Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/9/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/9/09


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Stephanie heads into the Kiriakis mansion. Henderson says he will get Philip, but Stephanie says it won’t be necessary. Philip walks into the foyer just then, saying Stephanie must have read his mind, as he was just coming to see her. He says he hates the way they left things, and he hopes she does too, since she is here. He offers her a jewelry box, saying it’s a peace offering.

At the Horton cabin, Melanie showers outside. Nathan walks over. Melanie catches sight of him and shrieks.

Inside the cabin, Arianna and Brady nearly kiss. Melanie’s screams interrupt them, and the two dash outside.

At the Java Café, Will asks Mia if Chad is really her boyfriend. Mia says he isn’t. Chad scoffs, saying old habits die hard, and it’s hard to break them. Mia sighs. Will scoffs.

In her room at the DiMera mansion, Nicole calls Sami, saying that they need to talk about Johnny. Just then, EJ comes in. Nicole thought he was putting Johnny down for a nap, but EJ says he ran into Mary, and she took him instead. Nicole says she is glad they’re alone again, but EJ has a question--he wants to know why she was on the phone with Sami.

Melanie demands that Nathan turn around and stop looking at her as Brady rushes over, calling Nathan a punk and demanding to know what he did to Melanie. Arianna throws Melanie a towel as she tries to calm Brady down, telling him that Nathan is her roommate. Brady asks if this is the guy. Melanie asks what he means. Brady scoffs, asking if he should tell Nathan what he means, or if Melanie will do it herself.

Bo and Victor run into one another at the pier. Bo notes that Victor seems to be in a good mood. Victor says he is, since everything is under control and back to normal. Bo assumes he means the feud between the DiMera and Kiriakis families, but Victor says that there isn’t a feud--not anymore. Bo scoffs, saying he knows there isn’t--not since Victor put Stephanie on such a short leash.

Philip urges Stephanie to open the jewelry box, but she won’t. Philip opens it for her, showing her a necklace with the Greek symbol for ‘eternity.’ Stephanie says she can’t accept it. Confused, Philip says he thought she came by to make up. Stephanie shakes her head and pulls out some keys, saying she came to return the car. Philip reminds her that it was a gift, but Stephanie says she can’t keep it.

EJ demands that Nicole answer his question, but she refuses to do so, saying that he is treating her like naughty child. EJ reminds her that they had a conversation just a few minutes ago where they both agreed not to mention Sami’s name ever again. He tells Nicole not to give him this victim nonsense. He adds that she has no reason to speak to Sami about anything--let alone his son. He vows to find out what Nicole is hiding from him.

Philip tells Stephanie that he doesn’t want the car back--he just wants her. She insists that it’s over between them. Philip sighs, saying he stayed away to respect Stephanie’s decision, but honestly, he can’t sleep at night or even think straight without her by his side. He ask her to look him in the eye and tell him she doesn’t feel that way, too. Stephanie admits that she does. Philip wonders why they are putting each other through this hell, then. He asks Stephanie why they can’t just be together.

Melanie asks Nathan, Arianna, and Brady to go back inside so she can get dressed, but the three ignore her, exchanging introductions. Brady says he has seen Nathan at the hospital, and Nathan explains that he is Maggie and Mickey’s grandson. Melanie interrupts, saying she needs some privacy. Arianna suggests the three head back into the cabin and she and Brady head off. Nathan jokes with Melanie that this reminds him of the first day they met, when he was the one half-dressed. He asks Melanie what Brady meant by calling him ‘that guy.’ Melanie explains that she told Brady that Nathan was egotistical and couldn’t take a hint. Nathan chuckles, saying they need to run into one another like this more often. She chucks her bath sponge at him, hitting him in the head as he heads back into the cabin. Nathan laughs, saying lavender scent is his favorite. Melanie rolls her eyes.

