Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/22/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/22/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pub, Philip leers at Melanie, slurring that the top is down on his car and he’s ready to roll. She giggles and checks her text messages. Philip leans in and winks, asking her if she wouldn’t rather ride than read. Melanie smiles, saying she would.

Nicole heads downstairs at the mansion and opens the door to find Will standing on the stoop. She explains that Johnny isn’t there, but Will says he came by to see her, not Johnny.

Mia returns to work at the Java Café. Chad is surprised Evan let her return, since she just cut her hand, but Mia says she put a Band-Aid on it and that everything is fine. Chad looks at her curiously. She asks what the matter is, and Chad says that he is just trying to figure out how and when she became such a liar.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Daniel asks Chloe what she is trying to say. Chloe explains that she is leaving Lucas. She adds that she loves Daniel, and she wants to be with him forever. Daniel smiles with relief and pulls her in for a kiss. Outside, Chris bangs on the door, shouting to the two that they need to get started. Daniel calls back to him to give them a minute. He tells Chloe that she had better meant what she said about wanting to be with him forever, because he plans on making sure nothing ever comes between them again.

At the park, Kate calls Maggie from Chloe’s phone and plays the tape recording she spliced together of Chloe and Daniel arguing. After Daniel’s threat to not let anyone have Chloe if he can’t, Kate hangs up and tosses the phone away. Maggie, who is at the hospital, calls out for Chloe worriedly. Hope comes over just then, asking what is wrong. Maggie breathlessly explains that Chloe called her, and it sounded as if something terrible happened, but she hung up and now Maggie can’t reach her. Bo rushes over, asking what is going on. Maggie explains the situation, saying worriedly that she has never heard him this angry before. Bo asks who she is talking about. Maggie says she means Daniel.

Chloe explains to Daniel that she has tried to stay away from him, but can’t. Daniel says he feels the same way, and suggests they leave together. Chloe says they can’t--not until she tells Lucas what is going on. She feels that she owes him at least that much. Chris bursts in, telling the two their minute is up, and that they have to get ready for the taping. Daniel and Chloe agree as Chris bustles around, preparing for the lights and cameras to be set up. Chloe eats another brownie. She makes a face. Daniel asks what is wrong and notices that she is burning up with a fever.

Philip asks Melanie if she is afraid of having a little fun with him. She claims she isn’t, but that she is already on a date. Philip suggests she break it. Melanie says she can’t and asks Philip to leave. He grumbles and agrees. Arianna passes by with a tray of drinks and Philip snatches one from her tray and gulps it down. Melanie sighs.

Hope and Maggie discuss the phone call from Chloe. Nathan comes over, asking if something is wrong. Hope explains that Maggie received an odd phone call, but they’re checking it out. Maggie tells Nathan he can go home if he likes, but he explains hat he already left, and they called him back again. His pager goes off and Nathan groans, hurrying off. Bo comes back, telling Maggie and Hope that he keeps getting Chloe’s voicemail. He decides to call over to the Horton house, and Chris answers. Bo asks to speak to Chloe. Chris refuses. Bo tries to explain that this is official police business, but Chris accuses him of being a sicko fan. He snaps that they are taping, and that Chloe can’t be disturbed. He hangs up. Bo tells Maggie and Hope that some crazy woman said they were taping and wouldn’t let Chloe talk. Maggie explains that that must have been Chris, Kate’s assistant. Maggie is glad that she misunderstood what she heard over the phone, but she still thinks it’s odd that Daniel sounded so angry. Bo suggests that he and Hope go over to Maggie’s and check on what’s going on with Chloe. Hope agrees.

Chloe insists that she is alright, claiming that it must have been stress that caused her recent fevers. She thinks everything will be fine now that she has decided to be with Daniel. He isn’t so sure, telling Chloe that her fevers could be a sign of infection. Kate comes in just then, telling the two to begin the medical segment, since they still have a whole show to tape afterwards. Chris gets everyone into place, and the taping begins. Chloe begins to introduce Daniel, but collapses. Daniel catches her, calling her name worriedly. Chloe doesn’t respond.

Will tells Nicole that he talked to both EJ and his mom, and he now understands that Nicole had something to do with his mom getting Johnny back. Nicole claims it was EJ’s decision, but she did what she could to help. Will reminds her she has never done anything like this before, and Nicole agrees, saying she wasn’t a very good person when she was married to his father. Will thanks her, saying what she did for Johnny was great. Nicole asks if he and Sami are getting along better, and Will nods, saying that he gets now that his mom is devastated over Grace. He even hears her crying when she doesn’t think anyone is around. Nicole gets a faraway look in her eye and says that the hardest thing in the world is to have your child taken from you. It can make you do crazy things you wouldn’t normally do. Will asks if it would make you lie. Nicole nods, saying you would do anything. Will sighs, saying again that he just wanted to come by to thank her for the wonderful thing she did. Will heads off. Nicole clutches her stomach and sobs.

