Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/15/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/15/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven
Proofread by Joyann

Out on the terrace at the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie buries her head in her hands. Phillip puts a hand on her shoulder, and she jumps a mile, apologizing and saying sheís glad itís just him. She admits she has been really jumpy the past few days. Phillip hugs her, assuring her that Owen is behind bars, and that he isnít going to hurt her ever again. Victor rushes out onto the terrace, telling Phillip that they need to talk.

Rafe heads into the pub and greets Arianna, asking if he can speak to her for a moment. The two sit at a table, and Rafe confides in her that there is something she needs to know about Sami-- and her baby. Arianna is all ears.

At Samiís place, Sami tells Will that she needs to tell him something about Grace. She goes on to say that Grace was her real daughter, and that she gave birth to her. Will is flabbergasted. Sami explains that she was pregnant when she went into witness protection, and she did everything she could to keep Grace a secret. Will demands to know why she lied, and why she pretended to adopt Grace.

EJ heads glumly into the DiMera mansion. Nicole heads over worriedly, saying she has been trying to call. EJ doesnít reply, but walks over to Sydneyís crib. Nicole asks whatís wrong. EJ doesnít answer. Nicole says that he is scaring her. EJ sighs, telling her quietly that Sydney had a sister, and that Grace was his daughter. Nicole gasps, surprised that Sami told him. EJ whirls on her furiously, asking her if she knew about this. Nicole sweats.

Sami explains to Will that he left Grace with the nuns while she came up with a story. She thought of the adoption scheme, and went back to the convent to bring Grace home. Sami sighs, saying she hopes Will can understand that the only reason she didnít tell him the truth was so that she could better protect Grace. Will doesnít understand who Sami was protecting Grace from. Sami says it was Graceís father. Will, again, doesnít understand why Grace needed to be protected from her own father. He asks Sami who he is.

Nicole tells EJ that of course, she didnít know Grace was his. She feigns surprise, asking EJ if he is sure Sami isnít lying about this, like she does about everything else. EJ sternly tells her that that is enough, but then apologizes. Nicole says she is the one that is sorry. EJ explains that he just went over to Samiís to offer his condolences, and that is when she told him about Grace being his daughter. EJ shakes his head sadly, saying he had another child this entire time, and he had no idea.

At the pub, Bo talks on the phone with a police officer, telling him that he wants roadblocks set up, and that they need to catch this sicko soon. Bo hangs up in a rage as Hope asks him what is wrong. Bo sighs, telling her that their buddy Owen was being transferred to a more secure facility when the prison van was jacked. Owen made a clean getaway. Hope worriedly reminds Bo that Owen was ready to start naming names. Bo nods, telling Hope that now there is probably only one person that can link Owen to the DiMeras. Hope nods, and the two head off.

In the living room of the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie gets off the phone with Bo, thanking him for calling her to let her know. Melanie and Brady head in just then. Melanie catches sight of the look on Stephanieís face and says they probably should have called before coming to check on her. Stephanie tells the two quietly that Bo just called, and he told her that Owen escaped. The two gasp. Brady asks what happened, and Stephanie explains that he escaped while being transferred. The police arenít sure where he is, and she fears he could be anywhere. Melanie assures her that Owen wouldnít come back to the mansion,--not with all the security around. Brady asks what else Bo told her, and Stephanie explains that he and Hope are on their way over here to question them all about Owenís connection to EJ DiMera.

Victor must have told Philip about Owen, because Philip is out on the terrace cursing and saying that none of them are safe, especially Stephanie, with that maniac on the loose. He fumes, telling Victor that itís obvious that Owen didnít break out on his own, and that the DiMeras probably helped him so he wouldnít implicate EJ. Victor sighs, admitting that they should have foreseen Stefano pulling a stunt like this. Furious, Philip adds that Victor doesnít seem very upset about this. Victor claims that he just doesnít want the police involved in their business. Besides, he thinks this whole thing can be handled between the two families. Reluctantly, Philip agrees. Victor asks him if he can convince his fiancťe of the same. Phillip asks what he means. Victor admits that he is ready to make peace with the DiMeras, but the only way they can accomplish that is if Stephanie bends the truth about what happened to her. Victor adds that Stephanie canít implicate EJ, so Philip has to convince her to lie.

