Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/18/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/18/09


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At Sami’s place, Sami looks over the day’s newspaper, and the information about Grace’s funeral. She is upset that Rafe isn’t listed as Grace’s father. Rafe tries to get her to eat, assuring her that it doesn’t matter what the paper says. Sami refuses the sandwich he brought her. Rafe sighs, saying he isn’t going to be carrying Sami out of the church. He adds that she hasn’t eaten since--Sami interrupts, saying she hasn’t eaten since Grace died. She breaks down.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ looks at the newspaper angrily and tosses it on the desk, grumbling that it’s as if Grace didn’t have a father at all. Stefano and Nicole watch him from the foyer. Stefano pulls her aside, saying she should be with EJ right now, but Nicole says he doesn’t want her--he only wants Sydney. Stefano sighs, saying he still can’t believe Sami decided to tell the truth for once when the best thing for her would have been keeping her mouth shut. Nicole tells Stefano miserably that EJ is now mourning a child that wasn’t even his. Stefano reminds Nicole that Sami is too, thanks to her. Nicole sighs, saying sarcastically that it was quite an accomplishment on her part.

At the Java Café, Mia talks to her boss, Evan, saying she realizes this is her first day, but she can’t work until the funeral is over. Evan sighs, saying he understands how sad this all is, but he is really going to need her for the lunch rush, since he’ll be understaffed. Mia sarcastically replies that that sounds like a real tragedy. She adds angrily that he can fire her if he wants, but she’s going to that funeral. Will walks in just in time to hear her threat and hurries over, assuring her she doesn’t have to go to the funeral for his sake. Mia says she isn’t--she’s going for herself.

Nicole sighs, telling Stefano that she has never seen EJ like this. Stefano reminds her that there is no pain like that of losing a child. He assures Nicole that EJ won’t find out the truth, but Nicole wonders how she will be able to let him go on grieving like this. Stefano reminds her sternly that if she doesn’t, there will be much more grief to come for everyone involved.

Melanie heads into Maggie’s place. She hears someone coming in behind her as she opens the door and thinking it’s Mia, she greets her. She turns around to find Nathan in the kitchen instead, with a towel wrapped around his shoulders. She recoils, recognizing him as the boy from the hospital. She accuses him of being a patient there, and asks if he broke out of a rubber room. Nathan chuckles, warning her to be careful before he gets agitated. He also adds that he particularly likes the candy with stripes. Melanie takes out her phone and dials, promising to bring him plenty of candy when he’s in jail with the other perverts. Nathan takes her phone from her and laughs, saying she’s pretty, but she’s a real idiot.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie reads the day’s headlines about Owen escaping from prison. She gets up worriedly and takes a sip of water. She sighs and leans over a chair fretfully.

Rafe again tries to get Sami to eat a little something. She promises to do so later, but admits that she can’t right now. Rafe offers to talk to EJ for her, and to ask him not to show up today, since things will be hard enough without his presence. Sami shakes her head, saying that EJ has every right to be there. Rafe agrees not to say anything to EJ, but Sami doesn’t believe that he won’t, and makes him promise not to go behind her back and talk to EJ. Rafe sighs, saying again that he thinks EJ being at the funeral is a bad idea. Sami hugs him, saying there is nothing either of them can do to make this better. She sobs, saying that they just have to try to get through it.

Nicole heads into the living room, offering to get EJ a drink. He sits there, morose and silent. Nicole kneels down next to him, wondering aloud why Sami did this to EJ, and why she would want to put him through this pain. EJ shrugs, saying that whether Sami told him the truth or not--the fact remains that his daughter is dead. Nicole begs him not to say that. She adds that Grace wasn’t--EJ interrupts, asking what she is trying to say. Nicole glances at him, terrified.

At St. Luke’s, Hope stares at a photo of Sami, Rafe, and Grace. She sighs, telling Zach how much she misses him. She chokes back a sob, asking him to take care of Grace for them. Bo comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her as Hope struggles to hold back her tears.

