Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/8/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/8/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the hospital, Daniel makes a call about running some test results a second time. He asks the person on the other end of the line about it, and hangs the phone up in frustration.

Outside the pub, Will sighs and prays, begging God not to do this to his mom or to Grace. Caroline comes out just then, asking Will if he is coming inside. He gives her a miserable look. Caroline, concerned, asks what’s wrong. Will tells her it’s about Grace.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Phillip switches off the light next to his bed, telling Stephanie that they both need to get some rest, as they have a long day at the police station coming up. Stephanie agrees. Phillip kisses her, says he loves her, and rolls over. Stephanie lies awake and frets.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano speaks over the phone to someone, explaining that he knows Owen is in police custody. Stefano warns the person on the other end that if that gardener implicates his son in any way, he’ll make sure the person pays dearly. He hangs up. EJ comes in just then with Sydney, telling Stefano that he is surprised she is awake. Stefano crows over her, saying she was probably excited her grandpa was home. He marvels at her, saying she looks more and more like her mother every day. EJ isn’t so sure about that, saying Sydney just looks awake to him. He sighs, saying he can’t imagine what Sami is going through right now-- possibly losing a child. He then remembers Tony and apologizes to Stefano. Stefano shrugs, saying EJ didn’t remind him of Tony--he actually thinks about him every day. EJ sighs, guessing that is the effect kids have on a person.

In the chapel at the hospital, Rafe and Sami finish praying. Rafe tells Sami to think of all the people Grace has affected already in her short life. She brought them together, and Sami’s family and most of Salem has already fallen in love with her. Sami agrees, saying Grace has worked a lot of miracles already. Now they just need one more. Rafe says they don’t need a miracle--all they need is for the antibiotics to take effect.

In Grace’s room at the hospital, the nurse tells Mia to talk to Grace and hold her, adding that her presence might help. Mia starts to interject, but Nicole tells her to go ahead. The nurse says that she will be right outside and heads off. Mia gazes at Grace and sobs. She asks Nicole why she told the nurse she was her mother. Nicole explains that Grace needs someone to be there for her, and she knows Mia loves her as much as anyone does. Mia nods and picks Grace up, greeting her. She chokes back a sob. Nicole bursts into tears.

Sami tells Rafe that she is glad they came here to pray, but she really has a feeling Grace is getting better. Just then, Daniel comes in, telling the two that they need to come back upstairs and be with Grace. Sami smiles triumphantly, telling Daniel that she was just saying she thought Grace was getting better. She asks him if the antibiotics are working. Daniel frowns.

Mia holds Grace and cries, asking if she remembers her. Nicole watches and sobs as Mia explains to Grace that she has a little girl about her age, and she hopes they can play together someday. Mia sniffles, thanking Grace for letting her hold her, and reminding her how many people love her and are praying for her. Mia sobs and kisses Grace. Tears stream down Nicole’s face.

Lucas meets Chloe at the pub. She explains Allie is with Max, and starts to tell him how much fun the two are having, but notices the look on Lucas’ face and asks what’s wrong. He tells her about Grace being ill, and that the last he heard, Sami was waiting on a diagnosis while they treated the baby. Chloe thinks there must be good news if they could treat her, but Lucas disagrees, saying he doesn’t think there is anything good about this situation. Chloe shakes her head sympathetically. Lucas adds that that saying about how women will do anything for their children--that isn’t just a cliché when it comes to Sami. Chloe admits she feels awful for her, considering that Sami already lost her own baby, and now might lose the one she adopted, too. She asks Lucas if he thinks there is anything the doctors can do. Lucas shakes his head, saying God help her, but there is.

Stefano tells EJ that Sydney is very beautiful, but he thinks there is something EJ needs to know about her. EJ asks what that is. Stefano flashes back to confronting Nicole with the fact that he knows Sydney is Sami’s real baby. EJ interrupts his reverie, asking him what is going on. Stefano sighs.

Mia sits in a rocking chair with Grace. Nicole tells her quietly that it’s time for them to go, but Mia says she can’t. She cries quietly, repeating that she can’t leave Grace here alone like this.