Will demands to know who Graceís father is, and Sami tells him itís EJ. Will groans. Sami reminds him of what Stefano is like. She worried that he would want custody of Grace, and she already goes through so much trouble with them over Johnny, that she didnít want to put another child through that. Sami adds that she understands this is a lot for Will to process. He asks curtly if EJ knows the truth. Sami nods, saying she didnít ever plan on telling him, but after what happened, she felt she had to. She knows EJ is going to tell people, and she wanted Will to hear the truth from her instead of someone else. Will tells her sarcastically how thoughtful she is. Sami protests. Will tells her that her timing is great, too. He adds angrily that she only decided to tell the truth now that Grace is gone, and no one can do anything about it. Sami stammers. Will angrily asks her to admit to the truth--that she never would have told him about Graceís being hers if the baby hadnít died.

Arianna is flabbergasted, saying she canít believe that Grace was Samiís biological daughter. She asks Rafe why Sami would lie about something like that, and he explains that Sami was trying to keep the baby safe from her biological father,--EJ DiMera. Arianna gasps, saying she has heard of the family, and doesnít blame Sami for her decision to lie about Grace. She admits she probably would have done the same in Samiís place.

Nicole tells EJ that she doesnít understand why Sami would tell him the truth now,-- after Grace is gone. EJ sighs, saying he isnít sure, but he guesses that the pain of losing their child was just too much for her, and she couldnít keep the lie up any longer. Nicole shakes her head as Sydney wails through the baby monitor. Nicole starts to head off to get her, but EJ stops her, telling her sadly that he would like to go check on Sydney. He heads up the stairs. Stefano comes in just then, calling out for EJ, but Nicole hushes him, telling him they have a big problem. He asks what is going on, and she explains that Sami told EJ that Grace was his daughter. Stefano gasps, asking why she would do such a thing. Nicole huffs, saying she isnít sure why Sami chooses to do most of the things she does,  but that isnít the point. Worriedly, she asks Stefano what this means for her and Sydney, now that Sami has told EJ about Grace.

Rafe is surprised that Arianna isnít going to give him a hard time about keeping this secret for Sami. Arianna sighs, admitting she has a lot of problems with their relationship, but nothing she has said thus far has made a damn bit of difference. Rafe reminds her that that never stopped her before. He wonders what changed. Arianna tells him that she no longer thinks Sami is the problem. She thinks Rafe is.

Sami admits to Will that if Grace had lived, she most likely would have never told anyone she was her real mother-- or that EJ was her father. Will angrily asks her if she would have kept the secret forever, and Sami nods, saying she is sorry for lying to him. Will, furious, asks her why she did it, then. Was she afraid that he was going to run off and tell someone? Sami says she just didnít want him to have to lie, too. Will asks her if she realizes how furious his dad is going to be when he finds out. Sami sighs, saying that Lucas already knows. Will gapes.

Stefano tries to assure Nicole that this could work in her favor. Now that EJ knows that Sami has deceived him, he is never going to want to have anything more to do with her. Nicole tearfully tells Stefano that EJ has feelings for Sami, no matter how hard he tries to deny it. She worries that EJ knowing that he and Sami conceived another child together could cause those feelings to resurface.

Upstairs with Sydney, EJ picks her up, telling her that no matter how badly he feels, she can always cheer him up. He calls her his little ray of sunshine, and she grins. EJ sighs, wishing that she could have met her sister, Grace.

