Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/21/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/21/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Philip jogs into the park and drops to his hands and knees to do pushups. Daniel jogs by, see Philip and stops, asking him if he’s doing a set to get the breakup out of his system. Philip grunts that it’s something like that. Daniel wishes him luck, saying that he hopes it works out better for Philip than it has for him.

At the hospital, Kate stands in Chloe’s room, asking her if she is sure she is ready to go home. Chloe nods, saying that her fever and her dizziness is gone. Besides, the doctors have run every test known to man, and they still aren’t sure that something is really wrong with her. Kate is glad to hear it, and asks Chloe if she thinks she is up for the TV taping they had scheduled for today. She adds that she would normally just reschedule, but today is the last day Daniel will be available. Shocked, Chloe asks if he is leaving town today. Kate nods, telling Chloe that she must be relieved that she won’t have to see Daniel or be tempted by him anymore.

At Sami’s townhouse, Rafe stares at the directions Sami left him for her picnic spot and groans, saying he can’t believe she wants to meet there. Just then, Roman knocks on the door. Rafe lets him in, and Roman explains that he came by to give a baseball glove to Johnny. Rafe tells him that the twins are with Caroline for the day. Roman sighs, saying he thought that Sami would have liked to spend the day with the son she fought so hard to get back, but he understands that life gets in the way sometimes. He looks around and notices some boxes piled by the door. He asks Rafe if he has moved in. Rafe nods, asking if that is a problem. Roman claims he is just surprised Sami didn’t tell him. He guesses that she feared he wouldn’t approve. Rafe sighs, guessing that he doesn’t.

Sami spreads a picnic blanket under some trees in a wooded area. She hears a young woman sobbing nearby and crying out for Emily. Sami approaches, and the woman jumps, startled. Sami apologizes, and the woman admits she didn’t expect anyone to be here, since it is such an out of the way spot. She sighs, adding that it is beautiful here, but she still can’t believe what happened. Sami stares at her, curious.

Melanie heads into Maggie’s kitchen. Maggie greets her, asking her what her plans are for the day, and if she plans on heading over to the cabin Melanie makes a face and shakes her head. She adds hurriedly that she thinks the cabin is lovely, but it reminds her of all of her matchmaking flops. Maggie suggests she take up a new hobby and Melanie agrees, saying even she can tell that Stephanie and Philip are over. Maggie asks her if she was just testing them to see if they’re done, and Melanie nods, saying that Stephanie and Philip are done--no question about it.

At the hospital, Stephanie stops Nathan by the nurse’s station, explaining that she is doing a press release on the new interns, and needs some information about him. Nathan agrees, and Stephanie adds that she wants to do a feature on the Horton legacy and Nathan. He asks her why, and she explains that it’s because his story is so fascinating. She smiles shyly, saying she is looking forward to hearing it.

Sami asks the woman if something happened here, but she says nothing did. She adds that she is still having a hard time finding peace in this place, since its filled with memories of her sister, Emily. Sami flashes back to looking at Emily’s memorial card, and wondering why she died the day she was set to marry Rafe. Meanwhile, the woman apologizes to Sami for losing it in front of her. She bawls, saying she just misses her sister so much. Sami tries to soothe her, saying she understands. She asks what happened to Emily, but the woman ignores her, saying that she and her sister had a lot of happy memories here together and with her sister’s fiancé. She sighs, adding that this was Emily’s favorite place.

Daniel warns Philip to take it easy with the pushups, as he took a bullet to the chest not that long ago. Philip grunts that people heal fast in Salem. Daniel starts in on his own pushups, and Philip asks if he has something on his mind, too. Daniel complains that Philip is making him lose count. Philip ignores him, saying that his Dad told him Daniel was leaving town. Daniel nods, saying it’s time to move on. Philip asks him if this has anything to do with woman troubles. Daniel sighs and nods, saying he just thinks it would be easier for him if he started over someplace else. He jogs off.

Chloe asks Kate if she knows why Daniel is leaving town, and Kate says that it is because of Chloe, of course. Chloe says she doesn’t understand. She adds that she and Daniel discussed it, and they both decided they could live in Salem and work together. She doesn’t get why he is now willing to give up his job and his life here. Kate asks Chloe if she is upset that Daniel is leaving.

