Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/23/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/23/09


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At the hospital, Hope tells Maggie and Kate that some damning evidence was found in Daniel’s apartment. She can’t say more than that, but she does admit that Daniel is now a suspect. Maggie shakes her head, saying she doesn’t understand why Daniel would want to hurt Chloe. Kate fakes tears, sobbing and wondering what she will do if Lucas doesn’t make it back in time to see Chloe. Maggie tries to soothe her.

In Chloe’s room, Daniel grasps Chloe’s hand and pleads with her to pull through.

Stephanie heads into the pub and greets Nathan, who is sitting at a table alone. She says she thought he was having dinner with Melanie. Nathan glumly says that he thought so, too. Stephanie gasps, guessing that Melanie stood him up. Nathan quiets her, fearing that everyone will hear her, but Stephanie barrels on, saying she can’t believe how rude Melanie is. Nathan says it isn’t a big deal, but Stephanie thinks it is. She wonders what could be so important that Melanie would stand Nathan up.

At the Horton cabin, Melanie tells Philip brusquely that he doesn’t have the right to be rude just because he is drunk. She threatens to leave, but Philip apologizes. She asks if he is really sorry. He moves in for a kiss, saying that she knows he isn’t. Melanie breaks off the kiss, asking Philip what he thinks he is doing. He leers, saying he is just giving them what they both want. He moves back in and kisses Melanie passionately.

Daniel urges Chloe to fight, begging her not to give up. He vows that he won’t lose her like this. Kate watches through the window outside and smiles to herself, urging Chloe to give up and die already.

At the park, Will asks Mia what she was writing about. She’d rather not say, but Will can tell she is upset. Mia admits she is. She sighs, saying that Will has been good to her, so he deserves to know everything.

Bo heads over to Hope near the nurse’s station, and she tells him Chloe was poisoned with leukocystine--the same drug Bo and the police found in Daniel’s apartment. Bo curses, saying that something isn’t right here, as Daniel is a good doctor, and a good person, and they both know it. Bo adds that there’s no way he could be involved in all this.

Kate heads over to Maggie, thanking her for being here. Maggie apologizes to Kate for blurting out the truth about Chloe and Daniel’s affair. Kate magnanimously forgives her, saying that the police would have found out the truth eventually anyway. She’s just worried about Lucas and what he will have to go through if Chloe doesn’t pull through. Maggie tries to assure Kate that Chloe is young and strong and will make it. She admits, however, that she is surprised that Daniel is still treating her, considering what Hope just told them about him. Kate asks worriedly if Maggie really thinks Daniel could be responsible for Chloe’s illness. Maggie sighs, saying she hopes not.

Lexie tries to urge Daniel to let her take over Chloe’s case, but Daniel refuses, saying that he knows Chloe’s medical history better than anyone. He curses, wondering when the most recent drug he gave Chloe will kick in. Just then, Bo knocks and enters. Lexie tells him that he can’t be in here, but he says he needs to question Daniel on official police business. Kate watches through the window and grins.

Nathan tells Stephanie that Melanie had every right to ditch him. He was late to begin with, then got called back to the hospital only a couple of minutes after the date began. Melanie said she would wait, but she probably got tired or got a better offer. Stephanie still doesn’t understand, saying that Melanie should have called if she decided to leave. Nathan tells her he’d rather change the subject, since she and Melanie are friends. Stephanie sighs, admitting that it wasn’t always like that. Truth be told, things were pretty intense between her and Melanie at first. She adds that she likes Nathan, and he seems like a good guy. That’s why there are a few things he needs to know about Melanie--especially if he plans on getting involved with her.

Melanie pushes Philip away, saying that they can’t do this. Philip retorts that she wants this just as much as he does. Melanie insists that he is drunk, and reminds him that he just broke up with Stephanie. Philip swears that this isn’t just a rebound thing. He reminds Melanie that they have always had a connection. She grimaces. He asks what the face is for. Melanie tells Philip that there is someone else.

Bo tells Daniel that he needs to come with him. Daniel refuses. Lexie promises to stay by Chloe’s side, but Daniel says he has to be here when she regains consciousness. Lexie reminds Daniel that she is still his boss and orders him to go with Bo. Daniel relents, grumbling that Bo had better make this quick.

