Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/30/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/30/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In Maggie’s kitchen, Chloe places flowers in a vase. Daniel comes up behind her and offers her an iris. Chloe turns and smiles. Just then, Maggie interrupts Chloe’s fantasy, asking her what she is thinking about. Chloe sighs, admitting that she was thinking of Daniel--just like she always is.

Outside Chloe and Lucas’ new place, Kate sneaks over to the front door. There’s a gift basket outside from Daniel with a card attached. Kate reads the card and smirks, saying there won’t be ‘many years of happiness’ for Chloe--in fact, her time is almost up. Kate opens the gift basket with gloved hands. She takes out her toxic medicine and a syringe from her purse and gets to work.

Daniel shows up at the Kiriakis mansion and finds Philip pacing frantically on the terrace. Daniel asks what is so urgent, and Philip waves Stephanie’s pill bottle in Daniel’s face, asking him what he knows about them.

At St. Luke’s, Stephanie tells Father Matt that she can’t be with Philip anymore, and that she has to end things. He doesn’t answer. She says she thought he would be pleased, but Father Matt tells her there something very important she needs to know before she thinks about leaving her fiancé.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole hugs Johnny, asking him if he had fun today with his mommy. Johnny says he did, and Nicole counsels him to be sure to keep it a secret as EJ walks in. Nicole fidgets and greets him. EJ tells her he overheard that she and Johnny were keeping secrets from him. Nicole sweats.

At the cemetery, Rafe places flowers by Emily’s grave. Sami walks over and asks who she is. Rafe gets to his feet in a hurry, saying she was just someone he once knew. Sami wants to know how Rafe knew her.

Daniel tells Philip that he can’t tell him anything about Stephanie’s medication, but Philip doesn’t buy it. He says that Daniel may not have prescribed these, but he must have asked Stephanie if she was on medication after her fall. Daniel says he can’t say a word due to doctor-patient confidentiality. Philip groans, telling Daniel that he is just trying to help out his fiancé. He adds that these pills are no joke. Daniel sighs, telling Philip that if he is really that concerned, he needs to speak to Stephanie. Daniel adds that he has to go and heads off. Philip calls after him, but Daniel doesn’t answer.

Father Matt tells Stephanie that he doesn’t want her to suffer any more than she already has. If she really wants to break it off with Philip, she needs to mean it this time, as this going back and forth isn’t good for her or for Philip. Just then, Stephanie’s phone rings. She says it’s Philip. Father Matt excuses himself and Stephanie takes the call. Frantically, Philip asks Stephanie if everything is alright. She says it isn’t, actually.

Rafe tells Sami that his relationship to Emily is a long story. He’d rather hear how she is doing, and they can talk about this some other time. Sami says that he can tell her, and asks if Emily was his girlfriend or something. Rafe says he just doesn’t want to talk about it, and asks her to leave it alone. Sami demands to know what he is hiding from her, and why he doesn’t want her to know about Emily.

Nicole tells EJ that she was just telling Johnny that he could have some ice cream before dinner if he promises to help clean up--EJ interrupts, reminding her gravely that it’s a secret. Johnny nods excitedly and they all laugh. EJ takes Johnny from Nicole and hugs him, telling her he is glad she and Johnny have these secrets. He’s glad that the two of them are getting closer, since they’re going to be spending a lot of time together. He sends Johnny off to have lunch, and Nicole asks if he has news on the custody front. EJ nods, telling her that Judge Fitzpatrick came by. She didn’t make any promises, but EJ thinks she will do the right thing. Nicole sighs. EJ asks why she is so morose, as they’re both about to get sole custody of Johnny. He asks her if she doesn’t think that’s terrific news. Nicole snaps that it’s anything but.

Philip tells Stephanie that he didn’t hear what she said, as her phone broke up, but Stephanie tells him to never mind. Philip says he needs to see her, and Stephanie says she is on her way. Philip tells her he loves her, and Stephanie sighs, saying she loves him, too. She hangs up. Father Matt comes over, asking her if she is having second thoughts. Stephanie, determined, tells Father Matt that she is going to do what needs to be done. She heads out of the church.

