Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/6/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/6/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Out on the terrace of the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas tells Kate that they previewed some of the episodes they’ll be airing next week to a focus group, and so far, Chloe and Daniel have been a hit. Lucas’ phone rings, and he says he has to take it, but tells Kate that he thinks this is the beginning of beautiful things for both Hearth and Home and Chloe. He heads off. Kate grins, saying she’d call what is happening to Chloe the end, not the beginning.

At Chloe and Lucas’ new place, Chloe stands on the stoop with Daniel and sways. He asks what is wrong, but she claims she just needs to go inside and lie down. Daniel worriedly tells her she’s burning up. Chloe mumbles that she is fine, but passes out. Daniel catches her and kneels down with her in his arms. He begs her to wake up.

Sami rifles through Rafe’s wallet at her place, searching for money for takeout. She comes across a memorial card for Emily Hudson and learns the young woman died 2 years ago at the age of 29. Sami sighs, telling herself she shouldn’t be doing this, but she can’t help but wonder what it is Rafe doesn’t want her to know about Emily. Just then, Rafe comes out of the bedroom telling Sami he has an idea. He catches sight of her with his wallet and asks her what she is doing.

Bo calls the pub and Max answers. Bo thought he was on his way out of town, and Max explains that he’ll be taking the red-eye to London later. He tells Bo that he needs to ask him something before he goes. Bo thinks it sounds serious and says he is on his way. Max hangs up as Caroline comes over, asking how many more things are on his to-do list. Max glances at it, telling her he only has few things left to do. Caroline sighs, saying she guesses it is time to say goodbye to her youngest. She admits she doesn’t know what she will do without Max. Max says that he can stay a little longer and help the new manager get used to things before he leaves, but Caroline claims everything is fine. Max tells her ruefully that the new manager thing isn’t a done deal yet. Arianna walks over just then, asking the two if they are getting a new manger. Caroline asks Max why he hasn’t said anything to Arianna yet and Max explains that he just hasn’t gotten around to it. He explains to Arianna that hey are hiring a new manger, and they planned on having Arianna fill the position.

Kate flashes back to poisoning an apple, and then Chloe later eating it. She comes back to the present, grinning and telling herself she plans on burying Chloe first, and then Daniel. She plays a spliced recording of Daniel’s voice, and he threatens to make Chloe pay if she doesn’t do what he wants. Lucas comes back out onto the terrace just then, asking Kate what Daniel was saying, and why she has a recording of him.

Daniel shakes Chloe, trying to get her to open her eyes. Her eyes flutter. Daniel says he is going to take her to the hospital and asks if she understands. She mumbles that she does, and asks Daniel what is happening. He isn’t sure, but he vows to find out. He picks Chloe up in his arms and hustles off.

Rafe asks Sami what she is doing with his wallet. She tucks the memorial card into the pocket of her robe and chuckles uncomfortably.

Melanie sits at the table in Maggie’s kitchen and cries quietly, saying to herself that it is really happening. Nathan comes in just then from a jog, and asks Melanie what is wrong. She explains that her brother, Max, is leaving for London tonight to go be with his girlfriend. Nathan, curious about her tone, asks if Melanie likes her. She nods, saying Chelsea is ok. When she first met her, she hated her and wanted her to die, but Chelsea turned out to be a lot nicer once Melanie stopped trying to ruin her life. She adds that Max will be happy once he goes to London to be with her. Nathan doesn’t see anything negative about the situation, but Melanie sniffles, saying her brother is all she has in the world. He’s the only one that cares about her. Nathan tells her that that isn’t true.

Arianna is surprised they want her to be the new manager, but Caroline confirms it, adding that they shouldn’t have sprung it on her like this. Max apologizes, saying that this is all his fault. Caroline heads off to see about a delivery as Max explains that Arianna will get a pay raise, but the workload is going to go up. He knows that she is smart and works hard, so it won’t be hard for her to adjust. Plus, she knows how to handle his mom. Arianna says she considers Caroline to be a good friend, and Max says that is why he would feel better about leaving her in charge. Arianna agrees to take the job and Max smiles, telling her he’s glad.

Sami explains that she only had a couple of dollars, so she hoped Rafe might have some cash. As it turns out, he only had four dollars. Rafe jokes that they are quite a pair, and offers to go pick up the takeout, since an ATM is on the way. He asks Sami to join him in the shower in the meantime, and Sami agrees, saying she’ll join him in a minute. He heads off. Sami takes the memorial card out of her pocket and groans, wondering why she had to find this thing.

