Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/27/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/27/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In bed at the DiMera mansion, EJ tells Nicole that he’d like to know why she isn’t telling him the truth. He reminds her about how frantic she acted over Sydney being left alone for a few moments. Nicole says she just got a little panicked, but EJ claims he can tell she is still scared, and that he knows it has to do with their daughter. Nicole scoffs. EJ asks Nicole to look at him. She does so. He tells her that she isn’t Sydney’s mother. Nicole gapes.

At the townhouse, Rafe greets Sami as she comes out of the bedroom, asking if the twins are asleep. She says they are, and Rafe leads her over to the couch, where he has set up a picnic on the carpet. He says that he figured they could have a picnic tonight since they didn’t finish the one they planned for earlier. Sami flashes back to overhearing Meredith crying out for Emily and sobbing. She comes back to the present and apologizes for cutting their picnic short. Rafe says he understands, and hopes she is surprised. Sami says she doesn’t need surprises--she just needs him. Rafe takes her in his arms and assures her that he is right here.

Philip finds Stephanie on the stoop of the Kiriakis mansion and invites her in. She asks if everything is ok, but Philip shakes his head, telling Stephanie that Chloe may be dying.

At the hospital, Daniel glares as Kate mills around near the nurse’s station. He tells Bo and Hope that he didn’t poison Chloe, but he knows who did. He explains that Kate came to his apartment last week. She begged him to do one more segment for her television show as if her life depended on it. He adds that he didn’t watch her the whole time, so if leukocystine was found in his apartment, Kate probably planted it there. Bo gets that she had opportunity, and Hope does too, but she wants to know what Kate’s motive was. Daniel explains that he and Chloe hurt Kate’s son. They were having a affair while Chloe was engaged to Lucas. He also adds that Kate was acting very jealous about the whole thing. So their being together didn’t just hurt Lucas--it hurt her--and she decided to make them pay. Kate watches the three talking and grins slyly. Bo and Hope stare at her in disbelief.

EJ explains that Sydney’s mother is calm and rational, and Nicole hasn’t been acting that way lately. In fact, she seems to see danger out of every corner. Nicole glances over at her phone and admits she gets a little worried. EJ interrupts, demanding to know why she keeps looking at her phone. Nicole claims that he is making something out of nothing, but EJ disagrees. Every time Nicole is with Sydney lately, she seems to expect someone to snatch her. Nicole says again that she just watched a movie that made her a little paranoid. Besides, Sydney will be walking soon, and they have to start thinking about all the stairs and cabinets in the house that she’ll have access to. EJ assures her that they will deal with that when the time comes. EJ thinks she is a bit obsessed, and admits he spoke to his father about her. Suspiciously, Nicole asks what he had to say. EJ tells her that Stefano thinks her recent behavior has a more to do with Grace than it does with Sydney. Nicole stares.

Sami and Rafe kiss. She tells him that she wishes they could have picnics like this every day. Rafe agrees, saying that this one is shaping up to be just fine. Sami agrees, saying his picnic spot is a lot better than the one she picked. She sighs. Rafe asks her what’s wrong.

Kate asks Bo and Hope if Daniel told them she poisoned Chloe. She glares, saying she can’t believe he would say such a thing. She reminds him angrily that he saved her life and Philip’s life. She has been defending him to anyone that would listen--saying what a kind man he is and what a good heart he has, and meanwhile, he is blaming her for everything. Daniel insists he didn’t do this, and that the only person he could think of that would take delight in Chloe getting hurt is Kate. Kate reminds him viciously that Chloe wanted him out of her life and begged him to leave her alone, so he has more motive than her. Daniel says that isn’t true. Kate angrily retorts that Chloe saved her life by donating her bone marrow. That is why when she learned of the affair, she decided to let it go--especially since she knew the truth would hurt Lucas. Hope asks if she is sure she didn’t hold a grudge, and Kate says she is. Chloe vowed that she was going to forget about Daniel and dedicate her life to Lucas, and Kate believed her. Kate adds that she hates the fact that Chloe is fighting for her life in there. She sobs, adding that she has to think of how all of this will affect Lucas. She bawls, saying there is no way she wanted to see this happen.

