Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/11/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/11/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by
Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

In the on-call room at the hospital, Kate tells Daniel that she came here to offer her sympathy because she knows how hard he fought to save Grace’s life the night before. Kate sighs, adding that she knows Daniel gave it his all, because that’s what he did for her when she was ill. She adds that she remembers waking up and seeing him sitting by her bedside on more than a few occasions. Kate also admits that while she despises Daniel on some level, on other levels, she recognizes that he did give up Chloe so Lucas could be happy, and that he also saved her life. That’s the man she wants to focus on from now on. Daniel asks what all this means. Kate tells him that she wants the two of them to start over.

Near the nurse’s station, Nicole tells Rafe tearfully how sorry she is for what happened. Rafe says he can see that, but he doesn’t understand why Nicole cares about Grace so much. He admits she saw her a few times, but the two had no real connection. He doesn’t get why the baby means so much to Nicole.

At Sami’s place, Sami explains to EJ that all she was trying to say is that she didn’t tell EJ the truth right off the bat because of Nicole. EJ brushes her off, saying that he doesn’t want to hear her excuses. What she did was unconscionable, and she attempted to play God with his life and his daughter’s life. Sami bawls, saying she is sorry, but if EJ had just been--He interrupts her in a rage, saying he doesn’t want to hear any more nonsense about his family. He tells Sami angrily that she should be sorry--she should be sorry for the rest of her life. Sami sobs.

Lucas rushes into the Java Café and finds Chloe doctoring her coffee. Lucas demands to know why she ran off on him like that. Chloe says she just wanted to be alone, but Lucas thinks she’s overreacting about the news he told her earlier. Chloe goes off on him, reminding him that for the past few weeks he’s been going on and on about the two of them being honest with one another, and this whole time, he was hiding something. Lucas sighs, saying he didn’t think it was that important. Sami asked him to keep this secret for her, so he did. Chloe huffs, asking him if it makes it alright because Sami asked him to lie. Lucas says of course it doesn’t. Chloe angrily retorts that she has been fighting day and night to keep their commitment to each other strong. Lucas doesn’t see why they need to fight to keep it strong. Chloe replies that there is always something coming between them and it’s as if someone else is living in their marriage. Lucas says he doesn’t know who she is talking about, but it certainly isn’t Sami.

Daniel sighs, telling Kate that he doubts this one revelation is going to turn them into friends. Kate agrees with him there, admitting that she had another reason for coming to see him--she has a favor to ask. Daniel chuckles, saying they are really getting somewhere now. He asks her what she wants. Kate tells him that if he does this favor for her, it will move the two of them to a much better place.

Upstairs at the pub, Max brings Chelsea breakfast in bed, joking that this is like thanksgiving, since he’s so thankful Chelsea has come home. Chelsea reminds him that London is her home, and that she has to go back there tomorrow. Max chews a doughnut quietly. Chelsea groans, asking if he is going to keep avoiding the subject, or is he going to look her in the eye and tell her how he feels? Max chews thoughtfully. Chelsea sighs, saying she really wants him to come to London with her for good. She asks him if his answer is yes or no.

Nicole tells Rafe that she cares about Grace because she is a mother. She can relate to what Sami is going through right now, and she is an emotional person. She adds that her heart goes out to both him and Sami, and that is all that is going on here. Just then, a nurse comes over with some forms for Rafe to sign so the hospital can release Grace’s body. The two head over to the nurse’s station as Nicole flashes back to holding Grace for the first time. She comes back to the present, vowing things would have been different if she had known Grace didn’t have long to live. She starts to head off, but Rafe stops her, reminding her she left her phone. He hands it to her. She thanks him. He asks if she is still upset about Grace, and Nicole admits she is. She says that it broke her heart to see a baby die. She wonders how you ever get over losing such a precious, innocent life. She sobs hysterically, saying you don’t. Rafe puts a consoling hand on her shoulder as Nicole cries.

