Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/29/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/29/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Melanie sits down with Philip at the pub, saying that she has to tell him something about Stephanie. Philip insists she is fine, but Melanie wonders if he is sure about that. He nods, saying that Stephanie just took a little spill. Melanie sighs, saying the fall isn’t what worries her.

Stephanie heads into St. Luke’s, telling Father Matt that Chloe suggested she come here. He asks if she needs help, and Stephanie admits that she does. She says her problem has to do with her fiancé, and she tells the priest that she thinks she has been deluding herself as to what kind of man he really is. Stephanie fears that he is a thief, a liar, or maybe even worse.

Judge Karen Fitzpatrick heads into the DiMera mansion. Stefano and EJ exchange pleasantries with her. She says that she understands the DiMeras have a problem and EJ nods, saying they were hoping she could help them with it.

Outside the Java Café, Rafe makes a call, asking for information about a volunteer named Nicole DiMera that has been working with the teens. The person doesn’t know who she is, so Rafe has them try Nicole’s maiden name. They don’t have any record of her at all, and Rafe, puzzled, hangs up. He spots Brady through the window of the café and lights up, remembering that Mia knows Brady, and Brady knows Nicole. Rafe thinks that this might be his lucky day.

Sami paces around her apartment, wondering where Nicole is. A knock sounds at the door just then, and Sami flings it open to find Johnny and Nicole outside. Sami scoops Johnny up into her arms, hugging him fiercely and telling him how much she missed him. She tells Johnny that she and Allie picked out some new toys for them all to play with, and asks him to head off to the bedroom to play with his sister. Johnny rushes off. Sami asks Nicole if she got out of the mansion without anyone seeing her. Nicole nods, saying that she can move more freely now that the blood feud with the Kiriakis family is over. Sami sighs, saying she isn’t sure why Nicole is doing this, and she doesn’t care, but she does want Nicole to know how grateful she is.

Philip asks Melanie what it is she should know about Stephanie, but Melanie tells him to forget it, as it isn’t important. Philip, flabbergasted, asks what is going on, but Melanie stammers that they will just talk about it later. She heads off and outside, sitting on a bench outside the pub. She hisses to herself that she promised Stephanie she wouldn’t say anything about the pills, so Philip can’t know the truth. Philip comes out just then, demanding what it is he can’t know about Stephanie.

Stephanie tells Father Matt that she isn’t sure what is going on with her. She used to be so sure of herself, but all she does these days is second-guess every decision she makes. She worries what will happen if anyone finds out they spoke. Father Matt tries to calm her down, assuring her that everything she tells him will be kept in strictest confidence. Stephanie thanks him, but says she may just be worried over nothing. Father Matt isn’t so sure it’s nothing. Stephanie sighs, saying that she loves her fiancée, and he loves her. Philip isn’t the problem--it’s his family and his lifestyle. Stephanie isn’t sure that she can be a part of it--at least not the way it is now.

EJ tells Judge Karen that he thinks Sami’s recent lies will prove beyond a doubt that she is an unfit parent. Stefano assumes Karen knows what has happened, and she nods, saying she heard Sami kept EJ’s daughter from him until she was already dead. Stefano reminds her that to deprive a man of his child in such a way is inexcusable. Karen sighs, saying this is off the record, and adds that she thinks EJ has put together a solid case. The problem is that this custody hearing isn’t going to be as black and white as he thinks. They never are.

Sami tells Nicole how kind she has been, but Nicole interrupts, saying she isn’t doing this to earn Sami’s gratitude. She’s doing this because she knows it’s right. Sami says she is grateful again, and while she doesn’t mean to put a negative spin on things, she also has never known Nicole to do something just because it’s right. She knows Nicole must have another reason for helping her. Nicole sweats.

Bo sleeps in bed and dreams about seeing Zach in the cemetery. Zach tells Bo to give Ciara’s bear to her and hands it over to Bo. He warns Bo that something bad will happen if Ciara loses it. Bo takes the bear and wakes up with a start, calling out for Ciara. Hope, who is lying next to him with the little girl, assures Bo that Ciara is fine, and that she is right here beside them. Bo sighs.