Roman tells Rafe that Sami is a grown woman. What she decides to do with her life is her business. Rafe thinks that Roman still has issues with him, and Roman sighs, admitting that it’s true. He doesn’t appreciate that Rafe’s lies almost caused Sami to lose two of her children. However, he also realizes that Rafe’s heart is in the right place, and that he only wants the best for Sami. Roman adds that Rafe needs to know that it takes a very special person to love Sami the way she needs to be loved. Rafe chuckles, saying that he is catching onto that pretty quickly. Roman says that Rafe also needs to know that he thinks Rafe might be the first guy that could do that for Sami. Rafe thanks him for the vote of confidence. Roman warns Rafe to take care of Sami, and to not let her get hurt again.

Sami chokes up, telling the woman how sorry she is for her loss. She asks Sami if everything is alright, and Sami confides in her about losing her own daughter not that long ago. She adds sadly that the grief is never really that far away. She introduces herself, and the woman does the same, telling Sami that her name is Meredith Hudson. Surprised, Sami repeats her last name to make sure she heard it right. Meredith nods.

Melanie comes downstairs dressed up to go to dinner. Maggie compliments her and asks where she is going. Melanie explains that Nathan is taking her out to dinner to celebrate her passing then nursing exam. Maggie hugs her and tells her once again how proud she is of her, adding that she is going to make a wonderful nurse one day. Melanie thanks her for having faith in her, and says she has to go. Maggie tells her to have a good time. Before she goes, Melanie assures Maggie that the dinner with Nathan is no big deal. She chuckles uncomfortably, saying that they have dinner together here all the time. She heads off. Maggie sighs.

Nathan and Daniel greet one another near the nurse’s station. Daniel explains that he is just wrapping a few things up before he leaves. He gives Nathan some advice, joking that sleep is overrated. Nathan grins and sys he doesn’t even know the meaning of the word. He asks Daniel if he will look at a patient’s file before he goes. The woman has a complicated medical history, and they can’t figure out what’s wrong. He figured he would ask Daniel since he is the best diagnostician around. Daniel agrees to take a look and Nathan begins to pull up her file on the computer. Just then, he gets a page and tells Daniel ruefully that he has to go. Daniel says he is sorry, but he must leave as well, as he has a lot of things to do. Nathan says he understands and wishes Daniel luck. Daniel reminds him that luck is overrated. He asks Nathan to do him proud and heads off. Nathan promises to do his best.

Chloe tells Kate that she is actually relived that Daniel is leaving. Kate agrees, saying that Daniel deserves a fresh start. She asks Chloe if she has spoken to Lucas, and she says she has. He called, wanting to come home to be with her, but she told him she was fine, and that he didn’t need to come back to town right away. Kate assures Chloe that everything will be alright, as lightning never strikes a third time. Chloe nods, excusing herself to go change for the taping. She heads into the bathroom. Kate grins, telling herself that actually, the third time is the charm. She takes Chloe’s phone from her purse and puts it into her own.

Rafe vows that he will protect Sami with his life, and that he will never let anything happen to her. Roman says that he had better not, and that he plans on holding Rafe to his word.

Meredith tells Sami that she has to go, but Sami stops her, saying that she hopes Meredith doesn’t mind her asking, but she wants to know how Emily died.

Kate and Chloe head inside Maggie’s kitchen. Kate tells Chloe and Chris that she wants to add a scarf to Chloe’s outfit. Maggie says she has several upstairs, and Kate sends the three off to pick one out. She spies a plate of brownies and heads over to them, poisoning them with the medicine she procured. She tells herself grimly that now that Daniel is leaving town, this must be endgame. She grins, reminding herself that Daniel hates chocolate, so these are all for Chloe.

Melanie comes into the pub and greets Arianna, saying that she hopes she isn’t still angry. Arianna says she isn’t, and Melanie apologizes for butting into her life, saying it was wrong, but she still think she and Brady are right for each other. Arianna quickly changes the subject, and she and Melanie discuss her dinner with Nathan. Melanie assures Arianna that it isn’t a date. She checks her watch ruefully, noting that Nathan is late.