Bo leads Daniel outside and past Maggie and Kate, who wonder what is going on. Hope comes over, telling the two that Bo is questioning Daniel. In the meantime, she has a few questions for the two of them--especially Kate. Kate gulps.

Mia tells Will that it is hard for her to come clean with him. He says she doesn’t have to say anything, but she insists, saying that Will has been a good friend to her and deserves the truth. She tells Will that she did some things at Salem West that she isn’t proud of. Will assumes she means her drug use and reminds her she is clean now, and that all of that is in the past. Mia tells Will there is something else just as Chad jogs over and greets the two.

In a waiting room, Daniel fills Bo in on his and Chloe’s recent saga, telling Bo about how Chloe nearly left Lucas for him, but then Lucas fell off the wagon and got involved in an explosion, so Chloe promised God she’d marry him even though she wasn’t in love with him. Bo asks Daniel if he was ok with all this, and Daniel says he just wanted her to be happy. He groans, wondering if Bo pulled him from Chloe’s side to grill him about his personal life. Bo reminds Daniel that he is on his side and asks him if the affair with Chloe continued after she was married. Daniel shakes his head, saying that Chloe was never unfaithful to Lucas once she got that ring. Bop asks if they were tempted, and Daniel admits that they were. He tells Bo that he and Chloe loved each other. Before she collapsed on set today, they talked it out, and she had decided to leave Lucas for good. Bo asks if Daniel is sure about that as he heard a conflicting story. Daniel stares in surprise.

Hope talks to Kate and Maggie about Daniel’s sudden decision to leave town. Hope finds it odd, but Kate reminds her Daniel has lived out of a suitcase most of his life. She just figured he thought it was time to move on. Hope asks if she noticed Chloe and Daniel acting strangely around one another. Maggie jumps in, saying that Kate’s assistant, Chris, noted that things were strained between the two. Kate admits that it’s true, but she just thought it was because Daniel was busy at the hospital and under pressure. Hope asks Kate if she thinks this discomfort stemmed from their affair. Kate gasps, saying suddenly that this is all her fault. She’s completely responsible for what happened. Hope stares, surprised.

Will asks what Chad is doing here and he explains that he is practicing for cross country. He takes a shot at Will, saying he heard he went 0 for 3 in the baseball playoffs. Will glares as his phone rings. Chad thinks it’s probably the Cubs, who have heard about his batting average. Will excuses himself to talk to his mom. Chad tells Mia that she and Will seem to be close. She claims they are just friends, but Chad says they were just friends once, too. She flashes back to her and Chad in the backseat of a car. Chad tells her that he will always love her. Mia comes back to the present with a grimace and tells Chad to shut up. Chad tells her he met her rehab counselor, a tall blonde woman who frowns a lot. Mia asks if he means Nicole. Chad says he didn’t get a name, but she warned him to stay away from Mia. Chad leers, saying he just can’t bring himself to do that.

Bo tells Daniel that Chloe called Maggie earlier, and she overheard a fight between the two of them. Maggie also said that Daniel threatened Chloe. Daniel doesn’t understand, saying he and Chloe never argued today. Bo asks if the two were ever alone. Daniel admits that they were. Bo adds that he heard Daniel asked the crew to wait outside while he spoke to Chloe alone. Daniel admits that’s true, saying that what he and Chloe had to discuss was private. Bo asks if it’s true that Chloe collapsed shortly afterwards. Daniel asks Bo what the hell is going on here. Bo says he was hoping Daniel could tell him.

Kate sighs, telling Hope that Chloe and Daniel didn’t want to do the show. She pushed them both into it, and it was selfish and inconsiderate of her to do so. She thought everything was over between the two, but it obviously wasn’t. Maggie tries to reassure her, reminding Kate that Chloe and Daniel told them both the affair was over for good. Lexie comes over just then, asking in surprise if Daniel and Chloe were lovers. She says quietly that everything makes sense now. Hope asks what she means. Lexie divulges that when she was treating Chloe, she insisted that Daniel be kept away from her. She was adamant that he didn’t treat her. Hope gapes.