EJ screams at Sami, asking her if she ever intended on telling him the truth. She weeps as EJ stares at her in horror, saying that if that child weren’t dead, he would still be in the dark. Sami sobs. EJ shakes his head in disgust, saying his daughter is dead, and thanks to Sami, he never got to know her. He flies into a rage, screaming that he can’t believe he came round here to tell her how sorry he was for her loss. EJ’s voice breaks. Sami cries hysterically, saying she just wanted to be a good mother. EJ says she doesn’t deserve to be a mother--in fact, all she deserves is to be in hell. Sami weeps, mouthing that she knows that.

Max comes back to bed with some papers, joking that he is doing some light reading. Chelsea asks if he is writing a novel and Max laughs, saying he isn’t. He’s just proud of himself, not that he means to brag. Chelsea tucks a doughnut into his mouth and takes the papers, looking them over. She gasps, seeing that not only did Max get into medical school, but he got a scholarship, too. Max nods and grins. Chelsea kisses him, telling him what great news this is.

Kate tells Daniel that she has been reworking her TV show, and her producers have been encouraging her to do some sort of medical segment. She was hoping Daniel would be the face of that segment. He sighs, reminding her that she pitched this idea to him before, and he told her then that he had no desire to be in front of a camera. He is sure there are plenty of other doctors that would love the opportunity. Kate says she knows that, but him doing this would be good for both of them. Daniel asks if she means she’ll stop being so angry if he does this for her. Kate says she is ready to be all over all of this, and asks him if he feels the same. Daniel sighs, saying he will think about it, but for now he plans on getting out of here and going for a swim. Kate thanks him for his time, saying she’s glad they had this talk. She heads out into the hallway and looks at the blank prescription form she stole from Daniel, grinning and saying to herself that she is very glad.

Nicole claims that it has been a while since she stayed up all night, and sleep deprivation can make a person crazy. Rafe rolls his eyes. Nicole sighs, saying she is sure Sami has given him an earful about what a horrible person she is, but she has a heart, too, and she knows what loss is all too well. Just because she has a healthy baby at home doesn’t mean she can’t feel badly about Sami losing her equally precious daughter. Nicole excuses herself and heads off in tears. The nurse tells Rafe that he can take Grace’s body whenever he is ready. Rafe sighs.

EJ tells Sami that she and Rafe can both rot in hell. He is sure Rafe was in on all of this. Sami weeps. EJ screams, saying that the two of them were planning on raising his child right under his nose, while they laughed about it. Sami says this was about protecting Grace, not about him. EJ heads over the playpen and picks up Grace’s blanket, saying sadly that he never got to know his daughter. He never held her or even looked at her more than once. And now he has to live with that for the rest of his life. Sami angrily snatches Grace’s blanket from EJ and cuddles it, sobbing. EJ tells Sami that he is going to hate her for the rest of his life for what she has done.

Chelsea marvels over the fact that Max got a full-ride to go to medical school. She sighs, saying she can’t believe how selfish she has been. She just assumed Max would be here waiting for her to come back and ask him to come to London, and meantime, he has been living his own life. She adds that she never should have asked him to leave Salem. Max says she just wanted him in her life as much as he wants her in his. Chelsea still thinks she should have asked him about medical school right away and kept her mouth shut afterwards. She just loves him and missed him so much, that she felt she had to ask him to move to London with her right away. Max says he feels the same, and asks if they can stop talking about such serious topics for a while. Chelsea agrees. She stares off into space worriedly as Max kisses her neck.

Chloe tells Lucas that of course she means Sami, unless there is some other woman he’s been meeting with and keeping secrets with. Lucas groans, saying it isn’t as if he and Sami are having an affair. In fact, he was just as surprised to learn the truth about Grace as Chloe was. Chloe huffs off, saying she needs to be alone right now. Lucas begs her not to walk away from him like this. Chloe whirls angrily, saying she just wishes he cared about their marriage as much as he cares about Sami. Chloe says she does--more than he will ever know. She storms off. Lucas sighs.

EJ tells Sami that he hopes she keeps on suffering--right up until the day she dies. He storms outside and makes a call to the hospital, telling a nurse who answers the phone that he needs to see his daughter, Grace Brady. He hangs up and heads off sorrowfully. Sami clutches Grace’s blanket and weeps.

