Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/28/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/28/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Sami’s townhouse, Roman tells Rafe that he will just try to catch up with Sami later. Rafe stops him, asking him if he called Sami earlier. Roman says he did, but Rafe, puzzled, says that Sami told him it was a wrong number. He wonders why Sami would lie about a call from her own father. Roman says he can’t think of a reason. Rafe asks why he is here, and if he is worried about Sami. Roman thinks Rafe is jumping to conclusions. Rafe accuses Roman of hiding something.

Sami runs into Meredith at the pier. She reminds her of their first meeting in the woods, and tells Meredith how glad she is to have run into her again. Meredith looks at Sami suspiciously, asking her just what it is she wants with her.

At the police station, Daniel insists to Bo and Hope that he didn’t poison Chloe. He begs them to let him go back to the hospital and take care of her. Bo advises him to calm down. Daniel screams that Kate is going to try to poison Chloe again. Hope instructs another officer to take Daniel to an interrogation room. The man hauls Daniel off as he shrieks that Kate is going to kill Chloe, and that he has to get down to the hospital and stop her. Bo and Hope sigh.

Kate heads into Chloe’s room at the hospital. She leans over her, grinning, and tells her that she didn’t just do all of this to get Daniel charged with attempted murder. She tells Chloe that she needs to die.

Meredith accuses Sami of following her, but she says she didn’t. She does admit that she thinks she and Meredith connected the last time they met. Uncomfortable, Meredith says she is going to leave, but Sami assures her that she isn’t trying to hurt her. She adds that she just wants to talk to her about her sister, Emily.

Bo follows Daniel into an interrogation room. Daniel insists that Kate set him up, and that Bo is playing right into her hands. Bo sighs, telling Daniel that Chloe is in ICU, and that nothing is going to happen to her. Bo adds that Daniel is going to stay here until he talks. He can do that now, or Bo can throw him in a holding cell for 12-14 hours until he’s ready. Daniel sighs, telling Bo that he’ll tell him everything he wants to know.

Kate checks Chloe’s IV, saying she is going to have to put a stop to the antidote Daniel came up with. She fiddles with the IV as Lexie comes in, demanding to know what she is doing. Kate claims she saw a bubble in the IV. Lexie tells her sternly that she ought to have called a nurse. She asks Kate to leave so she can examine Chloe. Kate heads outside, grumbling about how rude Lexie is. Victor comes over just then, saying he got a call from Philip. He ask Kate what is going on, and she tells him about Chloe’s coma. She complains about the coffee at the hospital and Victor offer to take her over to the café. Kate sighs, saying she has to stay here in case Lucas arrives. She has to make it look like she cares. Victor asks why Chloe is in a coma and if she had an accident or something. Kate grins, saying it was something like that. Victor says he gets the feeling that Kate is hiding something from him.

Meredith tells Sami that she doesn’t want to talk about her sister. She admits she was emotional before when they met, but she would rather not talk about it now. Sami claims that they have something in common--they’ve both experienced loss. Meredith tells Sami coldly that it’s private. Sami apologizes for intruding, but says that she must talk to Meredith. She insists that she isn’t a stalker. Meredith sighs, saying she knows Sami isn’t, and that she knows the real reason why she is here.

Rafe accuses Roman of keeping something from him. Roman doesn’t think Rafe has the right to have full access to Sami’s life. Rafe sighs, reminding Roman that Sami is still reeling from Grace’s death, and the custody dispute over Johnny. When she’s like this, she’s liable to make impulsive decisions, and Roman knows that. Roman agrees, saying she did invite her bodyguard to move in with her. Rafe admits he might be right, but assures Roman that he is just trying to help Sami. Roman retorts that if Sami doesn’t want to tell Rafe about what is going on, then that is between the two of them. Rafe again pleads with Roman to tell him, but he refuses.

Bo comes back to his office and greets Hope outside, telling her that Daniel is sticking to his story. Hope asks if Bo believes him. Bo sighs, saying he isn’t sure. He thinks there is a lot Daniel isn’t telling him, and wishes he could sit in on the interrogation. Hope reminds him that he is management now, and asks if he believes Daniel’s claim that Kate poisoned Chloe. Bo reminds her gravely of what Kate did to Sami years ago. He asks Hope not to let Daniel go until he tells her everything--including why he thinks Kate did this. Hope agrees and heads off.

