Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/20/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/20/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At Sami’s place, Sami talks on the phone with Caroline, promising to come over later with a change of clothes for the twins. Rafe comes in just then, complaining of the heat in the townhouse. He tells Sami that he wants to take her on a picnic to their favorite spot. Sami says she has a better idea, and tells him that she wants to show him her secret spot, now that she has seen his. Rafe grins, saying he likes the sound of that. Sami says she does, too, and the two kiss.

At the pub, Brady heads over to Arianna, asking jokingly what a guy has to do to get service around here. Arianna sighs, telling Brady that she is glad he showed up, since they need to get a few things straight.

At Maggie’s place, Maggie hugs Melanie, congratulating her on acing her nursing exam. Melanie thanks her. Maggie picks up a notebook on the table, asking Melanie if it is hers, but she says it isn’t. Mia comes in just then, saying that it is her notebook. Maggie flips through it as Mia explains that it’s full of short stories she‘s written. Maggie notes that the writing is beautiful, but says that it seems as if it’s written by someone very mature and with plenty of life experience. Mia gulps as Melanie stares at the two in surprise.

Will heads into the Java Café, and asks Chad coldly if Mia is there. Chas says she isn’t. He explains that he knows he and Will got off on the wrong foot, but needs to ask Will a question. Will agrees to listen, and Chad tells him that he talked to Kinsey, and learned that Mia is telling everyone she went to rehab. Will tells him gruffly that that is Mia’s business, and he refuses to discuss it. Chad sighs, saying he can’t believe Will is buying Mia’s story about going to rehab. He scoffs, adding that he sure doesn’t.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano tells Nicole that she doesn’t need to worry about Rafe or Sami, but she does need to worry about that girl Mia. Nicole assures Stefano that she has handled things with Mia, and that she won’t be a problem. EJ comes in just then with Sydney. Nicole tells him what a wonderful father he is, and he says she isn’t the only one that thinks so. Nicole takes Sydney from him, asking what he means. EJ says he had a long talk with a friend of hers, actually--Mia. Nicole’s face falls. Stefano stares at her worriedly.

Arianna apologizes to Brady about what happened between them the other day. She explains ruefully that she is just nervous from trying to impress Caroline and trying to be a good manager. Brady asks her if she is sure it had nothing to do with him. Arianna frowns, asking him if he usually makes women nervous. He says he doesn’t, but he does know he makes her feel that way. Arianna smiles, admitting that that’s true. She asks him if he wants something on the house, but Brady declines, saying he just came in for a protein shake. He points out where he’ll be sitting and heads off.

Rafe turns the air down and he and Sami prepare to head off. Just then, a loud rattling sounds through the apartment. Sami stops in the doorway, asking Rafe what that noise is.

EJ explains to Sami that he ran into Mia and Will in the park, and he asked Will a few questions about Grace, since Will had spent a lot of time with her. That was when he learned that Mia, a complete stranger, spent more time with his daughter than he did. Nicole tells EJ how sorry she is, but he says she doesn’t have to be. Sami is the one that lied to him. EJ sighs, saying that he knows he isn’t supposed to pay her back himself, but he is still sure she will be punished somehow. He glares, adding that Sami and her little friend Rafe will have their day. Nicole gulps.

Arianna brings Brady his shake and tells him she put in an extra banana, just the way she likes it. He sighs, saying she is sending a lot of mixed signals. Arianna apologizes, and admits that she knows that she can be confusing. She asks him if they can start over and jokingly introduces herself. She adds that she wants him to have an enjoyable experience at the pub, since he is a customer. He chuckles, saying her sales pitch is convincing, as she heads back over to the bar. Arianna sighs and tells herself that Brady is a nice guy. She wonders why she can’t seem to let her past issues go.

Maggie tells Mia that she would like to read the rest of her story someday, and Mia agrees. Maggie adds that it makes sense that Mia writes with such sensitivity and insight, considering what she has been through. Mia asks what she means, and Maggie reminds her of her addiction. She asks if Mia is thinking of something else, but Mia chuckles nervously, saying that the rehab was enough. Maggie assures her that she knows how tough it is, especially since Mia doesn’t have a family to support her. Maggie tells Mia that she can consider her her family now. Mia thanks her. Maggie suggests that Mia start a journal as a form of therapy, and Mia agrees that it’s a good idea.

Will demands to know if Chad is accusing Mia of lying about going to rehab. Chad scoffs, saying that all he knows is that Mia didn’t touch anything in high school--not even cigarettes. Will suggests that Chad might not know Mia as well as he thinks, but Chad says that he and Mia were inseparable in high school, and that Will can ask anyone at Salem West about them. He adds nastily that maybe Will is the one that doesn’t know anything about Mia. Will tells Chad to go to hell and stomps off.