Bo and Hope, now at the Kiriakis mansion, question Brady as to whether he ever heard of any connection between Owen and the DiMeras while Owen was working there. Brady sighs, saying he wishes he could help, but he doesnít know anything. He adds that no one wants to see that bastard behind bars more than him, but he canít help them. Brady adds that the only person that can provide a link between Owen and the DiMeras is the victim herself,- -Stephanie.

Out on the terrace, Stephanie asks Philip if there is really going to be a truce between his family and the DiMeras. Philip nods, but admits thereís a catch. The only way this truce will work is if Stephanie doesnít implicate EJ in her kidnapping. Philip asks her and Melanie if they are cool with that. Melanie says she is, but Stephanie says she isnít, wondering why she ever would be. Philip asks Melanie for a moment alone with Stephanie, and she heads off. Phillip says he would never ask her to do this if it wasnít important. Astounded, she asks him if he is telling her to lie to the police when she already said she would never do that. Philip sighs, telling her that if she implicates EJ, Stefano will come at them with a vengeance, and theyíll have no choice but to retaliate. If Stephanie is ok with that, then she can feel free to tell Bo and Hope about EJ, but Phillip doesnít want to hear her say he didnít warn her.

In the living room, Bo asks Melanie if she is sure she never heard anything about Owen being connected to the DiMeras. She says she is sure, and asks them why they are questioning her when a crazy guy is out on the loose. Hope tells Melanie she can go. She asks the two if they can take care of a parking ticket she got, but Hope tells her they canít. Melanie heads off. Stephanie comes in just then with Phillip. Bo asks Phillip if they can speak to Stephanie alone, but she wants Phillip to be there, so he can hear what she has to say. Bo agrees. He asks her if Owen happened to mention who he was working for when he kidnapped her.

Rafe asks Arianna how he is the problem, and she admits that this whole thing with Sami reminds her of what happened before. Rafe groans, saying she keeps saying that, but it isnít true. This is nothing like what happened before. Arianna says she doesnít want to give Rafe a hard time considering what he is going through right now, but she is sure that when he thinks about it rationally, heíll realize that that what she is saying is true. Rafe scoffs and starts to head off, but Arianna stops him, pleading with him to think about this, and to not let things turn out with Sami the way they did with Emily. Rafe glares and storms off. Arianna sighs.

Nicole tells Stefano that she isnít sure she can do this. He takes her by the shoulders and tells her to get control of herself. She whines that she canít help but think of the way EJ gets around Sami, but Stefano warns her not to let petty jealousies get the upper hand. She has to maintain a pretense of ignorance, or all is lost. He adds that she has to remind herself that she has EJís real daughter,-- the daughter he has known since day one. Nicole grumps that she is Samiís daughter. Stefano sternly says that Sydney belongs to Nicole, and he wants to hear her say so. Encouraged, she admits Sydney is hers. Stefano smiles, saying that she just has to keep telling herself that, and she will eventually triumph. He chuckles, adding that she always does. Stefano heads off. Nicole tells herself that she wishes she had Stefanoís confidence. Just then, EJ walks in with Sydney, looking utterly miserable. Nicole sighs.

Will asks Sami if she spoke to Lucas already today, but she quietly replies that he knew about Grace a long time ago. Will is furious that both his parents lied to him. He starts to storm off, saying he is leaving, but Sami begs him not to drive when he is so angry. He says he will walk, then, and throws his keys on the table. Sami begs him to give her a chance to explain. Will refuses and opens the door as Sami pleads with him to stay. Rafe is outside the door, face-to-face with Will.

Stephanie tells Bo and Hope that Owen never told her who he was working for. All she knows is that he wanted the two of them to run away together somewhere, and he kept leaving and locking her in this drawer where she could barely breathe. She shudders, and Philip comes over to soothe her, telling Bo and Hope that since Stephanie has answered their questions, they can go.