Kate tells Victor about Chloe collapsing on the set, and all the drama involved. She tells Victor that Chloe might never wake up. Victor wonders if there is anything they can do to help that happen. Kate shushes him. Victor asks her quietly if she had a hand in this. He reminds her that she hated Chloe and hated what she did to Lucas. He chuckles, saying that bad things usually happen to people that Kate hates. Kate asks him sarcastically to go ahead an get on the P.A. system and tell everyone about it. Victor thinks everyone probably already suspects her, but Kate says that she has been very careful. Victor asks her how she did it, but Nathan walks over and interrupts. Victor recognizes him, claiming that he looks just like his mother, Melissa. Kate asks Nathan for an update on Chloe. He tells her that he was just heading in to speak with Dr. Carver about the antidote Daniel administered. They’re all wondering if it will be effective against the poison. Victor gapes. Nathan promises to fill Kate in as soon as he knows more and heads off. Victor asks Kate with a gleam in his eye if she gave Chloe a big shiny apple with arsenic in the center. Kate huffs, telling him to go home and leave her alone. Victor laughs and refuses, saying that they are just getting to the good part.

Meredith says that she thinks Sami is seeking her out because she isn’t close to her. Meredith tells Sami that after her sister died, it hurt too much to be around people that knew Emily. She thinks Sami is also reaching out to a stranger--someone that didn’t know her little girl. Sami thinks she might be right. She apologizes for pushing, but Meredith says it’s alright. She admits that she is just so upset because Emily died over something that never should have happened. Sami thinks it must have been awful. Meredith tells her that she has no idea.

Hope begins her interview with Daniel, apprising him of his right to an attorney. Daniel agrees to waive his rights and speak with her, assuring her that he hasn’t done anything legally wrong. He does admit that he made some mistakes, though. Hope jumps on this, asking if he thinks his affair with Chloe was a mistake. Daniel shakes his head, saying that it was inevitable, actually. Hope asks if he was angry when Chloe ended things. Daniel says he wasn’t angry at her; just the situation. Hope asks him if he thinks Kate learned of the affair and became angry enough to kill Chloe. Daniel sighs, saying that he thinks it is more complicated than that. He thinks Kate was angry not only about the affair, but because he loved Chloe, not her. And Chloe loved him, not Lucas. Hope listens in interest.

Lexie tells Nathan that Chloe is holding steady for now, but she might try a new medication. Nathan, surprised, asks about Daniel’s antidote. Lexie tells him that it isn’t working. Nathan thought it saved her life, but Lexie says it may have just prolonged the inevitable. Nathan asks her if she really thinks Daniel could have poisoned Chloe, but Lexie says it isn’t their job to play cop. All they can do is try to save this woman’s life--if it isn’t too late. Chloe lies in bed nearby, comatose.

Kate admits to Victor that Chloe was poisoned over a long period of time. Victor laughs merrily, saying that it sounds as if this was intentional. Kate admits ruefully that Chloe has a long list of enemies. Victor says she’s probably at the top of the list, but Kate disagrees. She thinks Victor is. Victor says he knows he didn’t poison Chloe, however. He asks Kate about Lucas, and she tells him about the business trip. Victor shakes his head, saying that Lucas isn’t going to be happy with Kate. He loved that girl, and he isn’t going to like that Kate killed her. Kate huffs, telling Victor that she has it covered.

Abe greets Bo outside his office. Abe asks if he has brought Jonas in, and Bo nods, saying that Hope is questioning him. Abe wonders if they have a confession yet, but Bo tells him not to count on it, since Daniel didn’t do it. Abe asks how he knows, and Bo say that Daniel is too upset about what is going on. Abe reminds him sarcastically that no suspect has ever feigned concern for the victim. Bo sighs. Abe tells him sternly that he has had a few calls from reporters, and from the state’s attorney general himself, and they all want to know the same thing--will Bo coddle this suspect like he did his half-brother? Bo claims that he just trying to find out what happened. Abe tells Bo that he has hard evidence on Daniel, and he had better not screw this up. Abe adds that the attorney general told him that Bo’s ass was on the line.

Hope asks Daniel if he thinks Kate has been obsessing over this for a long time. He nods, reminding her of the phone call Maggie got. Kate must have recorded his voice and spliced it together. That would have taken some planning. Hope asks him if he doesn’t think it’s all a little too elaborate. Daniel thinks Kate went to so much trouble because she wanted to hurt him as well as Chloe. He adds that a lot of this has to do with Lucas. Kate has always been weird about protecting him. Hope asks Daniel if he really thinks Kate would go to the trouble of planting the poison in his apartment just because of her love for her son. Daniel sighs, saying he knows it sounds crazy, but Hope has to believe that he would never hurt Chloe. He says that he loves her. Hope asks him how she can be expected to believe that when she can’t ask Chloe if she feels the same way about Daniel. Daniel sighs.