Nathan greets Stephanie at the nurse’s station and then checks his watch, saying that he’s late for dinner. Stephanie asks where he is going, and Nathan explains that he is meeting Melanie at the pub. Stephanie asks if it’s a date, but Nathan says that Melanie owes him dinner over a poker game. Stephanie grimaces. Nathan asks what the look is for, and Stephanie says it’s nothing. She’s the last person that should be doling out relationship advice, anyway. She tells Nathan to have a good time, and he heads off. Stephanie flashes back to breaking off her engagement, and telling Philip that she can no longer hide from the truth. Just then, her reverie is interrupted by Philip, who walks into the hospital just then. Stephanie stares.

Meredith tells Sami that she would rather not talk about what happened. Sami says she understands, and Meredith heads off. Rafe comes over just then, greeting Sami. She asks if he had a hard time finding the place, and he shakes his head, saying that she gave him good directions. She asks him what he thinks of the spot, and he says it’s beautiful, just like she is. Sami frowns. Rafe asks her what is wrong.

Stephanie greets Philip. He wonders if he is allowed to greet her, since she asked him not to talk to her anymore. She sighs, asking him not to make this harder than it already is. Philip apologizes, and the two make small talk about Stephanie’s new job. Philip explains that he is here for a board meeting. The girl that had Stephanie’s job before was his main contact, so Stephanie is out of luck if she thinks he is out of sight and out of mind. He chuckles. Stephanie sighs.

Nathan heads into the pub and greets Melanie. Arianna comes over and takes their drink orders. Nathan asks Melanie if Maggie knows about her passing the nursing exam, and Melanie smiles, saying she made a pretty big deal out of it. She adds that Maggie always sees the best in her, even what little there is of it. Nathan asks her not to put herself down, and Melanie grins, saying that she’s a wonderful person. Nathan tells her that’s better. Just then, his pager goes off. Nathan sighs, saying ruefully that he has to go back to the hospital. He asks if he and Melanie can take a rain check on dinner, but she offers to wait on him. He promises to make it up to her, and that he will be back soon. He heads off. Melanie sighs, saying she’ll be here.

Chloe and Chris come downstairs, Chloe donning a new scarf. Daniel comes in just then, asking for a word alone with Chloe. Chris says they don’t have time, but Kate rushes over, asking Chris to give the two a moment alone. She offers Chloe a brownie, and she takes one. Kate and Chris head off. Chloe tastes the brownie as Daniel asks her if she heard he was leaving town. She nods, asking him if things didn’t work out with the woman he was seeing. He asks what she means. Chloe explains that Lucas told her that Daniel was seeing someone else. Daniel says that isn’t true, and that actually, Chloe is the only woman for him.

Sami tells Rafe that she just has a little chill, adding that she was worried about him. Rafe explains that he was late because her father stopped by. Sami gasps, telling Rafe that she didn’t tell him about the two moving in together. Rafe says that Roman figured it out, and he eventually gave them his blessing. Sami is relieved. Rafe pours some wine and proposes a toast--to them and their future. Sami smiles wanly and the two toast.

Stephanie tells Philip that she knew she wouldn’t be able to put him out of sight and out of mind. She adds that she plans on being completely professional about this, and hopes that one day they can be friends. Philip scoffs, saying he is sorry, but he doesn’t think he can handle that. He stomps off.

Kate lambastes Chris outside Maggie’s house. She claims she asked him to get an antique picture for the set, but Chris doesn’t remember it. He offers to go pick it up, but Kate retorts that she will get it herself, so she can be sure it arrives safely. She storms off. Chris stares after her, confused.

Chloe tells Daniel to forget it, but he says he can’t, again assuring her that he isn’t seeing anyone. Chloe admits to Daniel that while she was sick, she kept going in and out of consciousness, and she’d dream about the two of them and their future together. She knows that she made a promise to God to commit to Lucas, but she now realizes that she made a big mistake by marrying him. Daniel tries to stop her, but Chloe barrels on, saying that she thought she loved and needed Lucas, but truthfully, Daniel was the first person that made her realize what true love was. She now knows that Daniel is the only man she will ever really love.

Sami and Rafe kiss. She reminds him of their last date, where she fell in the water, and then they almost got arrested. Rafe hopes it won’t happen again and asks her if this is protected land. She chuckles, saying it isn’t. Rafe says he is glad, and the two kiss passionately.

