Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/12/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/12/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

In the woods, Daniel reminds Chloe that she has always told him how much she loves Lucas. He asks if that has changed. Chloe says it hasn’t, as she does love Lucas--but she loves Daniel more.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas interrogates Kate about her ‘liquid vitamins,’ wondering why she has to take them. Kate clams it’s just a precaution, but Lucas is still suspicious as to why they aren’t in pill form. Kate shrugs, saying she guesses they are more potent as a liquid. She quickly changes the subject, telling Lucas that she is trying to arrange to have dinner with Will, and was hoping that he would join them. Lucas, undaunted, accuses her of lying about her vitamins. He takes the vial from her and demands to know what she is hiding.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano cradles Sydney as Nicole looks on. Stefano vows that things won’t turn out for Sydney like they did for Anthony. Stefano chokes up as he says he can’t stand to lose another child or grandchild--his heart just couldn’t take it.

At the funeral home, Rafe tells EJ sternly that there hasn’t been any injustice--what happened to Grace wasn’t anyone’s fault. EJ puts his hands on his hips, asking Sami angrily if Grace had proper prenatal care or regular checkups. He then demands to know where she was when Sami first returned to Salem. Sami chokes on her tears, saying she left her with the nuns. EJ flies into a rage, saying Sami should have left Grace with him. He’s her father, and he isn’t ashamed of her existence. Sami retorts angrily that she wasn’t ashamed of her little girl. Everything she did was for Grace, and she wanted to protect her from having a father like EJ. EJ glares, saying he didn’t abandon his daughter--she wasn’t an inconvenience to him. Sami storms over and slaps EJ. He holds her back as she swings her fists at him. He screams at her that she killed his baby. She shrieks and cries as Rafe steps in, pulling Sami off of EJ. EJ wrathfully declares that Rafe is nothing better than an accomplice. Sami shrieks and sobs.

Kate admits to Lucas that they aren’t vitamins. Lucas asks her what is in the bottle, then. Kate sighs, saying it’s kind of embarrassing. All she will say is that it’s a mild medicine for women when a certain time comes. She adds that she really doesn’t want to discuss it with Lucas. He backs off, apologizing for questioning her so harshly. He adds that he only got a couple of hours sleep the night before. He sits down on the sofa with a sigh, saying he still can’t believe what happened to Grace. Kate nods sympathetically, saying it was a tragedy. Lucas sighs, saying that if something like this could happen to such an innocent baby, then how can any of them trust that things will be ok ever again?

Daniel angrily reminds Chloe that she made him swear to leave her alone, and to walk away from what they had--and he did. Chloe cries quietly, asking him what that means. Daniel tells her that it means that no matter what she does--a year down the line or five yeas down the line--the two of them are never going to be together again. Chloe sighs. Daniel cries out in frustration.

Stefano hands Sydney back to Nicole. She tells him that she could have lost Sydney, and that there’s a million other ways her plan could have gone wrong, but now that nothing has, she feels that she was meant to be Sydney’s mom. She adds that having Stefano on her side in all of this means a lot. Stefano sternly reminds her that he isn’t doing this for her benefit. He actually hates lying to his son, but he knows that it’s necessary. Nicole worries that this might be all for nothing. She asks Stefano worriedly what will happen if EJ has to go to jail and Sydney grows up without her father anyway.

Rafe tells EJ that he won’t let him speak to Sami that way. No one knows better than him how much she loved Grace and what she went through to protect her. EJ fumes, saying that he is the one person in the world that could have done anything to protect his daughter. He asks Sami quietly if he has been a bad father to Johnny. Sami doesn’t answer. He reminds her angrily that she was gone for months, and he was the one responsible for Johnny. He adds sarcastically that miraculously, Johnny didn’t die. Sami sobs, saying she tried to tell him the truth many times. That’s why she came to the church with Grace the day of his wedding. EJ scoffs, saying she didn’t come to tell the truth--she came to stop his wedding. And when he wouldn’t agree to do it, she decided to punish him further by keeping Grace from him. He wonders how Sami is going to live with herself now that Grace has died. Sami bawls, saying she isn’t sure she can. Rafe attempts to soothe her.

