Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/16/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/16/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Joyann

Brady and Nicole run into one another at the Java Cafť. Brady doctors his coffee and tells Nicole that he assumes she knows. She asks what he is talking about. Brady says that he assumes she knows that she wasnít the only one lying about having EJís baby. Nicole scoffs.

Philip dismisses one of his henchmen at the pier as Victor walks over, asking if theyíre early. Philip checks his watch, saying that EJ is late. Victor sighs, saying that this will be a short meeting if the DiMeras plan on playing hard to get. Philip just hopes they arenít that stupid. More than anything, he just wants this war to be over. EJ walks over with one of his men just then, saying that he couldnít agree more.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie finds a note from Philip, telling her he has a morning meeting, but will be back soon. She sighs. Owen walks over just then, offering to pour her some coffee. Stephanie gasps.

Melanie meets Max at the pub, joking about what a hard worker he is. She asks for coffee, and Max pours her some, saying the first is on him. She asks about the message Max left her the night before, saying he was leaving for London. She asks when he is leaving, and Max explains he just needs to get a few things squared away. Melanie asks how long he will be gone. Max fidgets, saying that is actually what he wanted to talk to her about. He doesnít think he is ever coming back to Salem. Melanie gasps, saying that he canít leave.

At Maggieís house, Maggie shows Mia around the place and takes her back to the kitchen, explaining where all the clean sheets and towels are. Mia compliments her home, and Maggie thanks her, hoping sheíll be comfortable here. Mia sighs, saying she would be--but then she saw how nice of a place Maggie has. Mia tells Maggie that she canít keep treating her so nicely, since she isnít a very good person.

EJ tells Victor and Philip that there is nothing he and his family want more than to wipe the slate clean. Victor asks if he speaks for his father, too. EJ starts to answer, but Philip interrupts, saying that all he cares about is Owen. EJ hired him, and Stephanie nearly died because of him. EJ reminds Philip she didnít die. Philip grumbles. Victor agrees that they both want Owen. He worked for their family for years, and Victor wants to make sure he pays dearly for what he has done. Philip adds that if EJ wants this meeting to go anywhere, he has to tell them where Owen is. EJ flatly refuses.

Owen leers, telling Stephanie how beautiful her skin is. She cowers, threatening to scream. Owen chuckles, telling her to go ahead and try. No sound will come out, and even if it does, no one will hear her. He goes on to say how much he loves her perfume. She begs him to leave her alone. Owen says he is never going to leave her alone--not after all the trouble he has gone through to be with her. Owen grins, reminding her that theyíre going to go away together and be happy. Stephanie shakes with fear.

Maggie tries to soothe Mia, saying that she understands kids her age have all sorts of strange mood swings. Mia says that isnít it. She just canít stay there. She goes on to explain that she feels badly because everything is so nice there, and she canít even think of paying rent just yet. Maggie urges her not to worry so much. The quickest way for her to relapse is to focus on how big her problems are instead of taking it one day at a time. Mia assures Maggie that she isnít going to relapse. She sighs, adding that she isnít the person Maggie thinks she is. Sheís done some things she isnít proud of, and if Maggie knew what they were, she wouldnít want her staying here.

Melanie throws a fit, saying that Max canít leave. He reminds her that he doesnít need her permission. Melanie sulks, wondering who is going to be around to stand up for her when things go sour, --which they frequently do. Max reminds her gently that she and Brady seem to be friends now. Melanie nods, admitting Stephanie and Philip have been nice lately, too, but they kind of have to be after everything that happened. Max asks what she means. Melanie, surprised that he hasnít heard, launches into the story of Stephanieís kidnapping, saying a bunch of them almost got shot trying to rescue her, but they didnít, and then they found her. Maxís mouth hangs open, flabbergasted. Melanie glibly asks for a doughnut. Max asks Melanie if Stephanie is alright.

Owen asks Stephanie to smile for him. She jerks away, saying that he has to leave her alone. Owen refuses, saying he went through a lot of trouble to break out in order to be with her. He wants to take her away from all this, and asks if that is what she wants, too. Stephanie shakes her head, claiming that she loves Philip. Owen scoffs, saying that she knows in her heart that Philip is just going to let her down. Stephanie shakes her head. Owen tells her that he knows she knows where Philip gets his money from and how he conducts his business. Thatís why Owen is here to rescue her. He vows that he will take her someplace special and wait on her hand and foot. Sheíll love it, and pretty soon, she will love him, too. Stephanie whimpers. Henderson walks over just then, snapping Stephanie out of her reverie. He asks if she wants coffee. She says no. He offers to make her an omelet, but she declines, saying she may have something to eat later. Henderson heads off. Stephanie sighs, telling herself that she has to get out of there. She takes out the pills the psychiatrist prescribed her and takes some.