Maggie assures Chloe that she can talk to her, and asks her what she has been feeling lately. She thinks Chloe just feels guilty, but Chloe tells her that she is actually still in love with Daniel. She thought her feelings for him would go away since she kept her promise to God, but they didn’t, and she doesn’t think they ever will. She hurriedly assures Maggie that she is more committed to Lucas and Allie than she ever has been. She wonders if it is possible to build a life with someone and want to make them happy while aching over the loss of another. Maggie says gently that only Chloe can answer that. Chloe sighs, saying she is going to make it work, no matter what. Doing this TV show has taught her that she and Daniel can’t be around each other. Maggie asks if she plans on avoiding Daniel and Chloe nods, saying that she has to make sure nothing ever happens again. She adds that she is never going to leave Lucas, and that she plans on spending the rest of her life with him.

Kate takes an apple from the gift basket and injects the poisonous medicine into it. She grins.

Philip greets Stephanie as she comes out onto the terrace, saying that he was worried about her. She claims that she is fine, but is tired. Philip pulls out her bottle of pills and asks if her feeling tired has anything to do with these. He asks if they had something to do with her fall. Stephanie admits that they did. Philip begs her to talk to him, saying that they need to sort this out. Stephanie says that they don‘t, actually. She is done taking the pills for good. Philip asks her what changed. She says that she and Philip did.

Maggie runs into Daniel at the hospital, asking him if something is wrong. He says he is worried about a patient, and she starts to head off, saying that what she wanted to say can wait. Daniel stops her, asking her if it is about Chloe. Maggie sighs and admits it is. She says she knows what it feels like to think you’re never going to get over someone. However, she knows that free will means more than fate, and she thinks that Daniel can help make this painful situation easier by showing strength and discipline. Then, Chloe will finally be out if his life for good.

Chloe kneels down by her door and looks at the basket Daniel sent. Kate comes over, saying she’s glad she caught her, as she wanted a grand tour of the new house. She asks who the basket is from, and Chloe says uncomfortably that Daniel sent it. Kate remembers him saying he was going to do so and notes that the basket has Granny Smith apples, Chloe’s favorite. She nods. Kate says that it’s nice Daniel remembers her preferences. Chloe fidgets. Kate apologizes, saying that wasn’t a dig, but it did remind her of the affair. She can’t lie about that. Chloe picks up the basket, saying that she is just going to throw it away, but Kate stops her, saying it would be a terrible waste. She takes the poisoned apple out of the basket and hands it to Chloe, telling her to go ahead and take a bite out of one.

Philip, confused, asks Stephanie what changed between them. She sighs, saying he has given her so much--a car, jewelry, donations for her mom’s medical team, and so much love. She even knows that he would risk his life for hers. Philip suspiciously asks her where she is going with this. Stephanie explains that there is one thing Philip can’t give her, and that is peace of mind. She adds that she can’t live with him anymore, or she won’t be able to live with herself. Philip begs her to try to work things out with him. He doesn’t want to throw away what they have away. Stephanie says tearfully that there is no other way, so that is why she has to say goodbye.

Chloe gets ready to take a big bite out of the apple, but stops suddenly with a gasp, saying she is supposed to pick Allie up from the pub. Kate offers to go with her, as she has been dying to see Allie. Chloe agrees to take her, and offers to drive. She heads off, apple in hand. Kate grins and follows.

Sami apologizes for pressing Rafe for information about Emily. He adds that he just wants to focus on her right now. She says she is lucky to have him, and he says he feels the same way about her. Sami says she wants to talk to him about something. Rafe asks what it is, and Sami says that it’s about Nicole.

