Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/8/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/8/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Arianna heads into the Horton cabin, telling herself that it won’t be too hard to clean up. Brady walks in behind her. Arianna whirls around and they both gasp, wondering what the other is doing here. Melanie breezes in just then, asking the two if they’re ready for some fireworks on the beach.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole puts Sydney in her crib in the living room. She asks if she is hungry. Sydney grins and gurgles. Nicole promises to be right back and heads off for Sydney’s bottle.

At the Java Café, Chad hands EJ some coffee and a doughnut. EJ takes the doughnut over to Johnny and gives him some. He tells him he knows he isn’t supposed to have sweets before breakfast, but it won’t hurt just this once. EJ tells Johnny that this will be their little secret. Johnny frowns and whispers, “Mommy.”

Sami types away at the computer, wondering why Emily died the day she was supposed to marry Rafe. Just then, Rafe comes in, greeting Sami. He’s out of breath and complaining about how he shouldn’t have taken three days off from running. Sami is surprised he ran all the way over here, since it’s above three miles, but Rafe says he used to run marathons, so three miles is just warm-up. He asks Sami if she is ok, as she seemed quiet at dinner the night before. Sami claims everything is fine, but Rafe thinks something is wrong.

Nicole comes back from the kitchen with Sydney’s bottle, but she isn’t in her playpen. Nicole calls out for Mary, asking her if she has seen Sydney. Mary says she hasn’t. Nicole freaks out.

Rafe apologizes to Sami, saying that he asked a stupid question. He tries to give her a hug, but she makes a face, saying he’s all sweaty. Rafe tries to catch her but Sami squeals in protest. Rafe get serious, asking Sami when she thinks Nicole will bring Johnny over. Sami isn’t sure, but admits that she is terrified EJ might find out. Rafe tells her not to worry, as there is no court in the world that would give EJ custody over her. Sami sighs, saying she is glad someone seems optimistic. Rafe heads off to take a shower, offering to cook Sami breakfast afterwards. Sami sighs and takes Emily’s memorial card out of Rafe’s wallet. Will walks in just then and asks Sami what she is doing.

EJ explains to Johnny that he knows Nicole isn’t his mother, but she loves him very much--as much as she loves Sydney. Johnny whispers ‘Mommy’ again. EJ, confused, asks Johnny if he has a secret about his mother. Johnny nods excitedly.

Mary calls the police to report Sydney missing. Nicole, frantic, says she wasn’t gone more than thirty seconds. She starts to head upstairs to check, but Stefano walks down just then with Sydney in his arms. Nicole weeps with relief, glad that Sydney is alright. Stefano explains that he is so happy to be able to spend time with a DiMera child from birth, that he just had to take Sydney off for some bonding time alone. He says he hopes to make it a morning ritual. Nicole glares, saying like hell he will.

Maggie sits in her kitchen and says goodbye to Mia as she heads off for work at the café. Nathan comes in just then from visiting Alice at her house. Maggie tells Nathan that Alice called to tell her how highly she thought of Nathan. Nathan nods, adding that Alice gave him Tom’s medical bag. He didn’t want to take it, but Alice insisted. Maggie chokes back tears, saying how glad she is about it. Nathan sighs, saying he isn’t, though.

Will scoffs, telling Sami that Caroline convinced him to come over here and talk to her, but he knew it was a huge mistake. He asks her nastily if she is going through Rafe’s wallet. Sami says it isn’t like that. She was just getting some money out, and Rafe knows about it. Will rolls his eyes, saying she’s lying. He can tell she is up to something by the look on her face when he caught her. He says Sami is probably right not to trust Rafe, but now that all her kids are gone, Will wonders who she really has left if she can’t trust Rafe.

Nicole apologizes to Stefano, saying she panicked when she discovered Sydney wasn’t in her playpen. Stefano reminds her angrily that she lives in his house and must play by his rules. As far as he is concerned, he owns both Nicole and Sydney. Nicole retorts that Sydney isn’t a piece of property. Nicole wants her to grow up loved, not owned. Stefano says he couldn’t love Sydney more. Nicole shakes her head, saying the longer she lives here with this insanity, the more she sympathizes with Sami. She ask Stefano for Sydney, but he refuses, asking Nicole if she was going to say she understood why Sami hid EJ’s child from him. Stefano retorts that Nicole might not want Sydney to be raised as a DiMera, but she is a DiMera. She shares his blood, not Nicole’s.

Brady reminds Melanie angrily that he asked her not to try to fix him up with Arianna. Melanie claims that she was doing no such thing, and just needed their help cleaning the cabin. Arianna says she is sorry, but she isn’t doing it. This just doesn’t work for her. Melanie says that’s fine, but there’s a problem--Arianna can’t leave. She asks Melanie what she means and Melanie explains that the ferry won’t be back until later on in the evening.

