Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/10/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/10/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Chloe strolls though the woods, enjoying the scenery. Daniel walks over to her. Surprised, she says that he can’t be here. He strokes her face. She insists they can’t be together. Daniel moves in for a kiss.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano comes up behind Nicole and taps her on the shoulder. She gasps, saying he scared her. Stefano tells her it’s time that they finish their conversation. Nicole sweats.

Max sleeps in bed. He hears Chelsea calling his name. He mumbles that the dreams just make it worse. Chelsea wakes him up, telling him this isn’t a dream. He opens his eyes and greets her, overjoyed. Chelsea kisses him.

Arianna soothes Rafe at the pier, telling him that she knows how much Grace meant to him, since he was planning on adopting her. Rafe sniffles, admitting that it would have taken a while for the adoption papers to go through, but he feels like Grace was his daughter. Arianna sighs, saying something like this makes you realize how small your problems really are. She says she will do anything for Rafe if he needs it, but he says he is mostly worried about Sami right now. Arianna asks if Sami is breaking the news to the twins right now. Rafe nods miserably.

At Sami’s place, Will looks on as Sami tearfully reads a story to Allie and Johnny about a little girl named Katie dying. Sami struggles to get through the story, sobbing. Will ends up taking the book from her and finishing the story. Sami cries, trying to explain to the twin that Grace won’t be coming home, but that she is with the angels now. Will wipes tears from his eyes. Sami bawls.

Nicole tells Stefano that this isn’t a good time, and that she has said all she intends on saying. Stefano says he isn’t finished, however. He tells Nicole that he fully realizes that if Nicole hadn’t switched those babies, they’d be preparing to bury Sydney right now. Nicole nods, telling Stefano that she hopes he knows she will do anything to keep this family together. Stefano nods, saying he does know that, and he prays she succeeds, but he adds that Nicole had better pray EJ and Sami never find out what she has done.

Arianna assures Rafe that Sami will get through this. She adds that Sami seems like a real fighter. Rafe agrees that she is. Arianna hopes Sami won’t take this too hard, since Grace was adopted. Rafe explodes, asking her how she could say that, and retorting that losing Grace was having your heart ripped out. He abruptly says he has to go. Arianna urges him to call her if he needs her. Rafe nods and heads off. Arianna sighs.

Max marvels at how quickly Chelsea got here, but she tells him she took Victor’s jet. He had offered it to her before, so she finally took him up on it. Max says he is glad she is here, and asks if she is back for good. Chelsea shakes her head. Max says he understands, but hopes she can stay for a little while at least. Chelsea sighs, saying there is no easy way to say this, but she doesn’t think she is ever going to come back to Salem. Max gapes.

Brady chats on the phone outside the pub. Arianna rushes past him, dropping her purse. The two run into each other trying to pick it up. Brady jokes that they both need to start wearing body armor. Arianna apologizes, saying her brother is having problems considering what Sami is going through right now, and she’s running late for work. Brady chuckles, asking if Sami is having another one of her crises. Shocked, Arianna asks Brady if he knows what has happened. He asks what she is talking about.

Will calls Mia, asking if she can meet him at the Java Café to help him get the twins some breakfast. He hangs up and takes the twins by the hand, leading them off. Sami sits on the floor with some toys. She spots Grace’s blanket and holds it, crying quietly. The phone rings, but Sami lets the answering machine get it. When Rafe starts to leave a message, Sami answers. He asks if she broke the news to the twins, and she answers brokenly, saying she did, but she isn’t sure how much they understood. Rafe asks if she needs him to come back, but Sami says she would prefer to be alone right now. Rafe tells her to call if she needs him and hangs up. Sami looks at the phone, throws it across the room, and buries her head in her hands, sobbing hysterically.

Chloe breaks off the kiss, telling Daniel that they can’t do this. It’s wrong. He shushes her and moves in for another passionate kiss.

Brady and Arianna sit together at the pub. Brady shakes his head, saying that Sami must be in pieces right now. He adds that her mother is over in Europe with his father right now. He guesses he should call her, but decides to call Sami first. He sighs, saying he isn’t even sure what to say to her at a time like this. Arianna smiles, saying family is what is most important right now. Brady nods and agrees.

Nicole asks Stefano if he is threatening to tell EJ that Sydney belongs to him and Sami. Stefano asks if she was just listening to him. He already explained that the baby switch saved the family from attending a funeral today, and besides, they both know Sami would have told the truth if she knew Nicole lost her baby. Nicole asks what he means and Stefano says he knows Sami. If she had seen EJ married to a woman that couldn’t have children, she would have told him about their child, and EJ would be in the middle of another heated custody battle with Sami. Stefano chuckles, saying Nicole managed to fool both Sami and EJ instead. Surprised, Nicole asks Stefano if he thinks she did the right thing.