Nicole tells EJ that she loves Johnny very much, but she can’t replace his mother. EJ asks if she doesn’t want the responsibility, but she says that isn’t it. She tells EJ that when Johnny used to stay overnight, she’d have to tuck him in, and he’d cry for his mother. EJ doesn’t see what the big deal is, as he is a little boy, and they cry pretty often. EJ adds that Nicole tucked him in, and he did just fine. Besides, he doesn’t usually cry before bedtime. EJ then tries to assure Nicole that Johnny will be more independent soon and he’ll have friends and school and other activities to keep him busy. Nicole scoffs, asking EJ if he really thinks all those things will make Johnny forget about his mother. EJ sighs, saying of course not, but those things will help ease the pain of Johnny missing her. EJ adds gruffly that a little adversity in life breeds character, anyway. Nicole huffs, saying she can’t believe he just said that. EJ defends himself, saying it’s true. Kids that have everything handed to them don’t handle difficulties in life very well. Nicole shakes her head angrily as EJ tells her not to get involved in his arguments. He adds that he realizes that she is a loving and caring person, and as a mother she probably empathizes with Sami, but he needs her to empathize with him for once. He slams his fist on the table. Nicole says she does empathize with him. EJ snaps that he was the one that lost a child, not her. Nicole sobs, saying she lost a daughter, too.

Philip tells Stephanie that he isn’t sure what is going on with her, but something is wrong. Stephanie insists that this has nothing to do with the drugs. Philip reminds her they have broken up a few times before. He is sure she will eventually come to her senses this time, too. He knows that they can work this out. Stephanie shakes her head, saying that he isn’t listening to her. She’s not trying to change him this time, and she now realizes that she can’t change herself, either. She tells Philip that she is leaving him for good this time.

Maggie comes back over to Daniel, trying to finish their conversation, but Daniel tells her he isn’t interested. He knows she means well, but he is tired of the empty reassurances. He knows that he will never stop loving Chloe or be able to stop thinking about her. Nothing can change what is in his heart--not God or time or anything else. He storms off. Maggie sighs.

Kate and Chloe head into the pub. Arianna tells them that Caroline will be down with Allie shortly and Chloe thanks her. Kate asks Chloe to go place a coffee order for her. Chloe agrees and heads over to the bar, leaving her purse and the apple behind. Kate takes out her phone, groaning about how much work she has to do today. Suddenly, Allie comes over and takes the apple. Kate freaks out, snapping at Allie to drop it. Allie backs away, frightened as Kate takes the apple. Chloe turns from the bar, giving Kate a questioning look.

Nicole tells EJ that what she meant is that she has taken Grace’s death so hard because she and Sydney are the same age. That’s why she feels for Sami now. EJ reminds Nicole angrily that Sami lied to him about his daughter. He says there is no way that can be undone or forgiven. Stefano walks in just then, asking if he is interrupting something. EJ angrily says he isn’t, as he and Nicole are done here.

Kate apologizes for snapping at Allie as Chloe explains that she can have her apple if she wants it. Kate thinks it’s too close to dinner, and Chloe agrees that she might be right. She ask Allie if she would like to go for a walk on the pier and Allie nods. Kate offers to go with them. Chloe agrees, and puts the apple in her purse. Kate grins, saying there is actually nothing she’d like better than to accompany them.

Philip thinks this is all some post-traumatic stress from her time with Owen, and Stephanie agrees, saying that the experience forced her to look at the truth. Philip asks what she means, and she reminds him that she was only kidnapped because he and his father had Stefano. Philip reminds her the feud is over, but Stephanie says she is still lying to her uncle, and unable to help her cousin Sami when she needs it most. She’s angry that she has to do all this just so the Kiriakis and DiMera families can go back to doing business as usual. Stephanie sighs, admitting that she knows this isn’t Philip’s fault. He figures that he is the right person for her to blame, but Stephanie knows he has been honest with her from the beginning. She was the only one lying to herself. She told herself she could deal with his family, but she can’t--and she never will be able to. She starts to take her engagement ring off, but Philip rushes over, begging her not to. He vows not to lose her.

Now alone with Nicole, Stefano asks what she and EJ were discussing. Nicole claims it’s complicated. Stefano asks if it was about Rafe Hernandez. Surprised, Nicole asks him what he is talking about. Stefano explains that Rafe was here earlier, and he wants to know why.

Sami tells Rafe about Nicole bringing Johnny over to see her, and how she seems to disagree with EJ trying to take custody. Rafe thinks that is wonderful. Sami adds that Nicole also told her about Rafe being at the mansion, digging for information. Rafe swears that he wasn’t trying to upset Nicole, and Sami believes him. Rafe promises that they will talk about this later, and says he has to go. He adds that while he is thrilled Sami gets to see Johnny, he knows this situation won’t last long, because they are going to get Johnny back. Sami says she knows that, and that she isn’t sure what she would do without Rafe. He says the same about her and walks off. Sami stares at Emily’s tombstone and sighs.

