Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/24/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/24/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole calls Mia outside the DiMera mansion. She asks her to meet her there as soon as possible, saying that it’s very important.

Inside the mansion, EJ tells Harold that he and Nicole would like the evening alone together. He asks Harold to make sure the rest of the staff doesn’t disturb them. Harold agrees and heads upstairs with an armful of linens.

Nicole heads inside the mansion and into the living room. She calls Mia again, wondering why she isn’t picking up her phone. Nicole tells her she needs to know if she has heard from Chad.

At the pub, Stephanie calls Melanie a two-faced bitch. Melanie asks her what her problem is. Stephanie says that Melanie and Philip are.

Philip paces angrily around the living room of the Kiriakis mansion. He tells himself that his life is meaningless without Stephanie and throws his drink in the fireplace. Brady walks in just then, asking if Philip is in a bad mood, or if he is christening the house. Philip glares.

At the hospital, Lexie rushes into Chloe’s room as her monitors beep wildly. Daniel tries to rush in after her, but Bo has two cops hold him back, saying that this is for his own good. Daniel struggles in their grasp, telling Bo that Chloe needs him. Bo says he is sorry, but he can’t let Daniel anywhere near Chloe. Chloe flat lines. Lexie works on her with the defibrillator. Hope, Maggie and Kate look on through the window of Chloe’s room. Maggie sobs and begs God to save Chloe. Kate chimes in, saying they can’t lose her. Lexie pleads with Chloe to come back to them. Chloe is unresponsive.

Nicole calls Mia again, leaving her a message explaining that she spoke to Chad, and that she thinks she gave him a pretty good scare, but she needs to know if he is still trying to talk to Mia. Nicole reminds her that they can’t let Chad figure out that she had a baby. She asks Mia to call her back, no matter what time it is and hangs up. Nicole sighs, vowing not to lose Sydney to some teenaged punk. Just then, Sydney coos from her playpen. Nicole notices the baby has been in the room alone this whole time and gasps angrily.

Melanie says she isn’t sure what Stephanie thinks she did to Philip. Stephanie retorts that it’s what Melanie did ‘with’ Philip, not ‘to’ him. Stephanie adds nastily that judging from Melanie’s bed-head, it looks like she had a ball. Shocked, Melanie asks Stephanie if she thinks they slept together. Stephanie shoots back that she doesn’t think they did--she knows it. She calls Melanie a pathetic slut. Melanie slaps her.

Daniel pleads with Lexie not to lose Chloe as she works on her with the defibrillator. Maggie sobs and prays. Chloe doesn’t respond. Daniel screams out for Chloe that he is here, and that he loves her. He yells to her not to give up and tells her how much he loves her. Just then, Chloe’s heartbeat begins to register on the monitor. Lexie tells Maxine that they have a rhythm again. Daniel sighs and nearly collapses, quietly giving thanks. Maggie sighs with relief as Hope tries to comfort her. Kate looks on, disgruntled.

Philip tells Brady that he has screwed everything up. He starts to throw another glass in the fireplace, but Brady stops him. Philip sighs, wondering how he could have let this happen. Brady guesses this is about a certain women. Philip sighs, saying that it’s actually about two women.

Melanie asks Stephanie what her problem is. She adds angrily that Stephanie is being cruel to her for no reason, and she refuses to sit here and take it. Stephanie reminds her that she slept with her fiancé, but Melanie retorts that Philip isn’t Stephanie’s fiancé anymore. Besides, she didn’t come anywhere close to sleeping with Philip. Melanie remembers the way Nathan blew her off and asks Stephanie what she said to him. Stephanie says she just told the truth--that Melanie is a self-absorbed little troublemaker, and he’d be better off staying away from her. Melanie scoffs, asking if that is the thanks she gets for saving Stephanie’s life. Stephanie shoots back that Melanie is using that as the perfect rationale for sleeping with her boyfriend. Melanie, enraged, reminds Stephanie that Philip is nothing to her because she left him. She sobs, reminding Stephanie that she tried to put the two of them back together. She thought they were friends, and that Stephanie trusted her. Stephanie wonders why she would trust a conniving little whore like Melanie. Melanie glares, telling Stephanie that she has crossed the line.