Sami hears a baby crying and wakes up, saying to herself that Grace must be ready to play. She heads over to the playpen and smiles at Grace, promising they’ll do something fun together today. Sami turns to get her blanket, but when she turns back, Grace is gone. Sami shrieks, looking around the apartment frantically and calling out for her baby. Suddenly, Sami wakes up with a start on the couch. She glances over at Grace’s empty playpen miserably. Suddenly, someone knocks on the door. Sami gets up and opens it to find EJ outside. She asks him what he is doing here. EJ explains that he came to check on Johnny--and her.

Max asks Chelsea if she is saying she isn’t coming back here once she returns to London. Chelsea explains that she plans on coming back to visit every once in a while, but that’s all. Max kisses her, saying he isn’t going to give her up that easily. Chelsea claims that her mind is made up, but Max isn’t so sure. He kisses her again.

Arianna asks if Brady and Sami didn’t get along growing up, but Brady says they just weren’t very close. He does know that Arianna doesn’t care for her. Arianna sighs, saying Sami just lost her child. She does feel really badly for her, and for her brother Rafe, too, but she feels like something is off about the two of them. Brady asks what she means. Arianna says she can’t help but wonder why Rafe wanted to step in and adopt Grace without marrying Sami first. Arianna says she feels as if the two are trying to cover something up.

Stefano tells Nicole that not only does he think she did the right thing, but he is also impressed. Nicole smiles. Stefano adds that he doesn’t completely forgive her for lying to his son, but in this case, the good she has done far outweighs the bad. Nicole asks if by ‘bad,’ he means Sami. Stefano nods. He isn’t sure if Nicole knows this, but he brought EJ over here originally to break Sami’s heart. Nicole nods, saying EJ fell in love with her instead. Stefano growls, saying thinking about how Sami has manipulated EJ still makes him angry. She is even doing it today, knowing she can get a rise out of him through Johnny. Nicole agrees, saying she has seen Sami do it. That’s why she’s worried about what will happen if EJ learns he has another child with Sami. Stefano interrupts, telling Nicole sternly that that must never happen.

Sami invites EJ in. He asks her if she talked to the twins. Sami nods, weeping, saying she isn’t sure how much of it they understood. She knows they had a million questions, but didn’t know how to ask them. EJ is sure they will one day. He asks about Rafe. Sami cries, saying he has been really strong through all of this. She adds that he and Grace were inseparable throughout her time in witness protection, and they made a great father-daughter team. She sighs, saying Grace could have had such a different life. She adds that she did what she had to do, but now it turns out what she and Rafe did meant nothing. She sobs. EJ doesn’t understand, asking her what it is she felt she had to do.

Rafe heads into the hospital and over to the nurse’s station, saying quietly that he is here to make arrangements for the baby that died the night before. The nurse says she is sorry, and asks for the baby’s name. Rafe gives it to her. She asks what his relationship to the child is. He says tearfully that he is Grace’s father.

EJ tells Sami that she did a wonderful thing. She took a child that didn’t have a home or family and gave her everything she could ever want. Sami says that Grace was special to her, and she wishes EJ could have gotten to know her better. EJ says he does, too, since Grace was Johnny’s sister. Sami says she was more than that. EJ doesn’t understand. Sami sobs, saying of course he doesn’t understand, because she never told him the truth. She explains through her tears that Grace wasn’t just her baby--she was their baby. EJ stares, confused.

Chloe and Daniel kiss passionately in the woods. Suddenly, Chloe wakes up from her dream with a start. She’s in bed at the Horton cabin. She looks around and notices Lucas isn’t there.

At the hospital, Daniel sleeps in the on-call room. Kate sneaks in and watches him.

Max and Chelsea make love.

The nurse comes back over to Rafe, saying she is sorry, but his name isn’t mentioned in any of the paperwork. In fact, there’s no father listed at all. Rafe huffs. The nurse says she is very sorry, but she can’t possibly release the body. Rafe yells that he is the child’s father. The nurse apologizes again, saying the records don’t indicate that. Just then, Nicole walks over, telling the nurse that Rafe is right, and that he is Grace’s father.

EJ tells Sami that he understands she’s under a great deal of pressure right now. No one should have to go through what she went through last night. Sami demands to know why he isn’t listening to her. EJ claims she is, but he fears she might need to talk to someone, as she appears to be losing her grip on reality. His daughter, Sydney, is fine, and she’s s at home. Sami says she isn’t talking about Sydney, she’s talking about Grace. She tells him tearfully that she isn’t losing her sanity. If he would just stop and think for a minute, he’d realize that what she is saying is true.

Chelsea and Max continue to make love.

Lucas comes back to bed, saying he had to get up for some water. He asks if Chloe had a bad dream, and she admits she did. Lucas assumes she must be upset about Grace, since what happened was so awful. Chloe agrees, asking him if he is upset. He admits he is, but he is more upset about something he said to Chloe earlier. He knows he said he wanted them to forget about the past and just focus on how much they love each other, but now he thinks he was wrong. Chloe asks what he means, and Lucas says he doesn’t want them to have any secrets between them. He adds that he wants them to be totally open and honest with each other--starting tonight. Chloe frets.

