. Lucas demands to know where she is. Kate tries to explain what is going on, but Lucas demands to know where is wife is. Victor points him in the direction of her room and Lucas hurries off. Kate tries to stop him, but Victor suggests she use this time to figure out how in the hell she’s going to get out of this.

Lucas bursts into Chloe’s room and rushes over to his wife, asking Lexie if she is going to be alright. Lexie says she isn’t sure. Dumbfounded, Lucas asks her what the hell happened.

At the townhouse, Rafe accuses Sami of lying, saying that he knows it was her dad that called earlier, not a wrong number, and that she didn’t go to the pub like she said she was going to. Sami retorts that what was she was doing was personal and none of his business, but Rafe says that if she was snooping around in his past, that it is his business. Sami angrily tells him there is only one way to resolve this, and that is for him to tell her all about his past. She reminds him that she told him all about EJ and Lucas, and it was painful for her to talk about, but she told him anyway. Rafe grumps that that was her choice. Sami agrees, saying that now she knows that Rafe means it when he says he loves her--he loves her in spite of what she has done in the past. She says she wants to be able to do that for him, too. She adds that they can’t move forward together until he tells her the truth. Sami urges Rafe to open up to her.

Lucas dashes back out to the waiting area and tells Kate in disbelief that Chloe was poisoned and she might not make it. He shakes his head, saying that someone tried to kill Chloe. He asks Kate if it was really the food on the show that did it, and Kate nods. Lucas still can’t believe that someone they knew and trusted pulled something like this. He wonders who it could be. Kate tells him that Daniel has been pulled in for questioning, but Lucas thinks the police must just want his advice. Kate shakes her head slowly, saying that the police actually have a lot of substantial evidence against him. Lucas asks her in disbelief if Daniel was the one that did this to Chloe. She nods, telling Lucas that Daniel is a very sick man. Victor scoffs, telling Kate not to get ahead of herself. In fact, he is quite certain that Daniel will eventually be exonerated.

Abe calls Lexie for news on Chloe’s condition. Lexie explains that Chloe is slipping deeper into her coma. She just had to break to the news to Lucas, and he was devastated. Abe tells her to hang in there and hangs up, telling Bo that Lucas is back in town. Bo tells Abe that he wouldn’t be doing his job if he arrested Daniel without exploring all of the possibilities. Abe asks what he plans on doing now, and Bo says that it’s time to question the victim’s husband.

Lucas moans, saying he can’t believe Chloe was poisoned, and that they’re all out here discussing who might have done it. Philip, who has joined the group, suggests that Lucas sit down. Lucas says that he needs to go be with Chloe. Kate offers to join him, but Lucas whirls on her angrily, saying that he remembers the horrible things both Kate and Victor have said about Chloe. He refuses to let either of them anywhere near her. Philip walks Lucas to Chloe’s room, promising to make sure both Kate and Victor stay away. Victor chuckles quietly and tells Kate that the way Lucas was acting just now makes him think that Lucas would believe anything about her. Kate shushes him as Philip comes back over. Philip abruptly asks the two why no one is wondering why Daniel would poison Chloe.

Lucas leans over Chloe, telling her how sorry he is that he wasn’t there for her. He begs her to wake up, and vows that everything will be alright from now on. Lucas asks Lexie how long it will be until Chloe comes out of this. Lexie sighs, telling Lucas that she isn’t sure that Chloe is going to wake up at all. Lucas gapes.

Bo comes into the interrogation room, saying that he needs to speak with Hope. Daniel brokenly asks for news about Chloe. Bo explains that Lexie called, and the lab reports aren’t good. It appears that Chloe is slipping deeper into her coma. Daniel moans and buries his head in his hands.

