Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/1/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/1/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the pier, Chloe sits next to Daniel on a bench. As Kate watches, Chloe takes a bite out of an apple. Kate flashes back to injecting poison into it. She grins as Chloe makes a face, saying the apple tastes funny. She heads over to trash can. Worriedly, Kate asks what she is doing. Chloe says she is throwing the apple away. Kate panics.

Melanie heads into Maggie’s kitchen as she piles towels and cleaning supplies into a bin. She reminds Melanie that they’re going to clean the cabin today with Nathan, and adds that she’d like to catch the next ferry. Melanie says that she wanted to talk to Maggie about that, and Maggie groans, hoping that Melanie isn’t backing out. Melanie claims she isn’t, but says that she thinks it’s unnecessary for Maggie to go since she has so much work to do at the restaurant. Maggie asks her to cut to the chase. Melanie asks her not to go clean the cabin with her. Suspicious, Maggie asks Melanie what she is up to.

Outside the pub, Arianna and Brady literally run into one another.

Inside the pub, Rafe warns Sami to never bring Emily up ever again, and to stop asking questions about her. Sami huffs, wondering why Rafe is so upset with her. She tells Rafe that she loves him, and that means that she wants to know all about him. Obviously this woman was part of his past and was important to him, so Sami really can’t understand why Rafe refuses to talk about her.

Kate reminds Chloe that Granny Smith apples are supposed to be sour, but Chloe replies it isn’t sour, it just tastes weird. Kate chuckles, telling Daniel that his housewarming gift isn’t going over so well. Chloe rolls her eyes, saying she’ll just eat the apple. Kate says she doesn’t have to just because she suggested it, but Chloe says the apple is fine. She takes another bite out of it. Kate grins slyly.

Brady and Arianna exchange apologies. She starts to head off, but stops. She tell Brady that she shouldn’t be asking him this, but she was hoping he could talk to Sami and perhaps convince her to stop seeing Rafe.

Rafe sighs, telling Sami that what bothers him most is that she agreed not to ask any questions about Emily, and then she came right over here and questioned his sister. Sami says it wasn’t like that. She came over here for a different reason and Emily just came up. She adds that she only asked Arianna about Emily because she loves Rafe and cares for him. Rafe scoffs, telling her that she’ll know more about his past when he chooses to tell her about it. He adds angrily that if Sami is going to revert to her old habits of lying and sneaking around, then it’s going to be over between them.

Chloe takes another bite of the apple, admitting that it’s fine, but just more sour than she is used to. Kate suggests they head over to Java Café to get some coffee and discuss the show. Chloe says she doesn’t think that would be much fun for Allie, but Kate says she has toys with her. Allie runs over just then and hugs Kate, who asks her if she’d like to go to the café. She reminds Chloe that they only have one segment about hair accessories taped, and she is sure the audience doesn’t want to see an hour-long show about headbands. Chloe sighs, saying she promised Lucas she’d be home early. Daniel adds that he has something to do at the hospital, and suggests the three get together the next day. Kate sighs, saying she is disappointed in the two. She thought their little friendship was over. They insist it is. Kate says that that if that is true, then the two of them should be able to act like professionals and do their job.

Maggie guesses that Melanie wants to be alone with Nathan, but Melanie says she doesn’t want him there, either. She explains that she has these two friends that are perfect for one another, but they just don’t know it. She was hoping she could find a way to get them trapped on the island the cabin is on. Maggie asks if she is trying to play matchmaker and Melanie nods. She was hoping that in the heat of the summer, one thing might lead to another between her two friends. Maggie wonders what is in this for Melanie.

Brady tells Arianna that her request is pretty bizarre. He can’t just tell Sami to break up with Rafe. Arianna says that isn’t exactly what she meant. She just wants him to make Sami think it’s a good idea. Brady sighs, asking her why she even wants him to do this. Arianna admits that she is protective of her brother, and adds that she thinks Sami is all wrong for him. Brady doesn’t think that is her call, or even his for that matter. If Sami and Rafe are happy together, then he is happy for them, and Arianna should be too. She rolls her eyes, saying she now realizes how wonderful and generous he is. She apologizes sarcastically for being such a downer and storms off. Brady sighs, wondering what her problem is.

