Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/10/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/10/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the Horton cabin, Melanie deals another hand of poker. She and Arianna are fully dressed, while Nathan and Brady are down to their underwear. Melanie makes a joke about how stuffy it is in here. She deals the last hand as the boys grumble. Brady suddenly asks her how many jacks are out on the table. Without thinking, Melanie replies that two are. Brady angrily accuses her of counting cards after she claimed not to know much about poker. Nathan chuckles, saying sarcastically that he is shocked at Melanie’s dishonesty. He adds that he understands. He flexes his muscles, saying this isn’t the first time a girl has been driven to desperate measures over his body. Melanie scoffs.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip tells Bo that he isn’t making this easy, but Bo doesn’t think he’s told Philip anything he didn’t already know. Philip scoffs, asking if Bo is saying that he knew all along that Stephanie was the anti-Kiriakis. Bo nods, saying Philip went and fell in love with her anyway. Philip sighs, asking if he is supposed to walk away from his father and Titan. Bo nods. Philip claims this isn’t about the money, but Bo already knows that Philip can make his own money elsewhere. There’s no way in hell he would ever get this much power anywhere else, however. Philip sighs, saying he knows he is supposed to pretend that it all doesn’t matter. Bo counsels him not to pretend anything, since Stephanie deserves honesty. Philip admits that he loves her and doesn’t want to lose her.

At the pub, Victor confronts Stephanie about her conversation with Nicole, reminding her that she is about to become a Kiriakis. Stephanie says she isn’t, actually, and that she and Philip are over. She adds angrily that Victor may have Philip under his thumb, but not her. She’s leaving Philip and his family, and there is nothing Victor can do about it.

Nicole bursts into the DiMera mansion and tells EJ they need to talk about the Sami thing, because everything has changed. EJ asks what she means and Nicole tells him about Stephanie and Philip’s breakup, and the fact that Stephanie plans on testifying at the custody hearing that EJ had her kidnapped.

Bo asks Philip if he is still holding on to the idea that he might be able to keep Stephanie and his position in Titan, and Philip admits that it’s an appealing prospect. Bo sighs, reminding Philip of what Stephanie went through. After a while, she probably realized she was changing too, and didn’t like the person she was becoming. He adds that Philip has to make a decision here. Philip retorts that isn’t as easy for him as it was for Bo. Bo has a job and family he loves, but Philip can’t ever love another job as much as he loves his job at Titan. He sighs, saying that Bo has it all, but all he really has is Stephanie.

Victor tells Stephanie that she has made it clear that no one can force her to do anything she doesn’t want to. He also apologizes for his reaction, saying it just saddens him to see her and Philip breaking up, since no one has made Philip as happy as Stephanie has. Stephanie says this isn’t about love, it’s about survival. Victor sighs, saying she has been through a lot in a short time. He begs her to consider this decision carefully.

Nicole tells EJ that Stephanie plans on doing anything she can to help Sami get custody of Johnny. EJ groans, saying that this is unfortunate. Nicole says he can’t be surprised that Stephanie wants to get back at him, and she wonders what EJ is going to do now.

Melanie jokes with Arianna about how arrogant Nathan is. Brady scoffs, asking her if cheating is good compared to being arrogant. Arianna chuckles, reminding Brady that Melanie took his shirt, not his life savings. Melanie goes to pick up her glass of juice and nearly spills it across Nathan’s clothes. He tells her to watch out for his Xenia. Melanie looks at the clothes critically, telling Nathan that she knows her labels, and this isn’t a Xenia. Nathan accuses her of being so shallow that she recognizes clothing brands on sight. Melanie retorts that he brought the label into the conversation. Arianna whispers to Brady, asking what the two are talking about. Nathan goes to grab his clothes, but Melanie snatches them and backs away. He asks her what she plans on doing with them and she tells him that she plans on selling them back to him.

At the park, Hope explains to Ciara that her bear, Tommy, is hibernating right now. Hope pulls out a stuffed giraffe, saying she has a new friend for Ciara. She seems to accept this, takes the giraffe, and heads off to play. Hope calls after worriedly to stay where she can see her.

Stephanie reminds Victor of the end of the Wizard of Oz. She claims she has seen Victor behind the curtain, working the levers and dials, and she’s not afraid of him. She’ll also never believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Victor warns her that people she loves might be killed if she testifies against EJ. Stephanie reminds him angrily that he didn’t care a whit for innocent bystanders when he kidnapped Stefano. In fact, she thinks it would have been great if the Kiriakis/DiMera war had ended with Stefano and Victor blowing each other to hell.