Now alone, Victor tells Kate that Lucas isn’t going to take the news of what she did to Chloe very well. Kate tells him to shut up and claims that Lucas won’t suspect a thing once he learns the truth about the affair and Daniel’s arrest. Victor vows not to let Daniel get convicted, and threatens to tell Bo that Kate told him she poisoned Chloe. Kate says that he would be lying. He reminds her that she poisoned someone, which is much worse. Victor vows to do what he has to to make sure Daniel is set free. Kate hisses, surprised that he is so supportive of Daniel considering what he did to her and her son. Victor thinks it’s a bit hypocritical for her to be so outraged about infidelity. Kate sighs and sobs. Philip comes over, asking Kate how she is. Victor jokes that it’s her empathetic nature coming through. Philip apologizes to Kate for calling Victor, and asks her if he can take her home, or make Victor leave. Kate shakes her head. Victor doesn’t think Kate wants him out of her sight. Philip demands to know what is going on between the two, and Victor explains that they were arguing about Daniel, and whether or not he poisoned Chloe. Philip agrees that it’s a ludicrous accusation, considering how many of their lives Daniel has saved. Kate tells him abruptly that Daniel had an affair with Chloe. Philip gapes. Kate says angrily that Daniel was rejected by his mistress, so he decided to kill her. Victor sighs.

Bo joins Daniel in the interrogation room and explains that he sent Hope off to chase down another lead. Daniel hopes she is questioning Kate, since she is clearly the one that did this. Bo reminds Daniel that his prints were found on the bottle, and only his. Daniel tells Bo sarcastically that he is such a good criminal, he managed to wipe the pharmacist’s prints off the bottle while only leaving his own behind. Bo reminds him that he also wrote a prescription for it. Daniel scoffs, saying that he just wanted to leave a paper trail. He adds sarcastically that a senior physician like himself could never get that drug otherwise. Bo says he’s fouling the accusations off pretty well. He wonders if Daniel has been thinking about this for a long time. Daniel says that if Bo really thought he did this, he’d already be under arrest. Daniel thinks that Bo and Hope are really listening to what he is saying about Kate, though they’d never let him know it.

Lexie apologizes to Lucas, saying that she wishes she had better news. Lucas says that he understands, and asks if he can stay a little longer. Lexie agrees, saying that if Chloe responds to anyone, it will probably be him. She heads off. Lucas takes Chloe’s hand and promises that she is going to come out of this. He vows that he isn’t going to say goodbye to her for another sixty years at least. He swears to God that she is going to get better.

Bo tells Daniel that he is preparing a line-up for the pharmacist to look over. Daniel sighs, saying that this whole thing is just a puppet show, and Kate is pulling the strings. Bo tells Daniel that Victor is sending a lawyer down. He’ll postpone the line-up until that time. Daniel asks if this means that Bo believes him, but all Bo will say is that it doesn’t mean much even if he does.

Lucas holds Chloe in his arms and sighs. Her fingers twitch.

Philip asks Kate if Lucas knows about all this, but she says he doesn’t. Philip tells her critically that he will find out eventually, but Kate thinks he is going through enough tonight as it is. She’d rather wait to tell him the truth. Philip heads off to sit with Lucas, shaking his head and telling himself that he thought his own life was a mess. Victor tells Kate that her concern for Lucas is touching and scary all at the same time. Just then, Hope walks in. Kate asks Victor worriedly if they have a deal, and if he will keep his mouth shut until they can speak privately. Victor says that all he promised is that he wouldn’t talk to Lucas about Daniel and Chloe. He didn’t say anything about not speaking about it to his daughter-in-law. Victor heads over to Hope, saying that he has something to tell her. Kate practically has a stroke.

Rafe warns Sami not to give him some kind of ultimatum. She insists that she is just asking him to tell her the truth. Rafe refuses. Sami asks if he is worried the truth might change the way she feels about him. Rafe grumps that that might be the reason. Sami says she understands it’s a risk and offers to go first. She says she will tell Rafe all about her own past, and then it will be his turn.