Nicole calls out angrily for Mary. She cuddles Sydney, apologizing to her. EJ comes in just then, asking what the problem is. Nicole glares, saying it’s Sydney.

Philip confides in Brady that not only did he blow it with Stephanie, he was a total jerk to Melanie, too. Brady asks him if he put the moves on her and Philip nods miserably, saying he doesn’t know what he was thinking. He guesses that he was just lonely and Melanie was there for him. Brady asks flatly if he was drunk. Philip claims he has only had a couple of drinks. Brady sighs, reminding Philip of the hard life Melanie has had. He has no excuse for what he did, whether he had ten drinks or just one. Philip sighs, agreeing that it was a huge mistake. He vows to swear off women for good. Brady shakes his head and tells Philip that he has a meeting at Titan. He heads off. Philip sighs.

Nicole tells EJ that she came home and found Sydney alone in her playpen. She angrily demands to know where Mary is. EJ says she is upstairs. Nicole asks why she wasn’t watching the baby. EJ confused, asks if she is just upset because Sydney was alone.

Bo heads into Chloe’s room and asks Lexie what the prognosis is. Lexie says that she can’t be sure. They need to run some more tests and continue to administer the antidote Daniel supplied. She promises to keep Bo posted and he thanks her, heading off.

Melanie warns Stephanie to never say anything like that to her again. She had to have known what Melanie went through as a little girl because of her father, and if she had a sensitive bone in her body, she’d think about that before she started name-calling. Stephanie says she understands and apologizes. Melanie sobs, wondering how she ever could have thought Stephanie was a good person. Stephanie accuses Melanie of lying to her. She pretended to try to help her and Philip when in reality, she just wanted Philip for herself. Melanie screeches that she doesn’t want Philip. She just wanted to make sure he got home safely and acted responsibly by not driving drunk. She tells Stephanie to leave her the hell alone and rushes off, wailing. She runs into Brady, who has just walked into the pub. She collapses in his arms in tears. Stephanie sighs.

Maggie gushes, telling Kate that Chloe surviving is a miracle, and that someone up there must have been listening to their prayers. Kate rolls her eyes and tells Maggie that she needs to call Philip. Maggie offers to join her and make them both some tea.

Bo instructs the officers to let Daniel go and says he is sorry. Daniel glares, telling Bo he ought to be grateful Chloe didn’t die in there. Bo tells him to calm down and listen, as he has some more questions for him. Daniel, confused, says he thought the questioning was over. Bo shakes his head and tells Daniel to do him a favor and call his lawyer. Daniel gapes.

Maggie asks Kate if she got in touch with Philip, and Kate nods, saying that he is on his way. Kate sighs and Maggie tries to soothe her, reminding her it’s been a rough day for everyone. She is just glad Chloe is ok. Kate drops her cup of tea and Maggie bustles around, trying to clean it up. Lexie emerges from Chloe’s room and Maggie and Kate rush over, asking about Chloe’s prognosis. Kate asks if she is going to live, and Lexie tells the two that Chloe is in a coma. They were able to get her heart started again, but she has no idea how Chloe might be affected if and when she wakes up. She tells the two she is sorry she can’t tell them anything definitive. Kate asks if it’s possible that Chloe will never wake up, and Lexie admits it is. She heads off. Maggie sobs, wishing she had been kinder to Chloe from the beginning, She had no right to judge her, anyway. Kate soothes her, telling her that she loved Chloe, and Chloe knew it. Maggie heads off for air, devastated. Kate stays behind to wait for news.

