Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/23/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/23/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In Maggie’s kitchen, Chloe, Daniel, and Kate prepare for the taping of the Hearth and Home talk show. The director instructs Chloe to take one of the poisoned hors d’oeuvres from Daniel, and to eat it. Kate tells everyone to get a move on, and the director calls for action. Chloe takes one of the hors d’oeuvres from the plate Daniel offers. She claims that it looks delicious. Kate smirks and flashes back to poisoning the treats. She smirks and thinks to herself it’s more yummy than she knows--and that this is the beginning of the end for Chloe.

Nicole bawls at Grace’s grave, saying that she would do anything to bring her back. Rafe walks over just then, surprising her. She stands up, saying that she should be going, but Rafe stops her and asks her what she is doing there.

Sami takes Johnny over to the DiMera mansion. EJ takes Johnny from Sami and asks her to shut the door behind her. She glares, saying she isn’t going anywhere--not until they get a few things straight first.

Nicole tells Rafe that she is here because what happened to Grace was a terrible tragedy, and she wants to pay her respects. Rafe asks her what she meant by saying she would do anything to bring Grace back. Nicole tells him emphatically that she meant it. Grace should have had a longer life, and what happened to her wasn’t fair. Rafe says he agrees. Nicole adds that it breaks her heart. Rafe sighs, saying he doesn’t want to sound callous, but she had no connection to Grace at all. Nicole says she has more of a connection to Grace than Rafe realizes.

EJ tells Johnny to go off with Harold for a little while, and then he and Nicole can go for ice cream later. Johnny agrees, and Sami hugs him, promising to come say goodbye to him before she goes. Johnny heads off with Harold. Sami hisses at EJ that what he is doing is hurting their son. She reminds EJ that this injunction is just temporary. She vows that she won’t let him get away with this, and that the judge will learn all about the kind of sociopath he really is. EJ scoffs, reminding Sami of her lie about Grace. Sami says she did that to protect her daughter, and that she plans to make sure Johnny is safe, too. EJ tells her to leave, but Sami barrels over him, saying that no court in the world will take a child away from its mother. When all of this is over, EJ will be the one to lose custody, and then he will have to ask her permission to see Johnny. EJ laughs, telling her to bring it on.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie stands on the terrace and speaks to Abby. Henderson comes out with a letter from Stephanie’s mom. She looks it over as Philip joins her. Stephanie sighs, saying it’s been hard since her parents have left. She tells Philip all about how they are helping out with a clinic in a third-world country, and that they don’t have a way to get in touch with her other than by letter. She tells Philip all about the awful conditions in the clinic, and says that she wishes she could help her mom. Philip thinks they might be able to.

As Daniel hands Chloe the tray, she flashes back to the two making love. The tray goes flying. Daniel curses. The director stops the scene, telling Kate that her daughter-in-law is no Martha Stewart. Kate sighs and heads over to Chloe, who apologizes profusely. Daniel is covered with food. Lucas comes in just then, asking what happened. Chloe whines that she is a klutz and can’t do this. Kate snaps back that this isn’t Meet the Press. All she has to do is hold some food and look pretty. Chris comes over with some hors d’oeuvres, telling the group he found some lovely food in Maggie’s fridge. Kate glares, telling him that those won’t work.

Nicole explains to Rafe that Grace was her daughter’s sister, and that means a lot to her. Rafe suggests that she try to focus on the fact that she still has her daughter, and that she realize how truly fragile life can be. Nicole says she is grateful for every moment she has with Sydney, but that doesn’t change the way she feels about Grace--or Sami.

EJ chuckles, saying he can’t believe Sami has convinced herself she has a chance. He calls her irresponsible and duplicitous, and adds that she was going to let her bodyguard adopt Grace. No judge will ever give her custody. Sami retorts that Rafe was a better father to Grace than EJ could ever hope to be. EJ tells her to get out. Sami angrily tells him that if she wants, then Rafe will be Johnny’s father, too. EJ tells her that he will kill Rafe before he lets that happen.

Philip tells Stephanie that he spoke with his accountant, who will speak with her mom and her medical team. Philip plans on giving them as much money as they need to help the clinic. Stephanie throws her arms around him, telling him how amazing he is. The two kiss, and Stephanie wonders how she can ever repay him. Philip winks, saying he can think of a way.