Victor tells Hope that he is sure that Daniel had nothing to do with Chloe’s poisoning. Hope asks if he can prove it, and Kate butts in, saying that he can’t. Hope tells Victor that she is looking for concrete evidence right now, but of course, he could be a character witness for Daniel if needed. Victor asks why she is here, and Hope explains that she needs to question Lucas. Kate begs her not to, saying that Lucas doesn’t yet know about the affair, and that she isn’t sure he can handle it right now. Hope asks Kate if there is another reason she doesn’t want her questioning Lucas. Kate snaps, asking what that is supposed to mean. Victor takes Kate by the elbow and explains that she is just under a lot of pressure right now. He drags Kate off to get some air. Hope muses, finding it interesting that not only does Kate not want her to talk to Lucas, but Victor doesn’t want her to talk to Kate, either.

Sami runs through highlights of her entire past with Rafe. We flash back to the various scenes as Sami tells Rafe about switching the paternity results of her sister, about shooting Alan after he raped her, and how she was nearly executed for a crime she didn’t commit. She also tells him about playing ‘Stan’ and ending up in the middle of a war zone. She finishes by telling Rafe about marrying EJ to help him stay in the country, and tells Rafe that it doesn’t matter anymore, because she’s now with him and all of that is over. Rafe stares in stunned silence. Sami encourages him, telling him it’s his turn to talk.

Kate accuses Victor of enjoying torturing her, but Victor claims that he is just trying to protect her. She can’t talk to the police when she’s in the kind of state she’s in. Kate asks if he is trying to protect her, and Victor nods, saying someone has to. As he already told her, he doesn’t care that she hurt Chloe, but he is not going to let her pin the crime on Daniel. He adds that he is giving her an opportunity to get out of this without Daniel going to prison. He tells Kate to fix this, or she will be facing prison herself--or worse.

Hope has joined Lucas in Chloe’s room, and she tells Chloe that she called Craig and Nancy. Lucas tells Hope that Lexie thinks Chloe might be able to hear him. Hope says she agrees with Lexie, and Lucas thanks her for coming down. Uncomfortably, Hope tells Lucas that she is here in an official capacity. He asks what she means, and she explains that she needs for Lucas to prove he was out of the country when Chloe got sick. Lucas gasps, asking if Hope thinks he could have done this.

Rafe tells Sami that as enlightening as her confession was, it doesn’t change anything. She told him all of that because she wanted to, not because he coerced her or blackmailed her. Sami tells him that she wants to know all about him now that he knows all about her, starting with his family. She asks how many siblings he has. Rafe sighs. Sami demands to know if this is top-secret information or something. Rafe insists he just doesn’t like being coerced. Sami glares, telling him angrily that EJ was right. It’s like she’s living with a stranger.

Hope asks Lucas if he and Chloe were having any problems, but Lucas says that they hadn’t been married long enough to start bickering. Hope flashes back to Kate asking her not to tell Lucas about Daniel and Chloe’s affair. Lucas brings her out of her reverie by telling her that he’ll hand over his boarding pass to prove his was out of the country until just a couple of hours ago. Hope says she has one more question, and asks Lucas if he was ever in Daniel’s apartment. Lucas says he was, and explains that he and Chloe went over there to pick up a suit of Daniel’s that he needed for the shoot. He flashes back to him and Chloe finding a woman’s scarf on the floor, and tells Hope about it. He says that he knew it wasn’t his mother’s since she wasn’t seeing Daniel anymore, and he assumed that Daniel had moved on with some other woman. Lucas wonders why Hope wants to know about Daniel and asks if he is a suspect. Hope says that they are just questioning Daniel at present. Lucas says he understands, and adds that his head is killing him. Hope apologizes for bothering him and starts to head off, but Lucas stops her, asking her to make sure she finds out who did this to Chloe and make them pay.

Hope comes out of Chloe’s room and heads over to Kate, telling her that she didn’t say anything to Lucas about the affair. Kate thanks her. Hope reminds her that Lucas will have to find out sooner rather than later, and suggests that Kate start thinking about the best way to break the news to him. Kate nods. Hope smiles slyly, saying she is sure Kate will come up with something. After all, she’d do anything for Lucas. Hope heads off. Kate turns white. Philip comes over, asking her if something is wrong. Kate sighs, saying that she needs to ask Philip to do something for her, and it isn’t going to be easy.