Stephanie defends Daniel, saying there is no way he could poison Chloe. Philip changes the subject, saying he’d rather not talk about it. Stephanie complies, and explains that she came by to tell him about an argument she and Melanie got into. Philip asks what happened, and Stephanie explains that she and Melanie got into it because she stood Nathan up to go off with Philip. Stephanie then accused her of sleeping with Philip. Philip says that didn’t happen. Stephanie sighs, saying she knows that now. She says she came by to apologize, and to tell Philip that she made a huge mistake.

Melanie heads into the on-call room and greets Maggie and Nathan. Maggie explains that she mustn’t eat anything from the kitchen at home, due to Chloe’s poisoning. Melanie agrees and promises to clean the kitchen from top to bottom. Maggie thanks her. She starts to head off to call Mia and warn her, too, but notices the uncomfortable looks Nathan and Melanie are exchanging. She asks if anything is wrong, but they both laugh uncomfortably, saying nothing is. Maggie heads off, suspicious.

Kate hopes Lucas calls her back soon, as she doesn’t want him to hear this news from anyone but her. She glares at Daniel, saying it’s bad enough Chloe was poisoned, but now it looks like she was poisoned by the guy she was having an affair with. Daniel explodes, saying that Chloe had been faithful to Lucas since their marriage, and he respected that. Bo pulls him aside to calm him down as Maggie comes over, warning Kate to be careful about how she breaks the news to Lucas, considering what happened last time. Hope asks what she means, and Maggie explains that she told Lucas that Chloe was having an affair with Daniel before they got married. He got drunk and went to confront Daniel, but was involved in the gas explosion instead. He woke up not remembering a thing. Kate looks on, horrified, as Bo comes over, asking Maggie how she knows Lucas didn’t remember. Maggie says that he never said anything to her about it again, but he seemed to be putting bits and pieces of their conversation back together. She sees Brady walking in and excuses herself to go talk to him. Bo tells Hope that as a producer, Lucas has access to the tainted food. Hope reminds Bo that Lucas also left town shortly before the poisoning, providing him with a perfect alibi. Kate tells the two that their suspicions are ridiculous, since Lucas loves Chloe. Bo says that Daniel loves her, too. Kate appeals to Hope, reminding her that Lucas is her cousin. Bo reminds Kate that Lucas has a history of taking things into his own hands. She can just ask EJ if she has any doubts about it. Kate vows that they won’t blame this on Lucas. She knows for a fact he didn’t do this. Bo stares at her suspiciously, saying that that means that she knows who did, then.

Sami tells Rafe that nothing is wrong, and that she was just thinking about how nice it is to shut themselves in here and pretend that nothing outside can hurt them--nothing from their pasts. Rafe vows that it is going to stay that way, reminding Sami that he is the kind of guy that keeps his promises.

EJ tells Nicole that Stefano explained that she is being more protective of Sydney because she and Grace were born on the same day and were half-sisters. Nicole nods, telling EJ that losing a child is a parent’s worst nightmare. EJ reminds her that he was the one that lost a child, not her. He is mourning Grace, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting his behavior the way it is affecting Nicole’s. She reminds him that he has had some pretty dark days recently. EJ admits he has had a lot on his plate, what with Grace and Tony’s deaths, and the war with the Kirakis family. He tells Nicole that he is starting to pull himself back together, and he can’t help but notice that his wife is in pain, and he wants to know why.

Stephanie tells Philip that when she gave his ring back and said all of those hurtful things, she made a mistake. She admits that she lied when she told him she wanted him out of her life. She sobs, telling Philip that she doesn’t want to not see him anymore or not be his friend. Philip says he doesn’t want that, either. Stephanie also says she is sorry about always getting onto him for pushing his feelings down inside. Right now, all she sees is a guy that is hurting because his first love is in the hospital. Philip sighs, asking her that if he is this upset about Chloe, then how does she think he felt when he lost the woman he thought he would spend the rest of his life with?

Kate tells Bo that she has no idea who poisoned Chloe, but she does know that Lucas had nothing to do with it. Bo says that they will have to speak with him when he gets back. Kate glares at Daniel, telling Bo that they have the best suspect right over there--the rejected ex-lover with access to the drugs. Daniel glares back at her.

Brady talks to Maggie about Chloe, saying that he can’t believe this is the third time Chloe has been sick. He asks Maggie what he can do to help, but she says she doesn’t know. She says she would do anything herself, but this tragedy happened in her home instead. She sobs. Brady hugs her, trying to soothe her.