Daniel and some nurses wheel Chloe into an empty room at the hospital as Daniel barks out orders to Maxine for a tox screen. He and another nurse lift Chloe from the gurney and place her on a bed. Daniel asks the nurse to get an abdominal x-ray of Chloe right away. He kneels beside Chloe’s bed and urges her to stay with him. Chloe thrashes and groans, saying that it hurts. Daniel says he knows it does, but he vows to make sure she gets well. He says they’ll get some fluids in her and bring her fever down. Lexie walks in just then and pulls Daniel aside, asking what happened. Daniel explains that Chloe said she had a headache earlier, then she just lost consciousness. Lexie asks if he has any idea what is causing it, but Daniel doesn’t. He fears that the way things are going, they might not have time to find out. Chloe’s eyes roll back in her head and she passes out.

Kate explains to Lucas that when she has meetings with Chloe and Daniel, she records them so they don’t lose any good ideas. Lucas thinks she’s taking her role as producer a little too far, but Kate huffs, saying she thought he’d be happy. She is trying very hard to make sure the show succeeds, and if it does, it will make Chloe very successful. Lucas sighs, admitting that it would be fantastic to see Chloe get everything that she deserves. Kate grins, saying she is working very hard to make sure that happens.

Chloe moans and complains of pains in her stomach and legs. Daniel urges her to stay with him, and promises that everything will be alright. Chloe sighs, saying that she will try. Daniel heads over to Lexie, complaining about the blood work he ordered. Lexie reminds him he sent it down just a couple of minutes ago, but Daniel swears it’s been at least ten minutes. Lexie tells him that she thinks he is too involved in this case. She adds that she has never seen him like this. Daniel claims that he is fine, and that he must see this through. Reluctantly, Lexie agrees that it is his call. She asks what he plans on doing, but Daniel isn’t sure of anything until the tox screen comes back. Lexie reminds him that things could go bad very quickly, and says that she thinks someone ought notify Lucas. Daniel agrees distractedly and sits back by Chloe’s side, urging her to hang on. Chloe moans.

Kate checks her watch, saying she thinks Lucas ought to go home and be with Chloe. Just then, Lucas’ phone rings. It’s Lexie, with the news that Chloe is in the hospital. Lucas asks worriedly what is going on, but Lexie says she’d rather wait to explain until he gets here. She urges him to hurry, but to be careful. Lucas tells her he is on his way and hangs up, breaking the news to Kate. He adds that she should hurry and follow him to the hospital. Kate grins, telling herself she wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Melanie insists that Nathan doesn’t know anything. Without Max around, no one cares. Nathan reminds her that she saved Stephanie’s life, but Melanie claims that Stephanie is only nice to her because she has to be. Nathan is surprised she is just going to give up, and offers to take Melanie out to grab a bite to eat after he showers. She agrees, and tearfully tells him they can go to the pub and free-load off of her brother one last time. Nathan grins and says he likes where her mind is. He adds that Melanie has friends, and they’re all still going to be here when her brother leaves. He heads off to take a shower. Melanie sobs.

Bo shows up at the pub and cracks a joke about Max speaking with a British accent pretty soon. Max chuckles, but Bo can tell something is going on, and asks Max what’s up. Max sighs, saying that he needs to talk to Bo about something, and it involves Chelsea.

Maxine tends to Chloe as she moans. Daniel grips her hand and tries to assure that everything will be alright. He wants to give her something for the pain, but he says he can’t until they know exactly what is wrong with her. He says he knows that something is overwhelming her system right now, but they’re going to get through this. Chloe squeezes his hand, telling him that she is glad he is here.

Lucas and Kate rush out of the elevator and over to Lexie and Maggie at the nurse’s station. Lucas asks for news and Lexie fills him in. He asks to see Chloe, but she says he will have to wait until Daniel and the nurse leave. Lucas worries that Chloe’s cancer might have come back, but Maggie advises him not to jump to conclusions. Lexie assures him that they will find out what is wrong with Chloe. Kate heads over to Chloe’s room and peers through the window, grinning slyly and thinking to herself that she hopes it’s too late before they figure out what’s wrong.

Rafe hugs Sami, and she tells him she feels much better after their shower. Rafe says he does, too, and he has her to thank for that, since she agreed to stop pressing him about his past. Sami nods uncomfortably. Rafe adds that he knows they both have people in their past they’d rather not talk about, so they just need to leave those people in the past and not talk about them. Rafe kisses her, saying they have been through a lot, and she means the world to him. He adds that he loves her and heads off to get the takeout. Sami sighs and gazes at Emily’s memorial card, saying she loves him, too.