Chloe asks Daniel tearfully if he is saying that they both need to move on now that she has admitted her love for him. Daniel groans, telling her that he never thought he would love anyone again after his wife died, until she came along. She sniffles, saying all she did was hurt him. Daniel says that she has, but he still doesn’t regret what happened between them. His pushing her away right now isn’t caused by him not caring--in fact, he is only doing it because he loves her so much.

Kate asks Lucas if Grace is the reason he is so upset, but he admits something else is going on. He’s reluctant to tell Kate at first, worrying that she will gloat, but Kate says she won’t. Lucas admits that he and Chloe had a fight earlier about a secret he was keeping from her in regards to Grace. Kate doesn’t understand at first, then she gasps, remembering that Sami came back to town with Grace after nine moths in witness protection. Kate fumes, saying she knew there was something off about that adoption story. Lucas sighs and Kate gasps, asking him if Grace was his and Sami’s baby, and if that is the reason he is grieving so much.

Rafe tells EJ that he let him throw a fit, yell, and even hit him, but he won’t let EJ savage Grace’s mother this way. He adds that EJ knows damn well why Sami didn’t want Grace to be a DiMera. He asks EJ to look him in the eye and tell him he didn’t order that hit on Phillip. EJ tells them both to get out of his sight. Rafe tells EJ quietly that there is nothing anyone could have doe for that baby, and he knows it. EJ glares and Rafe says that hitting him again isn’t going to bring her back, either. EJ says he realizes that. He says tearfully that just wishes he could have held her hand, and told her he loved her before she died. Rafe sighs. Sami looks on miserably.

Daniel tells Chloe that he took an oath to do no harm. When he loses patients, like with Grace last night, he always wonders if he did everything he could have. Chloe assures him he did, but Daniel says that is something no one can ever know. He reminds her of when she left Lucas before and he nearly drank himself to death. If that were to happen again, Daniel isn’t sure Chloe could handle it. That’s why he thinks Chloe needs to do whatever it takes to make things work with Lucas. He grabs her hand and squeezes it, saying he has faith in her.

Lucas angrily tells Kate that he isn’t Grace’s father, and wonders how she could even think such a thing. Kate scoffs, reminding him he and Sami already have two children. She asks who the father is then, saying she can’t think of anyone besides EJ. Lucas gives her a look. Kate gasps, saying she can’t believe it. Lucas warns her that she has to keep this a secret. Kate groans, wondering what is wrong with Sami. Didn’t she learn anything from the paternity fiasco with Will? Lucas asks her to stop, but Kate refuses, saying Grace’s death doesn’t make Sami any less of a messed-up human being. Lucas sits in a chair in a huff, telling Kate angrily to show some respect. Kate admits that this has made her realize that Chloe is truly the lesser of two evils. Lucas thanks her sarcastically for the compliment. Kate sighs, admitting that Chloe is a lovely woman, and is a decent person--compared to Sami. Lucas shakes his head, saying he can’t believe it. Kate tells him he had better do so--because she is actually looking forward to making things right with his wife. Lucas asks if she is serious. Kate nods and grins slyly, saying she is dead serious.

Stefano assures Nicole that EJ will be here for all of Sydney’s milestones, like her first day of school. Nicole says he won’t if Owen rats him out, but Stefano tells her not to worry, as Owen won’t be able to incriminate EJ at all. Stefano tells Nicole to trust him. Just then, the doorbell rings. Nicole heads off with Sydney to answer it and finds Victor on the stoop. He jokes with Nicole, asking her if she has been demoted to downstairs maid. She glares as Marco assures her Victor isn’t armed. Stefano walks over just then, greeting Victor. Victor tells him he came to offer an olive branch. Stefano says he’ll entertain the idea of peace as soon as he knows his son is free and clear of all charges. Nicole starts to head off with Sydney, but Victor stops her, complimenting her on her beautiful baby. He says pointedly that it would be a shame to see the child caught up in a war between their families. Nicole whirls on him and glares, asking him angrily if he is threatening her daughter.