Brady heads into the mausoleum at the cemetery with flowers for Isabella. Arianna walks in behind him, saying she saw him coming in here as she was heading home from work. She apologizes for following him, saying she didnít realize he was here visiting a grave. She hopes he doesnít mind if she asks who the flowers are for, but Brady doesnít. He tells Arianna that theyíre for his mother. She sighs, telling him how sorry she is.

EJ tells Nicole that Sydney just started crawling. Nicole is overjoyed, but sorry she missed it. She takes Sydney and praises her for crawling so soon. She puts her in her playpen, saying how excited she is, but apologizes to EJ, saying she shouldnít have said that. He says itís ok, as he already know how many Ďfirstsí he will miss when it comes to Grace. Nicole again says she is sorry, but EJ says he is the one that ought to apologize.

Will tells Rafe to get out of his way. Rafe explains that he knows how upset Will is right now, but he wants him to go back inside and listen to what his mom has to say. Will brushes past him. Rafe tells him firmly that his mom needs him right now. Will tells Sami angrily that he will be back later for this things and storms off. Sami calls out for him, begging him to come back, but Will doesnít reply.

Arianna tells Brady that she understands if he doesnít want to talk about this, but he says it was a long time ago, explaining that she died when he was a baby. Just then, Melanie pops her head in, sees the two, and starts to head off, but Brady stops her. Melanie greets Arianna, saying she almost didnít recognize her without her apron. She apologizes to Brady, saying that Henderson told her she could find him here. She adds that she needs to talk to him. Arianna says she has to go anyway and says goodbye to both of them. Brady asks Melanie what Bo and Hope said, but she tells him to never mind all that. Something more important just came up.

Back on the terrace, Philip thanks Stephanie for what she has done. She tells him that sheíd do anything to end this war with the DiMeras. She canít bear the thought of possibly losing him. Philip assures her that nothing is going to happen to him,-- thanks to her. He kisses her. Stephanie suddenly says she has to go, as she has a doctorís appointment. Philip hopes nothing is wrong, and Stephanie explains that she just wants to get checked out after everything that happened. Philip agrees to drive her, and she thanks him. Philip promises her that there wonít be any more secrets or lies. She nods.

Rafe asks Sami if she wants him to go after Will, but she doesnít think it will do any good. Rafe assures her that she is an amazing mother. He knew that five minutes after he met her. Sami sighs, saying sadly that she didnít mean to hurt Will. She heads back into the apartment as Rafe tries to assure her that she didnít hurt him.

Mia runs into Will at the park. She has a duffel bag, and Will expresses surprise. She reminds him that sheís moving in with Mrs. Horton today. She sighs, saying it couldnít have come at a better time. Her cousin got a new boyfriend, and she and her cousin have been fighting a lot. Will says he understands how nice it must feel to get away from people you hate. Mia, shocked, says she knows he is upset about Grace, but it sounds like something else is going on. Will sighs, saying itís his mom. She lied about Grace, and he doesnít think he can ever forgive her.

Rafe tells Sami that Will is a good kid, and that he just needs a little time to cool off. Sami stares at a picture of Grace and cries, saying she just keeps hoping this is all some awful nightmare, and that sheíll wake up and Grace will be by her side. Rafe tries to comfort her. Sami adds that she needs to tell everyone the truth about Grace, including the rest of her family. Rafe vows to be right by her side. Sami sighs, saying he has been wonderful throughout all this, and she appreciates it, but she knows he doesnít need this. Rafe asks what she means. Sami tearfully tells him that she thinks it would be best if he just left.

Nicole asks EJ what he is sorry for. He says he is sorry for getting upset before when she accused him of having feelings for Sami. The truth is, he and Sami have been too close, and he was in total denial about it. Heís finally able to admit that to himself. Nicole asks if he is admitting he had feelings for Sami. EJ says he did. Worriedly, Nicole asks him if he still does.