Melanie calls Nathan a weirdo and warns him not to move. Nathan assures her he has no plans to move, saying that this place has everything he wants--a nice mattress, a fully-stocked fridge, and even a candy striper. Melanie glares, demanding that he give her back her phone. Nathan chuckles and mocks her, saying she doesn’t sound very convincing with her demands. She glares, telling him to shut up. She ask again for her phone, but Nathan walks away, looking it over. He says he has never seen one of these and wonders if it is new. He bets it has all kinds of crazy functions and suggests Melanie show them to him sometime. He asks her to come upstairs and check out his room while she demonstrates her phone. She calls him a pervert, saying she’ll stay right here in the kitchen. He winks, asking if she is sure. Melanie grimaces.

Sami hugs Rafe, asking him to promise not to do anything. She adds that she loves him, and that she knows this is killing him, too. Rafe chokes up, admitting that he keeps having to tell himself Grace is gone, since he expects to hear her voice in the other room every minute. He cries, saying this can’t be real. Sami hugs him and bawls, saying it is real.

Evan agrees to cover for Mia, but asks her to return to work after the funeral. She thanks him, apologizing for the way she went off on him before. He says he understands this is a difficult time for everyone and heads off. Mia asks Will if he is going to the funeral, and he nods. She asks where his tie is. Will explains he forgot it. She suggests he go back home and get it, but Will would rather wait until his mom leaves for the church. Mia can’t believe he hasn’t spoken to Sami and takes his phone as Will protests. She checks it and tells him sternly that he has five voicemails. She urges him to call his mom back, saying that he is lucky to have family, and that he and his mom should be going through this together right now. Sami needs him, and besides, she is also really nice. Will scoffs, saying that Mia really doesn’t know his mom at all.

Sami tries to call Will again, but gets his voicemail. Rafe offers to go look for him, but Sami shakes her head. She tells Rafe that she thinks he just wants something to do--anything--just to do it. Jut then, the bell rings. Rafe asks if he should send whoever it is away, but Sami shakes her head, saying she can’t hide anymore. Rafe opens the door to find Roman outside. He rushes over to Sami and hugs her, asking how she is holding up. Sami sobs, telling Roman things aren’t going well at all.

Nicole reminds EJ that he never bonded with Grace, Wrathfully, he asks if that means he shouldn’t grieve, or that Grace didn’t matter. Tearfully, Nicole says that isn’t what she meant. EJ warns her to be careful of what she does say as he slams liquor bottles around. Nicole cries, saying she knows he has been dealt this horrible blow, but he still has Sydney. EJ says angrily that having one daughter doesn’t make up for losing another. Besides, part of the reason he is so angry is because he was robbed of the chance to spend any time with Grace before she died. EJ flies into a rage, saying that that was because her mother lied to him. He adds that nothing he or his father have ever done holds a candle to what Sami has done. Nicole sobs, telling him how sorry she is. EJ tells her she doesn’t need to be sorry--but Sami will be--for the rest of her life.

Melanie tells Nathan there is something he should know about her. He asks sarcastically if she has a black belt in karate or something. She shakes her head, but says that she doesn’t need a phone to call 911, as she can scream really loudly. Nathan chuckles, pointing out that he has just showered. He asks Melanie if she really thinks he likes to freshen up before he goes out ‘perving.’ Melanie says she isn’t sure what perverts like to do. Nathan adds that he is welcome here, and that Maggie told him to make himself at home. Melanie grumps that she has a habit of taking in strays, but Nathan says that Melanie would be the one to know about that. He heads over to the table and helps himself to a pile of doughnuts. Melanie scoffs, saying that those are for the charity luncheon. Maggie stayed up all night making them, so Melanie doubts she’d want him eating them. Nathan claims Maggie told him to help himself. Just then, Maggie walks in, saying that she’s glad the two met. Nathan compliments the doughnuts and Maggie thanks him, saying they’re no match for Alice’s, but everyone wants Horton doughnuts at these functions. Maggie asks Nathan to share some with Melanie. He sighs, asking his grandmother if he really has to. Melanie gapes, asking if Maggie his really his grandmother.

Caroline heads out onto the terrace and greets Stephanie. She asks how she is, and Stephanie says she is fine. She adds that she thinks her grandma ought to be worried about Sami right now. Caroline claims that she will worry about whoever she feels like worrying about. She asks where Philip is, and Stephanie explains that he has business in Chicago. Caroline is aghast, reminding Stephanie that she just got kidnapped, and now she has to go to Grace’s funeral alone--all because Philip has business. Caroline scoffs, saying that Stephanie isn’t even married, and she is already getting this awful sense of déjà vu. Stephanie asks her to stop.