Nathan says he already knows about Melanie’s history from his grandmother. Stephanie wonders why he would still want to see her, and Nathan explains that he likes to make up his own mind about people. Stephanie quickly apologizes for gossiping, admitting that she really hasn’t given Melanie a fair shot either. After all, Melanie has been through a rough time, and she’s just trying to make her way through it. Nathan tells Stephanie that there is something she needs to know--Melanie didn’t leave alone; she left with Stephanie’s ex-boyfriend. Stephanie gasps, asking if Melanie stood Nathan up for Philip.

Melanie tells Philip that she has met a handsome, kind doctor. He’s actually one of the reasons she decided to stay in Salem. She asks Philip if he thinks she is in over her head. Philip doesn’t think so and asks how long the two have been dating. Melanie explains that they haven’t even had a real date yet. Earlier, he was called back to the hospital, and then while she was waiting, Philip showed up drunk. Philip can’t believe Melanie let him drag her out here when she was in the middle of a date. Melanie huffs.

Mia tells Chad that she can’t talk right now. He says that he needs to apologize for being a bad boyfriend. He never should have bailed on her like that. Mia says she got over it, but Chad is still apologetic, saying that he feels like it’s his fault she got hooked on drugs. He says that he never meant to hurt her and that he misses her. He was hoping that she would give him another chance. She asks if he is serious. Chad asks her to at least think about it. Will comes back over just then, asking Mia what she is supposed to be thinking about.

Daniel vows that he did nothing to hurt Chloe. Bo wonders why Maggie would lie about the phone call. Daniel isn’t sure, but declares he doesn’t have time to talk about it now. He insists on getting back to Chloe. Bo says that she will be fine in Lexie’s care. Bo then questions Daniel about the drug found in Chloe’s system. Daniel explains that it’s a highly toxic cancer drug. Bo asks if Chloe could have gotten a prescription for it, but Daniel shakes his head, saying that a drug like that could only be administered by a doctor. Bo asks if he means someone like himself.

Hope asks Lexie what she knows, but Lexie says that it doesn’t amount to much. The day before, Chloe was adamant that Daniel not treat her. Even in her delirium, she kept calling out for Daniel and yelling, ‘No.’ Maggie thinks she must have been having nightmares. Hope pulls Lexie aside and asks her if she and Bo can talk to Chloe. Lexie sighs, saying that she didn’t want to say anything in front of the others, but there’s a good chance that Chloe won’t make it.

Chloe lies in bed, unconscious.

Stephanie asks Nathan how he knows Melanie left with Philip. He explains that Arianna told him, as she saw them leave together. Stephanie takes back all the nice things she just said about Melanie. Nathan is sorry he told her, but Stephanie says she is glad he did. Now she can be prepared for the old Melanie--the one his grandmother warned him about and the one that would have done anything to be with Philip. Nathan reminds her that they don’t know anything for sure, but Stephanie huffs, saying she isn’t surprised--especially not by Philip.

Melanie says that there is nothing wrong, and that Philip needed her. She retorts that not every girl in town wants to jump his bones. She admits that she was attracted to him at one point, but that’s over now, and they’re just friends. Philip asks if she is sure that is what she wants. Melanie nods, saying she cares about him and about Stephanie. They’re both better than this, and she doesn’t want to be some girl he hooks up with to forget about his ex. She adds that despite what people think, she has a heart, and she tries to be a moral person.

Kate tells Maggie that she still hasn’t been able to get hold of Lucas. She frets, saying that she doesn’t know what he will do if something happens. He and Chloe just moved into their home, and they’re both so happy. Maggie cuts her off, suggesting that they don’t get ahead of themselves. Kate reminds her that even if Chloe makes it, Lucas is still going to learn about the affair. She fears that he might start drinking again. Maggie vows that they will all be there for Lucas and that he will get through it. They’ll just have to convince Lucas to forgive Chloe. Kate sighs, saying she isn’t sure what she would do without Maggie. Maggie thanks her for saying so and heads off to call Mickey, asking if Kate will be alright alone. She nods. After Maggie walks off, Kate frowns, saying it’s much too late for forgiveness.

