Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/22/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/22/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In Maggie’s kitchen, the director of Kate’s TV show hands Chloe a bowl to hold, telling her a photographer should be here in any minute. Lucas heads over, joking that Martha Stewart is going to have to move over. Chloe smiles ruefully, saying she’s the worst cook on the planet, actually. Lucas assures her that she is going to do well, and that all she has to do is be her normal charming self. Maggie comes in, excited about her kitchen being used for the Hearth and Home talk show. She asks where Kate is, and Lucas explains that she should be here soon with Daniel. Chloe drops the bowl and it crashes to the floor. Lucas gasps. Maggie looks on worriedly.

At Victor’s place, Kate gives Daniel a call from the terrace, asking him to meet her there. Daniel thought they would go ahead and meet at Maggie’s, since the taping is there, but Kate asks him to head to Victor’s first, saying that he will understand when he gets there. She hangs up as Chris rushes out with a plate of hors-d’oeuvres. Kate compliments them, but Chris says that hostile butler made them. He doesn’t understand why they didn’t just have them made at Maggie’s. Kate says sternly that he will meet him at Maggie’s and Chris heads off, leaving the plate behind. Kate looks around stealthily and puts on a pair of rubber gloves. She takes the bottle of poison she procured from her purse and begins doctoring the treats.

At the Java Café, Mia stares in shock, asking Chad what he is doing here. He leers, saying he’s back for the summer, and he missed her. He puts a hand over hers. Mia jerks away, snapping at him not to touch her.

At St. Luke’s, EJ hands Sami some legal papers. She looks them over and gasps, telling Rafe that EJ is taking Johnny from her. EJ reminds her she did the same to him with Grace. Sami says that he can’t do this. EJ says he didn’t--she did, with all of her lies about his daughter.

In the vestibule, Father Matt tells Nicole about the nuns from the convent of the Holy Cross arriving. Nicole panics as Sister Agnes walks in. Father Matt starts to introduce the two, but she claims she knows Nicole already. Nicole stammers, saying she couldn’t, since she has never seen her before. Sister Agnes seems to accept this and Father Matt introduces the two. Agnes starts to head into the chapel to see Sami, but Nicole wants to know if she came here alone. Agnes says she didn’t.

Rafe tells EJ that he knows he is upset, but this is wrong and he knows it. EJ explodes, reminding Rafe angrily that he kept his daughter from him, and he didn’t find out about her until she was dead. He wonders how Rafe dares preach to him about what is right and wrong. Will walks in just then, asking EJ if it’s true that he is taking his brother away from the family. Sami pleads with EJ, begging him not to do this. If he does, he must know that she won’t be the only one he’ll be punishing.

Lucas asks Chloe if she has a problem with Daniel doing the show. She admits that she was surprised, since the last she heard, he had refused to do it. She wonders why he changed his mind. Lucas tells her that he thinks his mom threw a lot of money his way--something about a charity he really cares about. Just then, the director walks over, pulling Lucas aside to ask him a few questions. Maggie comes over, asking if Chloe is upset about Daniel doing the show, and she says she is, of course. She adds that it going to be awkward and uncomfortable. Maggie sighs, admitting that Daniel wasn’t actually swayed by Kate’s offer--until she told him that he ought to do the show. Chloe groans, wondering why Maggie would try to make this harder for her.

Kate finishes poisoning the hors-d’oeuvres as Daniel walks out onto the terrace. She stands up hurriedly and strips off her rubber gloves. Daniel looks at her suspiciously, reminding her it’s a hot day. He wonders what she is doing wearing those gloves.

Mia asks Chad to leave her alone. He asks her what she is so mad about, and can’t believe she is just going to walk away after not seeing him for a year. She asks sarcastically if she supposed to roll out the red carpet or something. She claims she has to go speak to her manager, but Chad stops her, calling her ‘Goldilocks’ and asking her not to be this way. Mia flashes back to her and Chad making out in the back of a car. He starts to unbutton his shirt. She asks him to stop. He asks her not to be that way. Mia agrees and the two kiss. Mia comes back to the present and tells Chad to get out of here.