Sami lays into EJ, saying she always knew he was selfish and arrogant, but she never dreamed he would turn into homicidal manic that would try to have Philip killed, and now is threatening Rafe. EJ says there is no way that man is raising his son. Sami retorts that there is no way she’s letting her son be raised by EJ and his slutty wife. EJ says there is nothing she can do about it. Johnny is going to be raised as a DiMera, and pretty soon, not even Sami will recognize him. Sami wonders how he can live with himself since he is obviously using his own child to get back at her. EJ smiles, asking her if it hurts--being cut out of her child’s life, that is.

Rafe is glad Nicole has some concern over Sami, and Nicole laughs, saying that she actually is human, despite the rumors. She adds that as she has gotten older, she realizes being petty and vindictive is a waste of energy. Besides, she can tell that Sami is a good mother by how well Johnny behaves, and she also knows no mother should have to go through losing a child. Rafe agrees. Nicole sighs, saying that this thing with Johnny must be killing Sami, and that she must be in hell right now.

Sami vows to never let EJ cut her out of Johnny’s life. He sighs, telling her that what she did to him with Grace wasn’t just wrong--it was criminal. She basically kidnapped the baby. Sami claims she did what she did to protect Grace after seeing the mayor get shot on his doorstep. She claims she would do it all over again, too. EJ says it’s a moot point, because Sami has no say-so in their son’s life any longer.

Kate and Lucas stand alone in Maggie’s kitchen. Kate asks Lucas to go get everyone ready for the retake. He agrees and tries to get Kate to relax. He heads off. Kate takes out her poison and begins doctoring the treats Chris brought from Maggie’s fridge.

Upstairs, Chris brings Daniel a fresh shirt. Chloe comes down the hallway and Chris gushes about how much chemistry Chloe and Daniel have. Chloe smiles uncomfortably and heads into the room Daniel is changing in. She apologizes, saying she has no idea what got into her. Daniel think she does, actually.

Rafe asks Nicole if she will talk to EJ about the injunction, since she seems sympathetic towards Sami. Nicole isn’t sure she can. Just then, Arianna walks over. Nicole excuses herself and Rafe calls after her to think about it. Arianna asks what that was about. Rafe sighs, saying he isn’t sure.

Sami vows that EJ will never take her son from her. He disagrees. She changes tactics, reminding him of the compassion he showed her when she came back from witness protection. She swears again that what she did was to protect Grace, not hurt him, but EJ doesn’t want to hear it. He says that in anyone’s eyes, what she did was reprehensible, no matter what her excuse is. He also tells her that he no longer has any feelings for her, so her little manipulations won’t work on him anymore. He claims that he will do what he has to do to protect his family. Sami yells, asking if that includes ripping his son from his mother’s arms. EJ nods, saying he’ll do it if that’s what it takes to protect Johnny.

Stephanie and Philip finish making love. Stephanie thanks him again for what he did for her mom, saying she just wishes she could see her mom’s face when she gets the money. Philip say they might be able to, and offers to try to arrange to get visas for him and Stephanie to visit her parents and brother. Stephanie says it’s all too much, but Philip claims he wants to do this. Besides, he could use some good karma coming his way after al that has happened. He heads off to call his guy in the state department about the visas.

Arianna says she will give Rafe some time alone, but he is glad that she is here. He launches into a sad story about visiting Grace in the convent. He tells Arianna that he always swore he’d be there for Grace, but since he can’t now, then he will just have to be there for Sami. He vows to make sure she gets through this.

Sami asks EJ angrily what his plan is for the times when Johnny misses her. She asks angrily if EJ will just show Johnny a picture of her. EJ says he will, at first. Sami asks angrily if he is trying to make her a distant memory to her son. She vows that that will never happen. Harold and Johnny come back and Sami says goodbye to him. Harold offers to take him upstairs and EJ thanks him. The two head off. Sami vows to see Johnny sooner than EJ thinks. He rolls his eyes, telling her that she can think whatever she likes. Sami storms off as Nicole walks in. Sami slams the door. Nicole guesses things didn’t go well. EJ says they went exactly as he expected, actually.

Daniel thinks Chloe was just nervous, and she agrees, saying she has never done a TV show before. Daniel thinks it’s more than that, and that she was nervous about the two of them. He asks her if she really doesn’t think they can be together without something happening. Chloe admits that she doesn’t.