Daniel demands to know if Bo and Hope think he poisoned Chloe. Lexie comes in just then, telling the three that Chloe is stable, but still unresponsive. Daniel tells Lexie to run a litany of tests to make sure her liver and blood platelets weren’t affected by the drug. Lexie agrees and heads off. Daniel starts to follow, but Bo stops him, saying he needs to call a lawyer. Daniel insists that he just needs to be with the woman he loves. He adds angrily that he would never hurt Chloe. Bo claims that he is on Daniel’s side, but in order to help him, he’s going to need some answers.

Brady asks Melanie what is going on. She tearfully tells him to ask Stephanie. She starts to explain, but Melanie interrupts, saying nothing happened between her and Philip. All she did was try to convince Philip that he is still in love with Stephanie, and then Stephanie tried to ruin her chances with Nathan, anyway. Stephanie reminds Melanie that she stood Nathan up, but Melanie retorts that Philip came in here high as a kite. She just wanted to make sure he got home alright. Stephanie isn’t buying it. Brady sighs, reminding the two that they were getting along so well before. He asks Melanie to tell Stephanie exactly what happened between her and Philip.

EJ explains that he asked Mary to look after Sydney for a little while because he had some work to do. She just went upstairs for a moment, and besides, he had the baby monitor with him. Nicole angrily reminds him that the batteries might have failed, and that the terrace doors were unlocked. Some hoodlum could have waltzed in here and snatched Sydney. EJ chuckles, reminding her of the front gate and the security guards. He says he can’t do anything else to protect them besides putting a moat around the place. He asks Nicole what is wrong with her, as she knows he values Sydney’ life even above his own. Nicole says that she is going to make sure nothing like this ever happens again. She demands that EJ fire Mary. EJ bursts out laughing.

Philip rushes into the hospital and hugs Kate, asking for news on Chloe. She tells Philip that Chloe is alive, but is in a coma. Philip gasps. He asks Kate if it’s true Chloe wasp poisoned, like she said over the phone. Kate nods and chokes up, telling Philip that the brownies on her set were tainted. She admits to Philip that this is all her fault.

Bo asks Daniel about the drugs in his apartment, but he claims that he has no idea how they got there. He thinks someone must have forged the prescription in his name. Hope tells Bo that one of the officers tracked down the pharmacist that filled the prescription, and he remembered a male in his 40’s with brown hair picking it up. Daniel gapes, reminding the two that thousands of people fit that description. Bo takes a look at the prescription slip and shows it to Daniel, asking him if that is his handwriting.

EJ refuses to fire Mary and tries to calm Nicole down, explaining that Mary had an important phone call from her mother, who is ill. Nicole grumbles, not convinced that they shouldn’t fire her. EJ asks Nicole what is rally going on here, as he has never known her to act so irrationally before. Nicole pouts, saying she’d rather not say. EJ insists. Nicole sighs, saying that she watched a movie earlier about a child being kidnapped. She admits that it made her a little paranoid. EJ laughs. Nicole joins him, promising to try to relax from now on.

Melanie explains that Philip asked her to go for a ride in his new car. She knew he was drunk, so she took his keys. Stephanie rolls her eyes. Melanie glares, admitting that she did want to be with Philip that way, and she could have been if she wanted to, because he wanted to be with her, too. Melanie tells Stephanie that she finally realized that Philip didn’t really want to be with her, and that he was just lonely and trying to fill the void that Stephanie left behind. If she had slept with Philip it would have been for all the wrong reasons, and most importantly, it would have hurt Stephanie. Melanie says that she couldn’t do that, because for the first time in her life, friendship is more important to her than some guy. She bursts into tears. Brady eyes Stephanie. Stephanie sighs guiltily.

