Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/9/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/9/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the hospital, Will heads into Grace’s room. Sami and Rafe are with her, crying quietly. Will asks if he can hold her, and Sami says he can, of course. She hands Grace to him. Will, with tears in his eyes, tells Grace that her big brother is here. Sami sobs.

Lexie storms into the DiMera mansion, laying into EJ for letting Stefano leave the hospital without medical leave to do so. EJ sighs, saying Stefano will never admit this, but he can’t stay in that hospital because of Tony dying there. Lexie says she understands, admitting that she still avoids that floor of the hospital. EJ assures her that Stefano is watching his diet and doing his testing regularly. Lexie is glad, but sighs, guessing she wasted her time coming over here. EJ suggests she hang out with him and Sydney for a while, as she would love spending time with her aunt. Lexie grins.

Will heads out of Grace’s room and over to Mia, past Chloe and Nicole. Will sits down next to Mia and thanks her quietly for encouraging him to go see Grace. He admits she was right. Mia takes his hand in hers and squeezes it. Will tells her how glad he is she is staying in Salem. Mia says she is glad, too.

Back in Grace’s room, Caroline tells Sami and Rafe that she called Father Matt to come over. Sami freaks out, saying she refuses to give up on her little girl. She bursts into tears.

Lexie greets Sydney as EJ asks for news about Grace. Lexie sighs, saying that everyone is just praying for a miracle. EJ shakes his head, sympathizing with Sami. Lexie says she feels badly for Nicole, too. She saw her at the hospital a little while ago, and one would think she was the one losing a child. EJ stares, confused.

At the nurse’s station, Nicole heads off to wash her face, grumbling that she needs a drink. Chloe protests, but Nicole waves her off, saying she isn’t going to get one. She heads off as Lucas comes over. He is shocked Nicole seems so upset, since this is happening to someone else and not to her. Chloe chides him. Just then, Lucas watches as Father Matt and Caroline walk by. He gasps, “Oh God.”

Caroline and Father Matt walk into another waiting area. Caroline thanks him for coming and admits he was right about Sami, who was very upset when she heard he was here. Father Matt reminds her that Grace doesn’t need him, and that he is only here for the family. Caroline sighs and agree, asking him not to go anywhere. The time may come where Sami wants him with her. Father Matt nods.

Sami asks Rafe if he remembers Grace’s christening. He cuddles her, saying he does, of course. Sami angrily says that God was supposed to protect Grace and not let anything happen to her. Rafe tries to soothe her, but Sami says furiously that she doesn’t want that priest here at all. She sobs. Rafe reassures her that they’ll do whatever she wants. Sami bawls, saying she just wants Grace to be ok. She buries her head in Rafe’s shoulder as he kisses Grace. Sami cries, guessing that they are really losing their baby. She cries hysterically.

Roman and Caroline wait with Father Matt. Rafe heads into the waiting room and nods sadly at the priest. Father Matt gathers his bible and sighs. Caroline and Roman look on, devastated.

Chloe stares at Daniel as he picks up the phone. Daniel notices Rafe walk by with the priest and hangs up in frustration. Chloe and Lucas watch as Daniel buries his head in his hands.

Sami and Rafe watch as Father Matt administers Grace’s last rites. Sami, miserable, leans on Rafe for support.

EJ says at first that he doesn’t understand why Nicole is so upset, then guesses he does know why, since Nicole always seemed to love Sami’s baby. He adds that he should go down to the hospital and be with her. Lexie offers to watch Sydney, but EJ suggests she go home, since he knows how hard she works. He tells her to take care of herself. She cautions him to do the same and Lexie heads off. Sydney fusses. EJ promises that her mother will be home soon, and then everything will be alright.

Rafe and Sami watch over Grace in her crib. Rafe breaks down, remembering the first time he saw Grace, and how she’s always had him wrapped around her finger. Sami cries, telling Grace how much love she has brought them both, and she assures Grace how much they both love her. Then, suddenly, Grace flat lines. Rafe and Sami sob uncontrollably. Rafe starts to go get the doctor, but Sami stops him, saying she just wants them to be here alone with Grace for now. Daniel comes in a little later and shuts off the monitor. He heads over to Grace’s crib and detaches the wires from her little body, telling Sami and Rafe they can stay as long as they like. He asks if Sami wants her family here, but she blankly tells him that she doesn’t. Tears flow down Rafe’s face as Sami stares at Grace’s crib in utter disbelief.

Daniel comes out of Grace’s room and tells Chloe, Nicole, Will, Mia, Roman, and Caroline that Grace died peacefully abut five minutes ago. Will hugs Mia as she sobs. Caroline breaks down and Roman holds her. Nicole sobs as Chloe tries to comfort her. Daniel heads off quickly into the waiting room. He shuts the door and sinks the floor, weeping.