Sami can’t believe that Rafe is threatening to break up with her because she asked a question. Rafe says that this is about her not keeping her word. Sami can’t believe that after all they have been through, that this is what pushes him over the edge. She wonders angrily why he even gets to keep secrets from her. Rafe claims that Emily isn’t a secret, but there are things in his life that he needs to keep private. Sami says that it isn’t fair that he gets to keep things private while knowing everything about her.

At the Java Café, Chloe brings Kate her coffee and the three sit together at a table. Kate asks about Allie and Chloe explains she is across the room with a friend from camp. Kate tells them she has an idea for the show, and says she plans on doing a segment on Chloe and Daniel themselves, since they’ve had so much airtime together. The two gape. Kate nods eagerly, saying she thinks it’s time the audience learn the truth about them. Just then, Lucas walks in, asking what truth Kate is talking about. Chloe sweats.

Melanie knows it sounds shocking that she just wants to do something nice for someone else. She tells Maggie that she really has been trying to be a better person lately, and cites the fact that helped save Stephanie’s life. Maggie admits that that was brave, but Melanie says she can tell that Maggie doesn’t trust her. Maggie says that isn’t true. She does believe that Melanie has changed, but she is still young, so she’s a work in progress. Melanie giggles, saying she likes that term. Maggie adds that she does believe Melanie can be generous when she wants to be. Melanie sighs, admitting that there is a teeny tiny part of her that hopes she’ll benefit by getting her friends together. Maggie asks how she would benefit and Melanie explains that she is hoping doing this will give her good karma. She wants to find a guy that will love her for who she really is. She asks Maggie if she thinks that is possible. Maggie hugs her.

Arianna strolls to the pier. Brady walks up behind her. She groans, asking if he is following her. He claims that this is a public place. She retorts that this is weird. Brady sighs, telling her that he is worried about her.

Sami reminds Rafe of all those months in the safe house they spent together. She adds that she trusted him with her life and her daughter’s life, and she fell in love with him. When two people fall in love, she always thought that meant sharing everything with each other. She guesses she was wrong. Rafe tries to soothe her, but Sami barrels over him, reminding him angrily that she isn’t the one reverting back to her old ways, he is. She wonders if he knows how it makes her feel for him to shut her out and keep her in the dark. Sami says refuses to live like that--she can’t.

Kate thought Lucas was at the office, but Chloe explains that she called him over here to pick Allie up. He asks what’s going on with Chloe and Daniel, and Kate tells him that she plans on doing a cancer segment featuring the two. It will be about Chloe’s battle with leukemia, and how she later donated marrow to save Kate’s life. Lucas thinks it’s a great idea, as it may encourage people to get screenings, but Chloe says they haven’t agreed to anything yet. Besides, Daniel is the real hero of the story, not her. Daniel and Lucas disagree. Suddenly, Chloe gets a funny look on her face. Daniel and Lucas ask her if anything is wrong as Kate watches knowingly.

Arianna tells Brady that she should be the one that’s worried, since she apparently has a stalker. Brady starts to say something, then decides to leave. Arianna stops him, saying that she wants to know the real reason he followed her here. Brady admits that it wasn’t right of him to do so, but he’s concerned about her because she seems tense and high-strung lately. Arianna accuses him of insulting her. Brady sighs, saying that he just wishes she’d relax and let things roll off her back. When she does that, he gets a glimpse of who she really is, and he likes that person. Arianna says she appreciates what she is trying to do, and she really thinks he is a nice guy, but she just isn’t--Brady interrupts her, saying he isn’t, either.

Sami storms into her townhouse, calling for Will. He obviously isn’t home, as he doesn’t answer. Rafe tries to soothe Sami as she starts to head back outside for the mail. Rafe says he doesn’t want to fight with her, and Sami retorts angrily that they have nothing to fight about, since he said they were done. Rafe sighs, admitting that he was angry and that he overreacted. He knows they have some trust issues, but he is hoping they can work through them, since he loves her. Sami scoffs, saying he doesn’t know her at all. She cannot believe he was surprised that she asked his sister about Emily. Sami says that is just the kind of person she is. She claims she is impulsive, and she can’t believe he hasn’t yet figured that out after all the time they have spent together. Rafe says he just thought things would be different this time. Sami says she thought that, too, but she was obviously wrong. Sami adds angrily that she isn’t reverting back to anything. This is just the way she is, and if Rafe can’t accept that, then they don’t have a future together.