At the Java Café, Chad walks over to Mia. She groans, reminding him she doesn’t want to see him anymore. He says he understands that perfectly. Mia asks if he can get him a coffee, but Chad says he will make it himself. He comes behind the counter and gets to work at the espresso machine. Mia gasps, asking if he works here now. Chad nods, saying he just started. Mia glares. Chad feigns surprise, saying he thought Mia would be happy the two of them are working together again.

EJ heads into the mansion and greets Nicole and Sydney. Nicole asks about his outing with Johnny, and EJ says it went well, but he wanted to talk to Nicole about the secret she and Johnny share. Nicole asks what’s going on, and EJ tells her that he had no idea their secret had to do with Sami. Nicole sweats.

Sami tells Will that she depends on Rafe and trusts him completely. Just then, Rafe comes out of the bedroom wearing a towel. He greets Will, who groans, saying he is out of there. He storms off as Sami tries to stop him. Rafe ask Sami what that was all about. She doesn’t answer. Rafe spots his open wallet lying on the table and asks Sami what she has done now.

Brady and Arianna lay into Melanie for trapping them on the island. Arianna asks Melanie if she really thought she’d want to spend the entire day here, regardless of who she was working with. Melanie groans, telling the two to calm down. There’s plenty of work for all three of them to do that doesn’t involve talking, so she suggests they all just work in silence instead of being mean and grouchy.

Nathan tells Maggie that he isn’t sure he can live up to Alice’s expectations. Maggie reminds him that he is already a doctor, but Nathan says that doesn’t mean he’s qualified to make life-and-death decisions. He sighs, telling Maggie that the medical field is complex. She thinks he is being too hard on himself, but Nathan doesn’t think so. He knows that Salem University needs a hero for a doctor. He wants to do right by the family name, but they all need to face the fact that he is no Tom Horton.

Mia angrily tells Chad that she didn’t want to talk to him ever again, let alone work with him. She reminds him that he just packed up and left last year without saying goodbye. Why would she want to have anything to do with him now? Chad sighs, explaining that he has been through a lot the past year. His parents shipped him off to military school, and he wasn’t allowed to say goodbye to anyone. He insists that he thought about Mia all the time. He asks if she thought about him, too. Mia admits that she did.

Rafe demands to know why Sami took the memorial card from his wallet, reminding her angrily that they talked about this. Sami insists they didn’t finish the discussion. She knows Rafe wants to keep things from his past private, but she can’t let this go when she can see how important this was to him. Sami sighs, saying she thought they meant a lot to each other. She adds that she fears she doesn’t know Rafe as well as she thought she did.

Nicole tells EJ that the only thing she can think of is that she said Sami was driving her crazy in front of Johnny. She felt badly for bad-mouthing the boy’s mother in front of him, so she asked him to keep it a secret. She apologizes to EJ, promising that she won’t ever do that again. EJ says he understands. Just then, a loud crash comes from the kitchen. EJ heads off to check on Johnny and Mary. Stefano sidles into the living room, telling Nicole that he hopes she isn’t foolish enough to lie to his son again.

Chad tells Mia that Kinsey was the one that told him she was living here. Mia groans, saying she should have guessed. Chad doesn’t understand why she is so upset. He’s glad that she thought of him while he was gone, but he notes that she looks angry. He sighs, saying he thought they were close. Mia flashes back to Chad asking her to the winter formal. She comes back to the present and asks Chad if this can wait, as she really needs this job. Chad agrees to lay off for now and heads off, saying he will see her tomorrow. Will walks in just then. Mia offers to get him a coffee, saying she can’t really talk right now. Will sighs, saying he isn’t in the mood to talk anyway.

Stefano tells Nicole that he knows she feels sorry for Sami, but she needs to realize where her loyalties lie. Nicole claims she doesn’t care a whit for Sami, and that she is just worried about Rafe nosing around and asking questions. Stefano tells her not to worry her pretty little head about it, as he plans on taking care of this Rafe guy himself.

Rafe grumbles that Sami is acting as if she can’t trust him. Sami sighs, reminding him of her upcoming custody hearing. They’re going to dredge up every horrible thing she has ever done, and since Rafe is a part of her life now, that includes him. Rafe asks her if she really thinks they’ll come after him, too, and Sami nods. She asks him if there is a chance she could lose Johnny because of one of his secrets.

Now alone, Brady asks Melanie what she thinking with this little set-up of hers. Melanie claims that is just feels nice to do something for someone else for a change. Brady sighs, saying he is glad she is making progress in being a better human being, but from now on, she needs to butt out of his love life. Melanie agrees to do so, saying he doesn’t have one anyway. She giggles as Brady tells her that that was pretty cold of her. Just then, Arianna comes in, and struggles to change a light bulb. Brady rushes over to help, but Arianna claims she can do it herself. Just then, she topples off of a chair and into Brady’s arms with a gasp.

