Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/19/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/19/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At St Luke’s, EJ and Nicole stand in the vestibule as Bo and Hope walk by. EJ stares sadly at a photo of Rafe, Sami and Grace, saying that this is all he has to remember his daughter by. Roman and Sami come in just then and EJ glares. Roman glares back, “Not now, not ever.” EJ scoffs, saying it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference to him if the Bradys and the rest of the world line up against him. Bo reminds him sharply that this is a church, and a little girl’s funeral is about to take place. EJ shoots back that he is well-aware of that. Nicole tries to get him to go into the chapel, but EJ brushes her off, telling Bo that he wouldn’t dream of disrespecting his daughter’s service. He glares at Sami, saying it wasn’t him that made Grace’s entire life a lie.

Brady runs into Arianna at the Java Café and guesses that they are both going to be attending Grace’s funeral. Arianna nods, saying how sad the whole thing is. Brady asks about Rafe and how he is doing, but Arianna shrugs, saying he and Sami seemed to have closed ranks. Brady admits he is just glad Sami has someone to lean on. Arianna sighs, reminding Brady that Sami has her entire family to lean on. Brady reminds her in turn that Rafe has his sister, but Arianna says that Rafe only has her, and she worries that everyone is going to blame him for keeping Sami’s secret. Brady tells her she doesn’t need to worry about everyone--just EJ DiMera.

In the chapel, Father Matt assures Rafe that God understands why Rafe is angry with Him, and that sometimes, His plans can be bewildering. Rafe sighs, saying he’s angry, not bewildered. He gestures angrily to the vestibule, saying there’s this family that lies, cheats, steals, and kills, and for some reason God takes Grace, an innocent baby. Rafe shakes his head angrily.

Roman tries to get Sami to go sit down as Will and Mia come in. Sami invites Will to come sit with her, but he narrows his eyes and makes a crack about her sitting with Grace’s father. Roman starts to lay into him, but Sami says it’s ok, and the two head off into the chapel. Bo comes over and warns Will that his mom really needs his support today. Bo heads into the chapel with Hope. Will sighs. Mia asks him how he could not talk to his mom, considering what she is going through, and Will angrily points out EJ and Nicole across the vestibule, explaining that he is Grace’s father. Mia sighs and the two head into the chapel.

Nicole asks EJ if he has the papers, and he says he does. Nicole sighs, saying she knows he wants to make Sami pay, but she thinks it would be best if he waited until the service was over. EJ scoffs, asking Nicole if he should also be polite and go offer Sami his condolences. Nicole claims she is thinking of EJ, not Sami. He will have plenty of time to be angry and get his revenge, but for now he needs to take the time to grieve. EJ sobs, saying when he saw his father go through Tony’s death, he had no idea that the pain was like this. Nicole suggests they go inside. EJ grabs her and hugs her tearfully.

Sami looks over the floral arrangements people have sent for the funeral. She cries as Rafe comes over, marveling at how many people loved Grace. Sami admits that she keeps thinking that Grace is the one thing that brought them together. Rafe assures her that Grace is always going to be with them. He reminds Sami tearfully that it’s the three of them against the world. Sami manages to smile through her tears. Rafe vows that she will make it through this, and that he will help her. He hugs her. EJ walks in and glares at the two.

Max runs into Melanie at the hospital and finds her filling out paperwork. She ask what he is doing here, and he explains that he came by to disenroll from medical school. He asks Melanie what she is doing, and she explains that she’s filling out an application for nursing school. Max asks jokingly if she plans on commuting from London. She sighs, telling Max that actually, she isn’t going to London.

Mia doesn’t understand, asking Will if EJ just didn’t care about his daughter. Will shakes his head, saying EJ didn’t know. His mom--the one Mia says is so great--didn’t tell him. Mia asks why. Will sighs, saying that while his mom has done a bunch of rotten stuff, this one he can kind of understand. He guesses any mother would want to keep their child from growing up in that house.

EJ glares at Sami and Rafe as Nicole comes over. He admits to her that eh doesn’t think he can do this, since Rafe is acting like he was Grace’s father. Suddenly, he sees Mia across the room and recognizes her as the girl from their wedding. He asks Nicole what she is doing here, and Nicole stammers, saying she thinks she’s a fiend of Will and used to baby-sit Grace. EJ groans, saying he can’t believe it. A complete stranger knows his own daughter better than he does. He storms off to the vestibule.