Daniel comes out of Chloe’s room and Lucas breathlessly asks for information. Daniel tells him that Chloe is doing better, and her heart rate and blood pressure are returning to normal levels. Daniel says he still isn’t sure what caused all of this. The initial blood work came back negative, so Daniel sent it back to get retested. Lucas begs to see her. Daniel agrees, but warns him to take things slow, since Chloe is still a bit groggy. Lucas agrees and heads into Chloe’s room. Kate asks if Daniel can tell what is wrong with Chloe, but Daniel says he hasn’t figured it out, though he can tell Chloe was poisoned by something. Kate grins to herself and tells Daniel that it’s sure puzzling.

At the pier, Arianna bumps into Rafe as he heads back to Sami’s place with the takeout. She tell him about getting the managing position at the pub, and he congratulates her. She notices that he has too much food for just himself and guesses that he and Sami made up. Rafe nods, and says she acts as if it’s a death sentence. Arianna sighs, saying she doesn’t understand him. Rafe says there isn’t anything to understand. He and Sami had a disagreement, but they made up because they love each other. Arianna asks if Sami is really going to leave the Emily thing alone and Rafe nods, saying that Sami agreed that they’d leave the past in the past. Arianna groans, wondering how dumb Rafe can be.

Sami stares at the memorial card for Emily and then stares at her laptop. She shakes her head, reminding herself that she promised to leave this alone. She sighs, wondering what she is going to do.

Rafe asks Arianna to give Sami a little credit, but Arianna thinks that Sami is going to keep digging for information about Emily until she finds out what happened. Rafe insists that he and Sami agreed to leave the past in the past. Arianna reminds him how many times Sami has promised him one thing and then has done the exact opposite. Arianna says there’s a ten to one chance that Sami is at home right now, doing a little internet research.

Sami types Emily’s name into an internet search engine. She gasps.

Bo tells Max that he is concerned, and wonders if he has changed his mind about going to London. Max claims that he hasn’t, and that he is only going to London to be with Chelsea. He loves her, and he wants to be with her no matter what. Bo wonders what the problem is then, and Max reminds him that there was a time when Bo didn’t want the two of them to be together. He just wanted to make sure that Bo is ok with all of this, and if he can be happy for him and Chelsea. In short, he wants to know if he can have Bo’s blessing. Bo chuckles, saying he can’t give it, actually.

Lucas sits down by Chloe’s side and greets her, admitting that she gave him quite a scare. She sighs and apologizes, admitting that she isn’t sure what happened. It was like someone reached down inside her and squeezed the life out of her. Lucas shakes his head, thanking God that she wasn’t alone, and that Daniel was with her.

Kate asks Daniel if Chloe will recover. He nods, saying he thinks so. Kate says it was pretty scary, and adds that he seems so concerned. Daniel snaps, reminding Kate that he is Chloe’s doctor. He storms off. Kate grins, saying to herself that he is too concerned, which is perfect.

Bo tells Max that the reason he isn’t giving him his blessing is because he and Chelsea don’t need his or Billie’s permission to be together. Before, when he didn’t approve, he was just being an overprotective father and a jerk. He wants to put all that behind them, and Max agrees. Bo reminds Max that the only person’s permission he needs to be in a relationship with Chelsea is hers. Bo chuckles, saying he knows she won’t hesitate to tell Max how she feels. Max laughs and agrees. Bo adds that if the two decide to take it to the next level, then they can come back here for a party, or everyone else will fly over there. Just then, Melanie walks in with Nathan. She gapes, asking Max if he plans on marrying Chelsea.

Kate heads into Chloe’s room, joking that she is out to steal the spotlight tonight. Lucas thinks Chloe is working too hard, and insists they cut back on her schedule. Kate says they need to find out what happened before they make any rash decisions, and Chloe agrees, saying that she already feels much better. Kate smiles, saying that Daniel is certainly a miracle worker. She adds that Chloe was lucky to have him by her side.

Maggie comes over to Daniel to speak with him about the way he snapped at Kate. Daniel sighs, saying he knows Kate knows about the affair, but that doesn’t give her carte blanche to make those kinds of comments. Maggie agrees that Daniel can’t let Kate speak to him that way, but she wonders if it is really best that Daniel is Chloe’s doctor. Daniel insists that this his decision, and he is going to continue to treat Chloe.