Bo asks Hope if she is sure she can do this. She sighs, admitting she was in a total daze during Zach’s funeral. It was like some horrible dream, and she isn’t even sure if she was really alive that day. However, she can still remember everyone who came and where they sat. She remembers how important it was to her that everyone was here. Sami also needs to see that they are here for her. She needs to see that she can survive this. Bo chokes up, hoping that God will help her get through the day.

Sami is sure Roman is mad at her for what she did, but Roman says they aren’t going to do that today. Sami cries, saying she knows everyone is angry at her for the horrible thing she has done. Roman says he is sure Sami was under a lot of pressure, and wasn’t thinking straight. Roman glares at Rafe, saying he is also knows she got some bad advice. Johnny wails. Sami says she has to go see to him, but begs Roman not to be mad at Rafe. Roman says he can’t promise that. Sami heads off. Rafe tells Roman that they need to talk. Roman scoffs, asking if Rafe is going to try to tell him he didn’t manipulate Sami. Rafe sighs, saying Sami is going to be back soon, and it’s important they talk. He is worried about today--and about EJ.

Nicole looks at the legal documents EJ had drawn up. He asks her if she is on board with this. She says she is, of course, and EJ is glad. Nicole sighs, saying that Sami’s life is going to be a living hell.

Kinsey stands at the counter of the café as Mia prepares her drink. Kinsey asks Mia to guess who has been asking about her recently. Mia pretends to be excited and sarcastically asks who was asking about her. Kinsey asks her nastily if the name ‘Chad’ rings a bell. Mia gasps and drops the drink on the floor. Will comes over just then, asking what is going on.

Stephanie says that she understands that her grandmother is upset, but she can’t talk about Philip that way. Caroline sighs and picks up the paper, saying she had hoped that Stephanie hadn’t seen it. She asks what Victor and Philip had to say about it, and Stephanie says they both vowed that Owen wouldn’t get anywhere near her ever again. Caroline huffs, saying sarcastically that their word is usually worth a lot. Stephanie grimaces, and Caroline apologizes. Stephanie really thinks that Caroline ought to be with Sami and worrying over her, but Caroline says she is allowed to be worried about both of them. She adds that she doesn’t think Stephanie should be at the service. Stephanie says she has to be there for Sami, but Caroline wonders what will happen if Sami sees Stephanie face EJ.

EJ tells Nicole that he is going to take Sydney upstairs to get her ready for the funeral. Nicole flips out, saying that she can’t go with him.

Rafe explains to Roman that he is worried that EJ is going to show up and make things worse for Sami. He adds that he told Sami he would talk to EJ for her. Roman thinks Rafe is about the last person EJ wants to take advice from, and Rafe agrees. That’s why he was wondering if Roman could help. Roman assures Rafe that EJ won’t be bothering Sami. Sami comes out just then, telling Roman tearfully that Johnny was asking about Grace. He hugs her and tries to soothe her. She tells Rafe quietly that she thinks he can do something for her. Father Matt has a lot of questions that she doesn’t think she can answer, so she was hoping Rafe could go down there to talk to him. He agrees and hugs Sami. She thanks him, and Rafe heads off. Roman assures Sami he wasn’t going to hit Rafe or anything, but she says she saw him glaring at Rafe. She assures Roman that Rafe’s only crime was understanding why she didn’t want Grace raised by EJ. Roman says he can understand that too, but he doesn’t get why Rafe and Sami kept it from him. She sighs, reminding Roman that he likes to do things by the book. She adds that she just doesn’t have a lot of faith in the legal system right now. Sami admits that she knows EJ is going to come after her. She’s sad for her little girl, but she’s scared of what EJ will do. She says that she still glad she did what she did, though.

Nathan explains that he didn’t get a chance to introduce himself to Melanie since she thought he was some perverted creep. Melanie says she was just scared. Nathan asks Maggie to vouch for him and tell Melanie that he is trustworthy. Maggie chuckles, saying she isn’t so sure about that, but she does explain to Melanie that Nathan is doing his internship at the hospital, so he and Melanie will be seeing a lot of each other both here and at work. Melanie says that they won’t, actually. She meant to tell Maggie this at dinner, but now is as good a time as any. She explains that she is moving to London with Max.