Sami and Rafe watch over Grace. Sami detaches a few more of the wires from Grace, sobbing and saying she needs her bunny blanket. Sami arranges the blanket as Rafe looks on and cries quietly. Sami assures Grace that they will always love her. Since she is in Heaven, she has to be sure to look out for them. Sami bawls, saying that Grace really is her little angel now. Rafe holds her as she cries uncontrollably.

EJ holds Sydney, asking her if she is going to be a night owl now. EJ kisses her, saying he thinks his sole purpose on this earth is to spoil her. EJ grins and cuddles Sydney.

Caroline sobs, asking Roman how this could happen to such a beautiful baby. She wonders how Sami or anyone else can bear this. She bawls. Roman sadly tells her he isn’t sure.

Will heads over to Lucas, saying he doesn’t understand how this could happen so fast. Lucas tells him that he is going to have to be there for his mom, as she will need to lean on him. Will nods. Lucas adds that Will can lean on him for support. Will thanks him, saying he will have to. He notices Mia, near the nurses station looking miserable, and tells Lucas he needs to go be with her. Lucas nods and Will heads off. Lucas notices that Chloe has disappeared and goes to look for her. He passes Nicole, who sighs and tries to dry her tears.

Chloe finds Daniel alone in the chapel. She tells him that the reason he is such a good doctor is because he cares so much. Daniel scoffs, thinking that calling him a good doctor is a bit of an overstatement. Chloe assures him that he did everything he could, and that all they can do now is just believe that God wanted Grace. Daniel huffs, asking Chloe if she really thinks this is part of some big plan. He tells her to go be with her husband. Chloe heads off sadly. Daniel sighs.

Nicole cries and flashes back to holding Grace for the first time. She sobs, pleased that Grace is finally here. Nicole comes back to the present, saying to herself that she always knew Grace was an angel. She bawls, telling herself that now she is in Heaven. We pan in on EJ holding Sydney, Nicole watching Will comfort Mia, Daniel, glaring at the cross in the chapel, and Sami and Rafe. Rafe holds Sami as she weeps.

Later, Will and Mia are sitting on a bench at the pier, watching the sun rise. Mia asks Will if he is ok, but he shakes his head. He admits that when he thinks abut Grace dying, there’s just a big hole. Mia says she understands. Even though she wasn’t related to Grace, she loved her, and it feels like a big part of her is missing now that Grace is gone.

Brady heads into the Kiriakis mansion. Victor thanks him for coming and offers him some coffee, but Brady declines. He says he got a call from Henderson saying that Victor wanted to see him. Victor nods, saying that now that this business with the DiMeras is winding down, he was hoping that he could atone for some of the things he said and did. He’s not proud of the way he treated Brady, and he was hoping Brady could look past all of that and forgive him. Brady scoffs, “Hell no.”

EJ heads into the living room of the mansion and finds Nicole holding Sydney. She apologizes for not waking him last night, saying she came in late. She tells EJ hollowly that Grace died during the night. EJ gasps. Nicole’s eyes fill with tears as EJ sympathizes with Sami.

Sami and Rafe head into Sami’s townhouse. Sami catches sight of Grace’s crib and heads over, dropping her purse indifferently on the table. Sami picks up one of Grace’s stuffed animals and breaks down, sobbing. Rafe holds her and cries.

Will tells Mia that she ought to be getting home, as she has finals today. Mia tells him that she doesn’t have a test until later in the afternoon, and she really doesn’t want to leave him alone right now. Will smiles gratefully.

Victor tries to give Brady some coffee, but he snaps that he doesn’t want any. Victor thinks people are more amenable to discussion when they have a drink in their hand. Brady scoffs, but takes the coffee, setting it on the table. He wonders how Victor could possibly apologize for what he did. Victor says he just did. Whether or not Brady accepts his apology is another thing entirely. Brady reminds Victor angrily that he disowned him and said he never wanted to see him again. Victor reminds him that he asked Brady not to go to the police. Victor insists he could have handled Stephanie’s kidnapping himself. Brady angrily retorts that if Bo and Hope hadn’t gotten involved, there is no telling what Owen might have done. He and Melanie also could have died in that mausoleum. Victor sighs, saying that brings him to his main point. He wants to thank Brady. Brady stares in shock.

Sami sobs, telling Rafe that this is her fault. She should have just told EJ he was Grace’s father, and then everything would have been different. Rafe tries to assure her that Grace just got some germ and it wouldn’t have mattered who raised her. Sami cries hysterically, saying Grace had a fever, but she ignored it. She was too busy wrapped up in her own lies to notice that her baby wasn’t well. Rafe again tries to insist this wasn’t her fault, but Sami shrieks at him that it is. She claims God is punishing her for all for the horrible things she has done. She sobs and wails as Rafe hugs her. Sami quiets down, saying that she was supposed to be there for Grace and to protect her. Rafe tells her that she was there for her. He adds that he has seen her with her kids, and she always gives them a hundred percent. Sami suddenly remembers Allie and Johnny and jumps up, saying she has to see the twins right away. She has to tell them about their little sister. Rafe asks if she is sure she wants to do this today. Sami nods miserably, saying that she doesn’t want them to hear about this from anyone but her. She begs Rafe to help her, saying she needs a favor. Rafe agrees to do anything she needs. She thanks him as tears stream down her face.