Stephanie reminds Philip of all the expensive gifts he has given her. They both know that not all of that money came from Titan. Philip begrudgingly admits that things aren’t completely black and white. Stephanie reminds him that they are talking about crimes here, and she refuses to keep profiting off of other’s suffering. Philip says that this is about the two of them, and that is all that matters. He adds that he loves her, and he just wants her to be safe and happy. Stephanie sobs, saying she’s sorry for what she has to do, because she loves him, too, but she can’t hide from the truth anymore. She takes her ring off and sets it on a table. Philip sighs.

At the pier, Chloe watches closely with Kate as Allie and another child play together. Chloe warns Allie shrilly to stay away from the edge. Kate tries to reassure he the kids are fine with Allie’s friend’s mother, and asks Chloe to stop being so overprotective. She agrees. Kate suggests that she might be overreacting because she’s hungry. Kate adds that low blood sugar causes irritability. Chloe agrees she might be right. Kate suggests she eat the apple she took from the gift basket. Chloe begins to do so, but stops short. Kate turns around to find Daniel standing behind her.

Nicole tells Stefano that Rafe told her he came by to thank her for being so understanding at the funeral, and for trying to smooth things over with Sami. Nicole assumed it had something to do with the upcoming custody hearing. Stefano thinks there is more to it than that and asks Nicole if she thinks Rafe is beginning to suspect something is off, and that Sydney is really Sami and EJ’s child, not Grace. Nicole gasps, saying she wasn’t thinking that at all. She knows Rafe doesn’t suspect a thing. He couldn’t. Stefano shakes his said, saying he doesn’t yet.

Sami stops by the pub and asks Arianna if Allie is still here. Arianna explains she just missed her, and Sami starts to head off, but Arianna stops her, offering her condolences to Sami in regards to Grace. Sami thanks her, and says she was just visiting her. Sami adds that her grave is very peaceful. Arianna agrees to go there herself sometime and pay her respects. Sami tells her that Rafe was also at the cemetery, and asks Arianna if she knows anything about a girl named Emily. Rafe walks in just then, asking Sami what the hell she is doing.

Philip, dumbfounded, asks Stephanie if this is it. She kisses him on the cheek and sobs, telling him that she knows he has a good heart, and she truly hopes he finds happiness. She says goodbye and heads off. Philip picks up her ring and sighs dejectedly.

Kate sees Daniel and exclaims over the coincidence, saying that Chloe was just getting ready to sample an apple he sent in the gift basket. Kate heads off to check on Allie and Chloe sighs, telling Daniel that Kate is never going to stop hating her. She can tell by the look in her eyes and the tone of her voice. Daniel says he is sorry, but Chloe claims he didn’t do anything wrong. She sighs, guessing that this is never going to get any easier for them. Daniel just wishes he could do something without it ending up hurting Chloe. She asks him not to say that. She adds that the gift he sent was very thoughtful. Kate watches from around the corner slyly as Chloe takes a huge bite out of the poisoned apple.

Nicole vows that Rafe will never find out about the baby switch, but Stefano says he may eventually strike oil if he keeps digging. Nicole refuses to believe it, but Stefano reminds her Rafe is devoted to Sami and also has a FBI background. Nicole begins to panic, worrying that Rafe might have known something all along. After all, he’s already talked to Mia. She asks Stefano frantically what they are going to do. Stefano says that for his part, he is going to take an active interest in Rafe Hernandez.

Arianna excuses herself as Sami tries to explain herself. Rafe lays into her for grilling Arianna about Emily when he told her he didn’t want to talk about it. Sami apologizes, saying she didn’t realize it was such a big deal. Rafe says it is a big deal, and from now on, she must never bring up Emily ever again.


Kate tells Chloe and Daniel, “I think the audience should know the truth about you.” Lucas asks, “What truth about them?”

Arianna asks Brady, “Is there any way you can talk to Sami? Convince her to stop seeing my brother?”

Rafe tells Sami, “If you're gonna revert to your old habits, then this isn't gonna work, okay? We're done.”

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