Daniel heads off to get Chloe some aspirin as Lucas hovers over her. Kate notes that Chloe’s hands are clammy. Chloe, frustrated, tells them both that she just has a headache. Lucas thinks she needs to come home with him and Allie, but Kate complains that they are in the middle of a meeting. Lucas replies that Chloe shouldn’t be here if she doesn’t feel well. Daniel hustles over with the aspirin as Lucas heads off to get Chloe some water. Chloe snaps at them all to stop hovering, as she isn’t dying or anything. Kate grins.

Arianna reminds Brady that he doesn’t know what he agreed to. She adds quickly that what she was going to say is that she isn’t ready for a relationship right now. Brady agrees that he isn’t either, but says it’s hard to be single in this town. Everyone wants to pair you up with the other singles. Arianna nods emphatically, saying she has been on her own for a long time and prefers it that way. Brady says he understands that perfectly and rambles on about how he prefers his own company to hers. Arianna says she gets what he meant and adds that they don’t have to force the friendship thing. They can just say their ‘hellos’ when they run into each other and leave it at that. Brady agrees, and Arianna says she has to go. She and Brady head off in different directions, but not before exchanging longing looks.

Rafe tells Sami that he isn’t leaving, and that he wishes she would stop trying to end things like this. She keeps saying she wants to protect him by not making him feel obligated to stay. Sami says this is about protecting herself from getting hurt, not him. Rafe tells her that they’re going to fight, and that is just a part of life. It doesn’t mean that they should give up on each other, though. Rafe adds that he loves her. He even loves the impulsive things she does--he just doesn’t like the lying. He apologizes for making her feel shut out. Sami tells him tearfully that she loves him, too. The two kiss.

Lucas asks Chloe to relax, and she apologizes for snapping at all of them. Allie rushes over and Lucas picks her up, noticing that she had ice cream. Kate says that was her doing, and says she is sorry as Chloe reminds her that she didn’t even want Allie to have an apple earlier. Lucas asks Chloe if she is sure she doesn’t want to come home, and Chloe says she is. Lucas and Allie head off. Kate gets ready to resume the meeting, but her phone rings. It’s Chris, with a crisis about some color copies Kate wanted. She tells Chloe and Daniel she has to go, but asks them to be thinking abut ideas for some new segments. She heads off. Daniel offers to give Chloe a ride home. She refuses, saying she is fine, but he thinks she looks a little pale. He adds that he just wants to keep an eye on her. Chloe smiles gratefully.

Brady meets Melanie at the pub, saying that he got her call and wondering what she wants. Melanie explains that she offered to help Maggie get the cabin ready for the summer, but now Maggie can’t go, and she can’t very well do it by herself. She asks Brady to help her. He sighs, saying sarcastically that is sounds like a blast. Melanie begs him to help her, saying that it will be good for his biceps. Besides, she got some pizza and music, and she thinks it will be a good time. Brady wonders when she wants to do this, and Melanie says she’d like to go out there tomorrow. Brady sighs and agrees, saying that he could use the distraction.

Sami and Rafe strip off each other’s clothes on the way to the bedroom. Once there, they tumble into bed and begin to make love.

Chloe stands on her feet and totters. Daniel insists that she isn’t fine, and that he has to help her get home. She agrees. Daniel puts his arm around her and leads her out of the café.

On the terrace of the Kiriakis mansion, Kate, who recorded the conversation at the café, rewinds and splices bits of Chloe and Daniel’s conversation together about the cancer segment.

Brady shows up at Maggie’s place as she tries to solve a crisis at Chez Rouge over the phone. Brady offers to come back later, but Maggie can tell he is upset, and worriedly asks if everything is alright. Brady says everything is fine, but admits he met a woman--and he can’t seem to keep his mind off of her.