Sami blathers on, telling Daniel that she just had a feeling Grace was getting better. Rafe hushes her, telling her to let the doctor speak. Daniel admits that the antibiotics they gave Grace aren’t taking as much effect as they’d hoped. Sami shrugs, telling Daniel to give her more or do something else for her, but Daniel says her system can’t handle it right now. Sami stares in shock a Daniel adds that he wishes he had better news. Rafe tries to reassure her, saying that Grace is hanging in there for now, and they’re going to hang in there with her. Sami storms off, saying that she knows in her heart that Grace is getting better. Rafe follows her. Daniel sighs and glances at the cross in the chapel, asking God what He is doing. He asks God to give Sami and Grace a break.

Nicole again tells Mia that they need to go. Mia replies that Grace needs her mother. She wonders where Sami is and how she could just leave like that. Nicole isn’t sure where Sami is, but suggests Mia put the baby down and that they’ll go look for her. Mia sobs, saying she can’t do that. She kisses Grace and cries. Nicole looks on sadly.

Will finishes telling Caroline what is going on, adding that Daniel wants everyone down at the hospital. Caroline sighs and shakes her head sadly. Will admits quietly that he didn’t even want his mom to adopt Grace. Caroline assures him that Allie, Johnny, and Grace have the best big brother in the world and she knows they know how much Will loves them. She suggests they head down to the hospital and see Grace. Will agrees and heads off. Caroline chokes back tears and crosses herself quickly, following Will.

Stefano admits to EJ that he may already be a better father than Stefano ever could be. EJ smiles, saying now isn’t the time to get reflective. He ask Stefano what he wants to tell him about Sydney, and Stefano tells EJ to be sure he cherishes every moment he has with his daughter, and that he must never take it for granted. EJ curses, guessing now why Stefano wanted to leave the hospital--because of Tony. Stefano says it doesn’t matter where he is, as Tony is always on his mind. Tonight however, he has really just been thinking of Sami, and how no one should have to go through what she is going through. EJ agrees, wondering what he would do if that were his baby lying in the hospital.

Sami and Rafe head into Grace’s room, but the nurse stops them, saying only the mother is allowed inside. Sami huffs, saying she is Grace’s mother. The nurse shakes her head, saying the baby’s mother was just here. Rafe explodes, asking who in the hell was claiming to be Grace’s mother.

In the waiting area, Mia apologizes to Nicole, saying she isn’t sure what came over her. It was like she literally could not let Grace go. Nicole says she understands. Mia interrupts with a gasp, telling Nicole that she thinks she knows why she had trouble leaving Grace. Nicole’s eyes widen.

Chloe tells Lucas that she was just thinking of how she once told Nicole that she couldn’t understand why Lucas and Sami were so close, but now she gets how having a child with someone can really connect you to them. She knows she and Sami don’t often see eye-to-eye, but its really amazing how much love she has given to her baby when she isn’t even Sami’s own flesh and blood. Lucas sighs, admitting that he doesn’t know what Sami will do if she loses Grace. Lucas isn’t sure she can handle it.

Nicole tells Mia that she is just connected to Sami’s baby. There doesn’t have to be a ‘why.’ Mia says there is one though, and Nicole knows all about it. After all, she was there when Mia gave birth to Sydney. Mia then bawls, saying she made a huge mistake not holding her baby before she gave her up. She just keeps thinking about holding Grace, and how she never wanted to let her go. Mia sobs, adding that there is some poor girl out there whose baby is dying, and she doesn’t even know it. Nicole holds her and strokes her hair, trying to soothe her. Mia cries hysterically.

Stefano speaks to someone over the phone, saying he doesn’t like delays. He adds that this is going to give the police time to wear Owen down, and perhaps give the Kiriakis family time to get to Owen. EJ walks in just then and Stefano pretends to be talking on to the phone to a physical trainer, saying he looks forward to meeting him and explaining his dietary needs. Stefano hangs up. EJ puts a tray of tea and toast down in front of him. Stefano grumbles. EJ thinks his trainer must be some sort guru if he is helping Stefano exercise as well as taking care of Owen. Stefano asks what he means. EJ scoffs, saying that he knows Stefano wasn’t calling a trainer at this time of night. He was obviously speaking to one of his operatives about Owen. Stefano growls that EJ doesn’t need to worry about it, as Owen is going to be taken care of. EJ asks Stefano how exactly he plans on doing that.