EJ says that it is unbelievable that this happened to Grace. Nicole cries and agrees, saying that Grace was innocent and didn’t deserve this. EJ surprised, notes how hard she is taking this. Nicole reminds him that she is a mother, and that Grace and Sydney are the same age. Horrified, she reminds him that this could have happened to Sydney. EJ says that life is random sometimes, but he assures Nicole that Sydney is healthy. Sure, she had that scare at first, but she’s been fine since then. Nicole nods, agreeing, and EJ heads off for the kitchen.

Rafe calls Will, telling him that Sami wants the twins to be with her so she can tell them about Grace. Rafe was wondering if Will could pick up Allie and bring her home. Will agrees to do so right away and hangs up.

Nicole looks at Sydney and sighs as the doorbell rings. Irritably, she calls out for the maid and butler, but neither answer. Nicole heads for the door, grumbling that they have 800 guards and no one to get the door. She opens it and finds Rafe standing outside. Marco comes over, saying that the man has business with EJ about Johnny. Nicole invites Rafe inside. He tells her that Sami sent him to get Johnny so she could break the news about Grace. Rafe hopes Nicole or EJ haven’t said anything to him. Nicole says she hasn’t, and EJ just found out himself. She says she is sorry, as she knows Johnny loved Grace, and Rafe must be devastated, considering his plans to adopt her. Nicole breaks down, telling him how sorry she is. Rafe asks her uncomfortably if he can take Johnny now. EJ walks in just then, saying he can’t. He adds that Johnny isn’t going anywhere with Rafe.

Sami strokes Grace’s blanket and sobs. She picks up a baby book and flips through it, smiling through her tears at pictures of her, Grace, Rafe, the twins and Will. Sami flips through the blank pages and sobs as she sees how many there are. She breaks down and cries hysterically.

Rafe explains calmly to EJ that Sami wants to break the news about Grace to the twins herself. Will is already getting Allie, and Sami sent him here to get Johnny. EJ insists that Johnny isn’t leaving with Rafe. Rafe explodes, saying that Sam wants to spend the day with her children. What part of that doesn’t he understand? EJ says he gets it, and that he will take Johnny over there himself. Rafe retorts that Sami wants to spend the day alone with her children. He calms down, asking EJ if they can just get along for one day--for Sami’s sake. Nicole tells EJ that she thinks this is a good idea. She begs EJ to let Rafe take Johnny, saying that he needs to do this for Sami. EJ sighs, saying that she is right. He apologizes to Rafe and heads off to get Johnny. Rafe thanks Nicole. He says that even if she didn’t do that for Sami, she did it for Grace, and that’s a good thing. Nicole chokes back a sob and hurries off.

Will and Rafe head into Sami’s apartment with Johnny and Allie. Mia follows. Sami greets the twins through her tears, thanking Will and Rafe for getting her kids over here. Mia says she has to go, but tells Sami tearfully that she is sorry, as Grace was really special to her, too. Sami thanks he for everything she has done and Mia heads off. Rafe tells Sami that he is going to go take care of the arrangements they spoke about. She nods tearfully, thanking him for the time alone with her kids. Sami pulls Allie and Johnny onto her lap, sobbing and telling them how hard this is to tell them. Rafe heads down the hallway sadly.

Victor tells Brady that he wanted to thank him for helping Phillip rescue Stephanie. Brady grumps that Phillip and Stephanie have already thanked him. Victor adds that despite his conscience, he stepped up and helped the family, and showed that he was a true Kiriakis at heart. Victor warmly thinks him for doing so, and says he really is sorry about all the horrible things he said. He asks if Brady will come back home. Brady nods. He and Victor shake hands as Victor beams.

Rafe heads down the pier. Arianna runs into him, asking him what’s wrong. Rafe tells her morosely that he lost one of the most important people in his life last night. Arianna asks if Sami did anything, but Rafe tells her it wasn’t Sami. He explains that Grace died. Arianna throws her arms around his neck and tries to soothe Rafe as he cries.

Nicole wraps her arms around EJ, thanking him for letting Johnny go to Sami’s. EJ says he didn’t mind him going to his mother’s, it was the transportation that was the issue. He gets a phone call just then, and says he has to go back to work. He kisses Nicole and heads off. Stefano comes up behind Nicole and taps her on the shoulder. She jumps, telling him angrily that he scared her. Stefano tells her that it’s time they finish their little conversation.


Lucas tells Chloe “No more secrets, really. Let’s be honest with each other. Let’s start right now. Today.”

Arianna tells Brady, “It’s like those two are trying to cover something up.”

Nicole tells Stefano, “Oh, and if EJ ever finds out that he has another child by Sami--“ He interrupts, “It cannot happen-- ever.”

Sami tells EJ, “I didn’t tell you the truth.” He asks, “What truth?”

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