Stephanie confides in Father Matt that she has never been more turned around in her life. Father Matt tries to soothe her, saying that he has known her family for a long time. Stephanie freaks out, asking what they said about her and Philip, but the priest assures her they didn’t say anything. He just knows a little bit about her family and Philip’s, and he can understand why she might be reluctant to get involved with Philip or his family. He also understands that she has been through a traumatic experience, and he worries about how it might have affected her. Stephanie admits that she knows the kidnapping happened because of the Kiriakis family. Father Matt asks if she has spoken to Philip about her concerns, and she says she has, but Philip is insistent that he can protect her. She thinks that he does try, however. He even quit his job a while back to make her happy, but he went right back to it, because the pull is just too strong. She adds that she feels like he cares more about power than he does about her. Father Matt says that he can tell Stephanie is conflicted, and he thinks it’s because she’s a moral person that is involved with a man who is not as moral as her. Stephanie sighs, admitting he is right. She is in love with a guy that is never going to change--not for her or for anyone.

Philip asks Melanie to divulge Stephanie’s secret, but Melanie says that she and Stephanie have gotten closer recently, and she doesn’t think it would be right to betray her trust. Philip starts to threaten her, but Melanie suggests angrily that he ask Stephanie what is going on himself, since he wants to know so badly. She huffs off. Philip sighs.

Hope explains to Bo that Ciara crawled into bed with them shortly after they got home from the previous night’s stakeout. She asks Bo if he has had another vision, and Bo nods miserably. He tells Hope about seeing Zach, and his warning regarding Ciara losing her teddy bear. He sighs, saying that he doesn’t know what to make of it. Hope thanks him for opening up to her about this, and she reassures Bo that they will protect Ciara, no matter what. Bo nods, but gazes at Ciara worriedly.

EJ tells Karen that the case is simple enough. Sami is unfit as a parent, and Johnny would be better off with him and Nicole. Judge Karen reminds EJ that Sami might appeal if she is unhappy with the ruling, and then a different judge will hear the case. Stefano reminds her that the DiMeras have contributed to her campaigns in the past, but Karen claims she wasn’t aware strings were attached. Besides, she has herself and her career to think about. Stefano thinks she can make sure Sami can’t get another judge to hear her appeal. Karen accuses them both of bullying her. Stefano threatens to use a more effective strategy to get her to do what he wants, but she says she has to go. EJ pleads with her, saying that he needs his son here with him. He adds that he and Stefano are expecting Karen help to make that happen.

Nicole tells Sami that she is doing this because she disagrees with EJ, nothing more, nothing less. Sami thanks her, but asks if she could possibly talk to EJ about this custody arrangement and get him to change his mind. Nicole shakes her head, saying the only thing she can do to help is make sure Sami gets to see Johnny, and she can only do that for now. Sami asks what she means and Nicole says the problem is Rafe. She adds that Sami needs to get him to back off. Sami, confused, asks what is going on. Nicole explains that Rafe came by the mansion trying to dig up some dirt. She assumes he is trying to get something on EJ for the custody hearing, but it must stop. Nicole explains that if Rafe keeps coming around, she won’t be able to bring Johnny over here any more.

Rafe heads into the café and greets Brady, saying he has a question for him. He reminds Brady of the other day when he ran into him as he was speaking to Mia at the church. Brady remembers and asks what Rafe needs to know. Rafe tells Brady that Mia said she met Nicole through some program for troubled teens. He asks Brady if he knows the name of the program. Brady fidgets.

Father Matt tells Stephanie about another young woman who was concerned about her own fiancé--but that was twenty years ago. Stephanie smiles, assuming he must be talking about her mom. She knows her dad was a bad boy, but her mom was convinced he could change, and he did. Father Matt asks Stephanie if she thinks Philip is capable of doing the same, but Stephanie doesn’t think so. She asks if it is a sin to be in love with a man that does bad things. Father Matt doesn’t answer. Stephanie sighs, saying he doesn’t have to say anything. She already knows the answer to her question.