Sami sobs and holds the St. Anne’s medal that Teresa gave her. She wonders if she should put it with Grace. Rafe shakes his head, telling Sami gently that he think Grace would want her to keep it. Nicole, in the back, watches, then decides to go after EJ.

Mia reminds Will that his brother, Johnny, lives at EJ’s house, and he seems alright. Will scoffs, saying he is-- for now. He suggest the two go sit down.

Nicole asks EJ to come back inside, but he asks her to give him a moment alone. She agrees and heads back into the chapel. EJ calls Stefano to tell him that he plans on giving Sami the papers in about an hour. Just then, Stephanie walks in. She tells EJ sarcastically that she’s free and walking around. EJ starts to say something, but she interrupts, saying she knows the police aren’t supposed to know this, but she knows he hired that psycho to lock her in a morgue drawer. She asks if EJ is trying to pretend not to be a horrible person, and EJ asks her quietly to stop, as this is his daughter’s funeral. She reminds him of the hell he put her through and says she doesn’t feel sorry for him at all. She pities Sami, but that is it. Stephanie adds that EJ doesn’t deserve love or children--he doesn’t even deserve to be alive. Angry, EJ reminds her that she is lucky to be alive herself. Stephanie slaps EJ just as Philip walks in. Stephanie, furious, tells EJ to never threaten her again, as she knows what kind of person he is and what should be done to him. Philip asks what the hell is going on. EJ admits he has exercised a lot of self-control here, but Stephanie would do well to do the same. He heads back into the chapel angrily. Stephanie apologizes, but Philip says she has nothing to be sorry for. He knows it’s killing Stephanie that EJ isn’t in jail right now. Stephanie sighs, suggesting that they just go inside the church. Philip agrees and the two head into the chapel.

As more people file into the church, Will asks Mia if she can now see what his mom is like. Mia sighs, saying she can just see how sad Sami is. Will asks her to save it. Caroline walks in just then and Will groans, saying they’ve brought out the big guns. Caroline heads over to him, asking to speak with him alone. Will heads off with her. Nicole comes over and puts a hand on Mia’s shoulder. Mia sniffles, apologizing, as she knows Nicole doesn’t want her seeing Will. Nicole shushes her, saying that she knows Mia is here for Grace--and she should be.

Stephanie hugs Sami and tells her how sorry she is. She heads off to sit down. Sami tells Roman that Stephanie didn’t have to come, but Roman thinks that maybe she did. Caroline comes over and hugs Sami. Sami asks if she talked Will into sitting with her, but Caroline says she didn’t realize she was supposed to. Roman and EJ exchange dirty looks and Roman excuses himself. Sami sighs, remembering that Caroline always told her that God only gives people what they can handle. Caroline thinks Sami is handling this well, but Sami says she can’t handle all the lies, and the fact that this is all her fault. Caroline takes Sami into her arms, saying that isn’t true, and that none blames her for this. Sami sobs, saying that is another lie. EJ glares at Sami.

Arianna walks over to Brady and Nicole. He tries to introduce the two, but Arianna says they have already met. She excuses herself. Brady tells Nicole that he thinks she understands what Sami is going through today. Nicole says this isn’t about her. Brady thinks there should have been a service for the child she lost, too. Nicole asks angrily if he is here to torment her. What she did was right for EJ and for Sydney. Brady asks if it was really right for her, though. Nicole burst into tears, saying of course it was. As everyone knows, everything she does is for herself.

Roman takes the pew in front of EJ and shows him his badge. EJ rolls his eyes, asking if Roman is here to throw his weight around. Roman shakes his head, saying he wants to let EJ know that if he tries to hurt one more member of his family, then he is going to turn his badge in and deal with EJ the way EJ deals with other people--with no mercy. Roman turns around. EJ takes the legal documents out of his jacket and looks them over. He flashes back to Stephanie accusing him of pretending not to be a horrible person just like his father. EJ sighs.