Kate tells Victor that there has been no change in Chloe’s condition. He suggests that she go down to the chapel and pray for a quick demise. Kate asks him to leave, saying that Lucas will be here soon, and she wants to break the news to him alone. Victor is surprised he doesn’t know, but Kate explains he has been on a plane, and she couldn’t leave the news in a voicemail. Victor chuckles, saying he understands why he has to leave. Kate is afraid he’ll make her laugh while she’s playing the role of the distraught mother-in-law. Kate says that on the contrary, she doesn’t want him around Lucas, since Lucas knows how much Victor hates Chloe. Victor asks if she is really just concerned for Lucas and the grief he’ll feel. Kate nods, saying it ’s going to be hard, but she knows it’s for the best. Victor ask her if she really thinks that’s in her hands. Kate shakes her head, saying it’s actually in God’s hands now.

Meredith and Sami talk about Emily and how close she was to her sister. Meredith admits that Emily really made her mad sometimes, because she thought she knew everything, but she could also make Meredith laugh like no one else. Sami thinks it must have been hard to move on without her. Meredith nods, admitting that she still thinks to tell Emily about things that happen to her, even though she isn’t around anymore. Sami says they must have been close, and Meredith nods, saying that everything suddenly changed shortly before she died, and it’s all because of him. Sami asks who she means. Meredith says she was referring to Emily’s fiancé, Rafe Hernandez.

Rafe calls Caroline to ask if Sami is still at the pub. Caroline tells him she never showed up. Rafe assures her that he must have just misunderstood where Sami was going and hangs up. He sighs, saying aloud that Sami promised that she would drop this whole thing with Emily. He glares, saying that she better had.

Abe tells Bo that one of the reporters is crying foul because Daniel is Bo’s father’s godson. He reminds Bo that he has already had one run-in with Internal Affairs. Bo grumbles that he isn’t going to arrest an innocent man. Abe retorts that he wants Bo to take the mountain of evidence against Daniel as seriously as he takes his gut instinct. Bo says he has a solution and asks Abe to fire him.

Hope says that Daniel is just showing her an alternative theory to the crime. He has no evidence that Kate is behind all of this. Daniel accuses Hope of not believing him, but she says she’ll consider all the theories. Hope say there is another theory in her mind, too. She reminds Daniel of the way he resigned so suddenly from the hospital. Perhaps since Chloe had chosen Lucas over him, he couldn’t handle it. Daniel says that they had worked things out and decided to be together, but Hope says there’s no proof of that, and that the phone call Maggie got contradicts his claim, anyway. Hope thinks he looks like a jilted lover who thought to himself that no one would have Chloe if he couldn’t. Daniel yells that it isn’t true. Hope says coolly that she never said it was-- it’s just a theory. The big problem is that the one person who could tell them which theory is true is in a coma. Hope wonders if perhaps Chloe knew something someone didn’t want her to share.

Kate tells Victor pointedly that their conversation was private, and Victor promises not to tell anyone her secret. He tells Kate merrily that he will see her at the funeral and starts to head off, but stops himself, saying that he must he losing his touch. He reminds Kate that she said she had things covered when it came to Lucas, but Victor wants to know how she is so sure that Lucas and the police will never suspect her of poisoning Chloe.

Meredith admits to Sami that she liked Rafe at first--they all did. He seemed so nice, and he was so handsome, like someone out of a movie. Sami asks uncomfortably if he was a real hero type. Meredith nods, saying that she thought he would die for Emily. Instead, she is the one that died. Sami asks what happened, but Meredith hurries off, saying she can’t talk about this anymore. Sami sighs.

Abe sighs, telling Bo that he doesn’t want to fire him. He just want to let Bo know that he is under a lot of scrutiny, and that appearances matter, whether he likes it or not. Just then, another officer hands Bo the latest report from forensics. Bo looks it over and groans, telling Abe that it’s not good news when it comes to Daniel.