Will angrily tells Kinsey that later today, he and Mia will be attending his sister’s funeral. It makes him furious that she is up here slinging around this stupid, mean crap on a day like this. He glares, saying he wishes he had a baseball bat right about now. Mia rushes over, asking him to stop. Evan comes over, asking if anything is wrong. Mia says there isn’t, but Kinsey disagrees.

Caroline scoffs, asking Stephanie if it was just a wild coincidence that she was taken right after Victor kidnapped Stefano. Stephanie insists that she is going to the service, claiming that she doesn’t want to let Sami down. She adds that she is going to look EJ in the eye, and let him know she isn’t scared of him. Caroline reminds her sarcastically that EJ had nothing to do with her kidnapping. Stephanie sighs, saying she is going to face him just in case he did.

Sami packs up some of Grace’s things. Roman asks her if she is sure she wouldn’t rather he and her grandmother do this for her later, but Sami says she wants to get it over with. Roman clears his throat uncomfortably and tells Sami that there is a rookie cop down at the station with a new baby. He’s sure he and his wife would love these things. Sami nods tearfully, glad that Grace’s clothes can go to a child that needs them. Roman reminds her they ought to head off for the church now. Sami nods and cries, telling herself that she can do this.

Nicole tells EJ that he isn’t taking Sydney to that service, as she needs her nap. EJ claims she can sleep in his arms, but Nicole knows she won’t. She adds that she is behind EJ a hundred percent in whatever he wants to do in regards to Sami, but she will not let their child be used as a weapon for EJ to hurt Sami with. EJ claims that he just can’t let Sydney out of his sight right now, but Nicole says he will have to. Taking the baby to the funeral wouldn’t be right for her or for Grace, either. Besides, after he says goodbye to Grace, he will have to deal with Sami. EJ admits that is true. Nicole hugs him, saying that he can come home afterward and it will just be the three of them. Nicole sighs, adding that pretty soon, Sami Brady will be out of their lives forever.

Melanie explains to Maggie that Max is really the only reason she came to town in the first place. Maggie says that she will miss Melanie, and Melanie admits that she will miss her, too. Maggie has been really sweet to her, but it’s hard to live in a town where nobody likes you. Nathan scoffs, surprised to hear that since Melanie made such a great impression on him. She glares, saying it’s a pity she won’t get to know him. Maggie says that this is Melanie’s decision, and she knows how much family means to her, but she hopes Melanie is going to something in London, and not just running away from Salem.

Will tells Evan that it was all his fault. He got angry with Kinsey, and Mia was just trying to calm things down. Evan accepts this and heads off. Will warns Kinsey to get her act together. Mia interrupts, telling Will to forget about her, and to go home and get his tie. Will heads off, but before he goes, he calls Kinsey a bottom-feeder. Kinsey chuckles, telling Mia that she isn’t sure what it is about her, but boys just love to protect her. Mia suggests she get her coffee to go. Kinsey ignores her, saying that she has to ask a follow-up question: Why did Mia freak out when she mentioned Chad?

Sami tells Roman that she has made so many mistakes. Roman assures her she was just under pressure, but Sami isn’t sure Will is ever going to forgive her. Roman asks her to let him handle Will, but Sami thinks he has a right to be angry. Besides, she was hardly a perfect mother before this. Roman says that no one is perfect, but Will can’t ever say that his mom didn’t put him first. Sami doubts that Will will see things that way, and adds that she thinks her lie about Grace was the last straw for him. Just then, Will walks in. He glares at Sami. She sighs.

Rafe heads into St. Luke’s. Bo gives him a dirty look and tells Hope that he is going to check on security, since the DiMeras will be in attendance today. Rafe apologizes for interrupting as Bo heads off. Hope explains that she and Bo lost their little boy not that long ago, so she knows what he is going through. Rafe asks what his name was, and Hope tells him, adding that Zach was an amazing little boy. She apologizes for Bo, saying that he can be pretty hard-nosed sometimes. Rafe chuckles weakly, saying Bo isn’t alone. Sami’s father isn’t too happy with him right now either. Hope urges Rafe not to worry about what Roman thinks. Sami needs Rafe to be there for her right now. Rafe nods, wondering why Hope is on his side, since her husband and his brother aren’t. Hope sighs, saying she can tell that he loved Grace as much as Sami did.