Nicole explains that Sami called her to ask her to convince EJ to drop the custody suit. Nicole told her there was nothing she could do, so hopefully Sami will back off. EJ suspicious, wonders why Sami would ask Nicole for help. Nicole thinks it’s because they’re both mothers. Perhaps Sami thought she would be sympathetic to her situation. EJ says he knows Nicole was sympathetic at first, but he thought that changed. Nicole sighs, saying Sami is hateful, but if someone tried to take Sydney from her, she would do anything it took to get her back. EJ asks her angrily if she is on Sami’s side. Nicole claims she isn’t, but she does understand where Sami is coming from. EJ flips out, screaming her and asking her if she really understands why Sami didn’t tell him about Grace until after she died. Nicole quivers.

Mia tells Will and Chad that she really can’t talk right now. Chad scoffs, asking why she can talk to this dork, but not to him. Will calls Chad a jerk and demands that he leave Mia alone. Chad scoffs, telling Mia he will see her later, and heads off. Mia apologizes to Will. He asks her why she never told him about Chad.

Philip tells Stephanie that he has never felt about anyone the way he feels about her. He knows she feels the same way, so he wonders why she wants to give up on him. Stephanie says that they have already discussed the matter, and he knows that this is the way it has to be. She admits that she can’t live without him, but she also can’t think of a way to make this work. Philip says he knows a way and asks her to come away with him. He knows she wanted to go to Greece before, but he wasn’t ready then. He’s ready now, and he wants to go off and start a new life with Stephanie.

Nicole demands to know what EJ is accusing her of, and declares that she would never hide his child from him. She isn’t Sami. She claims that she always tries to put EJ and Sydney first. EJ apologizes, saying he has a lot on his mind right now. He sighs, adding that he shouldn’t be taking this out on Nicole, since Sami is the one harassing her. Nicole says she wouldn’t say that exactly, but EJ chucks his glass on the floor in a rage, cursing Sami and wondering angrily why his family can’t seem to have any peace of mind. Nicole reminds him that yelling and screaming won’t do any good, and he apologizes again, saying that she’s been very tolerant of both him and his father. Nicole explains that she just understands the hell he is going through right now, but EJ doesn’t see why this whole ordeal had to be so awful--after all, he has Nicole and his beautiful daughter Sydney. He wishes he could have handled all this with more dignity. Nicole reminds him that this isn’t just about Grace--it’s about deception. EJ admits that he doesn’t like to be this angry at someone who he has a connection with. Nicole agrees, saying it’s never really over once you have a child with someone. EJ hugs her, asking her not to talk about Sami anymore. He’s sorry that he ever suspected her. Stefano walks in just then, saying he couldn’t agree with EJ more. He shouldn’t suspect Nicole--the mother of their Sydney.

Mia comes over to talk to Will, saying that her manager just went on break. She notices that he seems upset, and Will asks her if she ever went out with Chad. Mia admits she did, but says it was a long time ago, and isn’t a big deal. Will thinks that Chad doesn’t see it that way. Mia sighs, saying that Chad is a total psycho, and she just wants to forget about him. Will agrees to drop it.

Brady asks Nathan about his crazy hours as an intern, but Nathan says they aren’t that bad, and that he’s gotten used to them. Brady wonders how he got here, since Melanie told them the ferry wouldn’t come back until nightfall. Nathan admits he used the Horton motorboat, but something is wrong with it. He almost didn’t make it here. Melanie comes back in just then, dressed. She tells the three that it looks they’re all stuck here together for the rest of the day. She glares at Nathan and says sarcastically that it’s like a dream come true.

Stephanie reminds Philip that he hated the idea of moving away together before. He says that he was wrong, and that everything would be different right now if he had agreed to her plan. Philip says that he will go order the jet right now. Then all they have to do is pack their bags. Stephanie reminds Philip that his family is from Greece. She doesn’t consider going there to be getting away from it all. Philip says they will go see her family, then. Stephanie says she cant imagine Philip living in a hut, but he says he was a Marine and did all kinds of grunt work. He insists that he loves Stephanie and would do anything to be with her. He kisses her passionately.

Stefano admires Nicole’s locket as EJ heads off to take a call about his custody case. Nicole demands to know if Stefano enjoys torturing her. He says that what he really enjoys is seeing what she has up her sleeve from day to day. He chuckles at the thought of her in a scarf and sunglasses, asking if she thought that would disguise her. Nicole claims to not know what he is talking about, but Stefano says he knows all about her little meeting with Johnny and Sami. Nicole, deflated, asks how he found out. Stefano wonders when she will learn that he knows everything about her. He warns Nicole to be careful, as he thinks she is slipping under the pressure. She disagrees. Stefano hopes she is right, because he has seen firsthand his son’s rage when it comes to Sami. He can’t even imagine what EJ will do if he find out about Nicole’s lies. Stefano says he shudders to think of it, actually. Nicole glares.

