Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/17/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/17/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Joyann

At the hospital, Melanie flips through a brochure about England, weighing aloud whether sheíd rather go to London or continue taking care of sick people. Maxine comes out of a patientís room and barks at Melanie to get back to work. Melanie says she has a better idea. She finds taking care of sick people boring, so she quits. Maxine gapes as Melanie heads off, running into a young man at the nurseís station. Melanie excuses herself and giggles.

Kate and her assistant, Chris, head into the Java Cafť. Kate tells him the taping of their first show will probably go late. Chris nods, saying theyíre also going to have to find another doctor for the medical segment since Daniel turned them down. He adds that he has interviewed several doctors. He hands her a folder and says that he printed out some of their pictures for her to look over. Kate glares, asking what he is talking about. She gave him instructions, and she meant them. She needs Daniel.

Daniel jogs through the park, stopping at a bench to catch his breath. Chloe walks over just then, saying she has been waiting on him all morning. She leans in for a kiss.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie reads the note Henderson gave Philip. Her voice cracks as she reads it aloud. The note is about a car Philip bought for Stephanie. Philip grins, saying that since she graduated from college, he thought a gift was in order. Stephanie sits down with a sigh, saying she has ruined everything. Philip assures her she didnít. Stephanie apologizes for being so paranoid lately, but Philip thinks she has every right to be after everything she has been through. He adds that she is just going to have to learn how to trust again. She asks if they can go see the car, which is in the driveway, and Philip grins and agrees, saying she is going to love it.

Melanie apologizes to the young man she ran into. He asks if she is alright, and when she says she is, he asks her if she knows where the administrative offices are. Melanie stammers, saying itís on the first floor. He thanks her, joking that it was nice to run into her. She chuckles and stammers. He heads off. Brady walks over to Melanie, saying it looks to him like someone just fell pretty hard. She blushes.

Kate angrily tells Chris that she wants Daniel for the segment, so there was no point in him wasting time looking for other doctors. Chris reminds her that Daniel refused, and asks if he should cancel the medical segment. Kate groans, asking what the hell is wrong with him. She wants Daniel, and she is going to have him. Chris jokes that they can start using strong-arm tactics. Kate says that wonít be necessary, as there is another way to get Daniel to do the show as long as Chris accomplished his mission. She reminds him that she asked him to dig up some dirt on a certain doctor. For his sake, she hopes he did.

Chloe and Daniel kiss passionately. Chloe snaps herself out of her fantasy, telling Daniel that she heard he isnít doing the medical segment on her show. She asks if it is because of her. Daniel admits that it is, especially after the talk they had the other day. Chloe sighs, admitting she made a complete fool out of herself. She sighs, saying she knows she chose Lucas over Daniel, and it wasnít right for her to come to him with her doubts. Chloe adds that she wants to tell Daniel that sheís pulled herself together, and she knows what she wants, no second thoughts.

Stephanie and Philip head back onto the terrace. Stephanie tells him that she loves the car, but she really canít accept it, as it is so expensive. She adds that he knows she isnít into material things. Philip jokes, asking if she loves him for more than just his money. Stephanie nods, saying she loves him. All of the stuff he has is just that stuff. Philip begs her to accept the car, saying that itís much more environmentally friendly than the one she drives now. Stephanie hesitates, but finally agrees, thanking him for the gift. She also vows to stop snatching notes away from him and to try to stay calm. Philip tells her he has news that may turn things around. He goes on to tell her about the peace deal with the DiMeras and how his father is now allowing him to run things. He vows that the Kiriakis family is going to be different from now on, and that he will never let anything happen to her. He asks her to wait here for a second and heads off. Stephanie sighs and takes out her anxiety pills, telling herself that taking one more wonít hurt. She flashes back to the psychiatrist prescribing her the pills, despite her reluctance to take them.

Melanie groans, telling Brady that a girl can be happy without it having to do with a guy. She adds that she is smiling because she is excited about her new life. Brady asks what she means, and she explains she is leaving Salem and moving to London with Max. She adds that her brother is really the only reason she was in town, anyway. Brady sighs, saying that actually, she has another good reason to stay here.