Stefano heads into the living room, and EJ asks him to get ready for the funeral. Stefano says he isn’t going. EJ demands to know why. Stefano shrugs, saying he doesn’t see any reason why he should. EJ gapes.

Maggie thinks it’s too bad Nathan and Melanie won’t get to know each other, since they both work at the hospital, and they both lived in France. Nathan is surprised and asks Melanie in French if she speaks the language. Melanie responds, saying she’s not in the swimming pool. Maggie crows over how beautiful French is, and Nathan chuckles, saying that Melanie told him she wasn’t in the swimming pool. Melanie shrugs, saying she can always describe her life with that phrase. Nathan asks if she lived in Paris, but Melanie shakes her head. He admits he had an apartment in Montmartre, but came back because the medical schools over there won’t take Americans. Melanie can’t believe he gave up Paris to save lives. He admits it was a toss-up and reaches out, tenderly wiping some powdered sugar from her cheek. Melanie gulps. Maggie rolls her eyes, saying that was a practice move if she ever saw one. Nathan says he has to go, but wishes Melanie luck in London. He heads off. Maggie asks when Melanie is leaving. She smiles and stares off into space, saying she isn’t in any rush.

Rafe tries to pray alone at the altar, but slams his hands down on it, sobbing uncontrollably. Father Matt comes in, asking if he is alright, but Rafe isn’t sure. He says he isn’t even sure he should be here right now, since Sami’s faith is so important to her. Father Matt asks about Rafe’s faith, but he admits he isn’t sure about it. He says he doesn’t think he can forgive God for taking Grace from them.

Mia claims that she didn’t freak out--she just dropped a cup. She isn’t even sure who this Chet guy is. Kinsey reminds her his name is Chad, and tells Mia that she thinks she is protesting a bit too much here.

Will explains that he just forgot his tie and came back for it. He heads for the bedroom. Roman calls out after him, but he just tells Roman ‘hello’ without turning around and heads off. Sami tells Roman miserably that Will won’t even look at her.

Stefano explains that he doesn’t think he can handle going to another funeral so soon after Anthony’s death. EJ says he understands, and Stefano adds that he can’t deal with all those sanctimonious Bradys right now. Nicole says she can understand that perfectly. Stefano tells EJ that he did send Sami a condolence card. EJ is surprised, but Stefano says he knows all too well what it feels like to lose a child. He picks up Sydney, saying that for now, he would prefer to concentrate on their future and EJ’s beautiful daughter Sydney. Stefano kisses her.

Sami calls out for Johnny to be good for the babysitter. He runs out of the bedroom after Sami. She kneels down tearfully, promising that later, he and his sister and her will play together all afternoon. Roman reminds her it’s time to go. Johnny waves goodbye and rushes off to the bedroom. Sami sobs.

Melanie shows up at the hospital, and tells Maxine that she wants to go about un-quitting her job, saying that it was Maxine’s warmth and compassion that caused her to change her mind. Maxine scoffs, doubting it was Melanie’s deep desire to help others. She asks her what really changed her mind--or should she say ‘who’?

Caroline asks Stephanie if she is really up for this funeral, reminding her that she has been through a terrible ordeal and shouldn’t minimize her feelings. Stephanie assures Caroline that everything is fine and that the DiMera and Kiriakis families have put the feud to rest. Even Brady thinks the truce will last. Caroline prays she is right. Stephanie does, too and the two head off for the funeral.

EJ and Nicole show up at the church. He looks a the framed photo of Rafe, Sami and Grace in the vestibule and fumes, vowing that Sami is going to pay. Nicole tries to calm him, but EJ flies into a rage, saying that he can’t even remember what his baby girl looked at. He gestures angrily at the photo, saying that this is all he has. Just then, Sami and Roman walk in. Sami cries. EJ glares.


Melanie says, “Max, I don't think I'm gonna go to London.”

Nicole tells Brady, “What I did was right for EJ and for Sydney.”

Rafe tells Sami, “You can make it through this, ok? I'm here for you.”

EJ tells Stephanie, “You're lucky to be alive.” She slaps him, “Don't you ever even think of threatening me again!”

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