Sami tells EJ tearfully that her heart is broken too, and that she would do anything to make things different. EJ says that the only regret he has is ever loving her. Rafe sighs, saying they can go back and forth like this all day, or they can try to honor Grace’s memory. For his part, he can honestly say that Grace was wonderful person, who taught him how to love better than he ever had before. EJ rolls his eyes. Rafe suggests that EJ go home, kiss his children, and he thankful for them. Sami leans her head on Rafe’s shoulder and cries.

Daniel tells Chloe that he understands that she is thinking of him more now that she is angry with Lucas, but he really doesn’t need that kind of temptation. Chloe sobs, saying she never stopped thinking of Daniel. She asks him tearfully if he still thinks of her. He says she knows the answer to that. He grabs his shirt, telling her that she needs to go back to Lucas and his little girl, and devote her life to them. Furthermore, she has to put him totally out of her mind. Daniel adds that if she can’t do that for Lucas, then she needs to do it for him. Daniel heads off. Chloe cries.

Lucas asks Kate if she is really going to lay off of Chloe and she nods, saying she realizes that Chloe is a good person, and she makes Lucas happy. Lucas is surprised, as he knows how much Kate hates to admit she is wrong. She sighs, telling Lucas that by now, he should realize there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for him--because she loves him that much.

Victor tells Nicole that she has short-changed him. He walks inside the mansion, saying that babies are precious and innocent. They’re gifts from God, and they have to make peace for Sydney if not for anyone else. Stefano tells Victor he is willing to make peace, but wonders how they can go about doing so. Victor says he will be back with an offer, now that he knows Stefano is amenable to peace. He heads out the door. Nicole asks Stefano if he thinks that Victor meant it, and if he really wants this war to end.

The funeral director heads into the parlor, trying to hand EJ some information about their infant interment package. EJ waves him off and the man hands the paperwork to Rafe. Rafe explains that they will need more time to decide, and the director heads off, asking Rafe to call when they’ve made a decision. Sami quietly asks EJ if he would like to have any say in the arrangements, but EJ says it’s too late for all that. He tells Sami angrily that she killed Grace, so she can bury her. Rafe puts his arm around Sami, suggesting they go home. She starts to say something else to EJ, but changes her mind and leaves with Rafe. EJ puts his head in his hands sadly.

Chloe heads into the Kiriakis mansion. Lucas, now alone, rushes over, glad she is here. He apologizes to her for lying to her about Grace. He asks her if she can find it in her heart to forgive him. Chloe tearfully says she is sorry too, and the two hug.

Kate heads into the hospital, spotting Daniel at the nurse’s station. She starts to head over to speak to him, but notices Will standing nearby. She heads over, asking him why he is here. He tearfully tells her had a half-day today because of finals, and he knew he didn’t want to go home, so he came here. Kate tells him she was sorry to hear what happened to his sister. She knows Grace must have meant a lot to him. Will admits that when his mom first adopted her, he was jealous. He said a lot of things he wishes he could take back now. Kate is sure Grace knew how much Will loved her. He nods, crying, saying that she always smiled back when he smiled at her. He sobs. Kate hugs him.

Sami and Rafe head into her townhouse. She stares blankly as Rafe tries to get her understand that she did the right thing today by telling EJ the truth--just like she did the right thing before by not telling him. Rafe adds that he knows she was just trying to protect Grace. Sami nods, saying that is all she ever wanted to do. Rafe assures that EJ can’t hurt Grace now, as she is safe, and he isn’t going to let EJ hurt Sami, either. She bursts into tears.