Will asks EJ if it would be alright for him to come visit Johnny at the mansion. EJ says that would be fine. Sami gapes. Will turns on her, furious, reminding her that she and Rafe lied to EJ about Grace and kept him from knowing her until it was too late. Not only does Will not blame EJ for wanting to take Johnny from his mom, he thinks EJ has every right to do so. Sami puts her head in her hands and sinks down on a pew.

Nicole asks Agnes who drove her, and she says Sister Claire did. Father Matt asks if Teresa is coming, but Agnes shakes her head, explaining that Teresa was transferred to a convent out of town a few days ago. Nicole sighs in relief as Will rushes past her. She calls out after him, asking what is wrong. Will ignores her and rushes off.

Sami sobs, saying that this day was supposed to be about Grace. Rafe vows that they will fight EJ with everything they have. Sami accuses EJ of only being happy when he can make others suffer. She adds that she has made mistakes, but at least she admits to them. She just can’t believe as if he is pretending that he didn’t do anything wrong here. EJ scoffs, saying she doesn’t have a moral leg to stand on. Sami reminds EJ about what he has done to the mayor and Philip, and wonders what those politicians he has in his pockets would say about that. EJ claims that none of that matters. Nicole walks in, asking what all the shouting is about. Sami says she knows very well what is going on and accuses Nicole of talking EJ into doing this. Nicole says she did no such thing and EJ agrees, adding that he doesn’t need a reason to take Johnny from Sami, other than that she is a liar and an unfit mother. He tells her that she has one hour to bring Johnny round to the mansion. Sami says that this isn’t over, but EJ disagrees. Sami vows to see both him and Nicole in hell for this.

Maggie wonders why Chloe is so threatened by Daniel being on the show, but Chloe is surprised she can’t guess. Maggie suspects that Chloe hasn’t given Daniel up yet. Chloe sighs, saying she just can’t do this. Maggie reminds Chloe that she is going to have to deal with her residual feelings for Daniel in a different manner. She can’t keep going on pretending it never happened. Maggie adds that she just wants Lucas and Chloe to be happy. Chloe says she sees her point, and thinks this might be the best way to keep her promise to God--to love Lucas and make him happy until death does them part.

Kate tells Daniel that she was just doing a little pruning and that’s why she had gloves on. Daniel seems to accept this and Kate gives him some paperwork finalizing the money going to the charity of his choice. He thanks her, but she says she is the one that is thankful. Daniel isn’t so sure she will think so when she sees him on camera, but Kate assures him that he will do well. He asks why Kate had him meet her here, and she explains that she wanted to tell him privately how much it means to her that he is doing this. He says it’s for a great cause and Kate agrees, adding that she is also glad to be able to let go of her anger towards Chloe and Daniel. She asks Daniel to join her in a toast, and pours some cider. Daniel heads over for the poisoned hors d’oeuvres, asking if he can have some. Kate flies over and stops him, explaining that those are the treats Daniel will give Chloe on the show. Daniel backs off quickly, saying he didn’t know. Kate checks her watch, and says they need to head over to Maggie’s. Daniel offers to take her in his car, but Kate says she has a few things to do first. She asks Daniel to take the hors d’oeuvres over to Maggie’s. He agrees and heads off with the plate. Kate puts the gloves back on, takes out the poison, and pulls a small black case out of her purse.

Will paces around near the pier and sighs. He takes out his phone and makes a call.

Mia tells Chad angrily to never call her Goldilocks again. Chad says that is how he still thinks of her, but she reminds him she hasn’t heard from him since he went away. Chad sighs, saying he figured she wouldn’t take his calls after the way things ended between them. He says he thought it would be better if he just showed up. He wonders how Mia could think he’d forget her after all the amazing times they had. He asks if she remembers them. Mia flashes back to her and Chad in the car. She asks him if he loves her. He says he does, and that he will love her forever. Mia comes back to the present and grimaces, saying that she remembers, alright.