Nathan finds Maggie sobbing in the park. He walks over and asks what’s wrong. She fills him in on the news regarding Chloe’s coma, and the fact that they can’t get in touch with Lucas. Nathan tries to soothe her, asking her what happened. Maggie explains that Chloe was poisoned. Nathan tells her that the doctors thought so the last time she came in, too. He assumes Daniel was called in to help, since he’s the best. Maggie explains that Daniel is actually a suspect in the poisoning. Nathan is shocked, sure that Daniel couldn’t do a thing like that. Maggie tells him all about the poisoned brownies on the set and asks Nathan not to eat anything at the house if the police haven’t already turned the kitchen in to crime scene. Nathan agrees and tries to reassure Maggie, promising her that everything will work out alright. She thanks him for saying so, and explains that she has to get back to the hospital to be with Kate. She heads off, exchanging goodbyes with Nathan.

Kate moans that she was the one that insisted on Chloe doing a food segment. If she had picked something else, perhaps this would never have happened. Philip tells her that she can’t think that way. Kate wonders how someone could be so malicious and evil as to do something like this to Chloe. Philip doesn’t get it either, wondering who would want to hurt her. Philip asks Kate if anyone unusual was hanging around the set, but Kate shakes her head, saying she’s gone over it a thousand times in her head. Philip hugs her, promising her that they will get to the bottom of this. She grins slyly, thanking him for saying so.

Daniel admits to Bo that the handwriting is similar to his own, but he hasn’t written a prescription for leukocystine in ages. Besides, how can they tell the medicine from the vial in his apartment was the same that poisoned Chloe? Hope explains that they are running tests on it right now. Bo asks Daniel a hypothetical question--if this was the same drug that poisoned Chloe, then how did the vial end up in his apartment? Daniel isn’t sure. Hope asks if anyone else has a key to his place. Bo jumps in, wondering if anyone has been in his apartment in the last week or so. Daniel thinks for a moment, then gasps, “OMG!”

Nicole heads into the living room alone. EJ jokes, saying he thought she wasn’t ever leaving Sydney alone again. Nicole holds up the baby monitor, telling him she checked the batteries a few times. Nicole tells EJ that they have both been under a lot of pressure the past few weeks. She kisses him, suggesting they go upstairs and work off some of that stress.

Melanie bawls, telling Stephanie that she really does consider her to be a friend. She’s sorry if Stephanie doesn’t feel the same way. Stephanie bursts into tears, saying that she does, but she just snapped. She adds that she is sorry if she ruined things for Melanie with Nathan. Melanie admits she shouldn’t have left with Philip. Stephanie understands why she felt she had to do so. Brady suggests the two hug it out. Melanie throws herself into Stephanie’s arms, crying and telling her how sorry she is. Stephanie says she is sorry, too. Brady grins and heads off.

Kate tells Philip that this is a relief. Philip reminds her that Chloe is in a coma, but Kate is just glad she isn’t dead. Maggie comes over, telling the two that Bo and Hope are still working Daniel over. Philip asks what she is talking about, and Maggie explains that Daniel is a suspect in Chloe’s poisoning. Philip gasps and looks at Kate. She shrugs innocently.

Daniel tells Bo and Hope about giving Lucas his key to pick up the suit that he needed for the show. An assistant was supposed to come by to get it. Bo explains that Lucas and Chloe came by to collect it themselves. Daniel wonders angrily why Bo isn’t questioning Lucas, then. Bo says that he is going to question everyone, but Daniel is still a suspect, based on the drug found in his apartment and the phone call Chloe made to Maggie. Daniel insists that none of that happened. Hope says that the phone records check out, and Bo adds that the crew reported tension between Daniel and Chloe. Daniel sighs, saying he can’t explain any of it. Hope also tells Daniel that Lexie told them Chloe asked specifically that he not treat her. If it’s true that they’re close and she was going to leave Lucas for him, then why didn’t she want him anywhere near her? Daniel stares, dumbfounded. Hope demands to know why he is lying to them.