Nathan worries that no matter how hard he tries, he’ll never be able to live up to Tom Horton. Maggie assures him that Tom was a humble man. She tells Nathan about his mother being pregnant with him at Tom’s funeral, and how they all had such high hopes for him. Nathan sighs, saying that when he took his mother’s name, he had no idea what he was doing. He never felt close to his father, who wasn’t around much, so it seemed like a good idea to take the Horton name--but living up to his great-grandfather’s name isn’t easy. Maggie assures Nathan that no one expects him to fill the void Tom left. All he has to do is carve his own way in life, and she is sure he will make Tom very proud.

Nicole asks Stefano how he plans on taking care of Rafe. He explains that there are two ways to destroy a man--you can either take his life, or make sure the life he has isn’t worth living. And of course, Stefano knows that he must keep his hands clean. Nicole thinks it’s time for Sydney’s nap. EJ comes in just then, asking to speak with Nicole alone for a moment. She chuckles nervously.

Sami reminds Rafe that Emily died very young. She just can’t understand why he won’t tell her anything about it. Rafe sighs, telling Sami that he will tell her everything she wants to know--he just hopes that she won’t be sorry that he did.

Brady and Arianna give Melanie a dirty look. She claims she was just sweeping and bends over to clean under a table as Arianna sneaks over. Arianna pushes a bucket full of grungy water towards the edge of the table, where it topples over and spills all over Melanie. She shrieks. Arianna plays innocent, “Oops.”

Nathan tells Maggie that he is going to get ready to clean the cabin, but Maggie explains that Melanie is out there with a couple of friends and didn’t want either of them to come. Nathan, disappointed, says he thought that Melanie accepted his apology for what happened before. Maggie is sure she did, and that Nathan will be able to smooth things over eventually. Nathan, determined, says he plans on doing just that.

EJ sits down with Nicole and tells her that he is sorry for how difficult he has been the past few months, especially since they are newly-weds. He explains that it means a lot to him that she has been so patient with Johnny, so he got her a gift. EJ takes out a box and hands it to Nicole. Inside is her locket with a new chain, and inside are pictures of both Johnny and Sydney. She thanks him and hugs him, telling him she loves him. He says he loves her, too.

Rafe tells Sami that Emily was the love of his life, and she died unexpectedly on their wedding day. Sami doesn’t understand why he couldn’t tell her this before, and Rafe explains that it is too painful to talk about. Sami asks if there is anything else he wants to tell her, but Rafe says there isn’t.

Arianna points Melanie in the direction of the outdoor shower. Melanie groans and heads off, complaining about the disgusting water that was spilt on her. Brady chuckles, telling Arianna to remind him not to mess with her. Arianna claims Melanie had it coming. She’s sweet, but also really annoying. Brady chuckles and agrees. Arianna admits she is glad to have a moment alone with him and tells him that just because they don’t want to see each other doesn’t mean they have walk on eggshells around each other. He agrees, admitting that he likes her. Arianna says she likes him, too. Brady tenderly wipes a fleck of paint off of her face. She thanks him for catching her, but Brady says it was no big deal, since she’s so light. Arianna blushes, saying she thinks it’s just that he’s so strong.

Melanie showers outside as Nathan walks over. Melanie whirls around and catches sight of him. She shrieks.

Chad comes back to the café, saying he forgot his car keys. He catches sighs of Mia and Will and demands to know if Will is the reason Mia is blowing him off. Will asks who he is, and Chad tells him that he is Mia’s boyfriend. Mia fidgets uncomfortably.

Sami tells Rafe that she is sorry for his loss, and that they don’t have to talk about Emily anymore. She adds that she loves him, and doesn’t know what she would do without him. Rafe says he loves her, too.

Stefano makes a call to get some information on Rafe and Emily and what happened n their wedding day.

EJ tells Nicole how lucky he is to have her after that awful nightmare with Sami and all of her lies. Just then, Johnny runs in. Nicole reminds EJ that it is time for his nap and EJ heads off with the boy. Nicole makes a call, telling Sami that they need to speak about Johnny. EJ walks in behind her just then and glares. Nicole turns, sees him, and gapes.


Brady asks, “You got any better suggestions, Melanie?” Melanie tells Brady, Arianna, and Nathan, “How about strip poker?”

Will tells Chad, “Why don't you just leave her the hell alone, jerk?”

Stephanie tells Philip, “The only way I can be safe is if I'm not with you.”

EJ screams at Nicole, “You understand why she didn't tell me about Grace until after she was dead, do you?”

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