Daniel tells Bo that he can administer that drug, and has administered it a hundred times--but only to cancer patients. He demands to know what the hell is going on. Bo informs Daniel that they found a nearly-empty bottle of the drug that poisoned Chloe in Daniel’s apartment.

Chad tells Will that he was just trying to get Mia to trade shifts with him at work. He says he hopes there are no hard feelings about the baseball crack and heads off. Will calls him an ass. Mia sighs, asking Will if he remembers that she told him she and Chad went out a couple of times. Will does. Mia says that wasn’t the whole truth. She and Chad were together--really together.

At the pier, Philip asks if he can give Melanie a ride, saying that he plans on having Henderson pick him up. Melanie declines. Philip apologizes for making her uncomfortable earlier and asks if they can keep this quiet. Melanie agrees, adding that she isn’t sure if he really meant what happened earlier, but if he did, he’d have to be over Stephanie completely before anything ever happened between them. Philip says he understands, and tell Melanie that he knows she has a heart and is a moral person. She winks, telling him not to forget it, and heads off. Philip sighs.

Nathan’s pager goes off, and he tells Stephanie that he has to go back to the hospital. She tells him that she is sorry, and that she shouldn’t have gotten involved in his personal life. He tells her to take care and heads off. Outside, Nathan bumps into Melanie. She’s glad to see him, but he tells her he has to go back to the hospital. She groans.

Lexie explains to Hope that Chloe was treated here yesterday for the same symptoms and then released. Hope asks if the tainted food involved was from the TV shoot. Lexie says she thinks so, but there’s no proof. She adds that Chloe came in the first time sick after having eaten an apple. Kate comes over, asking the two if they are talking about the apple that made Chloe sick. Hope says they are. Kate tells the two that the apple came from a gift basket Daniel sent to Chloe and Lucas. She’s sure of it because she remembers the apples being Chloe’s favorite. Hope tells Lexie gravely that it’s best that Daniel be kept away from Chloe for now.

Daniel tells Bo that he doesn’t remember seeing any search warrant. Bo explains that he was just retracing Chloe’s steps--back to Daniel’s apartment. Daniel demands to know what Bo is accusing him of, but Bo says he just needs some questions answered. Daniel insists stubbornly that he would never hurt Chloe. Bo says he just wants to clear Daniel’s name, since as of now he is a suspect. Daniel protests, but Bo says he has to consider the evidence. Daniel claims the drug in his apartment doesn’t belong to him, but Bo says it was prescribed by Daniel, and he can’t overlook that. Daniel tells Bo angrily that the woman he loves might die if he can’t get in there her to save her. If Bo was really his friend, then he would let him do his job.

Mia tells Will that the big secret is that she and Chad went out for a few months and were boyfriend and girlfriend. Will asks who broke up with who. Mia explains that it was mutual--they ended things when Chad got shipped off. Will says he doesn’t get what the big deal is.

Melanie heads into the pub and greets Stephanie. Stephanie glares, calling Melanie a two-faced bitch. She made a big deal about saving her life, and all she wanted the whole time was Philip.

Philip pours another drink back at the Kiriakis mansion. He mumbles to himself that life is meaningless without Stephanie. He throws his glass into the fireplace and curses.

Lexie tells Hope that none of this makes sense. She can’t imagine Daniel wanting to hurt anyone. Hope sighs, saying that she doesn’t want to believe it, either.

Maggie sits with Chloe and sniffles, saying that they all love her and are for praying for her. Just then, Chloe’s monitors beep wildly. Maggie rushes out, screaming for Lexie. Some nurses rush in with a crash cart as Bo and Daniel rush over. Lexie tells Daniel she will handle it and heads into Chloe’s room. Daniel starts to follow, but Bo has some cops hold him back, telling him that this is for his own good. Daniel watches in terror as Lexie works on Chloe. She flat lines. Daniel screeches Chloe’s name as Kate looks on with a triumphant smile.


Brady tells Philip, “It's about a certain woman.” He replies, “Make that two women.”

Stephanie snaps at Melanie, “You pathetic little slut.” Melanie slaps her, “Ah!”

EJ asks Nicole suspiciously, “What is up with you?”

Maggie sobs, “Oh, dear God, no!” Daniel screams, “Chloe!”

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