Lexie comes out of Chloe’s room and tells the group assembled outside that Chloe is doing worse that she was before. Kate feigns shock and sympathy as Lexie tells them that she thinks a family member ought to go in and be with Chloe, so they can urge her to keep fighting. She heads off to deal with another emergency as Kate volunteers to go in to Chloe’s room. Daniel protests vehemently, telling Bo and Hope that Kate is the one who caused all of this. Bo says the evidence points his way, but Daniel reminds Bo that he just saved Chloe’s life. Kate grins, reminding Daniel that Chloe is actually getting worse. He pleads with Bo and Hope not to let Kate see Chloe. Hope assures him the guard at the door won’t let anything happen. Kate tells the two innocently that she isn’t sure why Daniel thinks she is such a monster. She heads into Chloe’s room. Bo tries to calm Daniel down, pulling him away as he lunges for Kate.

Melanie apologizes for running out on Nathan on their date. He reminds her jokingly that he did it first. Melanie explains what happened with Philip, and says she is sorry for saying she’d wait. Nathan says that no apology is necessary, and suggests they reschedule. Melanie is surprised, but Nathan jokes that he isn’t letting her get out of buying him dinner. Melanie grins and agrees they’ll give it another try.

Stephanie tells Philip that she wishes she could take back some of the things she said to him. She can’t just sit around and do nothing when she knows he is hurting. Philip asks grumpily if she only cares about him when he is miserable. Stephanie says that on the contrary, she cares for him all the time. She admits tearfully that she is still in love with him. Philip asks her what she intends on doing about it. Stephanie and Philip lean in for a kiss.

Brady comes over to Bo and Hope, telling the two that he just got off the phone with Craig and Nancy, who are in shock. Surprised, Hope asks if Kate called them. Brady says she didn’t. Hope gasps in astonishment as Daniel pulls Brady aside. He asks him to go into Chloe’s room and sit with her. He needs to tell her that everyone loves her and is pulling for her to make it. He also asks Brady to make sure he gets that bitch Kate away from Chloe.

Kate holds Chloe’s hand and tells her that everyone is rooting for her. She looks around to make sure no one is listening, and then she leans in and whispers nastily that no one loves Chloe or cares about her. Since she has no friends, she needs to do them all a favor and just let go.

Rafe tells Sami that he has another surprise for her and heads off. Just then, the phone rings. It’s Roman, and he tells Sami that he has some information on Meredith Hudson. She asks if Roman has an address for her, but Roman says that all he knows is that she is staying in Salem right now. He tells Sami that he refuses to dig any further until he knows what is going on. He wonders why Sami is so worried about this woman. She claims she isn’t. Rafe heads into the room and Sami hangs up quickly, telling Rafe it was a wrong number. Rafe presents her with a plate of s’mores. Sami digs in.

Nicole informs EJ that his constant accusations about her lying are getting old, especially since she can see what is really going on here. EJ asks what she means and Nicole explains that what he is doing is called projection--he’s accusing her of doing what he is actually guilty of. EJ doesn’t understand. Nicole tells him flatly that he is obsessed with Sami. First it was Sami and Grace, soon it will be Sami and something else. She wonders angrily when he is going to let go.

Philip and Stephanie nearly kiss. Henderson walks in and interrupts, informing Philip that Lucas’ plane is set to touch down in a couple of hours. Philip thanks him and Henderson heads off. Philip sighs, saying the man might have bad timing, but Stephanie ought to thank Henderson for keeping her from doing something she might regret.

Bo asks Brady if he knew Chloe and Daniel were involved. Brady admits that he found out recently, but stayed out of it because it wasn’t any of his business. Daniel begs Brady to go in and tell Chloe that he loves her, and that everyone is rooting for her. He knows that the police won’t let him in there, and Chloe needs someone. Brady promises to do what he can and heads off. Daniel sighs.

As Brady walks into Chloe’s room, Kate tells Chloe that Lucas will be here soon, so she needs to hang in there. Kate leans in and whispers in Chloe’s ear that no one cares about her. She then kisses Chloe’s forehead and heads off. She stands in the doorway as Brady sits by Chloe’s side, telling her to be strong. He adds that they all need her to come out of this. Kate grins slyly.