Max reminds Melanie that there are phones and planes these days, so she can call often and come visit on he breaks. Melanie isn’t so sure Chelsea will go for that. Max tells Melanie that he is really glad she is staying here, adding that people are starting to take her seriously. He laughs, saying that isn’t true, but she can hope. Melanie protests. Max gets serious, saying that he is really proud of Melanie for staying here to do something important and to help out others. Melanie nods distractedly and stares off into space. Max turns around to see what she is looking at and sees Nathan standing at the nurse’s station. He chuckles.

Stephanie glares at EJ, telling Philip that she can’t believe EJ is able to pull off the sad, grieving father thing when he knows what kind of a man he is and what his family is capable of. Philip shrugs, saying you learn how. Stephanie says she doesn’t want to ever learn to be that way. Philip kisses her, saying she couldn’t if she tried.

Arianna pulls Rafe aside, telling him that she knows this brings a lot of painful memories back for him. She tells him that she was wrong. Rafe is shocked, saying that Arianna has never admitted that before. She sighs, saying that she shouldn’t have faulted him for helping Sami--not after what he has done for her.

Brady hugs Sami, telling her how sorry he is. She tells him that he doesn’t have to be nice to her, as he wouldn’t be the first or last person to yell at her over this. Brady says that any sane person would realize that they would also do anything they could to keep their kid from becoming a DiMera. Brady knows that Sami was just protecting her kid, and he loves that about her. Sami admits she was afraid to tell him, but Brady says if that were true, then that means he was a real jerk.

Nicole stands in front of Grace’s photo and sobs, saying she was the first one to hold her, and that she will never, ever forget her.

Hope and Bo comes over to Rafe and Sami to offer their condolences. Bo adds that if Sami needs anything, to let them know--day or night. She thanks Bo, admitting that she thought he would be angry with her. Bo says he can never stay mad at Sami for too long. Hope adds pointedly that they are here for Rafe, too. Father Matt asks everyone to take their seats, and begins the funeral service.

Nathan walks over to Max and Melanie, asking Melanie in French if she’s in the swimming pool. She chuckles and introduces Max to Nathan. Nathan asks Max jokingly if he is really volunteering to take Melanie to London with him. Max grins, saying she has changed her mind, actually. He says sarcastically that she won’t tell him why, and that it’s a real mystery. Melanie gives him a dirty look. Nathan stares at the two, confused.

Caroline reads from the book of Ecclesiastes as Sami sobs, leaning on Rafe’s shoulder. Later, Will shares a memory of Grace spitting baby food everywhere, but breaks off in tears before he can finish. Father Matt thanks him and Will takes his seat. The priest ask if anyone else would like to say anything. EJ stands up, saying he doesn’t have any memories of Grace, but there is something he would like to say.

Melanie says it’s no mystery as to why she is staying in town. Maggie pulled a lot of string to get her into the nursing program, and she doesn’t want to let her down. Max adds sarcastically that Melanie also wants to help her fellow man. Nathan can tell that the two have a complicated relationship. They agree. Melanie adds that she hopes Nathan won’t mind Maggie’s place being co-ed. Nathan shrugs, saying he will hardly ever be there, anyway. He wishes Max luck in London and heads off. Melanie glares at Max, saying she could kill him. Max scoffs, gesturing toward Nathan and asking if she is kidding him.

EJ stands at the altar and tells everyone that he is here to grieve his daughter. He adds that the Lord causes great pain, but it is in children that one can see His finest work. He says that everyone loves children before they even really know them, as they are all so precious and unique. He asks Sami and Rafe to take comfort in the memories they have of Grace--because he has nothing. He glances at Grace’s photo sadly and heads back to his pew. Father Matt if anyone else would like to say something. Mia stands and beings singing ‘Amazing Grace.’ Caroline, then the rest of the group join her. Sami sobs hysterically as Rafe tries to soothe her.

Max tells Melanie that he thinks she ought to rethink nurse’s training, but she isn’t sure moving in with him and his girlfriend would be much better. Max jokes that she could go on a lecture circuit about changing the course of your life over a boy you met five minutes ago. Melanie grumps that she has never done that, but Max reminds her of Philip. Melanie sighs, saying Nathan is different. She can’t screw up his life by staying here, but since Max is trying to make things work with Chelsea, she could very well screw up his life by moving to London with him. He means way too much to her to do that to him.

Father Matt says a prayer and everyone lines up to take communion. Sami does not, and EJ kneels down behind her, reminding her that she has been to confession and had her sins absolved. Sami chokes back a sob, saying that at least she is sorry for her sins.