Kate sneaks Daniel’s blank prescription pad from his hand and tears off one of the sheets, tucking it into her jacket pocket. She flashes back to practicing forging Daniel’s signature. She comes back to the present and grins, placing the prescription pad back near Daniel’s hand. She starts to sneak out of the on-call room, but Daniel wakes up, asking what she is doing in here.

Nicole tells the nurse that she can vouch for Rafe, and that he is Grace’s father. The nurses scoffs, saying that is all well and good, but says she needs Nicole’s name. Nicole says haughtily that she is Mrs. DiMera, EJ DiMera’s wife. The nurse changes her tune and says that the paperwork must be around somewhere. She vows to get Rafe out of here as soon as possible and hurries off. Rafe asks Nicole why she did that, knowing that he isn’t Grace’s father. Nicole explains that he was her father in his heart, and besides, she is sure he got some kind of legal authorization from Sami, knowing his background in FBI. She is sure that stupid nurse just misplaced the paperwork. Rafe asks what she is doing here, and Nicole explains that she was so upset the night before that she left her cell phone here. She starts to head off to get it, but stops, telling Rafe that she is really is sorry about what happened to Grace. Rafe says he can see that, but he wonders why. Nicole asks what he means. Rafe reminds her that she wasn’t close to Grace, and only saw her a few times. He has to wonder why Nicole seems so shaken by her death, when she had no connection to the baby at all. Nicole sweats.

EJ tells Sami that Grace can’t be his daughter. It’s not possible. Sami asks him angrily when Grace was born. EJ says she born in January, and is Sydney’s age. Sami tells him to count back nine months and ask himself who he was sleeping with. EJ replies quietly that they slept together in May. Sami nods. EJ backs up to the corner, quietly freaking out. He begs Sami to tell him that Grace was adopted. That’s what she told everyone, after all. Sami says she had to, but she didn’t mean for things to turn out this way. EJ starts to shake, begging Sami to tell him that his daughter isn’t dead. He is sure she wouldn’t do this to him-bring his child into the world and not tell him about her. Sami says she had to. EJ refuses to accept that, begging her again to tell him this isn’t true. Sami glares, saying it is.

Chelsea lies in Max’s arms as he asks her if she has changed her mind. She chuckles, telling him that she actually came back to ask him to move to London with her. Max is surprised, and Chelsea apologizes for catching him off guard. She says it’s weird living there for a couple of weeks, but then you get used to it and it’s awesome. She thinks Max living there with her could make it even better, and she is sure the two of them can build a great life together over there. Max sighs. Chelsea asks him again to consider moving to London with her.

Kate tells Daniel that she stopped by to speak with him, but he was out of it and she didn’t want to disturb him. Daniel scoffs, reminding Kate that she hates him and doesn’t care if she disturbs him. He is sure she is here with some kind of agenda, and asks her why she would leave without getting what she came for. Kate grins, saying she already did.

Chloe asks Lucas what he means, saying she isn’t keeping any secrets. Lucas says he is, however. He asks her if she remembers how he told her Sami’s baby with EJ died. Chloe nods. Lucas says that wasn’t true. Chloe gapes, asking if Grace was EJ’s. Lucas nods. Chloe asks him why he kept this from her, and Lucas claims he just find out a couple of weeks ago himself. Chloe gets out of bed and heads off, saying she can’t talk about this, and that she has to go. Lucas runs after her, asking her to wait.

EJ sits down on the couch, shaking, and asks Sami how she could do this. She flies into a rage, asking him how dare he wonder how she could do this when he is a DiMera. She launches into a tirade, saying that the DiMeras are evil, and that Stefano tried to have her killed while she was pregnant with EJ’s child, and how she didn’t want Grace growing up in a house where EJ was planning a wedding and Phillip’s murder at the same time. EJ cuts her off, saying that all of that happened later. Why didn’t she tell him when she found out she was pregnant? Sami glares, saying she came over to do just that the day she witnessed the mayor’s murder, but she saw EJ and Nicole together and changed her mind. Sami scowls, saying that watching Nicole lord it over her playing ‘queen of the castle’ made her sick. EJ screams at her, telling that this isn’t about Nicole--this is about her. Nicole didn’t lie to him about the most important thing in his life, and she never betrayed him.


Max tells Chelsea, “I’m going to go to London, too.” She asks, “For how long?” He replies, “For good.”

Chloe tells Lucas, “There’s always something coming between us. There’s another person living in our marriage.”

Stefano chuckles, “There but for the grace of God--the cunning Nicole DiMera.”

EJ screams at a bawling Sami, “You don’t deserve to be a mother! You deserve to be in hell!”

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