Bo pulls Nathan aside as Max tries to calm Melanie, telling her that she is overreacting. He hasn’t even asked Chelsea to marry him, so it isn’t going to happen any time soon. Melanie grumps, sure that Chelsea will says ‘yes’ and that then she will change him. Max asks what she means and Melanie wails that he is going to forget all about her. Max vows that that won’t happen. He is her brother, and he loves her. Besides, they have the internet and their cameras. Melanie sobs, saying that isn’t the same. She knows that she sounds selfish, but it’s just because she loves him so much. She bawls. Max hugs her.

Bo tells Nathan that his daughter has a huge crush on him. Nathan chuckles, telling Bo that she is a cutie. Bo gestures towards Melanie, asking him if he knows anything about her. Nathan nods, telling Bo that he knows the whole story. Bo promises not to say another word, then.

Max says that he will always love and care for Melanie. He reminds her that he asked her to go to London, but she wanted to stay. Max adds it is probably a good idea, since the Horton kid seems to be paying attention to her. Melanie asks him quietly not to jinx it. Max chuckles, saying he isn’t jinxing anything. Caroline comes over just then and tells Max morosely that his taxi is here.

As Maggie listens in, Lexie and Daniel look over Chloe’s toxicology report, but everything appears normal. Daniel says he doesn’t understand. She had a bite of an apple, and then she had symptoms as if she were poisoned. He doesn’t understand why it isn’t showing up on the tox screen. Daniel tells Lexie that he thinks he’ll have to call in a specialist.

Kate is sure that Daniel will get to the bottom of all this, but Chloe thinks she would rather have anther doctor, since she and Daniel are working together now. Lucas says she can have whatever she wants, but Kate isn’t so sure it is such a good idea. Chloe tells Kate firmly that it is what she wants.

Lexie says she has to go, but gives Daniel the name of a toxicology specialist to call in. Lexie heads off and Maggie comes over, telling Daniel she couldn’t help but overhear. He says he is getting Chloe another doctor. She is glad, but tells Daniel that she is sorry for being a busybody earlier. Daniel says she just trying to talk some sense into him, and he should have listened to her. She sighs, admitting that she knows how hard this is for him.

Rafe assures Arianna that Sami isn’t at home doing research on Emily. She promised to drop the issue. Arianna scoffs, saying again that Sami has lied to him before, but Rafe claims that he trusts her completely. In fact, he sometimes thinks that he should tell Sami the truth about Emily.

Sami types away at the keyboard wondering why there are so many Emily Hudsons. She decides to try searching for Rafe’s name.

Max says goodbye to Bo, Melanie, and Caroline. He promises Bo to take care of Chelsea, vows to keep in touch with Melanie, and tells his mom that he will miss her. Caroline says he will miss him, too, and helps Max with his baggage. Max heads off. He turns around outside one last time and sees Caroline and Melanie huddled into the window, crying and waving. Max waves to them sadly and heads off.

Kate and Lucas argue over whether or not Chloe can get a new doctor. Kate thinks she should stick with Daniel, who knows her medical history. Chloe insists that she wants an new doctor. Kate shrugs and agrees. She tells Chloe and Lucas she needs to make a phone call and heads off.

Maggie tells Daniel that she can see how worried he is, but she thinks it’s best that Chloe have a new doctor. Daniel agrees, saying that his being Chloe’s doctor just makes it easier for Kate to twist the knife. Maggie shakes her head, saying she isn’t sure why Kate to continues to goad Daniel like this. Surely she doesn’t plan on telling Lucas the truth--not after what happened last time.

Kate looks at Chloe through the window of her room and grins, saying if she thinks she had it tough today, she has no idea how bad it’s going to be next time.

Rafe tells Arianna that he doesn’t like keeping things from Sami, but she says Sami probably keeps things from him, too. Rafe disagrees. Arianna says it isn’t worth it and begs Rafe to keep what happened to Emily a secret--at least for now. Rafe sighs but agrees, saying his food is getting cold, and that he has to go. Arianna says she knows he is just trying to protect Sami. Rafe says somberly that he felt the same way about Emily. He heads off. Arianna sighs.

Sami reads that Rafe and Emily were set to be wed the day she died.


Will asks Chad, “I'm sorry who--who are you?” He replies, “I'm her boyfriend.” Mia sweats.

Nathan catches Melanie showering outside at the cabin, “Melanie: Aah! What?”

Stefano asks Nicole, “You would not be foolish enough to lie to my son again, now, would you?”

Sami asks Rafe, “Is there a chance I could lose custody of Johnny because of one of your secrets?”

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