Rafe tells Sami ruefully that the sir conditioning is broken. She sighs and goes to call a repairman, but Rafe stops her, saying he plans on losing his shirt and fixing it himself. Sami asks suspiciously if he has ever repaired one before. Rafe says he hasn’t, but says he does have experience with classic cars. He heads off for a ladder. Sami rolls her eyes and smiles, muttering under her breath about Agent “Fix-It.”

EJ heads off to take a phone call from Dubai, and Stefano confronts Nicole about Mia again. She assures him that she can handle Mia, and again expresses concern about Rafe. Stefano reassures her, telling her that Elvis was right--Rafe and Sami’s day will come. Nicole asks what he means, and if he plans on Rafe and Sami getting struck by lightning. Stefano chuckles, saying he doesn’t plan on relying on an act of God. He adds that Sami will never learn that Grace was Mia’ child and not hers. Nicole thanks him just as EJ walks in. EJ asks Nicole what she is thanking Stefan for.

Will meets his friend Tad at the pier. Tad invites Will and Mia to the beach with him and some kids from Salem West. Will says he will consider it, and asks Tad if he remembers how he told him how closed off Mia was about her past. Tad remembers, and suggests Will just talk to Mia about it. Will says he already has, and doesn’t want to seem pushy. Tad asks him if he thinks he’ll be able to find out some more information from some of the kids from Salem West. Will starts to agree, but then tells Tad to never mind. He says he thinks that Mia has a right to her privacy, and besides, he already knows everything he needs to know about her.

Chad walks over to Mia at the café, asking if she is alright. She says she is. Chad expresses his sympathy for what happened. Mia asks what he is talking about, and Chad says that he heard all about the real reason she had to leave school; Mia drops the mug she was cleaning and it shatters on the floor.

Stefano explains to EJ that he was telling Nicole about a trust fund he set up for Sydney. Nicole nods, and tells EJ that she was planning on taking a walk. She asks if he would like to go with her and the baby, but EJ claims that he has too much work to do. Stefano says goodbye to the two and heads off with Sydney. EJ asks Stefano what is really going on between him and Nicole, since she already knows about Sydney’s trust fund. Stefano says she clearly doesn’t, since she was both surprised and delighted by the news. EJ declares that this isn’t just about the trust fund. Stefano and Nicole have been thick as thieves for days now, and EJ wants to know what is going on.

Brady pays Arianna for his shake, and she tells him that she really is sorry that things have gotten so awkward between them. He says he understands that it is all because of his past, but Arianna admits that it is cowardly of her to live in fear the way she does. Brady thinks she might not want to take the risk because her feelings aren’t strong enough. Arianna says that might be it, and that you should feel like you can’t control your feelings in order to take a risk like that. Brady suggests they test their feelings. Arianna asks what he means. Brady pulls her in for a kiss.

Sami calls up to Rafe, who is in the attic. She asks him if he is nearly finished, and he says he is. She heads off for some iced tea. Rafe starts to head down the ladder, calling out for Sami to hold the ladder, as he thinks he has the air fixed. Sami comes back into the room, asking if he said something. Just then, Rafe tumbles from the ladder and hits the floor. Sami rushes over worriedly, calling his name.

Mia asks Chad how he knows why she left school. He sighs, saying he still can’t believe she went to rehab after all the time she spent on his case for getting high. Mia, relieved, asks if he is talking about her stint in rehab. Chad nods, asking what else he would be talking about. Mia fidgets.

Stefano sighs, admitting that it was foolish of him and Nicole to think that they could hide this from EJ. EJ glares, asking him to tell him what he is talking about. Stefano admits that his and Nicole’s secret has to do with EJ’s daughter.

Chad asks Mia what she was taking, and Mia says that she did any drug she could get her hands on. Chad is surprised, but Mia reminds him that things changed after he left. She knows it isn’t his fault his parents shipped him off, but he didn’t call--not even once. Chad says he didn’t think that Mia cared that much. Her voice breaks, asking if he is kidding. Chad takes her hand, noticing that she cut herself. Will walks in just in time to see Chad holding her hand in his. Will glares.

Nicole sits outside the pub with Sydney. She notices Brady and Arianna kissing through the window. Inside, Brady tells Arianna that he has a meeting, but will see her later. He heads off as the bartender gives Arianna a knowing smile. Nicole greets Brady as he heads out. She asks if he is ok, as he seems a little tense. He asks her why he would be tense and Nicole grins, saying that she probably ought to ask Arianna.