Philip angrily asks EJ if he is trying to say Owen didnít have any help escaping from the police. EJ says that isnít the point. Philip retorts that Owen nearly killed Stephanie, and he wants the SOB. EJ assures Philip that when the DiMeras find Owen, heíll be dealt with harshly. Victor scoffs, asking where Stefano is. He adds that nothing EJ says in the meantime means a thing. EJ says Stefano is on his way, but until his father gets there, heíll be speaking for the family. Victor isnít so sure that Stefano will agree to an all-out truce. If EJ thinks he will, then he doesnít know his own father. Stefano walks over just then, telling Victor that he is wrong, and that EJ knows him pretty well.

Melanie finishes her story, saying that Bo and Hope let her and Brady out of the mausoleum. Afterwards, they all went after Stephanie, but Phillip had already escaped and was beating the hell out of Owen. Max shakes his head, saying she could have died. Melanie says they all could have. And really, this all happened because she was able to sneak into the morgue by pretending she had a dead grandmother. Max sighs, saying she could have been killed too. He adds that he thinks she takes too many risks. Melanie chuckles, saying that it keeps her adrenaline going. Max says that he wants to talk to her about something. He goes on to say that he doesnít like leaving her alone here in Salem. He asks her to move to London with him. Melanie doesnít think Chelsea would be too crazy about the idea, but Max assures her heíll deal with Chelsea. Melanie says she will think about it just as Stephanie walks in. Melanie asks her if she is alright. Stephanie says she is. Melanie says goodbye to both her and Max and heads off. Concerned, Max tells Stephanie that he heard what happened. Stephanie claims she is fine, but Max doesnít buy it.

Stefano tells Victor that he trusts his son to make decisions for the family, unlike him. Victor claims that if Stefano is going to pretend to let EJ make all the decisions, then this is all just a sham. He tells Philip that they should go, but EJ explains quietly that he lost someone very important to him yesterday. He decided then and there that he wanted to end this war, and that is why he has decided not to make any counter-moves. He feels any further arguing about how Tony died will just lead to more violence. Victor asks what that means, and EJ says he is there to broker a truce. Victor finds that interesting, but EJ says he isnít here to do that with him. Heís there to do it with Philip.

Brady takes a call, telling someone over the phone that he and his grandfather will be attending the fundraiser. Brady hangs up and Nicole glares, wondering how he dares to take a phone call after he drops a bomb on her like that. Brady apologizes, saying that the call involved am million-dollar deal. He adds that he didnít mean to upset her. She asks him sarcastically if his comment about her lying to EJ was supposed to be a morning Ďpick-me-up.í Brady sighs, saying that he heard about Samiís baby and it made him think of her. She asks angrily if he plans on telling on her. Brady shakes his head, saying he knows how angry EJ must have been with Sami. He just worries about what EJ might do if he learns Nicoleís secret. Nicole insists that EJ is never going to find out. Besides, he is so angry at Sami that he utterly despises her. Nicole claims her marriage is more solid than ever. Brady scoffs, telling her that her marriage is based on a house of lies. One false step, one wrong move, --heck, even a simple blood test will make Nicole into the next Sami.

Maggie brings Mia some tea, reminding her of the twelve-step meeting she had there. Maggie adds that she has her own demons to face. Maggie tells Mia she has to leave her past behind her. She says she was alone when she first came here, too, but people reached out to her, and she is doing that now for Mia. Maggie adds that Mia is free to stay there as long as she likes, even if itís only for a little while. Mia vows to pay her back as soon as she gets a job. Maggie says that whatever she can manage is fine. Mia sniffles, telling Maggie how nice she is. She hugs her, adding that Maggie is the nicest person she has ever known. Melanie walks in just then and sees the two hugging.

Max grumbles, telling Stephanie that he knew this was going to happen. She asks him not to start, but he retorts that she got involved in a war between the DiMera and Kiriakis families, and he knows it. He adds that Stephanie and Philip are never going to be a good fit for one another. She asks why he thinks this is his call, and Max claims that he is just worried about her. Stephanie says again that she is fine. Max says she just got lucky. He reminds her she could have really gotten hurt if Melanie, Brady, Philip and the cops hadnít shown up. He wonders what might happen next time. Stephanie vows that there wonít be a next time, but Max says there always will be as long as she is with Philip. Max is sure Philip swore it was over, but heíll go back to his old games soon enough. Stephanie shakes her head, saying that it is really over this time.

Victor tells EJ that he is in no position to make demands. If he wants to deal with the Kiriakis family, then he will have to deal with Victor. Philip pulls Victor aside to speak with him privately. Stefano asks EJ if he is sure about all this. EJ nods, saying this isnít about his history with Victor. This is about his family and its future. Stefano brings up Sami, telling EJ how sorry he is. EJ says they will talk about that later. For now, all Stefano needs to know is that he is never going to let anyone control his life, --ever again.