Will sighs, telling Mia that what he doesnít get is why he is surprised. After all, his mom has been lying to him his whole life. Itís just what she does. Mia says she is sorry. Will rages, saying parents act like itís wrong to lie but then they turn around and do it like itís no big deal. He says that that is why he is really mad, and why he left Salem last time. Mia frets, asking him if he is planning to leave town again.

Brady asks Melanie what she is talking about. She says she is talking about Arianna. Brady doesnít understand, but Melanie chuckles, saying she can tell Brady has the hots for her.

Arianna kneels by a grave elsewhere in the cemetery. Some leaves obscure the marker, and Arianna brushes them away. The headstone belongs to Emily Hudson.

Rafe reminds Sami, in exasperation, that he lied to his supervisor and got fired from his last job, as well as turned down another just to stay her with her and Grace. Sami sighs, saying she knows he did that for Grace. Rafe tenderly tells her that he did it because he fell in love with her.

EJ tells Nicole that he has never been more wrong about a person in his whole life than he was about Sami. What she did to him,-- by lying about his daughter,-- was deplorable. In answer to Nicoleís question, the only feeling he has for Sami is utter hatred. Nicole reminds him that the other side of hatred is. EJ cuts her off, saying he doesnít love Sami. He did once, but he is ashamed of that, and thinks he was a fool. He apologizes to Nicole, saying he knows that he has hurt her.

Rafe tells Sami that he will never understand why God took Grace from them. Rafe sighs, saying that all he knows for sure is that he canít do this without her. He thought she felt the same way, but perhaps he was wrong. Perhaps he is just a reminder of everything she has lost.

At the hospital, Stephanie sits with a doctor and explains that she has been having trouble sleeping. He wants to prescribe her some pills, but Stephanie is hesitant because she doesnít like taking pills. The doctor tells her heíll go ahead and write her a prescription, and she can decide later if she needs to take them or not.

Victor finds Philip waiting for Stephanie outside in the corridor. He apologizes to Philip, saying he asked Henderson where he was, because they need to set up a meeting with the DiMeras immediately.

Back at the pub, Hope asks Bo if he thinks Philip convinced Stephanie to lie. Bo nods, saying it was pretty obvious to him. Hope wonders why Stephanie went along with it when she knows this was the perfect chance to put EJ behind bars for a long time. Bo thinks Philip probably told her that her testimony would only fan the flames of the feud. Hope shrugs, saying they could look on the bright side. At least this way, they know Bo wonít have to arrest Victor. Bo sighs, saying that he is mostly concerned about Stephanie right now. He worries that she is in this deeper than she knows.

Victor tells Philip that he wants to meet the DiMeras tomorrow morning at the pier. Philip says that he will call EJ and set it up. He vows that they are going to end this thing.

Will sighs, telling Mia that a part of him does want to go back to Switzerland-- or anywhere far away from his mom. Will admits, however, that there are things about Salem he would miss, and people he would miss, too. So he guesses he will stick around for now. Mia grins, saying she is glad.

Nicole tells EJ that she forgives him, of course. EJ tells Nicole that if there is anything he can take away from all this, itís that his eyes are now open. He realizes that Nicole and Sydney are the two most important people in his life. Nicole would never lie to him, and she never puts her own interests first. She puts Sydneyís interests first like she always has. Nicole smiles, saying she always will.

Rafe tells Sami that since Grace was such a big part of their lives, it makes sense that when she looks at him, she thinks of her. Sami says that is a good thing, since it reminds her of how much Rafe sacrificed to protect them both. She adds that nothing will bring Grace back, and she doesnít want him to leave. She sobs, telling him how much she loves him.


Mia says, ďMrs. Horton, I'm not who you think I am. I've done some things I'm not proud of.Ē

Owen tells Stephanie, ďWe're going to go away together. Are you happy?Ē

Nicole: tells Brady, ďE.J. is not going to find out about Sydney, and I am going to live a happy life.Ē

EJ tells Stefano, ďI won't let anybody else control my life...ever again.Ē

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