Philip asks Stephanie to let him take her upstairs and make love to her, but Stephanie refuses. She says he can’t just kiss her and make this go away. She adds that she doesn’t blame him for not accepting this, since she has jerked him around so many times before. Philip asks what has changed, and Stephanie explains that they can’t keep trying to change who they are to make each other happy. Philip vows that he will protect her, but she says she can’t be safe and be a Kiriakis at the same time. Not being with him is the only way she can feel protected from the DiMeras and his father. Philip asks her to wait, but Stephanie rushes off in tears.

Melanie tries to turn on the TV, but it doesn’t work. Nathan comes over to check the batteries in the remote. Melanie notices Brady asking Arianna if she wants another cold drink. She grabs Nathan’s elbow and drags him off to do some bird-watching. Confused, Nathan follows. Brady suggests that he and Arianna play a little poker and she agrees. Melanie spies on the two, but bursts in angrily when she sees they’re just playing cards. Nathan follows and Brady asks the two if they’d like to play. They agree and sit down at the table. Nathan suggests they play for beer or money, but Melanie says that’s boring. Brady asks what she suggests, and Melanie says she thinks they should all play strip poker. Nathan, Brady and Arianna exchange glances.

Mia comes over to Will, telling him she is off-duty. He asks her to go play miniature golf with him, and she agrees, saying she’s good at it. Will cracks a joke about her bowling game, and Mia angrily bets him ten dollars she’ll run him off the golf course. Will agrees. Mia turns around and stares at Chad, who is watching the two. She tells Will that she is going home to change and asks him to call her later. She heads off. Chad starts to follow, but Will stops him, telling him not to even think about it.

Nicole scoffs, telling Stefano that he thinks he may have one-upped her here, but the fact that he knows about Sydney being EJ and Sami’s baby is the real weapon of mass destruction. Stefano agrees, saying it’s a weapon of mutual destruction, so that makes him and Nicole allies more than anything else. She asks why he is always threatening her then, and Stefano says he just wants to make sure she realizes that EJ is a DiMera. That means that no matter what, he’ll always choose family first. Nicole huffs off, saying she needs some air. Stefano picks up a wedding photo of EJ and Nicole, saying that he will not let this woman deprive him of his progeny. EJ walks in just then, asking if Stefano is referring to Nicole.

Bo heads into the Kiriakis mansion and finds Philip pouring a drink. He cracks a joke about Philip drinking on the job, saying that he heard Philip was working from home today. Philip asks why he is here and Bo explains that he just ran into Victor, who asked him to back off and let Philip and Stephanie be happy. Philip scoffs, saying those two words don’t belong in the same sentence: Kiriakis and happy.

Stefano tells EJ that he was referring to Sami, of course. EJ admits that he has been a little disconcerted when it comes to Stefano’s lack of reaction to his granddaughter’s death. Stefano stammers, saying he doesn’t see how EJ could say a thing like that, since he knows family means so much to him. EJ agrees and apologizes, saying he is just paranoid lately. He adds that he also senses that Nicole thinks he is being too hard on Sami. Stefano wonders why, since Nicole of all people should want to see Sami punished. EJ sighs, saying he isn’t trying to punish Sami. He just doesn’t want a woman who denied a child its birthright to raise his son. He adds angrily that he will make sure that never happens. Stefano glances at the photo of EJ and Nicole guiltily.

Nicole heads into the pub and catches sight of Stephanie at a nearby table. She heads over, asking if she has seen Brady around the mansion. Stephanie says she wouldn’t know. Nicole describes what he looks like, but Stephanie says she meant that she doesn’t live there anymore. Nicole asks what happened, and if she and Philip had a fight. Stephanie sighs, wondering if she really has to ask. Nicole wonders if this has something to do with what happened to her, and Stephanie nods. She adds angrily that she was expected to help Nicole’s husband, and not her cousin, Sami, who has already lost one child and is about to lose another. Nicole asks Stephanie if this means that she is going to testify against EJ at the custody hearing. Stephanie says determinedly that she is going to do what is right.