Nicole sighs, saying that she didn’t want to tell EJ this before, because he was mourning Grace, but she honestly feels like he only married her because she was pregnant. EJ claims he was in love with her, but Nicole shakes her head and continues. She knows that EJ slept with Sami a day or so before he slept with her. She wonders sorrowfully what would have happened if he had learned that Sami was pregnant first. EJ vows that he still would have wanted to marry Nicole. Nicole doesn’t think so. In fact, she thinks he wishes he had married Sami instead. EJ kisses her, saying that isn’t true. She is his wife, and he loves her, and he wouldn’t trade her for anyone else. He asks Nicole to never forget that. She smiles.

Sami and Rafe enjoy the s’mores Rafe made. Sami glances at the phone and tells Rafe that she has to go, making up an excuse about leaving something Allie needs for pre-school at the pub. Rafe asks her to hurry back. She agrees and rushes off.

Stephanie tells Philip that she would have never regretted kissing him. He knows how she feels about him. Philip says he does, and that they need to get something straight. He didn’t sleep with Melanie, and he doesn’t love her. Stephanie says that she knows that. Philip adds that he could have slept with her, and if he did, then Stephanie couldn’t be angry about it, because she was the one that said she didn’t want to be in a relationship with him. He also reminds her that she said she couldn’t be with a guy like him. He tells Stephanie that he is still that same guy. If she can’t handle that, then there is really nowhere for them to go.

Brady tells Chloe that he always wanted her to find the right guy to lean on. He hoped it would be Lucas, since he never fit the bill himself. He sighs, saying that he wishes he would have been able to help Chloe when it came to this whole thing with Daniel. Brady tells Chloe that he loves her, and a lot of people out there love her, too. He pleads with her to keep fighting. Just then, Chloe squeezes Brady’s hand.

Daniel asks Bo and Hope what they plan on doing next. Bo tells Daniel that an arrest won’t be made yet, but he still needs to stick around the hospital. Daniel says that won’t be a problem, since he plans on staying right here. Brady rushes out of Chloe’s room, asking the three where Lexie is. He claims that Chloe just squeezed his hand, and that she is waking up. Kate looks on in horror.

Philip awkwardly shows Stephanie to the door. She tells him that she wants to be able to talk to him and look him in the eye without getting so upset. Philip agrees that they will just be friends. Stephanie heads off sadly. She stops on the front stoop and wipes her eyes. Philip walks up behind her, and Stephanie hurries off. Philip sighs, telling her goodbye.

Roman heads over to the townhouse and asks Rafe if Sami is around. Rafe explains that she left to go run an errand and asks if he can do anything for Roman. Roman shakes his head, saying that he needs Sami. He has some questions that he needs answered.

Sami bumps into Meredith at the pier. She tells her how glad she is that she ran into her.

Nicole holds Sydney in bed and bounces her on her knee. EJ looks on fondly. Just then, Nicole looks up, but it’s not Nicole, it’s Sami. She smiles at EJ, saying that Sydney is the most beautiful baby in the world. Just then, EJ wakes up in a cold sweat. Nicole rolls over, asking if everything is alright. He says everything is fine, and that he loves her.

Lexie tells Brady that she wishes she could say Chloe has improved, but she can’t. She thinks the movement is a good sign, but it was most likely involuntary. She says she has to go, but urges them all to keep visiting with Chloe and encouraging her. She heads off. Daniel begs Bo and Hope to let him sit with Chloe and talk to her. Just then, an officer comes over with the forensics report on the vial found in Daniel’s apartment. Bo tells everyone gravely that Daniel’s fingerprints were found on the bottle. Kate smiles broadly and flashes back to placing Daniel’s fingerprint on the vial. Daniel tells Bo that this can’t be possible. Bo tells him to call a lawyer, as he is going to have to come down to the station and answer some questions. Daniel protests. Bo and the other officer haul him off. Daniel screams that he didn’t do this. He yells that he loves Chloe that he needs to be with her. Kate looks on with delight as Daniel is dragged into the elevator.


Rafe curses, “Damn it, Sami, you said you were gonna drop it about Emily.”

Meredith tells Sami, “Everything changed because of him.” Sami asks, “Him?” Meredith replies, “Rafe Hernandez.”

Daniel tells Bo, “Okay, okay, I'll tell you whatever you want to know.”

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