Nicole and EJ lie in bed and kiss. She tells him that she is glad he didn’t let her fire Mary. Nicole promises to stop being an overbearing mother from now on. She is sure she can do it, with a little distraction. EJ kisses her passionately, saying that he thinks he can come up with one of those.

Brady comes back into the pub later to find Melanie alone. She asks about his meeting, and he jokes that he didn’t have to referee any fights. He adds quickly that he is glad she and Stephanie made up. Melanie offers to get him a slice of pie to thank him for what he did. Just then, her phone rings. It’s a girl from work, wanting Melanie to cover her shift. Melanie agrees to do so and listens a little longer in surprise. She hangs up and asks Brady if Chloe Horton is his ex-wife. Brady nods. Melanie tells him that Chloe is in the hospital because someone tried to kill her.

Philip doesn’t understand why Daniel would be a suspect, since he saves people’s lives, but he figures Bo must have a reason. Kate thinks the whole thing is ridiculous, and that it’s obvious that Daniel is innocent. She just wishes that she could do more for Chloe. Maggie assures her that she is doing all she can with her kind thoughts and prayers. She heads off to call Mickey as Philip asks Kate if anyone has spoken to Lucas. She says she hasn’t been able to reach him, but that his plane should have landed by now. Philip offers to go look for him and Kate thanks him. He heads off. Kate sighs.

Bo asks Daniel if it’s possible that Chloe called Maggie without him knowing it. Daniel explodes and refuses to answer any more questions. Hope persists and asks him about the apples he sent. Daniel asks what she means, and Hope explains that Chloe ate a poisoned apple, and Kate said that Daniel sent them. Daniel admits it was a house-warming gift, but he just ordered the basket--he didn’t pack it himself. And her certainly didn’t poison any of the apples. Bo says gravely that someone did--someone that wanted Chloe dead.

EJ asks Nicole if she wants to go check on Sydney. She playfully demands to know if he is testing her. He admits he might be. Nicole looks over at her phone. EJ asks if she is expecting a call. She says she isn’t, but EJ doesn’t believe her, reminding her how erratic she has been acting the last couple of days. Nicole claims she is just under stress, and now he is the one that’s overreacting. EJ accuses Nicole of lying to him.

Philip heads into the Kiriakis mansion, asking Henderson if he has seen Lucas. Henderson says he hasn’t. Philip asks him to call the airline and track his flight down, and Henderson agrees. He heads off as the doorbell rings. Philip answers it and finds Stephanie outside.

Melanie asks if Brady still cares about Chloe, and he admits that he does, and that they are friends, despite the divorce. Melanie suggests he go to the hospital, but Brady doesn’t think he should. Melanie thinks Chloe would want him there, and besides, she’d like some company, since she is heading over there to cover a shift for a friend. Brady agrees to come along, and the two head off.

Lexie sits by Chloe’s bedside and urges her to fight. Lexie tells Chloe that they are doing everything they can. Chloe lies there, unconscious and unresponsive.

Maggie comes over to Kate and asks her how she is holding up. Kate tells her tearfully that she isn’t well. This is all just reminds her that things can change in an instant. She tells Maggie that all she wants is for this nightmare to end.

Bo asks Hope if they knows where Lucas is. She says they don’t. He sighs, saying he wishes he could talk to Lucas. Hope says she’d rather hear what Chloe has to say. Bo shakes his head, saying that something isn’t right here, and that someone else had a motive. Daniel overhears him and flashes back to Kate confronting him about sleeping with Chloe. Then he remembers Kate announcing that Chloe was getting ready to eat an apple from the fruit basket he sent. He comes back to the present. His eyes bulge. Kate walks over and sighs. Daniel glares at her, “You.”


Sami tells Rafe, “I don't need surprises. I just need you.”

Nicole asks EJ, “Why does everything always come back to Sami?”

Stephanie tells Philip, “I'm still in love with you.” He replies, “What do you want to do about that?”

Kate tells Bo, Hope, and Daniel, “No way I wanted to see this happen.”

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