Brady says he is sorry, but he knows nothing about how Nicole met Mia. He only knows Mia from the twelve-step meetings, anyway. He asks what Rafe is investigating, but he claims it isn’t important. Arianna walks in just then, and greets the two. Brady excuses himself and Arianna sits down with Rafe. He demands to know what is going on between her and Brady. Arianna claims nothing is, but Rafe says she is turning red. He feels her forehead, claiming she’s hot, too. Arianna says he is as obnoxious as Brady’s ex-girlfriend is and she is tried of people trying to set the two of them up. She’s not so pathetic and lonely that she needs people to try to force a guy to take her out. Rafe asks who Brady’s ex is, and Arianna says it’s Nicole DiMera. She heads off, saying she has to straighten something out. Rafe ponders this information, telling himself that Nicole is one busy woman.

Sami asks Nicole if she really thinks Rafe is investigating EJ, but Nicole isn’t sure. She warns Sami that if EJ finds Rafe snooping around, then he will beef up security, and she won’t be able to take Johnny into the backyard, let alone over here to see his mother. Sami vows to talk to Rafe, and Nicole assures her she is on her side on all this. Sami says she realizes that now and thanks Nicole. Nicole warns her again that if EJ learns about Rafe playing private eye, he’ll win the custody hearing, and then Nicole won’t be able to do anything to help Sami.

Brady runs into Philip at the pier, who asks if he has seen Stephanie. Brady says he hasn’t, and asks if everything is alright. Philip claims it is, but says he needs to find Stephanie. He heads off, saying he will talk to Brady later. Arianna comes over just then, telling Brady that they need to talk about what happened with Nicole. She hurriedly explains that she didn’t put Nicole up to anything as far as the two of them dating, and assures Brady that she only sees him as a friend. Even if she saw him as something more, she’s not so pushy and desperate that she would ask Nicole to do such a thing. Brady says he understands as Melanie heads over, saying that Arianna is wrong. She’s pushy and desperate because she’s obviously got it bad for Brady. Arianna glares.

Stephanie explains to Father Matt that there is a lot of good in Philip, too. She tells him all about how he donated money to her mom’s medical team, and how he admitted that doing something good for others made him feel good, too. Father Matt sighs, saying that he can see how heavily this is weighing on her, but he doesn’t think that he can help her.

Stefano shows Karen to the door, saying that her help in all of this would be much appreciated. She say she hasn’t promised anything, but Stefano is sure she will do the right thing. Karen sighs, admitting that what Sami did to EJ was unconscionable, and perhaps even sociopathic in nature. Stefano agrees, saying that is why they want Johnny to be raised here at the mansion. Karen heads off, saying she’ll see them in court. EJ sighs, saying he now understands what Stefano was saying when he told EJ he would do anything for his children. EJ sighs, wondering how he could be so delusional before when it came to Sami. Stefano reassures him that he can’t look back now that he has seen the light. All that is important now is that he finally chose the right woman. Nicole is lovely, and most importantly, she is loyal to the core.

Sami tells Nicole she realizes she is risking everything to bring Johnny over here. Nicole reminds Sami again that she is just doing this for Johnny. She adds that she doesn’t have much time, and tells Sami to go spend it with her kids instead of wasting time with her. Sami agrees and dashes off to the bedroom. Nicole sighs, telling herself that this had all better be worth it.

Hope reminds Bo of the hell he put himself through over his last vision, and how it ended up being completely meaningless. She thought they had decided not to trust any more of them. Bo sighs, saying he has to trust this vision because Zach was involved. He helped them before with Theo, and Bo is sure he wouldn’t let them down now. Bo sighs and strokes the teddy bear’s fur, saying that whatever Zach is trying to tell them, it has something to do with Ciara’s bear.

Arianna tells Melanie that she doesn’t have it bad for anyone. Melanie claims she was just joking, but Arianna says they don’t know each other well enough to making any judgments about each other. She tells Brady goodbye and says she has to go to work. She heads off. Melanie asks her not to be mad as she goes. She whirls on Brady once Arianna is out of earshot, telling Brady that she knew it--he has it bad for her, doesn’t he? Brady sighs.