EJ tells Nicole that everything is fine. Stephanie must be suffering from some kind of post-traumatic stress, or Philip is putting her up to all this. He adds that she’s lying. Nicole tells him coldly that that isn’t true. EJ reminds Nicole that Judge Fitzpatrick is set to award him custody of Johnny, but Nicole reminds him that Fitzpatrick betrayed him before--when Nicole was accused of Trent’s murder. She was innocent and the judge threw her behind bars anyway. EJ growls that he needs Nicole’s support right now. Nicole says she still hasn’t gotten used to the fact that every time she disagrees, she’s disloyal to the DiMeras. EJ ignores the comment and again insists that Stephanie isn’t a threat. Nicole disagrees, saying that Stephanie has never told a lie in her life. She thinks she makes one hell of a witness, especially considering that she is telling the truth. EJ glares.

Melanie says she’ll take thirty bucks for the whole pile of clothes. Nathan threatens to just take them, but Melanie tips her glass of juice over them, saying she’ll spill it and practice her hand at tie-dying if he does. Brady suggests he let the shirt go, but Melanie knows Nathan doesn’t care about the shirt. It’s the jeans he loves and can’t live without. Arianna picks up Brady’s clothes, too. Brady groans, asking her if she is really going along with this. He adds gravely that she has sunk in his estimation. She giggles, saying she’ll comfort herself with the thought of Brady and Nathan getting back to town in their underwear. Melanie agrees, laughing and saying she forgot how much she loved poker.

Hope speaks to another mother, Ellen, who has agreed to watch both her daughter and Ciara while Hope runs off to do an errand. She thanks Ellen profusely for helping her out, and Ellen says it’s no big deal. Ellen asks Hope if everything is alright, and she claims it is. She heads off, calling out to Ciara that she will be back soon. Ellen sighs and shakes her head, telling herself that she can tell something is bothering Hope.

Victor tells Stephanie that she has a lot of her grandmother in her, and it’s wonderful. Stephanie grumps that she should have listened to her all along. Victor disagrees. He doesn’t think it’s so simple as saying it’s over, since Phillip and Stephanie are so deeply in love. Stephanie bets Victor that after tomorrow, when she testifies against EJ, Victor won’t want her within a mile of Philip. Victor again warns her to think of what she is doing as Philip walks over. He tells Victor to leave, as he and Stephanie are going to work this out without his interference.

EJ accuses Nicole of being on Stephanie’s side, but Nicole says that isn’t true. She claims that she is just worried, and questions the fact that EJ doesn’t seem to think anything could go wrong. EJ claims he isn’t afraid of Stephanie or anything she has to say. Nicole groans, asking him if he has considered that Judge Fitzpatrick might not want to ally herself with a criminal? EJ glares, asking her not to say that. Nicole reminds him that that is what the press will say. She wonders if EJ really thinks the media or the D.A. will hear Stephanie’s testimony and then do nothing. She begs him--for her sake and for Sydney’s--to really think about what he is planning on doing.

Nathan comes over to Brady, asking if he can borrow thirty bucks. He explains apologetically that his jeans are like family. Brady says he understands and hands over the money. Nathan begrudgingly gives it to Melanie, and she hands over his clothes. As he gets dressed, she offers to take him out to dinner. He asks if she really thinks he would go to dinner with her after what she did. She nods and Nathan agrees that he will. He asks if she has seen Rain Man and suggests the two go to Vegas. Nearby, Brady offers Arianna the same exchange--his clothes for dinner. She doesn’t really want to see Nathan and Melanie any more tonight, but Brady says he meant they’d go alone. Arianna grins and agrees.

Bo and Hope talk at the Java Café. Bo explains that he just wanted to smack Philip and tell him to go be with Stephanie. He thinks she has been through hell and is proud of her for coming around. He knows it couldn’t have been easy to watch EJ walk away after what he did. Hope wonders if Philip will be able to walk away. Bo isn’t sure, but says he thinks Philip should, since Philip could be happy with Stephanie-- happy like he is with Hope. Hope asks if he is trying to sweet-talk her and admits it works every time. Bo grins.