Father Matt and Sister Agnes walk into the chapel. Father Matt asks what is going on. Sami breezes past him and Agnes, saying she has to go. Rafe follows, and so does Agnes. Father Matt asks Nicole for a moment alone with EJ, and she heads back into the vestibule. Father Matt tells EJ that he knows that this is a sad and shocking day for him, but God commands all of us to forgive and pray for one another. He doesn’t want him to see EJ do something he will come to regret. EJ scoffs, saying that Father Matt should be telling all of this to Sami. She is the one that played God, and she is going to regret it, too.

Nicole heads over to Sami, saying that she really had nothing to do with this whole custody thing. It was completely EJ’s idea. Sami accuses Nicole of looking guilty and asks what she is hiding. Nicole tells her to back off, but Sami demands that she confess. Nicole claims she is guilty of nothing except loving her husband and supporting his decisions. She adds that what Sami did by keeping Grace from EJ was unconscionable. Sami thought Nicole would be the last person to have a problem with it, since EJ was totally focused on her and Sydney during that time. Sami adds viciously that now that he knows the truth, she and Grace will never be far from his mind. Sami storms off. Nicole sighs.

Will calls Lucas, saying that they have to talk right away. He asks Lucas to meet him at the pier. Lucas agrees and hangs up. He tells Chloe what is going on and asks Chris to fill in for him until his mom arrives. Chris agrees, and Lucas assures Chloe she will be great. He promises they’ll celebrate later and heads off, closing the door behind him. Chloe rushes after him, asking him to wait. She opens the door and stumbles into Daniel’s arms.

Kate takes Daniel’s glass and lifts his finger print from it with a sticky sheet of plastic. She looks at the print and grins, saying it will do perfectly.

Nicole comes back into the chapel, asking EJ how it went with Father Matt. He tells her that the two agreed to disagree. EJ wants to go home to get things ready for Johnny, but Nicole stops him and gestures at the photo of Grace, asking if they should take it home. She bursts into tears, saying that they don’t have nay pictures of her. She cries even harder, saying that this shouldn’t have happened. EJ soothes her, trying to assure her that none of this is her fault, but Nicole says it is.

Chloe asks Daniel if he is doing the show now, and he nods, saying Kate made him a great offer for a charitable contribution. He adds that he hopes Chloe isn’t uncomfortable, but she claims she is fine with it. Daniel adds that there is one good thing to come out of him doing this show, and that’s that he thinks Kate is finally coming around to both him and Chloe.

Kate takes the sticky sheet and places it face-down on the poison bottle, transferring Daniel’s fingerprint to it. Kate looks over her handwork and smiles, saying the print is very identifiable.

Chad asks Mia when she gets off work as Evan comes over, explaining that he found someone to cover Mia’s shift, so she can take the rest of the day off. He apologizes for being hard on her earlier and she thanks him. Evan heads off. Chad tell Mia he is glad they can spend time catching up right now, but Mia wonders if he was listening to her at all. There isn’t going to be any ‘catching up’ or anything else because she doesn’t want to see him ever again. Mia storms off. Behind the counter, Evan looks over some papers and sighs. Chad heads in his direction.

Lucas meets Will, and he demands to know why his dad wasn’t at Grace’s service. Lucas says that he and Sami spoke about it, and they both thought it was better if he didn’t come. Will snaps back that he is sure his dad comingwould have made EJ even angrier. Lucas asks what he means and Will tells him angrily to give it up. He knows is dad knew about Grace belonging to his mom and EJ, and he said nothing. Will accuses Lucas of being a liar, just like his mom and Rafe.

Back at her place, Sami rushes into the living room frantically, telling Rafe that she called her dad, Abe, and Mickey Horton, and they all say the same thing--that she has no choice but to hand Johnny over to EJ. Rafe hugs her, telling her how sorry he is. Sami sobs, saying she just had to say goodbye to her little girl. She doesn’t think she can get through having to do the same with Johnny--she just can’t. Rafe tries to soothe her as Sami cries hysterically.