Chloe tells Daniel that he was right and that she canít keep wondering if she should have done things differently. She just wants him to know that she and Lucas made up, and things between them now are fine. Daniel says he is glad for both of them. Chloe thanks him for helping her to get her priorities straight, explaining that she was jut feeling lost and weak the day they spoke. He helped her see the big picture, and he also saved her. Daniel isnít sure that he would go that far, but Chloe says itís true. Heís an amazing guy, and even though they canít be together, she wants him to know how much she admires him.

Chris sighs, telling Kate that he spoke with his source earlier, but he doesnít have any information just yet. Kate flips out, reminding Chris that the show is taping later today. Chris shudders, saying that Kate can be really scary when she gets like this. Kate glares, saying that if he doesnít get that information on Daniel in the next ten minutes, sheís going to give him a new definition of scary. A little later, Chris checks his email, saying he received one from his source, but so far, all his emails have said is that he needs more time. Kate suggests he start praying as Chris opens the email. Chris squeals, saying he got the information. Kate shoves him aside and looks at the computer screen. She grins, saying that she has Daniel right where she wants him.

Daniel is glad to hear that he is admired, and also that Chloe and Lucas are working things out. Chloe excuses herself, saying that she has to go get ready for her show. Daniel jokes, hoping that she wonít forget him when she is famous. Chloe smiles, saying that she isnít sure who they got to replace Daniel in the medical segment, but he wonít be able to match Daniel. She thanks him for being a good friend and offers her his hand. The two shake hands and stare at one another longingly. Chloe heads off quickly. Daniel sighs. His phone rings just then, and itís Kate, wanting Daniel to meet her at the cafť. Daniel says he has other things to do, but Kate suggests he make time for this, since what she has to say is going to change everything for both of them.

Melanie accuses Brady of being a buzz kill, reminding him that she is going to the party capital of the world. She really has no reason to stay here. Brady thinks she does, saying that he knows her history. The minute her life doesnít seem perfect, she just runs away. Melanie claims she is just moving, but Brady reminds her that she is developing a life here in Salem. Sheís making friends and going to nursing school. Melanie grumps that she doesnít have friends. Brady reminds her of Philip and Stephanie, but she thinks theyíre just nice to her because they have to be. Brady says he is her friend, too, but she says that is only because they nearly died together. Brady claims none of that is true, and adds that he will stand in as a big brother figure for Melanie since Max is leaving. Melanie says she is sorry, but Salem doesnít compare to London. Sheís leaving unless he can give her a good reason to stay. Brady snaps his fingers, asking about the guy she was just talking to. Melanie chuckles.

Stephanie flashes back to Owen stroking her hair and taking her picture. She comes back to the present and pops another of her pills into her mouth. Philip comes out just then with champagne, and Stephanie shoves the bottle in her purse. He asks if she is ok, and she claims she is. Philip explains that he wanted to celebrate her graduation as well as the pact with the DiMeras. Stephanie asks if they can do it later. Philip apologizes, saying he knows she probably doesnít feel like celebrating. Stephanie says that isnít it, adding that she is just glad they are here together and safe. Philip compliments her on how strong she has been through all this. Stephanie sighs, glancing at the pill bottle in her purse. She says she thinks that celebrating actually is a good idea. She and Philip take a glass. Stephanie proposes a toast to them and their love. A little later, Philip offers to re-fill Stephanieís glass. Euphoric, she throws her arms around him, saying that what she wants has nothing to do with champagne. Philip jokes, wishing he had bought a case of the stuff, since this is her reaction to it. Stephanie tells him sheís just happy because itís a beautiful day, she has a new car, and a hot fiancť. She pushes him onto a chair and climbs on top of him, giggling. The two kiss passionately.

Melanie tells Brady that she has no idea who that guy was. Bradyís phone rings, and he laughs, guessing that Melanie is going to make the time to find out. He adds that he has to go drop off a check for his grandfather, but asks her not to leave town without talking to him first. Melanie agrees, joking that she wonít take off her ankle monitor, either. Brady heads off. Melanie walks over to Maxine, asking if she knows anything about the guy she was just talking to. Maxine suggests she asks the young man herself. Melanie whirls around to find Nathan behind her. She gasps.

Chloe prays at St. Lukeís, thanking God for giving her strength when it comes to Daniel. She is sure that with His help, she can build a good marriage with Lucas. She sighs and flashes back to catching Daniel in the woods after his swim.