Later, everyone lines up to drop roses in a basket below Grace’s picture. Will and Mia do so, and Mia pulls Will aside, saying she has to leave before she loses her job. Will thanks her for being here, and she reminds him of what the priest said--that Grace wouldn’t want him to be angry with his mom.

Sami and Rafe line up to drop their roses. Rafe tells Grace that they will always love her. Sami sobs, and she and Rafe take their seat. EJ and Nicole drops their roses for Grace last, and EJ whispers that she will never be forgotten. Father Matt leads the congregation in a final prayer.

After the service, Stephanie hugs Sami and expresses her condolences. Sami thanks her for coming, saying she knows how hard it must have been for her. Stephanie says it wasn’t anything compared to what Sami is going through. She catches sight of EJ and excuses herself. She lays into him, saying sarcastically how heart-warming it was to see him twist a knife into the heart of a woman who has already lost her child. Philip tries to stop her, but Stephanie tells Nicole to remember how much blood EJ has on his hands the next time he holds her child. She storms off. EJ warns Philip to keep control of his woman. Philip warns EJ to stay far away from both of them. Philip stalks off.

Arianna talks to Rafe in the vestibule as Brady comforts Sami. Rafe admits he is worried about Sami, but Arianna says she has a strong family behind her, too. This doesn’t all have to rest on Rafe’s shoulders. She asks if he thinks it was a mistake not telling EJ, but Rafe says that he thinks it was a mistake to ever tell him the truth at all. Arianna starts to tell him not to take the responsibility of protecting Sami from EJ all on himself, but she can tell she is talking to a brick wall. She hugs Rafe, and she and Brady head off.

EJ fumes in the chapel, hissing to Nicole that Sami actually had the temerity to name his child after Rafe. Nicole tries to calm him, but stops herself, sighing and admitting that nothing she can say to EJ will matter.

Roman, Hope, and Bo all comfort Sami, telling her to call if she needs anything. The three head off. Rafe hugs Sami, saying that they should go home. Sami sobs, saying that planning this funeral kept her mind off of things for a little while, but what will she do now? Rafe reminds her that she gets to take care of Johnny and Allie. Sami cries and thanks God for them as EJ glares at her from the back of the chapel.

Max hands Melanie a plane ticket, telling her it’s open-ended and she can come visit, or even live with him, anytime she wants. She throws her arms around him, sobbing and telling him she loves him and what a great brother he is. He tells her she’s an interesting sister and chuckles, asking her to keep him posted about her hunt. She asks what he means. He gestures towards Nathan, saying she knows what he means. Melanie laughs.

Philip and Stephanie head back to the mansion and onto the terrace. Philip tells Stephanie not to second-guess herself, and says that she did the right thing by standing up to EJ. He adds that he knows she has been through a tough time, but all of that is over now. He heads off to order lunch, asking if Stephanie wants wine. She says she is fine. Philip kisses her, saying he knows she is. He heads off. Stephanie glances at the morning paper and reads the headline about Owen escaping. She opens her purse and takes a handful of pills, repeating to herself that she is really fine.

Mia works at the Java Café. A young man walks over, telling her it’s been a long time. Mia gasps, “Chad!”

EJ walks over to Sami and Rafe, clearing his throat. He hands Sami the legal documents.

Nicole waits out in the vestibule. Father Matt comes in, saying how glad he is the sisters form the convent of the Holy Cross could make it. Nicole ask what he means and Father Matt explains they had a flat tie and couldn’t make it the funeral, but he knows they would want to see Sami. Nicole flashes back to pretending to be a young pregnant girl to Teresa to get information about Sami. Nicole comes back to the present and flips out.

Sami ask EJ what the papers are and reads them over. EJ say this is just the beginning. Sami gasps, telling Rafe that EJ is going to take Johnny away from her. EJ nods, saying that is exactly what she did to him, and he believes in ‘an eye for an eye.’


Will tells Lucas, “Listen, we need to talk. Now. Right now, okay? This--this can't wait.”

Kate tells Daniel and Chloe, “Those little appetizers are tasty. "To die for" tasty.”

Sami tells EJ and Nicole, “I will see you both in hell for this.”

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