Nearby, Philip tells Victor that he thinks theyíre witnessing a changing of the guard. Since EJ wants to deal with him, he thinks Victor should step back. Victor disagrees. Philip reminds Victor of how many times he has fired him. Phillip says that Victor needs to either fire him now, and let him get out of the business, or he needs to step back and let him handle this. Victor fumes, saying he hates that sniveling little Brit. Philip says he does, too, but all of this is about the future of his and EJís families. Both Victor and Stefano need to stay out of it.

Nicole sighs, reminding Brady that he told her to give this all up a while ago. She didnít listen to him, and she ended up making it work. Brady admits she has, so far. Nicole huffs, saying she has covered all her bases. EJ is never going to find out about Sydney, and she is going to have a happy life. Brady reminds her Dr. Baker could come back. Nicole claims he isnít a problem anymore, but Brady says he isnít the only one Nicole needs to worry about. Mia walks in as Nicole asks Brady if he plans on giving her a list. Brady says he can think of just one of those people, and sheís walking in the door right now. Nicole whirls around and sees Mia.

Melanie asks Maggie sarcastically if this is Maggieís Ďhome for wayward girls.í Maggie explains that she tried to call Melanie, but she didnít return her message. Melanie grumps that Maggie should have texted her. Maggie shrugs, saying that if Melanie had just called her back, she wouldnít have been so surprised. Melanie demands to know how much Maggie knows about this girl. She adds that she could be a serial killer. Maggie gives her a look, saying that Mia is just a little lost right now. Sheís actually not so different than Melanie was once, and Melanie has turned out just fine. Melanie sighs, complaining that sheíll have to share a bathroom. She asks if she can move into another bedroom upstairs with a bathroom in it, but Maggie reminds her that she uses that bedroom as an office. She asks Melanie to stop acting like a spoiled brat. Melanie sighs, apologizing for being disrespectful. Maggie admits that she just wants Melanie to be appreciative of what she does have. Melanie says she is, and admits she was just jealous of the new girl because she doesnít want to share Maggie. Maggie hugs her, promising her that no one can take Melanieís place in her heart. She reminds Melanie that the deadline to apply for nursing school is the next day. Since she knows Melanie wants to attend, she doesnít want her to let this opportunity pass. Melanie says she wonít. Maggie heads off to call Mickey, telling Melanie that she bought some of the granola she likes so much. Melanie thanks her. Maggie walks out of the kitchen. Melanie tells herself that perhaps London wouldnít be so bad after all.

Stephanie tells Max that she appreciates what he is trying to do, but she loves Philip, no matter what. Max still doesnít think Philip is right for her, but Stephanie isnít even sure what that means. She has seen so many people in her life that seemed right for each other, and then things went badly anyway. All she cares about right now are her feelings, and she needs to be with Philip. She adds that not being with him makes her unhappy. Stephanie thinks Max can relate, since he is moving to London. Max looks at her in surprise, and she explains that Chelsea emailed her. Stephanie says that she is really happy for the two, but she is going to miss Chelsea, --and she is going to miss Max, too. He says he will miss her as well, and urges her to be careful.

Philip asks EJ what the terms of the truce are. EJ says he just wants to go back to the way things were before. Downtown is open, but everything north of the river is theirs. Philip adds that everything south belongs to the Kiriakises. Philip asks about the corporations, and EJ says theyíll just follow federal regulations when it comes to those. Philip nods, saying there wonít be any more strikes or surprises. EJ agrees. Philip asks if he has EJís word. EJ nods, asking if he has Philipís. Philip says he does.

Later, Phillip returns home and finds Stephanie out on the terrace. He greets her with a kiss and compliments her perfume. Stephanie jerks away. Philip asks if anything is wrong, but she says she is fine. She asks him what business he had to conduct so early. Philip says he just had to do something with his dad, adding that he has good news. Excited, Stephanie asks if they caught Owen.