Chad demands that Mia give him the name of the place she went to rehab, or her drug dealer at the very least. Mia refuses to talk to him. He insists on her giving him something specific. Mia whirls on him, furious, and tells him that the best part about rehab is the fact that he wasn’t around. Chad claims that her story is lame, and that he doesn’t buy a word of it. She says that is his problem. Chad vows to find out what is going on with Mia and hurries off.

Philip snatches another drink off of Arianna’s tray. She protests, and Philip throws a wad of cash on her tray. He gets ready to leave, but Melanie refuses to let him go, saying that he has had too much to drink. He claims he is fine. Melanie sighs, saying she knows this about Stephanie, but if Philip leaves, she’ll have to call the cops. Philip says she wouldn’t dare. She glares, daring him to try her. Philip retrieves his keys from his pocket, but drops them. Melanie grabs them before he can bend down to get them and takes Philip by the arm, telling Arianna that she’ll get him home safely. She drags Philip off as he protests.

Daniel tends to Chloe as Chris explains that the ambulance will be here in ten minutes or so. Daniel freaks out as Kate wonders why this keeps happening. He demands to know if she knew about Chloe’s other episode and Kate nods. Daniel asks her angrily why she didn’t say anything ,and Kate claims that she thought he knew about it, since he works at the hospital. Daniel groans and picks Chloe up in his arms. He barks at Kate to open the door and rushes off with Chloe.

Nicole heads into the Java Café and finds Mia sitting at a table, having just finished her shift. She greets Mia, who says she has a question for Nicole. Nicole joins her and Mia asks her if she thinks everything would be alright if EJ found out the truth about Sydney. Worried, Nicole asks if Mia has said something to Will. Mia says she hasn’t, and that this isn’t about Will. Nicole asks what it is about then, and Mia explains that it’s about Sydney’s father--her real father.

Daniel wheels Chloe into the hospital and gets her into a bed with Maxine’s help. Daniel assures Chloe that she will be fine and orders a litany of tests run on Chloe. Maxine hurries off to carry out his orders. Chloe wakes up and begs Daniel not to leave her. Daniel vows never to do so as Chloe lapses back into unconsciousness. Daniel calls out her name worriedly.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Kate and Maggie talk about Chloe’s recent bout with illness, and both wonder what is going on. Bo and Hope look on as Kate admits that Daniel has always acted a little strangely around Chloe, but he told her himself that Chloe being sick was nothing to worry about. Bo asks if Daniel had any reason to be angry with Chloe. Kate warns Maggie not to say anything. Bo reminds the two this has turned into a police investigation. Maggie says she is sorry, but she has to tell Bo and Hope the truth. She admits to the two that Chloe and Daniel had an affair.

Philip has made Melanie take him up to the Horton cabin on the pretense that he lost an expensive watch the last time he was here. Melanie isn’t buying it, and says she needs to get back to her date. Philip slurs that he would rather stay here with her. Melanie sighs, saying that this is all about Stephanie. She thinks he is drunk, and she wants to take him home. Philip refuses, saying that first, there is something she needs to know. It involves him, Stephanie, and her--especially her. Melanie stares in surprise.

Nicole remembers Mia showing her Chad’s picture and asks frantically if she has said anything to him. Mia sighs, saying she hasn’t, but it is only a matter of time before he finds out everything. She explains that Chad isn’t like Will, and that he will keep digging until he finds out the truth. Nicole asks Mia to tell her everything she knows about Chad. Mia agrees, but doesn’t see what good it will do. Nicole vows that she is going to fix this.

Kate groans, telling Maggie that she shouldn’t have said anything. She quickly explains to Bo and Hope that Chloe broke off the affair before she married Lucas. Maggie tells Kate that right before they came over here, she got a call from Chloe. She sounded scared, and Daniel was threatening her. Kate insists that Daniel would never hurt Chloe. Chris comes over just then, telling Bo and Hope about Daniel insisting on speaking to Chloe alone. Shortly afterwards, she collapsed. Kate groans, saying that she can’t believe the cops are trying to pin Chloe’s illness on Daniel. She reminds them all angrily that the man is a doctor. Besides, he didn’t even have time to do anything to Chloe. Bo asks if she is sure about that.

Daniel checks on Chloe, who is now awake. She admits that she feels better, but that her head is still spinning. Daniel ask her if she remembers eating or drinking anything before they started taping the show. Chloe says that she usually doesn’t eat or drink anything before taping, but she does remember having a couple of the brownies they were going to show on the medical segment.

Hope questions Kate as to what Chloe was doing earlier in the day. Kate explains that she was hosting the show, so they were getting ready for that all afternoon. Hope asks what that entailed, and Kate explains that Chloe and Daniel were taping a medical segment. They had some brownies, which Chloe was supposed to sample. Bo says they need to get the brownies down to the lab for testing. Hope asks if anything out of the ordinary happened. Kate says nothing did--expect one thing. Hope asks what it is. Kate explains that Daniel had quit the show and was planning on leaving town.