Hope asks Daniel why Kate was so insistent on him doing the TV show with Chloe, if she was truly as angry about the affair as Daniel claims she was. Hope also wonders why Daniel accepted. Daniel explains that Kate bribed him by offering to match his yearly salary and make a donation to a breast cancer charity in his late wife’s name. Hope still doesn’t understand why he accepted if he was still in love with Chloe. Daniel sighs, saying he shouldn’t have. It was all very painful and got out of hand, and that is why he decided to resign from the hospital and leave Salem. Hope reminds him of Lexie saying that Chloe didn’t want Daniel anywhere near her the last time she was checked into the hospital. Hope asks Daniel why she said that. He shrugs miserably. Just then, Bo comes in with a note for Hope. She take it and thanks him, and he heads off. Hope reads the note over. Daniel explains that he thinks Chloe was afraid and that was why she said what she said to Lexie. Hope jumps on this, asking Daniel if Chloe was afraid of him.

Sami heads back into the townhouse. Rafe greets her, asking if she got Allie’s smock from Caroline’s. Sami says it wasn’t there after all. Rafe asks suspiciously if they had a good visit. Sami says that they always do. Rafe narrows his eyes, saying that she was gone for quite a while. Sami gulps.

Victor wonders how Kate is going to wiggle out of this one, since she hated Chloe and everyone knows it. Kate retorts that no one knows that, actually. She adds angrily that she refuses to say anything more except that she didn’t poison Chloe, and she has no idea what Victor is talking about. He scoffs. Kate says she is going to check on Lucas’ flight as Victor’s phone rings. It’s Bo, wanting the name of a good criminal lawyer, since they are getting ready to arrest Daniel. Victor looks at Kate knowingly, asking Bo how they came to the conclusion that Daniel hurt Chloe.

Sami asks Rafe sarcastically if he is working on his interrogation techniques. She huffs, telling him that when she realized the smock wasn’t at the pub, she went by Lucas’ place to see if it was there. No one was home, though. She asks if Rafe got to spend some time by himself, but Rafe says that she didn’t--since her father came by. He adds that they had a very interesting conversation. Sami sweats.

Lexie looks over some charts and tells Nathan somberly that Chloe is doing worse, and that she might never come out of the coma.

Daniel tells Hope that he didn’t mean Chloe was afraid of him. He thinks she was fearful that she might say something she shouldn’t about their affair while she was under the effects of pain medication. Hope reminds him they only have his word for that, but Daniel isn’t sure that’s true. Hope asks if he thinks Chloe confided in someone. Daniel says she probably confided in Nicole, but that wasn’t what he meant. He thinks Kate confided in someone, too--and that person is Victor.

Victor makes a call to his lawyer, instructing him to get down to the police station and get Daniel out of jail. He hangs up, asking Kate angrily what her plan ‘b’ is. Kate claims not to know what he is talking about. Victor, furious, reminds her that Daniel is family. He doesn’t give a damn what she does to Chloe, but she is not pinning this on Daniel. Kate scoffs, telling Victor to go ahead and tell Bo that she poisoned Chloe. He’ll never believe it. Victor says Bo might not, but Lucas will.

Sami asks Rafe why her dad was here, and he explains that Roman was just checking up on her. Sami brushes it off, saying Roman is probably just worried about her. She starts to head off to check on the twins, but Rafe stops her, asking her why she is lying to him.

Daniel asks Hope if they are done, but she says they aren’t. She reminds him of all he has accused Kate of--from recording his voice and manipulating the recording, to planting evidence in his apartment. Hope thinks Kate must have had a lucky streak, since everything is going her way. Daniel says it doesn’t have to be that way, since the cops now know what she is up to. Hope wonders how Kate got the medicine, since only a doctor can get it. Daniel sighs, saying he can’t explain it. All he knows s that Chloe is in danger. He doesn’t care what the cops do to him, but they must keep Kate away from Chloe.

Abe tells Bo that according to the report, Daniel’s fingerprints were found on that vial of poison, and his were the only ones. Bo sighs, admitting that the pharmacist said a man fitting his description picked up the prescription. Abe asks if Bo still thinks Daniel is innocent. Bo says he does, but Abe says that can’t change what he knows he has to do. Bo sighs.

Victor vows that he won’t let Kate get away with this. She scoffs, saying that there is a lot of evidence against Daniel. Victor says that is all thanks to her. Kate asks him to think of what Daniel has done to both her and to Lucas. Victor says that he is actually thinking of what she has done, and frankly, he thinks she has gone too far. He asks Kate what she is going to do to make this right. Just then, Lucas hurries over, asking Kate what is going on. Victor smirks, asking Kate if he should tell Lucas, or will she.


Bo says, “I care about finding out who poisoned Chloe, and it sure as hell wasn't the doc.”

Daniel says, “Watch her. You watch Kate very carefully, and then you can prove that it was her.”

Sami urges Rafe, “Come on, just tell me what happened--all of it!”

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