Kate meets with a man dressed in scrubs at the pier. She thanks him for showing up, saying that it’s been a while, but she’ll never forget the favors the man has done for her. He grins, giving her a knowing look, and says he can’t forget how generous she has been either. He adds that he wore the scrubs like she asked. Kate nods, saying he looks just like a doctor she knows, and that that is perfect. The mans asks if Kate needs something. She nods and hands him the prescription slip she stole from Daniel. Kate has already filled out the form.

Chloe strolls in the woods. She comes across some scrubs on the ground and picks them up. She sees Daniel’s hospital badge attached to them and sighs, telling herself that this is just great. She turns to go, but runs into Daniel, who appears to be coming back from a nude swim. Chloe gasps.

Max tells Chelsea that this is the happiest he has been in a long time. She says she feels the same, but it’s too bad it will all have to end soon. Max says it doesn’t have to, but Chelsea warns him not to tease her. She adds that she has to back to London to be with her mom. Max says he knows, which is why he is going with her. Surprised, she asks how long he is going to stay. Max smiles, saying he plans on staying for good--or for however long Chelsea stays. The two kiss.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole cuddles Sydney, saying she did the right thing, and that this was God’s plan. She switched Sydney with Grace because God didn’t want her to have to suffer through losing her daughter a second time. She sobs and hugs Sydney.

Rafe sits in a funeral parlor, discussing arrangements for Grace’s funeral with the director. Rafe explains that they want Father Matt to do the service, and the mans says that would be fine. He asks if Rafe wants to wait for the mother to get here, but Rafe shakes his head, saying that he wants to get as much of this out of the way as possible before Sami arrives. The man nods, saying he will get a catalogue of choices for Rafe. He heads off. Rafe sighs. Just then, EJ walks in. He catches sight of Rafe and glares.

Kate’s friend comes back with the prescription, handing it to her and warning Kate that the pharmacist told him the stuff was pretty toxic. She nods and hands the man an envelope filled with cash. He looks through it, saying this is too much, and he can’t possibly accept it. Kate grins, telling him he’ll need it, since he is about to go on a long vacation for his health. The man nods and thanks her. Kate says he really does remind her of someone she knows. The man asks if that is a bad thing. Kate smiles, saying that some day, it might turn out to be a good thing. She heads off.

Daniel tells Chloe that she really ought to go for a swim sometime. He notices the pained look on her face and asks her what is wrong. He knows it’s awkward for the two of them to meet like this, but he urges her to tell him what’s going on. Chloe admits it’s about Lucas. She adds that Daniel knows about the secret she is keeping from Lucas, but today she learned that Lucas has been keeping secrets from her, too. It has to do with Sami, and it doesn’t really matter what the secret was--all that matters is that they’re both lying to each other. Daniel urges her not to feel guilty, but Chloe says that isn’t it. She wonders what all this says about their marriage. She made a promise to God to give Daniel up for Lucas, but what if it turns out that she still can’t make this marriage work? Daniel sighs.

Kate stands in the living room of the Kiriakis mansion, looking over the prescription her friend filled for her. Lucas walks in just then, asking what she has. Kate stammers.

Nicole cuddles Sydney, promising to protect her, since Nicole is the only mommy she will ever have--or will ever need.

EJ knocks Rafe to the floor with one punch. Rafe stares at him from the floor as Sami walks in. She gasps, “OMG!”

Kate tells Lucas that the doctor prescribed her some liquid vitamins. Worried, Lucas asks if everything is ok. Kate claims she is fine, and that her cancer is still in remission. This is just something make sure that everything goes the way it should. Lucas looks at her suspiciously.

Daniel asks Chloe if she really wants him to answer that question. She sighs, saying she just came here to clear her head, and then she ran into him She just isn’t sure what to make of all of this. Daniel says he thinks it is a sign.

Chelsea asks Max if he is sure about wanting to move to London with her. She reminds him of all he would be giving up. Max says he would be gaining a life with her, however, and he is happy with that. Chelsea tells Max that this is a really big deal, and she needs to know he is committed to this decision a hundred percent. Max kisses her, telling her he has never been more sure about anything in his life.