EJ starts to lay into Stefano, but Stefano says that this is about Grace, not Sydney. He goes on to say that he and Nicole can both tell that he is devastated by the loss of Grace, and they are both worried about him. EJ is angry that they didn’t just come talk to him about it, but Stefano says that they didn’t want to cause him any more pain. EJ sighs, saying he knows this is hard for Nicole. They were just talking about Sami again today and the mess EJ is involved in because of her. Stefano assures EJ that he doesn’t have to worry about Sami anymore. He adds that she is going to get her comeuppance, and then EJ will never have to think of her ever again.

Sami sobs and throws herself into Rafe’s arms, crying hysterically. He reassures her that everything is fine, but Sami is inconsolable. She bawls, saying that she can’t ever lose him.

Will rushes into the café, asking if Mia is alright. She says she is and heads off to the kitchen to look for a first aid kit. Chad tells Will nastily that he and Mia were talking about how bummed she was when they split up. Will claims that he knows Mia doesn’t want to have anything to do with Chad, and adds that she doesn’t like him hanging around. Chad ignores him, saying he just hopes Mia doesn’t start using drugs again. Mia comes back out, telling the two that Evan gave her the rest of the day off. Will offers to take her home, but Mia declines. She heads off. Chad scoffs, telling Will says he is sorry, but Mia just isn’t that into him.

Nicole admits to Brady that she thinks something is off about Arianna and her brother. Brady rolls his eyes, saying he doesn’t have time for this, as he has a meeting. He heads off. Nicole walks into the pub and greets Arianna, asking for an iced tea. When Arianna returns with it, Nicole tries to make small talk about Rafe, but Arianna cuts her off, saying she has no intention on discussing her brother with anyone--particularly not someone who has it in for him. Nicole scoffs.

Sami apologizes to Rafe for being such a basket-case lately. Rafe says he understands, and that she has the right to feel sad right now. She sighs, wishing this awful feeling would go away. She asks Rafe how he dealt with losing Emily. Rafe sighs, saying that sad feeling doesn’t ever really go away, but eventually you move on. He hugs Sami, saying he is just glad that he found her and was able to fall in love again.

Melanie heads into the pub, asking Arianna why she called. Arianna tells Melanie that she wants her to back the hell off and stay out of her life for good. Melanie gapes.

Maggie and Brady run into one another at the pier. They make small talk, and Maggie notices that something is wrong. Brady admits that he took her advice about backing off from the woman who he’s interested in, but then he found himself seeking her out and kissing her. Maggie asks if that confused him. Brady sighs, saying that Maggie was right, and that he can’t let himself get involved with someone right now.

Will warns Chad again to stay away from Mia. He storms off. Chad smirks, saying that Will might buy Mia’s story about going to rehab, but he doesn’t. He wonders what is really going on with her.

Back in Maggie’s kitchen, Mia starts her journal on a laptop. She types and talks aloud, telling herself that lying seems to be making things worse, but she can’t tell Chad she was pregnant. If he knew, he would figure out he was the father. She sighs, saying that if he knew she gave their baby away, it would ruin everything.

Sami thanks Rafe for all of his help, and adds that since they are running out of time before she picks the twins up, she was thinking she could drop the clothes off for the twins and then meet Rafe at her secret spot after he showers. Rafe agrees and heads off, jokingly giving Sami a hard time about not holding the ladder. She chuckles as she writes the directions down for him so he can find her picnic spot.

Nicole breezes into the mansion and finds EJ glowering in a chair. He tells her that he and his father had a long talk, and that he knows what the two of them have been hiding. In a panic, Nicole begs EJ to let her explain.

Arianna demands to know why Melanie spoke to Brady again. Melanie claims that she just told Brady that Arianna liked him, and that she wanted to help the two, since they are perfect for each other. Arianna disagrees, telling Melanie that she and Brady are never going to happen. Melanie thinks there is something more going on here than Brady’s sketchy past with drugs. Arianna denies it, but Melanie accuses her of lying and stalks off. Arianna sighs, admitting that Melanie is right, and that she was lying.

EJ tells Nicole that Stefano explained how worried they have both been about him since Grace died, and while he appreciates their concern and empathy, he doesn’t want Nicole keeping any more secrets. She agrees not to do so, and EJ reminds her gently that these things have away of always coming out. Nicole sweats.

Rafe looks at the directions Sami left and panics, saying aloud that they can’t meet there.

Sami spreads a picnic blanket under some trees. She hears a woman nearby sobbing and crying out for Emily. Sami stares.


Daniel says, “There is no other woman for me, Chloe.”

Stephanie tells Nathan, “You and Melanie have a great time.” He replies, “ Thanks…”

Melanie wonders, “Where are you, Nathan?”

Rafe proposes a toast with Sami, “To us... and our future together.”

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