EJ wonders why Nicole is beating herself up about all this, and she claims that this is all her fault. If she hadn’t been with EJ, then Sami probably would have told him the truth about Grace from the beginning. This all happened because Sami hates her. She sobs. EJ assures her that this is between him and Sami, and that it has nothing to do with her. He asks her to come home with him, but Nicole thinks this whole thing with Sami and Johnny will be harder with her around. She promises to be home later, and EJ heads off reluctantly. Nicole falls to her knees in front of Grace’s portrait, sobbing and begging for forgiveness. She rushes out of the church in tears.

Sami tells Rafe that he probably won’t like this, but she needs to take Johnny over to EJ’s by herself. He’s so little, and she has to try to explain all this to him. Rafe says he understands, but reassures Sami, telling her not to give up, because they’re going to fight this and win. He hugs her, telling her he will talk to her soon. He heads off. Sami sighs.

Lucas tells Will the situation was complicated, but Will doesn’t think so. He isn’t EJ’s biggest fan by any stretch, but he also knows that EJ was Grace’s real father, and he was her real brother, and they both deserved to know the truth about that. Will adds that now his mom has to pay the price. Lucas asks what he means, and Will tells Lucas about EJ getting custody of Johnny. Lucas says he has to go be with Sami. He rushes off, telling Will they’ll talk about this later. Will sits down with a sigh. Mia comes over and joins him. Will hugs her.

Chris gives Chloe and Daniel instructions on looking natural as Kate rushes in. She excuses Chris, saying she’ll take over from here. The director comes over, telling Kate that they’d better start soon, or the food won’t look so appetizing anymore. Kate agrees and tells Chloe that she hopes she’s hungry. Chloe smiles nervously, saying that she always is. Kate eyes the treats she poisoned, telling Chloe that the hors d’oeuvres are tasty--‘to die for’ tasty.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ kneels over Sydney’s playpen, saying that her older brother is coming to live with them, and that pretty soon, he’ll have both of his children under one roof. He sighs deeply, telling Sydney that he is glad he still has her.

Nicole kneels by Grace’s grave, telling her it wasn’t so long ago when she was delivering her. Nicole adds that she considers it an honor to have held her first--but then she gave her away so she could have Sydney. Nicole sighs, saying she can’t help but feel like Grace’s death was all her fault. She adds that the worst part of all this is that Grace dying made her life a lot easier and her position with EJ that much more secure. She breaks down, begging God to forgive her.

Lucas heads into Sami’s place, saying he heard about Johnny, and had to come by. Sami hollowly tells Lucas that she still can’t believe it. Lucas urges her to fight EJ on this, since Johnny belongs with her, and Allie needs her brother. Lucas vows to help Sami in any way he can, since she knows what a good mother she is. Sami thanks him. Lucas heads off, saying he has to go, but again tells Sami to call if she needs anything. The two hug and Sam thanks him again. Lucas leaves. Johnny rushes out just then, asking Sami if the two can play. She cries, saying they can’t, because she has to take him to he daddy’s house.

Will tells Mia that something else went down at the church, but he’ll talk to her about it later. He can tell something is bothering her, and asks if she is in some sort of trouble. Mia says she isn’t and ask what he means. Will says again that it looks like something is bothering her. Mia makes a face, saying it’s nothing worth talking about.

Evan offers Chad a job at the café, saying two people quit on him the day before. Chad accepts the job offer and thanks Evan, saying he will start tomorrow.

The director tells Chloe and Daniel that they’re shooting this all out of order, so all they need to do for this shot is have Daniel hand Chloe the food, and she eats it. The two agree. Chloe has some more questions, but Kate tells her to hurry, as time is money. The director calls for action. Daniel hands Chloe the tray of poisoned treats. She selects an hors-d’oeuvre. Kate grins and watches expectantly.

Sami brings Johnny to the mansion. EJ takes him from her, and asks her to close the door behind her. Sami sighs.

Nicole sobs, telling Grace that she would do anything to bring her back.


Daniel tells Chloe, “You don't think we can be together without something happening, do you?”

Kate grins and poisons some more food, “Showtime.”

Nicole bawls to Rafe, “Poor Sami. She must be in hell.”

Sami tells EJ, “If Rafe wants to be Johnny's father, then he will be that too.” EJ retorts, “I'll kill him before that happens.”

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