Kate surveys her new tray of poisoned hors d’oeuvres, saying to herself that it’s showtime. She grins.

EJ tells Nicole that Sami made a scene and cried a lot, like usual. Nicole asks about Johnny, but EJ says he seemed unfazed by it all. Nicole scoffs, saying he will be until he starts missing his mother. EJ says Johnny has them, but Nicole says this is cruel and wrong. EJ explodes, reminding her of what Sami did to him. Nicole sighs, wondering if he really doesn’t see that Johnny is going to be the one that gets hurt most by all this. EJ claims he is protecting Johnny and that this is the best thing for him. Nicole disagrees, saying that he needs to forgive Sami, if not for himself, then for Johnny. She walks off. EJ pours a drink and gulps it, scoffing.

Philip comes back to the terrace with bad news, saying he can’t get the clearance for his and Stephanie’s visas in time to make it down there. Stephanie is disappointed, but says she understands. Sami rushes out just then, followed by Henderson, who apologizes, saying he couldn’t stop her. Sami says she is sorry, but this is an emergency. She explains breathlessly that she needs Philip and Stephanie to help her to destroy EJ once and for all.

Daniel explains to Chloe that Kate is donating a very generous check to charity in his former wife’s memory. Daniel says it’s is his way of honoring Rebecca’s life, and that they are honoring Chloe too, since she is a cancer survivor. He thinks they’ve come full-circle, and that perhaps this is just fate. Chloe sighs, saying perhaps it is.

Chris compliments Kate’s handiwork, saying he loves how she made the hors d’oeuvres shine. Kate snaps that she doesn’t know what he is talking about and asks where Daniel and Chloe are. Chris says they are upstairs and asks if she should go get them. Kate says she will, but asks Chris to watch over the food with his life. He vows to do so and Kate heads off. Chris admires the treats, asking if they are ready for their close-up.

Nicole comes back downstairs and tell EJ that Johnny knows. He was confused as to why his penguin toy was here and not at his mom’s house. EJ reminds Nicole that Sami was gone for a long time before, and Johnny was fine, but Nicole says that was for three months. What EJ is talking about is keeping Johnny away from Sami forever. She asks him if he really wants to do that to his son.

Sami tells Philip and Stephanie about EJ taking custody of Johnny from her. They try to reassure her that she will get Johnny back, and that no judge will give EJ custody, but Sami says that has done this to her before. She says she can’t stand to live without her little boy now that Grace is gone. She begs them both to help her, saying that she can’t bury EJ without their help.

Rafe kneels by Emily’s grave and brushes the leaves away. We learn that she died in 2007 at the age of 29. Rafe sighs, saying that he is so sorry.

Chris gets a call and says he has to go. He asks Lucas to watch over the food, and Lucas agrees. He wonders where Kate is.

Chloe helps Daniel with his shirt. He helps her with her zipper, telling her that he thinks she’s doing a good thing by trying to work things out with Lucas. Chloe flashes back to Daniel helping her with her zipper at her engagement party. Kate watches the two through the cracked door.

Lucas decides he is too hungry to wait for lunch and decides to sample some of Kate’s hors d’oeuvres.

EJ tells Nicole that he will worry about Johnny, and tells her that this is none of her business. Angrily, she says it is, and that if EJ thinks he is just going to make Johnny forget about Sami, then he has another thing coming. She adds that he is also underestimating Sami, and that she isn’t going to give up without a fight. She says he should know that of all people. EJ warns Nicole not to undermine him and storms off to check on Johnny. Nicole sighs.

Sami begs Philip and Stephanie to help her, but Philip wonders what they can do with no evidence against EJ. Sami says they both know as well as she does that EJ was behind Stephanie’s kidnapping. She begs them to call the police and expose EJ. She sobs, saying she can’t bear to lose another child.


Kate tells Lucas, Chloe and Daniel, "Lucas was right. The eggs were poisoned."

Will tells Rafe, "I think Johnny's better off with them than with my mom."

Nicole tells Stefano, "I think that you are underestimating what Sami is capable of doing now."

Sami tells Phillip, "I'll push until she breaks because this is my son we're talking about and I'm not giving up."

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