The nurse tells Sami and Rafe that she will need some kind of identification. Sami breezes past the nurse and over to Grace, saying she doesn’t care what she needs. Daniel comes in just then, asking about the commotion. The nurse asks if Sami is Grace’s mother. Daniel says she is. The nurse groans, saying some other woman was here pretending to be Grace’s mother earlier. Sami sits down with Grace in the rocking chair as Rafe explains that it doesn’t matter at a time like this. Daniel, however, says he will alert security. He asks the nurse about Grace and if she has checked her reflexes. She gives Daniel a knowing look and shakes her head. Sami and Rafe see and Sami sobs, telling Grace that she and Rafe said a prayer for her. She vows everything will be alright, and that Grace’s mommy and daddy are here for her.

Mia apologizes to Nicole. Nicole says it’s ok, as she feels like crying, too, but Mia says that isn’t what she meant. She admits that she has said some horrible things about Nicole, and that wasn’t fair. It’s obvious that she really loves her baby, and Grace, too. Nicole cries, admitting that is true. Mia adds that she can also tell Nicole really feels badly for Sami. Nicole tells Mia that she has to go and runs off, bawling.

Sami tells Daniel that Grace seems alert. She really thinks she is getting better. She asks Daniel if he can give her more antibiotics now. Daniel sits down with a painful expression on his face, explaining that they have done everything they can for Grace. It’s time that Sami and Rafe prepare themselves for what’s to come. Sam refuses to accept that. Daniel may have done everything he can, but now it’s Grace’s turn. Like Daniel said before, Grace is a fighter, just like her mom. Sami adds that if Daniel has done all he can, he can just leave them alone for a while. Daniel sighs and heads off. Rafe excuses himself and tells Sami he will be right back. He smiles at the two through his tears, and heads off to speak to Daniel. Sami sings Grace a lullaby about being God’s little angel. Rafe asks Daniel if he was trying to say that he didn’t think Grace was going to make it. Daniel sympathetically puts a hand on Rafe’s shoulder. Rafe’s knees buckle. He moans. Daniel says he is sorry, but this is a very virulent form of meningitis, and Grace just isn’t responding to the antibiotics. The prognosis isn’t good. Rafe groans, saying that this happened so fast. Daniel nods sympathetically, saying that is how meningitis works. Rafe adds sadly that he was going to adopt her, even though he never thought he cared for children before. Daniel tells Rafe that it sometimes helps in these cases to say goodbye. He thinks Sami needs to know that that is a possibility. Rafe agrees, saying sadly that he will be the one to tell her, since they are Grace’s parents.

Will heads into the hospital and greets Mia, telling her he was at the pub getting Caroline, since Daniel asked him to. Mia nods miserably, asking if they are gathering the family together to say goodbye to Grace. Will nods, saying they might have to. He sighs, telling Mia that he doesn’t think he can do this.

Nicole heads into the chapel and sits in a pew, looking at the cross and glaring. She asks God angrily if He enjoyed seeing Mia tell her how nice of a person she was and how much she cared about Sami. Nicole admits that what she did was wrong. She did want EJ to have his daughter, but the truth is she didn’t give a damn about Sami. She adds through her tears that no matter who the mother and father of that baby were, Sami loved her and what is happening right now isn’t right. She tells God that Grace hasn’t done anything to anyone, except fill people’s hearts with love. It’s not right that this should happen to her. Nicole drops to her knees and sobs hysterically, saying she is sorry. She begs God to punish her instead of Grace.

Lucas comes back from checking on Allie. Chloe offers to call Nicole, since she is at the hospital. Chloe adds that there may be some kind of news. Lucas groans, saying that the last thing Sami needs is to have a run-in with Nicole. Chloe explains that Nicole is there visiting Stefano, and that she won’t bother Sami at a time like this. Besides, Nicole’s own daughter is Grace’s age, so she probably understands what Sami is going through. Lucas agrees and asks Chloe to call Nicole, hoping that since it’s been so long, that there is good news about Grace’s condition. Chloe takes out her phone.