Nicole tells Brady that Mia isnít going to be a problem. She let her hold Sydney, and Mia felt no connection to her whatsoever. Nicole assures Brady that Mia is just focused on being a normal teenager these days. Brady warns her that Mia is pretty close to Samiís son, Will. He excuses himself to make a phone call. Mia heads over to Nicole, thanking her for helping her to hold Grace before she died. Mia says that it meant a lot to her. She sighs, adding that she doesnít understand why she didnít feel that same connection with Sydney like she did with Grace. Nicole stammers, saying some things in life are just a mystery. Brady comes over, greeting Mia. Mia excuses herself to go talk to the manager about getting a job. Nicole tells Brady that she was right, and that Mia is no longer a problem. Brady thinks she sounds pretty confident, and Nicole admits she is. She pulled this off, and sheís going to keep doing so. She and EJ love each other, and they are going to raise Sydney and be happy. Brady scoffs, saying love isnít going to be on EJís mind if he learns the truth about Sydney.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Stefano tells EJ that he knows this business with Sami has hurt him deeply. EJ sighs, admitting it is partly his fault. When Sami came home and told him about the adoption, alarm bells should have been going off. Stefano reminds him he had other things on his mind. EJ flies into a rage, saying that Sami had his daughter and kept her from him for five months. Stefano asks him to calm down, saying there is one thing to be glad about in all this --and that is that EJ chose Nicole as a wife over Sami. Stefano adds that Nicole really does have EJís best interests at heart. EJ nods and agrees.

Melanie rushes into the hospital, breathless. A nurse accuses her of being late. Melanie explains that she was down in the administrative office turning in her application for nursing school so technically, she was in the building on time. The woman asks her suspiciously why she wants to be a nurse. Melanie claims that she likes helping people. The woman sighs, saying that it seems to her that the only person Melanie is interested in helping is herself. She warns Melanie to really think about this before she puts down a lot of money on nursing school. The woman is sure Melanie wonít make it. Melanie thanks her sarcastically. The woman sighs and points out a cart to Melanie, asking her to hand out books to the patients. Melanie sighs and gets to work. She finds a brochure of England and leafs through it.

Philip sighs, telling Stephanie that he personally thinks Owen is long gone. There are way too many people in Salem looking for him. At any rate, the guards are on high alert and looking out for him. She wonders if Philip would even tell her if they did see him. Just then, Henderson comes in with a message for Philip. Stephanie asks what it is. Philip claims that it just has to do with business, but Stephanie doesnít believe him.

Nicole thinks Brady must hate her. He claims he doesnít, and she demands to know if he is her friend. He wonders how she can even ask him that. She asks him as her friend, if he really thinks she should deal with this by telling EJ the truth. Brady sighs, saying she is just lying to herself, and frankly, he feels sorry for her. She wonders why, considering she built her life with a man she truly loves, heart and soul. Maybe she did lie, but only because she was afraid of losing what meant most to her. Brady asks her if she would do it all over again. Nicole says she would.

EJ agrees with Stefano that he did make a great choice when it comes to Nicole. After all, sheís loyal to the family, and devoted to Sydney. Sami, on the other hand, is nothing but selfish. EJ isnít even sure she knows what love is. He wonders angrily what kind of person keeps a child from its father, and then only admits the truth after the child is dead. Stefano agrees that Sami is despicable. EJ rages, saying Sami isnít even human. To think that he let Sami treat Nicole the way he did makes him ashamed of himself. Stefano reminds him he was in a difficult position, but EJ says he wonít ever let it happen again. Sami is going to treat his wife with respect from now on. After all, she is loving and caring, and doesnít lie about children. Stefano grins.

Melanie stares off into space, trying to decide if sheíd rather go to London or take care of sick people. The nurse comes over to reprimand her for not doing her job. Melanie says she has a better idea. She says that taking care of sick people is boring, and that she quits.

Philip tries to get Stephanie to calm down. She demands to know if the message is about the DiMeras. He claims it isnít. She doesnít think he is telling her the truth, and demands to see the paper. Philip refuses. She retorts that she thinks it is about Owen. Philip claims it isnít. Stephanie snatches the paper from him and reads it. Philip sighs.

Brady sighs, saying he gets that Nicole thinks he is a nag. She says she thinks things would be better between them if he stopped nagging and calling her a liar. She knows that he means well, but he has no idea what she went through. He doesnít know what it is like to lose a child. He didnít have to face the fact that his life would be over unless he could produce a baby for EJ. Brady wonders who she is going to turn to when things go wrong. Nicole says they wonít. She and her husband love each other, and they love their daughter. She has a happy life, and she made that happen. She adds that she is going to keep making it happen, too. Brady says that love has nothing to do with what she is going through. And deep down, she knows that.

Stefano tells EJ that he has never seen him this angry before, and wonders if he has a plan to make sure Sami pays. EJ nods and hands Stefano a piece of paper. Stefano looks it over and tells EJ his idea is brilliant. EJ nods, saying that Sami is never going to know what hit her.


Kate tells someone over the phone, ďWhat we have to talk about is going to change everything.Ē

Philip tells Stephanie, ďI've got news that may turn things around.Ē

Melanie tells Brady, ďUnless you can give me a really tiny reason to stayÖ--Ē.  Brady replies, ďHow about that guy that you were just talking to?Ē

Father Matt asks Chloe, ďMy goodness, what's wrong?Ē Chloe replies, ďI'm cheating on my husband.Ē

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