Nicole makes a call and makes arrangements for flowers to be sent to Grace’s funeral from her, EJ, and the children. Stefano walks in just then, surprised she didn’t put his name on the card. Nicole didn’t realize he would want to send Sami flowers, and Stefano says he does. Not only is he sorry for Sami, but he’s also overjoyed that their precious Sydney is healthy and thriving. Nicole admits that they are lucky, but Stefano says it is about more than just luck. If it hadn’t been for Nicole and her baby switch, he and Elvis would be mourning a baby right now. He kisses Sydney, saying the only reason she is here is through the grace of God--and the through the cunning of Nicole.

Sami shrieks at EJ as he lays into Rafe for keeping Grace from him. Sami asks if Rafe is alright. He gets to his feet, saying he is fine. Sami whirls on EJ, telling him not to blame Rafe, as this is all her fault. The funeral director storms in, asking what is going on. When EJ and Sami explain they are Grace’s parents, and Rafe adds he is the adopted father, the funeral director tells them all to keep quiet. Rafe agrees they will act more civilly, but asks the man for a few minutes alone. He agrees and heads off. Rafe tells EJ that this is not the time or place. EJ snaps that he realizes that, but they have no one but themselves to blame for that. Sami grumps that Rafe was just trying to help her. EJ scoffs, reminding her that Rafe helped keep his daughter from him, and she’s now dead. EJ will never get to know her, and that is a terrible injustice. He vows to make sure that that injustice is remedied.

Daniel tells Chloe that he thinks it must be a sign that she found him here. She sighs, knowing that he must be being sarcastic, since he doesn’t believe in all those superstitions. She knows that Daniel thinks she married Lucas out of guilt, and she really doesn’t need to hear that right now. She feels like a fool. Daniel scoffs, asking if she feels that way over her fight with Lucas. Chloe claims he betrayed her trust, but Daniel is surprised she’s ready to throw in the towel over such a minor thing, considering what she has already done to stay committed to Lucas. Chloe claims this wasn’t minor and that he has been keeping this secret for months. Daniel shrugs, saying Lucas is flawed just like everyone else. It’s not a big deal. Chloe thinks it is. Daniel reminds Chloe that she has always told him how much she loves Lucas. Has that changed or something? Chloe says it hasn’t, but the truth is--she loves Daniel more.

Lucas is suspicious of Kate’s liquid vitamins, asking why she can’t take pills. Kate stammers, saying these are more potent and work faster. She tries to change the subject, saying she arranged to have dinner with Will and was hoping Lucas could join them. Lucas, not to be put off, accuses her of lying, and adds that it has nothing to do with Will. He demands to know why she has these liquid vitamins, and what she is hiding from him.

Stefano takes Sydney from Nicole and gushes over her. Nicole tells him how much Sydney loves him. He grins, saying he loves her, too. He vows not to let anything happen to her like what happened to Tony. He says he couldn’t take losing another loved one. He sighs, saying his heart just couldn’t take it.

Rafe claims that there was no injustice. What happened to Grace couldn’t have been prevented. EJ glares, asking if Grace had proper prenatal care. He asks Sami what she did with the baby when she came back to Salem. Sami says she left her with the nuns. EJ flies into a rage, saying she could have left their daughter with him. He would have loved her and cared for her, and he wasn’t ashamed of her existence like Sami clearly was. Sami screams back that she wasn’t ashamed of Grace--she just wanted to protect her from having a father like EJ. EJ claims Grace was just an inconvenience to Sami. She storms over and slaps the hell out of him. He holds her back, telling her to expunge her guilt as she flails, trying to hit him. He screams that she killed their baby. She screams back that this wasn’t her fault and that she loved Grace. Rafe drags Sami away from EJ, telling the two that that is enough. EJ glares, accusing Rafe of being Sami’s accomplice in all this. Sami weeps hysterically.


Victor tells Nicole, “What a beautiful little girl. Be a shame to see her caught in a war between families.” Nicole retorts, “Are you threatening my daughter?”

Kate tells Lucas, “There isn't anything that I wouldn't do for you.”

EJ tells Sami, “You killed her. You bury her.”

Daniel tells Chloe, “You need to make it work... with Lucas.”

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