Kate sits alone at the cafť and checks her watch impatiently. She says to herself that Daniel is late. Kate fantasizes about visiting Chloeís headstone in the cemetery. She smiles and tells herself that lying whores never rest in peace. Daniel walks into the cafť just then and interrupts her fantasy. He suspiciously asks her why she is so happy. Kate grins, saying that she is about to make him an offer he canít possibly refuse.

Chloe prays, telling God that she really does want to do right by Lucas. She flashes back to shaking Danielís hand. This time, however, he pulls her in for a kiss, saying that he never wants to let her go. Chloe tells him not to, and then. The two kiss. Chloe shakes herself out of her fantasy, telling herself to stop. She starts to hurry out of the church, but she runs into Father Matt, who greets her. He asks her whatís wrong, and Chloe confides in him that she is cheating on her husband.

Daniel assumes Kateís offer must be in reference to the TV show. She nods, saying she is sure he and Chloe will make it a hit. He sighs, reminding her that he already refused. She reminds him he hasnít heard her offer yet. Daniel says he wonít do it, no matter what. Kate insists that he hear her out, and he asks her if she plans on blackmailing him. She gives him a look, and he tells her to go ahead and say what she has to say, as he has things to do. She reminds him that Victor is on the board at the hospital and is privy to the amount of Danielís salary. Daniel admits the hospital has been very generous. Kate tells him that if he does the show, Hearth and Home will match that salary, and will donate it to the breast cancer charity of his choice, in his late wifeís name, of course.

Melanie introduces herself to Nathan, apologizing for being so nosy. He introduces himself as well, and explains that he just got in from Nashville. He came here hoping the hospital would give him the break he needs. Melanie admits it is a great place to work. Maxine rolls her eyes. Melanie offers to show Nathan around town, since he is new. Just then, he gets a phone call. Someone asks him to meet them at the Brady pub, and he agrees, saying that he knows where it is. He apologizes to Melanie as he hangs up, saying heíll have to take her up on her offer some other time. Nathan heads off. Melanie sighs, saying to herself wistfully that thatís cool.

Brady heads out onto the terrace at the mansion and sees Philip and Stephanie kissing. He starts to leave head off, apologizing and saying he was looking for Victor, but the two get up from the chair. Philip tells Brady he wanted to speak to him about the peace treaty with the DiMeras. He explains that the war is over and that theyíre back to their old boundaries. Brady is surprised. Philip asks him if the thinks it was a bad deal, but Brady shakes his head, saying the news is great, as long as this is all real. Stephanie stares at Brady worriedly.

Maggie comes over to Melanie and hands her her wallet, which she left at the house. Melanie takes it, wondering why she always leaves it behind. Maggie thinks itís because sheís always late. She asks about Melanieís nursing school application, and Melanie stammers, saying she turned it in. Maggie apologizes for not giving her more notice about Mia moving in, but Melanie interrupts her, saying itís no big deal. She says she has to go and hurries off.

Philip tells Brady that the truce was a good deal, and that he is sure it will stick. He gets a phone call from a client and heads off to take it, assuring Stephanie that he will be right back. Stephanie asks Brady why he didnít seem so impressed when Philip broke the news about the treaty. Brady shrugs, saying Philip seems convinced, and the DiMeras usually stick to their little code of honor, so everything should be alright. Besides, everyone has more important things to think about like Samiís baby. Stephanie sighs, saying that she and Philip are supposed to attend the funeral today. Brady tells her itís worse than she thinks. That baby wasnít adopted. She was Samiís. Stephanie gasps, asking why Sami lied about it. Brady tells her gravely that EJ was the father. Stephanie nearly collapses.

Daniel gives Kate a look, saying that he doesnít remember telling her that Rebecca had breast cancer. Kate shrugs, saying he must have, or she wouldnít have known. She asks him to think about her offer. It would be an entire yearís salary donated to breast cancer research. Daniel says he doesnít understand why Kate wants him to do this TV show with Chloe so badly when he nearly wrecked her sonís chances of marrying Chloe. Kate sighs, saying she doesnít want anger to destroy her life, and that she wants to let go of all of her bitterness. Besides, she thinks a donation in Rebeccaís name would be a wonderful thing. Daniel tells her to go for it, if donating the money means that much to her, but she is going to have to find another doctor to do the show.