Philip and one of the women from the board meeting walk past Stephanie, laughing and flirting. Philip asks her out to dinner, and she promises to take him up on the offer some other time. She heads off. Stephanie glares. Philip gives her a knowing look and heads off. She sighs as Nathan comes over. He asks if that was her former boyfriend, and Stephanie nods, confiding in Nathan that they were engaged. Nathan jokes, asking Stephanie if she wants him to kill Philip. She smiles. Nathan doesn’t think Philip seems to be broken up about it, but guesses he is just pretending. Stephanie sighs, saying it’s hard to believe that Philip is acting like she is dead to him after he practically died in her arms. She guesses that that is her own fault, though. Nathan tells her that he is sorry. Stephanie admits that she is, too.

Chloe apologizes to Daniel for having such bad timing. She adds that she thinks that he deserves his freedom, and that she has been nothing but trouble for him. He disagrees, telling her that he loves her. He hugs her, saying that he has been waiting for this moment for a long time. He takes her face in his hands, noticing that she feels warm. She explains that she went back to this hospital earlier with a fever, but they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Daniel, worried, vows to find out what is wrong with her. He adds that he is not going to leave town while she is sick, either. He promises Chloe that he won’t let anything happen to her ever again.

Sami interrupts the kiss, telling Rafe that she needs to go get the twins. He offers to go with her, but she declines, reminding him that they drove here separately. She asks him to get the blanket and other things and rushes off. Rafe sighs, telling her he’ll see her at home.

Maggie heads into the hospital and greets Nathan. She asks about his dinner with Melanie, and Nathan explains that he had to come back here for an emergency. He admits that only has one more patient to deal with, but says that he ought to call Melanie to explain why he is taking so long. Maggie nods and agrees that he ought to do so.

Arianna asks Melanie how long she plans on waiting for Nathan. She shrugs, saying she doesn’t have anything better to do. Arianna wonders if she wishes she’d rather be on date with Philip. Melanie shakes her head, saying she is trying to reform, so a good guy is more her speed right now. Just then, Philip walks in. Arianna excuses herself and watches as Philip comes over to Melanie, asking if he can join her. She agrees and Philip sits down, telling her about his new Ferrari. He asks if she wants to take a spin in it with him. She chuckles uncomfortably.

Chloe tells Daniel that she doesn’t ever want to leave him. He asks about her promise to God, but Chloe claims that she doesn’t care about that anymore. Besides, she can’t help the way she feels. She adds that she knows that she has been unfair to both him and Lucas, and Lucas deserves a woman that can love him with her whole heart. Daniel asks what she is saying, his voice shaking. Chloe explains that she is leaving Lucas. She loves Daniel, and she wants to be with him forever. The two kiss passionately.

Kate calls Chris from the pier and tells him she has the picture, and is on her way back. He is still outside, and explains that Chloe and Daniel have been in the kitchen together for a long time. Kate asks him to close the set, and says that she’ll be there in five minutes. She sits on a bench and takes out Chloe’s phone.

Stephanie and Maggie make small talk about Maggie’s volunteer work. Just then, Maggie’s phone rings, and she answers, thinking it’s Chloe. Kate plays a tape recorded conversation she spliced together over the phone. Chloe tells Daniel that they can’t do this anymore. Daniel says that if he can’t have Chloe, then no one will. Worriedly, Maggie calls out for Chloe, asking if she is alright. Kate grins.

Rafe unpacks in Sami’s townhouse. He sighs, telling himself that she should be back by now.

Sami meets up with Roman in front of the pub. She says she has a favor to ask. Roman tells her he’ll take care of it, and she explains that she needs information on Meredith Hudson. Roman asks why, but Sami says she can’t tell him. Roman agrees to look into it for her, and Sami thanks him, saying she needs to know everything possible about the woman, and her family.


Bo tells Chloe and Kate, “You do realize this is turning into a police investigation.”

Nicole tells Mia, “I want to know everything about this boy.”

Philip tells Melanie, “Look, there's something that you need to know.”

A nurse tells Daniel, “ She's gonna code.” He replies, “No, she's not. She will not code. I will not lose her.”

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