Will again warns Chad to stay away from Mia. Chad rolls his eyes, wondering why he should when Will hasn’t. Chad tries to high-five him, saying that Will has good taste in women, but Will scoffs, saying that Mia was right about Chad--he is a psycho. Chad doesn’t believe that Mia said that about him, but Will says he knows all about Chad and Mia and how their relationship wasn’t a big deal. Chad asks if she told Will how into him she was last year. She called and texted him constantly. Will says he isn’t interested in hearing any more of Chad’s lies. He and Mia are finished, and he needs to get over it.

Mia heads into Maggie’s kitchen. She sighs and wonders why Chad had to come back to town. She flashes back to a friend meeting her at her locker at her old school. A paper of Mia’s falls to the floor and her friend picks it up, chuckling when she sees it covered with hearts and phrases like ‘Mrs. Chad Peterson.’ Mia blushes. Her friend accuses her of wanting to be Chad’s baby-momma. Mia says she doesn’t want to be that right now, but maybe someday. Mia comes back to the present and sobs, wondering how she could ever forget when her and Chad’s baby is right here in Salem.

Melanie tells the group how awesome she is at poker, and how she once got a royal blush. This sends Brady and Nathan into gales of laughter. Nathan asks her if that is higher or lower than a royal flush. Melanie huffs, saying it’s the hand with all the same colors. Arianna isn’t so sure about this, since she isn’t all that good at poker, but Melanie assures her it will be fine and suggests the four pair up--boys against girls. Brady and Nathan agree. Nathan advises that Melanie get her beach towel ready as Brady deals.

Philip tells Bo that Stephanie called off the engagement, wondering if Bo is surprised. Bo shakes his head, but wonders what happened. Philip says their father did.

Nicole asks what Stephanie means, and she says she will just have to wait to find out. Nicole insists that she can’t testify against EJ. She doesn’t even have any proof that he was behind her kidnapping. Stephanie groans, saying she knows Nicole is loyal to EJ, but there must be a conscience in there somewhere. She wonders how Nicole can’t sympathize with Sami, since she is also a mother. She wonders how the hell Nicole can even be married to EJ. Nicole claims she does sympathize with Sami, but she is also loyal to her husband, and their child. She vows to do anything to protect her family and storms off. Victor, who watched the whole thing, comes over, telling Stephanie that he assumes she and Nicole didn’t sign a peace treaty. She sighs.

Brady and Nathan, who are already shirtless, stare glumly at their cards. Arianna folds. Melanie lays down her hand, proclaiming triumphantly that she has a full house. She tells the boys to lose their pants. Nathan and Brady groan and strip down to their boxers. Melanie prepares to deal again, grinning.

Bo asks what Victor did, but Philip says he didn’t have to do anything. Him just existing is enough to send any woman running. He tells Bo that he is lucky that he got out. Bo admits that he tried to make things work with Victor when he first found out he was his dad. He even moved into the mansion, but he couldn’t make it work. Philip asks if he has any regrets, but Bo says he doesn’t. He adds that Philip will have to decide for himself what is most important--money and power, or Stephanie. He can’t have both, so he will have to make a choice.

Stephanie wonders why she can’t even talk to Nicole without Victor thinking she is hatching some plot. Victor reminds her that she is about to become a Kiriakis, but Stephanie says she isn’t, guessing that he hasn’t heard the news. Victor asks what she is talking about, and she tells him that she and Philip are over. Victor scoffs, saying like hell they are.

Nicole bursts into the DiMera mansion to find EJ working on some documents for the custody hearing. She tells him that they are going to talk about this Sami thing, and that everything has changed.


Hope tells Bo, “I couldn't do it, Brady. I couldn't go through it again.”

Arianna tells Brady, “I'm sorry, but I don't think this is gonna work.”

Stephanie: tells Philip, “Just let me go. Just say good-bye.”

Nicole asks, “EJ, is that what you want? Is that what you want for your son?”

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