Victor watches as Philip and Stephanie talk outside. Caroline comes over, asking him angrily if he doesn’t have someplace better to be. He says he is just giving Stephanie and Philip some privacy. He notes that Caroline is upset with him. She says she is livid, actually. Her granddaughter is not a pawn in his war with the DiMeras, and she wants Victor to leave her alone.

Stephanie tells Philip she has to go, as she has an interview at the hospital. Philip asks her not to leave Titan, but Stephanie say she has to. Philip wants to talk about this, but Stephanie says it’s too dangerous for her to do so. She knows that what she is doing is right. Philip stammers, asking her what would happen if--She interrupts, asking what she means.

Nicole brings Sydney into the living room, telling EJ he needs to see what he is risking. He sighs, saying he has thought about it. Nicole knows it’s heresy to suggest that EJ is anything less than cold and calculating, but he did recently nearly lose his father and learned that Sami kept Grace from him. She isn’t sure that now is the right time for him to be making a decision about Johnny. EJ, hurt, reminds her that she supported him before. Nicole says she had to then, but she also had no idea at that time that Stephanie was planning on testifying against him. Nicole reminds EJ that him going to jail isn’t what is best for her or for Sydney. EJ reminds her he has another child to think of here. Nicole agrees, saying he also needs to think about what is best for Johnny, too.

As Arianna and Brady head outside, Melanie tells Nathan that she wants to go out now. Nathan says he has to go see some patients at the hospital, and besides, she needs to study. He offers to help her, but then remembers he can’t, as it’s a conflict of interest. Melanie asks what he means, and Nathan tells her that he is her new teaching assistant.

Hope explains to Bo that Ciara is playing in the park with her friend Tracy, and adds that she wanted to talk to Bo alone about something. He asks if she is still worried about his vision, and she admits that she is. She reminds him that putting Ciara’s bear away won’t make her safe. Bo replies that his visions don’t always come true, but Hope says some of them have. She knows she couldn’t handle going through something like what happened with Zach again. Bo advises her not to let this vision run her life.

Ciara sees her friend Tracy pull a bear just like Tommy out of her backpack. She exclaims over him and Tracy asks her if she wants to trade her giraffe for the bear. Ciara nods and the two exchange stuffed animals.

EJ doesn’t think it’s best for Johnny to be raised by Sami, who is nothing but vengeful and lying. Nicole reminds EJ that Johnny loves her. She knows EJ wants to pay Sami back for what she did, but what is he going to say when Johnny finds out the reason EJ kept him from his mother? EJ thinks he will be fine, but Nicole disagrees. EJ was mad at Sami for playing God with Grace, but she thinks Johnny will think the same thing of EJ one day. Besides, he might go to jail and never see his kids grow up at all. EJ vows that that won’t happen. Nicole reminds him that what would be worse is if Johnny ended up hating him for what he did. She doesn’t think that he is ever going to forgive EJ for keeping him away from his twin sister and his older brother. In fact, he’ll probably hate EJ for the rest of his life. She asks EJ if that is really what he wants for his son.

Arianna pokes her head into the cabin and tells Brady and Melanie that the ferry is here. She heads off. Melanie grins, telling Brady that Arianna is gorgeous and clearly into him. She thinks Brady owes her thanks for messing with his life, because now it’s lot better. He winks, telling her not to do it again. He heads off. Melanie sighs, saying he’s welcome.

Victor accuses Caroline of thinking history is repeating itself, since he couldn’t change for her either. Caroline scoffs, reminding him that Philip was shot and Stephanie was kidnapped. Philip is still working with Victor and living at the mansion, so she doesn’t see a whole lot of change going on. Victor admits that the greatest regret in his life was losing Caroline. He thinks Philip may be smarter than he was. Caroline calls him a sentimental fool. She adds angrily that she refuses to let sentimentality put her granddaughter through what she went through. She warns Victor again to back off and leave Philip and Stephanie alone.

Philip tells Stephanie that he had a long talk with Bo. He walked away from Victor once, and Philip knows he can do it, too. Stephanie wonders what that would do to him, but Philip doesn’t care. Stephanie says she does, however. She knows they both love each other, but they keep trying to change who they are whenever they are together. That’s what she considers to be a no-win situation.