Arianna rushes into the café and Rafe holds her purse aloft, asking if she forgot something. She thanks him. He asks her again what is going on between her and Brady and she flies into a rage, saying nothing is going on, and she’s tired of everyone in town speculating that something is just because she and Brady have been friendly to each other. Rafe agrees to drop it and tells Arianna he is going for a drive. Suspicious, she asks him where he is really going, and Rafe admits he is going to place some flowers on Grace’s and Emily’s graves. Arianna asks if he has told Sami about Emily, but Rafe says he hasn’t, adding that he doesn’t plan on ever telling her about it. Arianna sighs as Rafe heads off.

Sami hugs Johnny, promising they will finish the story next time. She tells him he has to go with Nicole now, but she will see him soon. Johnny says goodbye, and he and Nicole head off. Sami sighs and picks up a picture of Grace. She sobs, saying she lost her little girl already and she refuses to lose Johnny too. She adds that she will do whatever it takes, even if it means making peace with Nicole, because it seems to her that Nicole is really on her side in all of this.

Brady refuses to let Melanie harass him about Arianna and heads off. Melanie sighs. Arianna heads over just then, and Melanie tries to talk to her, but Arianna stops her, telling her not to bother. She tells Melanie that Brady’s ex already tried to set them up, and it didn’t work out because neither of them are interested. Melanie tries to say something, but Arianna tells her to drop it. She heads off. Melanie sighs, wondering to herself what is wrong with this people in this town, and why she has to do everything herself. She heads off in a huff.

Philip heads out onto the terrace of the Kiriakis mansion, yelling for Stephanie. Henderson comes out, telling Philip that she left a little while ago, but he isn’t sure where she went. Philip takes out his phone leaves Stephanie a voice mail, begging her to call him back.

Stephanie asks Father Matt if he is saying he can’t help her, or that he won’t. He sighs, telling Stephanie that he would love nothing more than to be able to guide her here, but he thinks she has already made up her mind about Philip, and that nothing and no one can change her mind.

Sami kneels by Grace’s grave, sobbing and telling her how much she and her brothers and sister miss her. She adds that Johnny asked where she was today, and Sami had to tell him Grace was playing with the angels. She breaks down, saying she knows that is true, too. Sami hears a noise behind her and turns around to see Rafe heading to another part of the cemetery. She wonders what he is doing here and gets up to follow him.

Melanie sits at the café and checks her horoscope on her laptop. She sighs, saying that it tells her that none of her good deeds will go unpunished. Melanie reminds herself that first she had to set up Philip and Stephanie, and now she has to do the same for Brady and Arianna. She whines, wondering when it’s going to be her turn to be happy. She shakes her head, telling herself to shut up and snap out of it. She heads off. A man sits at a nearby table and looks at an article in the paper about Hope. He circles her picture.

Bo suggests that he and Hope abide by Zach’s advice and put Ciara’s teddy bear somewhere safe. Hope wonders what they will tell Ciara, but Bo says they will think of something later. For now, all that is important is that they protect this bear--and their daughter, too.

Philip tries to call Stephanie again, urging her to pick up. He hangs up and notices Stephanie’s pills sitting on a nearby table. He picks up the bottle, reads the prescription information, and sighs.

Father Matt asks Stephanie if he is right and if she has made up her mind about Philip. At first, she says she isn’t sure, but then she breaks down in tears, telling the priest that he is right, and that she has made up her mind.

Sami greets Rafe as he places flowers on Emily’s grave. She lays her head in his shoulder, asking him who Emily is. Rafe fidgets.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Nicole swoops Johnny up into a hug, saying she knows he had a great time today, but him seeing his mommy has to be their little secret. Johnny nods. Nicole thanks him, telling him what a good boy he is. Just then, EJ walks in.


Daniel tells Maggie, “I will never forget Chloe or stop loving her.”

Chloe tells Maggie, “I'm never gonna leave Lucas. Never.”

Sami tells Rafe, “I have to talk to you about something. It's about Nicole.”

EJ says angrily, “I lost a daughter. Not you.” Nicole sobs, “I lost a daughter too.”

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