Chloe sobs as Father Matt tries to soothe her. She explains that she was trying to pray, and she couldnít get Daniel out of her mind. She adds hastily that it isnít that she has slept with him or anything. Father Matt asks if she has done anything with Daniel physically, but Chloe says she hasnít. He asks if she has just been thinking about him, and Chloe admits that is true. She sobs, saying she loves Daniel, and she canít seem to let him go, no matter how hard she tries. She wonders what she is going to do.

Kate tells Daniel that he doesnít understand. Not only would he be donating money to a charity, but heíd also be doing segments about breast cancer, and helping advise woman about their medical options. She tells him to think about it, as she has to leave to start working on the show. She asks him to consider this, as it means a lot of money to breast cancer research. All he has to do is show up. She walks off. Maggie comes over, asking Daniel if he is really considering doing the TV show with Chloe. He sighs, saying Kate really has him in a box with this offer to donate so much money to charity. He admits that he isnít sure he can do this, since keeping his feelings buried isnít really his strong suit.

Brady asks Stephanie if she is ok, but she claims she is, and that she just had too much champagne. She asks how Sami is holding up, and Brady admits she isnít doing well. On top of everything else, she has to deal with EJ, and heís furious with her. Stephanie says that she would have done the same thing in Samiís place, and hidden EJís baby from him. Brady thinks a lot of people probably feel the same way she does. He adds that EJ will most likely be at the funeral. He knows Stephanie hasnít seen him since the whole Owen thing. Stephanie tell Brady quietly that Owen was hired by EJ to kidnap her.

Kate strolls along the pier and calls Chris, who tells her the medical segment is all ready to go. He asks if Dr. Jonas will be their guest, and Kate grins, saying she thinks heíll eventually decide to do the right thing.

Father Matt tells Chloe that they canít always fully understand Godís plans. He reminds her that the Lord also teaches us to be considerate of the hearts of others. Chloe sighs, saying he must mean Daniel, and she agrees with him. She tells the priest she ran into Daniel the other day. She had a fight with her husband, but Daniel was so strong. He made her realize that she canít keep wondering if she made the right decision, and that she just has to do the right thing. Father Mat asks if she did, and Chloe nods, saying she realizes that all she was doing was hurting Daniel. Father Matt thinks it sounds like the two settled things, but Chloe says she still isnít over Daniel, and she fears she never will be. She adds that she is more in love with him than ever.

Brady suggests that Stephanie skip the funeral, if seeing EJ will upset her, but Stephanie says she is going. Philip comes back just then, cursing the idiotic client he was on the phone with. Brady gets a phone call and excuses himself. Philip tells Stephanie that he may have to miss the funeral, as he might have to fly to Chicago later. He suggests she stick around there with him, but Stephanie refuses. She adds that nothing is going to stop her from going to that funeral.

Melanie heads into Maggieís kitchen. Nathan walks up behind her, wearing nothing but a towel. She whirls around, dumbfounded, and asks what he is doing in her house.

Maggie tells Daniel that she canít tell him what to do, but she thinks he has fought for a very long time to keep things under control. She adds that she admires him for holding it together so long. He is shocked to hear her say so. Maggie explains that she knows Kate can be tough, and he is in a bind right now, but she thinks he ought to focus on the good that could come out of this. She adds that he is probably stronger than he thinks and heads off. Daniel sighs.

Father Matt reminds Chloe that fantasies arenít reality, and often donít even really reflect what we want out of life. Chloe hopes so, because she was really tempted when she saw Daniel the other day. Father Matt asks if she stayed strong, and she says she did. She just thanks God that Daniel turned down the offer to do her mother-in-lawís TV show. She knows she couldnít hold out if she had to spend a long time with him.

Daniel calls Kate to tell her that he will do the show. Kate is elated, and asks him to meet her in a little while at the Kiriakis mansion. Daniel agrees and hangs up. Kate takes out the poison she got by forging Danielís signature and grins, saying this stuff is untraceable. She says good bye to both Chloe and Daniel and grins, saying it will all be over soon.


Nathan tells Melanie: ďYou're pretty, but you're a real idiot.Ē

Mia: tells Will, ďShe needs you right now.Ē He replies, ďOkay, look, Mia, you don't know her. You don't know my mom at all.Ē

Nicole says, ďSami's life is gonna be a living hell.Ē

Sami says, ďI'm scared about what he's gonna do.Ē

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