Rafe comes back into Grace’s room. Sami asks him to look at Grace, as she is sure she is doing better. Rafe tells her sadly that he just talked to Daniel. Sami doesn’t want to hear it, claiming that Daniel doesn’t know what he is talking about. He’s wrong. Rafe sighs, telling her that Daniel thinks they need to prepare for the worst. Sami retorts that that is code for giving up, and she refuses to give up on her little girl. If Rafe doesn’t agree with her, then he can just get out. Rafe gets up and heads off with a sigh. Sami hugs Grace and sobs hysterically, vowing that she is going to be ok.

Nicole heads back into the waiting area as Chloe calls her. She answers. Chloe asks if she has heard anything about Grace. Nicole chokes up, saying it’s meningitis, but she can’t talk about it, as she is too sad. She hangs up. Chloe tells Lucas what is going on, adding that Nicole sounded horrible. Lucas tells her they have to get down to the hospital right away. The two leave the pub. Nicole glances at Rafe who is crying quietly outside Grace’s door. Just then, Roman and Caroline come over tearfully, asking for news. Rafe sobs, saying it isn’t good. Meanwhile, Lexie heads over to Daniel as he pours coffee, asking him if he wants her to stick around, since her shift is over. Daniel claims he is alright, but Lexie doubts it, as having a baby with meningitis is hard on everyone. Daniel tell Lexie angrily that he is frustrated. He keep going over the charts, but there is nothing he can do for Grace, as her system won’t take any more drugs. Lexie tells Daniel that all he can do now is pray. Daniel sighs. Nicole looks on sadly and shakes her head.

Roman heads into Grace’s room. Sami calls out for him hysterically, and he takes her into his arms. Sami sobs.

Stefano says goodnight to Sydney. EJ accuses him of running off to bed without answering his question. Stefano chuckles, telling EJ to enjoy his time with his daughter and to stop worrying so much. He heads off, yelling gleefully that he is back. EJ says to himself that that is what he is worried about. He tells Sydney that he wonders where her mother is, and takes out his phone.

Nicole’s phone rings, but Chloe comes over before she can answer, saying she looks terrible. Nicole says she is sorry, but Chloe understands that she is upset, since Sydney is Grace’s age. Nicole sobs, saying Grace is just so helpless. She adds that no one is telling her anything, but she fears they’re out of options. Just then, a few feet away, Daniel talks to another doctor over the phone, asking about experimental treatments. He curses, yelling that he is out of time.

Sami apologizes to Roman for not telling him that Rafe was planning on adopting Grace. Roman says he thinks it is a great idea, as he can see how much Rafe cares for Grace. Sami agrees, sobbing. Roman asks if he can call her mom for her, but Sami says she already spoke to Marlena. She asked her to stay with John, since she thinks Grace is getting better. She sobs, admitting that she is scared. Roman hugs her, asking if he can do anything. She asks him to talk to Rafe for her, as she needs him. Rafe is in the doorway, saying that he is right here. Sami mouths that she is sorry. Rafe says he understands. Roman hugs her, saying he is going o go be with Caroline. He heads off. Sami sobs, telling Rafe how sorry she is. She knows that he was just telling her the truth--that Grace isn’t going to make it. Sami bawls helplessly.

Mia tells Will that she hates people that try to give you advice, but Will assures her he wants her opinion, as she is his friend. Mia sighs, saying he knows it’s scary for him to go see Grace, but he needs to take the chance to hold her while he still can. Mia says that he can trust her on that--he doesn’t want to miss that chance.

Chloe suggests that Nicole go home, as she can’t really do anything here. Nicole sobs, admitting she has done enough as it is. Chloe asks what she means. Nicole bawls, saying it just isn’t fair. There is so much suffering going on around her, while she has everything she has ever wanted.

Will heads into Grace’s room and Sami greets him, asking him to sit down. Will takes Grace from Sami and cuddles her. Sami encourages Will, saying that Grace needs him--she needs to know that people love her. Will cries. Sami leans on Rafe and tries to smile through her tears.


Nicole says, “Stefano, you scared me.” He replies, “I think we should finish our little conversation.”

Victor tells Brady, “I was hoping you could just--forgive me.” He replies, “Hell, no.”

Chloe says, “Daniel.” He replies, “Go be with your husband.”

As Sami and Rafe watch, Father Matt administers Grace’s last rites, “May the Lord Jesus bless you and lead you to eternal life.”

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