The funeral director heads into the parlor and finds EJ sitting alone. He says he had no idea EJ was still here. EJ explains quietly that he has a favor to ask of the man--one that may sound strange, but is terribly important.

Lucas tells Chloe that he finally realizes that the cliché is true--secrets do have a way of coming out, no matter what. Lucas vows to never keep anything from Chloe ever again. He asks her if they can put this behind them with no more secrets or lies in the way. Lucas adds that he just wants a fresh start and asks if Chloe will agree to that. Chloe nods and smiles, saying she is ready for a fresh start, too. The two hug.

Kate, now alone, heads over to Daniel, saying that she wants to finish their conversation about him doing the medical segment for her talk show. Daniel shakes his head, saying he did think about it, but he realized it just wasn’t for him. He says he is sure she can find someone else and heads off, excusing himself. Kate frowns, saying he has to do this segment. She vows to find a way to make it happen.

Rafe comes into the living room with coffee. Sami says she has been writing the insert for Grace’s funeral. She asks if she can read it to Rafe. He says she can, of course, and Sami tearfully reads aloud, “Grace Rafaela Brady received her angel wings on June 8th, 2009. Her final days were spent with her family and her friends, who Grace had touched in some small way throughout her short but memorable life. Grace enjoyed music and bath time. She loved being outdoors and--and sometimes she tried to imitate the birds singing. Her favorite story was Goodnight Moon, which her mommy read to her every night before bed. Grace had the most beautiful smile. She loved to laugh and play. Especially with her big sister Allie and her brothers Johnny and Will. Although she wasn't with us long, the joy that she gave us was immeasurable. She will always remain in our hearts-- our amazing Grace.” Rafe wipes tears from his eyes as Sami chokes back sobs. He tells her that what she wrote is perfect. Sami gets up, saying that she also got Grace a dress. She sobs, saying it was meant for the family pictures they were supposed to take, but now she figures Grace can be buried in it. Rafe assures her he will take it down to the funeral home. He asks if she has considered talking to Will. Sami says she has, and that she has to do it soon, as she doesn’t want him to hear the news from anyone else. She just hopes Will can understand why she had to lie. Rafe tells her that Will loved Grace, and he loves his mom, too, and that is all that matters. Later, Rafe and Sami look through pictures of Grace as Will walks in. Sami asks him about his biology final, and he says it was fine. He asks what the two are doing, and Sami explains that they have to pick out a picture for Grace’s memorial. She shows him the one they chose and Will agrees that that one is fine. He starts to head off, but Sami tells him that they need to talk. Rafe says he will go take care of the errand they spoke about, and heads off sadly with Grace’s dress in hand. Sami tells Will that she has to tell him something, and she wants him to know she is sorry for not telling him sooner. Will asks what she means. Sami tells him that Grace wasn’t adopted. Sami adds that Grace was her baby, and that she gave birth to her. Will gapes.

Now alone in the living room, Nicole tells Sydney that they are lucky her grandpa is on their side. Now they don’t have to worry about anyone trying to claim Sydney as their own. It will just be her, and Nicole and her daddy from now on. Nicole adds that Sydney is theirs--always and forever.

The funeral director takes EJ to the morgue and pulls the drawer out containing Grace’s body, which is covered with a sheet. He leaves EJ alone with her and heads off. EJ sits down next to Grace, trying to pull himself together by taking deep breaths. He sobs, telling Grace that her daddy is here, and he is so sorry for what happened. He adds that he just wishes she would have gotten to play with her older brother and sister sometime. He uncovers Grace’s body and peeks at her. He weeps and shakes, covering her back over with the sheet. EJ leans his head on the table and cries hysterically.


Phillip tells Stephanie, “If you implicate EJ, Stefano will come at us with a vengeance.”

Will demands, “So who’s Grace’s father, Mom? Just say it.”

Nicole tells Stefano, “We have a problem--a big problem.”

Arianna says, “I don’t think Sami’s the problem, Rafe--you are.”

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