Daniel asks a nurse to call Bo and tell him that they may have a possible poisoning on their hands. The woman agrees and hurries off. Maxine darts over, yelling that Chloe is having a seizure. Chloe flops around on the bed as Daniel hurries over. He tries to assure her that everything is alright and begs her to hold on.

Philip complains to Melanie that he thought he and Stephanie would be married, and that they would love each other forever. He complains that she will never be able to deal with the person he truly is. He remembers that Melanie was actually the first person to tell him that. Melanie reminds him that he loves Stephanie, but Philip says that he finally realizes that it is never going to work out for the two of them. Now he will have to be alone. Melanie asks him if he really feels that way. Philip leers, asking her to tell him if it’s true or not.

Daniel reassures a now conscious Chloe that she had a seizure, but that she seems to be ok now. He urges her to get some rest. Chloe drifts back to sleep as Maxine warns Daniel that Chloe’s blood pressure is dropping rapidly. Daniel calls out for a dopamine drip as Maxine monitors Chloe’s blood pressure. She tells Daniel worriedly that Chloe is coding, and that they’re going to lose her. Frantic, Daniel vows that that he won’t let that happen.

Bo questions Kate and Maggie about Chloe, Daniel, and Daniel’s recent decision to leave town. Kate tells them about Lucas and Chloe going over to Daniel’s place to pick out a wardrobe, and Chloe feeling strange afterwards. Bo tells Hope that he is going to get CSI over to Daniel’s apartment, and asks if she can handle things here. She says she can and Bo heads off. Hope gets a phone call, listens, then hangs up. She tells Maggie and Kate that they need to get down to the hospital. Maggie gasps. So does Kate, but then turns her back and beams.

Daniel asks Maxine if they have a back-up drug on hand I case the dopamine doesn’t do the trick. She nods and Daniel monitors her blood pressure as it continues to drop. He calls out for Chloe, pleading with her to hang on.

Mia sits in the park and types in her journal, saying that she is worried Chad will keep digging until he finds out about their baby. She adds that he’s mean, so he will probably tell everyone, including Will. Just then, Will walks up behind Mia.

Nicole sits at the pier. Chad comes past her and she stops him, greeting him. He introduces himself, and asks who she is. She explain that she is his worst nightmare.

Nathan heads into the pub, looking for Melanie. Arianna explains that she left with Philip. Nathan’s face falls.

Melanie demands that she and Philip leave. She refuses to sit around here and be Philip’s rebound, as she knows he is still in love with Stephanie. Philip insists that there has been a connection between them ever since they first met. Melanie denies it. Philip dares her to prove it. He moves in on her and the two kiss.

Chloe’s blood pressure begins to stabilize. Daniel soothes her as Lexie comes in. He tells her that he thinks Chloe is going to be alright, but Lexie says she has new that will change everything.

At Daniel’s place, Bo calls for a warrant. Another cop comes over with a baggie with medicine in it. Bo checks the label and sees that the drug is leukocystine--the drug Kate was using to poison Chloe’s food.

Nicole tells Chad that it is her job to make sure Mia stays clean and sober, and he is jeopardizing that by bothering Mia all the time. She tells Chad angrily that it is his fault Mia started using in the first place, and that if he doesn’t back off, she will make sure his parents send him to a military school in Alabama next time. Chad gulps and promises to lay off of Mia.

Will asks Mia what she was writing about as she slams her laptop closed. She says it was nothing, but Will thinks she looks upset. Mia says she is and sighs. She tells Will that he has been good to her, and he deserves to know everything.

Melanie accuses Philip of being rude and threatens to leave. He apologizes. She asks if he means it. He grabs her and kisses her, saying she knows he doesn’t.

Bo calls Hope and tells her about the drug found in Daniel’s apartment. She promises to check it out and hangs up, asking Maggie if she knows what leukocystine is. She says she doesn’t, but suggests that Hope ask Jennifer, the other nurse. Hope heads off. Kate comes over to Maggie, saying it looks like Chloe will be alright. Maggie says the whole thing doesn’t make sense. Daniel would never hurt Chloe. Kate says she doesn’t think so either, but sometimes a person can be driven to do crazy things by anger.

Lexie tells Daniel that they found leukocystine in Chloe’s system. Flabbergasted, he says it could cause organ failure. Lexie asks what they should do, and Daniel orders Maxine to get a drug for him to counteract the effects. Lexie tells Daniel the police are involved. He says they should be, since Chloe shouldn’t have been taking that drug. Maxine comes back with the drug and Daniel gives it to Chloe, trying to soothe her and urging her to hold on.

Hope tells Kate and Maggie that they may have found some damaging evidence in Daniels apartment. They ask what it is, but Hope refuses to say anymore other than that Daniel is now being treated as a suspect. Kate grins.

Lexie looks on as Daniel urges Chloe to wake up.


Stephanie asks Nathan, “So you're saying Melanie stood you up for Philip?”

Mia tells Will, “There's something else about me.”

Daniel asks, “What the hell is going on here?” Bo replies, “Why don't you tell me?”

Kate tells Hope, “This is completely my fault. I'm responsible.”

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