Outside Bo’s office, Abe tells Bo that things didn’t go well at the line-up. The pharmacist thought it could have been Jonas that picked up the prescription, but he wasn’t positive. Bo thinks that’s because Daniel is innocent. Abe says it doesn’t matter what they think. The D.A. has reviewed the evidence, and he wants Bo to arrest Daniel. Bo sighs as an officer brings Daniel in. Daniel asks hopefully if he can go back to the hospital, but Bo says that he is under arrest. An officer hauls Daniel off as he screams that Bo knows he didn’t do this. Bo sighs, telling Abe that they just made a huge mistake.

Later, Hope fills Bo in on what Lucas told her about going to Daniel’s apartment and finding the scarf on the floor. Bo guesses it was Chloe’s, and Hope agrees, but says that Lucas didn’t recognize it. He thought Daniel was seeing another woman, and he wanted it kept from his mother. Bo scoffs, saying that it’s too bad Daniel couldn’t keep his secret from Kate. If he had, he wouldn’t be in jail right now. Hope asks if Bo believes Kate did this and he tells Hope that is makes more sense than the idea that Daniel did. He tells Hope ruefully that he was forced to arrest Daniel, and adds that Victor sent down his criminal lawyer. Just then, Victor comes into the station. Hope heads off as Victor rushes over to Bo, telling him that Daniel is innocent. Bo sighs, saying that he didn’t arrest Daniel by choice. The D.A. forced him to do it. Bo adds that Daniel will be allowed to prove his innocence in court. Victor asks Bo when the arraignment is, but Bo says that is up to the D.A. Victor guesses it will be in the morning, when he get the most media attention. He tells Bo that he finds this place soul-deadening and wonders how Bo can work here. He starts to head off, but Bo says that he has to ask Victor something first.

Kate tells Philip that she is sorry, but she thinks Lucas will take the news of the affair better if it doesn’t come from her. Philip doesn’t think it makes any difference who Lucas hears the news from. Lucas walks up behind the two, asking what they are talking about. Kate starts to excuse herself, but Lucas demands that she stay. Philip says he has bad news and ask Lucas to sit down. Lucas assumes this is about Chloe, and says that he already knows her condition hasn’t changed. Philip says this isn’t about Chloe’s coma. Philip stammers. Kate jumps in, telling Lucas that Chloe betrayed him.

Rafe thinks this whole song and dance from Sami has been about getting him to tell her what happened to Emily. Sami accuses him of not saying anything because he did something wrong. Rafe groans, telling Sami angrily that on the day of their wedding, he wrapped his car around a tree driving too fast, and Emily was killed. He loved her, and he didn’t mean for it to happen, but it did. Sami tries to assure him it was an accident. Rafe interrupts, saying that Emily’s family hates him now, not that he blames them. Rafe storms off. Sami calls after him, trying to apologize.

Bo asks Victor if he knows anything about this case. Victor claims that all he knows is that Daniel is innocent. Bo asks if Victor knows who did this. Victor says that he has no idea.

Lucas listens in disbelief as Philip explains that Chloe had an affair with Daniel. Lucas can’t believe it’s true, but the serious looks on Kate and Philip’s faces convince him otherwise. He staggers into Chloe’s room and glares, asking he how she could do this to him.

Daniel is booked and fingerprinted. Hope watches as Daniel is led into a cell. The door slams shut behind him. Daniel sighs.


Arianna asks, “What's really going on here, Brady? Why are you so upset?”

Kinsey tells Mia, “I'm so glad you're here.” She replies, “No, you're not.”

Stefano asks Nicole, “How the hell is she going to get proof?” She replies, “You know damn well how.” He asks, “How?” She snaps, “ Rafe.”

Rafe says, “Sami, you shouldn't have come here.”

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