EJ thinks that Nicole is really talking about how she will feel about him--not Johnny. Nicole says that on the contrary, she could never hate him. He was the one that showed her what love was really about. She adds that he and Sydney are her world, and tearfully says that she would do anything for them. However, she can also see how things might go horribly wrong, and she’s worried. EJ apologizes, tenderly asking her if she is really that worried. Nicole sobs, telling that he just wants him to see what he has and what he is risking. She begs him to trust her.

Nathan and Melanie head into the hospital. He thanks her for walking him to work, but she retorts that she just needed to pick up some books for a test she has the next day. Nathan figures that if nursing school were that important, she would have been studying all day instead of luring innocent men into a game of strip poker. Melanie laughs, saying she always thought you were supposed to picture people in their underwear when they get all high and mighty. Nathan rolls his eyes, saying he has to get busy saving lives. He advises her to go study and heads off. Melanie smirks, saying she might just spend the day picturing him in his boxers.

Brady and Arianna stroll near the pier. He tells her how pretty her smile is, and she admits she’s in a good mood after what happened to him and Nathan. She’s just glad they played for clothes and not beers. She asks Brady what was going on between him and Melanie and the look she gave him when the alcohol was mentioned. Brady sighs, saying that the truth is, he used to be addicted to cocaine, so he tries to stay entirely clean, alcohol included.

Philip tells Stephanie that he can’t believe it’s really over. She tells him he has to, and that he has to help her deal with it by letting go. She adds that things are hard enough as it is without him making it harder. She sobs, asking him to just say goodbye. Philip does so. She bursts into tears, kisses him on the cheek, and rushes off. Philip sighs.

EJ tells Nicole that he does trust her, and that he is glad that she is looking out for him and still wants to be with him. He adds that he knows that he has put her through a lot. Nicole admits that he can be difficult, as he tends to fly of the handle and take protecting his family to the extreme, but he can’t help who he is. She adds that she is on his side. She has said what she had to say, and if he still decides to go through with custody case, then she will stand by him. She says that it is up to him to do what he thinks is right. She counsels to just be himself--the man that she loves.

Bo and Hope return to the park to get Ciara. Hope thanks Ellen again and asks where Ciara’s stuffed animal is. Ellen says it’s in her backpack. Bo and Hope thank her again and the three head off. We pan in on Ciara’s giraffe, hidden behind Tracy on the park bench.

Brady tells Arianna that she doesn’t have to say anything, as he knows how awkward this all is. She asks if he is ok now and Brady says he is, adding that he attends meetings and even went to rehab. He’s glad she brought it up, as it’s time she knew the truth. He tries to get back to discussing dinner, but Arianna says she doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Brady asks if she has plans or something, but Arianna shakes her head. She says that she doesn’t think they’re ever going to be able to go out to dinner together.

Melanie comes into the pub and over to Philip, complaining about all the work she has to do just to learn how to take someone‘s temperature. She tries to tell him all about Nathan and how much she likes him, but Philip seems sad and unfocused. Melanie asks what is going on, and Philip tells her about Stephanie calling off the engagement. Melanie chuckles and suggests they get cheesecake. Philip gapes. Melanie tells him not to worry, as she is sure Stephanie will take him back soon enough. After all, she always does, since she and Philip are meant to be. Philip sighs.

Stephanie finishes her interview at the hospital and Maxine tells her she is sure she got the job. Apparently, Stephanie is interviewing to be a doctor’s assistant. She thanks Maxine for her kind words and turns to go. Just then Nathan runs into her, dropping a stack of papers. He apologizes as the two pick them up from the floor, saying that this is all his fault. Stephanie smiles, admitting it is.

EJ sighs, saying he hates to admit he is wrong, but Nicole and Sydney mean the world to him. The consequences of his actions mean more to him to his pride, so he won’t put Johnny and Sydney through a protracted custody dispute. Nicole asks if he is sure this is his decision, and EJ nods, admitting that she got through to him. Nicole hugs him, telling him how proud she is of him. EJ tells her to make no mistake--he will never forget what Sami did to him. And if anyone does anything like that to him ever again, they’ll be punished. Nicole sweats.


Brady asks Melanie, “What are you doing?” She replies, “Damage control.” Brady tries to snatch her phone, “No, no, I will handle my own life.” She snatches it back, “No, this is not about you. I'm working for Philip right now.”

Stephanie tells Philip, “You need a clean break, okay? Don't call me again.” He sighs.

Rafe asks EJ, “You need to call someone up to do your dirty work for you. You afraid to break a nail or something? EJ lunges, “No, I'm not.”

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