Arianna meets Melanie at the café and asks her what is going on. Melanie launches into a sob story about her slave-driving landlady asking her to help clean her cabin for the summer. Arianna suggests Melanie just say she is busy, but Melanie says she feels obligated to do it. The thing is, she knows it would go a lot faster if someone where there to help her .Arianna sighs, guessing Melanie wants her to be the one to help.

Rafe holds Sami in his arms and tells her that he loves her, and that he would never do anything to hurt her.

Lucas brings Kate the color copies she wanted, and she thanks him, apologizing for him having to work so late. Lucas tries to call Chloe, and tells Kate worriedly that she isn’t answering her phone. Kate is sure Chloe is fine, and accuses Lucas of being over-protective. Lucas reminds Kate that Chloe has a history of medical problems. It’s not like he’s whipped. Kate says that isn’t what she means. She knows Lucas is a wonderful husband, and Chloe is lucky to have him. He groans, saying he doesn’t want to do this with Kate. It seems lately that no matter what Chloe does, Kate is disgusted with her. She retorts that she gave Chloe a job, but Lucas says Chloe didn’t even want it. She was happy with the offer to do the opera in Vancouver. Kate scoffs, saying that whole thing was a bit suspicious. She has never heard of a singer getting a lead in a show without an audition. Lucas angrily asks her if she is accusing Chloe of lying. Kate says that isn’t it at all and claims she has respect for Chloe’s beauty and talent. She is happy with Chloe is if Lucas is. Lucas tries to call Chloe again. Kate feigns concern over the fact that Chloe still isn’t answering. She grins, saying Chloe’s health is very precious to her.

Daniel helps a swaying Chloe to her door. She rummages through her purse for her keys. Chloe moans and rubs her temples. Daniel tries to support her weight as she staggers and claims she is fine. Daniel notes that she is burning up. Suddenly, Chloe collapses. Daniel catches her. He tries to revive her, calling her name.

Maggie asks who the woman is, but Brady would rather not say. He explains that he keeps running into this person and he can’t stop thinking about her, but he knows she will never admit to having feelings for him. Maggie asks why he would say that, and Brady explains that the woman told him she wasn’t interested in a relationship right now. He said he wasn’t either, just to agree with her. Maggie thinks that Brady should take his time with this woman. He hasn’t been out of recovery all that long, and now might not be the right time for him to start a new relationship. Brady nods and agrees with Maggie, saying he will keep his distance from this woman from now on.

Melanie says she never even thought of asking Arianna, and tries to assure her it will be fun. They can talk about guys and get a tan after they’re finished. Arianna says she is through with guys for good. Melanie promises not to talk about them at all if Arianna agrees to help her clean. Arianna sighs, saying she will.

Sami clears up the scattered clothes around the living room as Rafe complains of hunger. Sami hopes he doesn’t want her too cook, and he says he doesn’t--not after that burnt grilled cheese. She chuckles and suggests take-out--her treat. Rafe agrees and heads off to take a shower. Sami checks her wallet and only finds a couple of dollars inside. She sighs, telling herself that she guesses Rafe will have to pay. She checks his wallet for some cash and comes across a memorial card for Emily Hudson. Sami reads her birth and death dates aloud, “Emily Hudson. September 15, 1978... March 28, 2007.”

Next Week’s Previews:

Arianna asks Rafe, “No more digging about Emily?” He replies, “We agreed to leave the past in the past.”

Sami does some internet research, “Emily...Hudson.”

Sami asks Rafe, “Is there a chance I could lose custody of Johnny because of one of your secrets?”

E.J. screams at Nicole, “You understand why she didn't tell me about Grace till after she was dead? You understand, do you?!”

Nicole asks Stephanie, “You're gonna testify against E.J. at Johnny's custody hearing tomorrow?”

Bo tells Philip, “Stephanie deserves honesty.” He replies, “ I love her, and I don't want to lose her.”

Stephanie tells Philip, “Just let me go. Just say good-bye.”

Kate poisons some more food, “A mother's work is never done.”

Daniel clutches an unconscious Chloe, “Chloe! Chloe, hang on to me. Chloe?!”

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