Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/5/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/5/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Suzanne and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie and Phillip continue to make love.

At the hospital, in the chapel, Stefano tells Nicole that not even God can help her now. She claims she was just praying for Sami’s baby, but Stefano doesn’t see the point, since Sami’s baby is fine. He goes on to say that that little girl fighting for her life out there isn’t Sami’s baby at all--and Nicole should know that better than anyone, since she is the one that really has Sami’s baby. Nicole, flabbergasted, tells Stefano that she thinks he came out of that coma delusional. Stefano chuckles, reminding Nicole that he knew she had a secret months ago. He also told her that she wouldn’t be able to hide it from him for long. Nicole suggests he go get his insulin level checked, but Stefano kneels behind her, quietly telling her to stop being cute and playing games. He knows everything--and he means everything. Nicole sweats.

Out in the waiting area, EJ asks Sami what it is she has to tell him. She says it involves Grace and her birth--Just then, Daniel comes over and interrupts. Sami asks him worriedly how her little girl is. Daniel sighs, explaining that Grace is very sick. Sami asks what is wrong with her, and Daniel explains that it’s more serious than he first suspected--Grace has bacterial meningitis. Sami says she needs antibiotics, then. Daniel assures her they’ve given Grace powerful ones. Sami doesn’t see what the problem is, then. Daniel sighs. Sami begins to panic, asking Daniel if he is trying to say he doesn’t think Grace will make it. EJ puts a comforting hand on Sami’s shoulder as she stares at Daniel in shock.

Nicole tells Stefano to take his lies elsewhere. This is a house of God, and a child is out there fighting for her life. Stefano scoffs, asking if he should take it to the convent of the Holy Cross, or perhaps to Dr. Baker’s clinic. Nicole gasps and Stefano chuckles, saying he knows all about Nicole and her baby, Sami and her baby, and even Mia and her baby. He shakes his head, saying there was a time when he was actually rooting for Nicole. She seemed so dangerous and was so good at improvisation. He sighs, saying it turned out in the end that Nicole was just trying to bag his son for his money. Nicole gasps, saying she loves EJ. Stefano shrugs, saying that may even be true, but what does it matter after all the lies she has told?

At Sami’s place, Will asks Mia if she is ready to go back to the hospital. She bursts into tears, crying about how little Grace is. Will sits next to her, reassuring her that Grace will be fine, and that she’ll probably even be home tomorrow. Mia nods, sure that he is right. She tells him that anytime she thinks of adopted kids from now on, she’ll think of them in a loving home like this one, with a mom as good as Will’s is. She tries to smile through her tears, saying how lucky Grace is. Will agrees, wiping tears from his own eyes, too.

Daniel tells Sami that it wouldn’t be fair to be dishonest, and he admits that they are very concerned about Grace. Sami stares in shock as Daniel suggests they just wait and see how the antibiotics do. Sami can’t believe this has happened. She looks at EJ and Daniel, swearing she takes good care of her baby. Grace had been having fevers, but Sami just thought it was teething. If she had known it was something more serious, she would have brought her in sooner. She cries quietly and leans on EJ as he asks Daniel if they should be looking for Grace’s biological parents. Just then, Rafe rushes in. Sami throws herself into his arms with a sob as he asks her what happened. She bawls, telling him it’s about their baby, Grace.

Stephanie lies in Phillip’s arms, saying she wishes she could stop connecting this kind of moment with him getting shot. Phillip chuckles, suggesting they just keep doing this again and again until she forgets. He thinks it will be therapeutic. Stephanie tries to muster a smile, saying she wishes she could joke about this. She adds that she fears that this whole thing isn’t over yet. Phillip reminds her that Owen is in jail, and can’t hurt her anymore, but Stephanie replies that Owen was just caught up in the middle of the war, and the war hasn’t ended. Phillip thinks it has, since Stefano and Stephanie have been returned. Stephanie sighs, reminding Phillip that the DiMeras took her for payback. Now that she is free, does he really think they’re going to let that go?

Nicole asks Stefano gravely how long he has known about this. He chuckles, saying it doesn’t matter how long he has known. Nicole asks if he knew when he was being held hostage by Victor. Nicole tells him that she stood by his son’s side, and was an accessory to kidnapping--all so she and EJ could get him back home. She adds that she knew all his secrets, but she kept them, and laid it on the line for his precious family. Stefano laughs heartily, saying that he really does love Nicole. Her world is crumbling around her, and yet she comes out swinging. Nicole fumes, saying her world isn’t crumbling around her. She adds that she isn’t afraid of Stefano. He gets serious, telling her that not being afraid of him would be a very stupid move, and she isn’t stupid by any means. Nicole shrugs, saying she isn’t sure. Perhaps it was the coma, or the humiliation of him being bested by Victor. Stefano warns her to careful. Nicole tells Stefano that she thinks he has lost his touch. He’s tipped his hand. Stefano says he can tip anything he wants, as he holds all the trumps. He gives her a knowing look. Nicole says she has one question. Why is he telling her all of this, and not EJ?

Daniel fills Rafe in on what is going on, and suggests they all just wait and see if the antibiotics take effect. Rafe groans, saying he should have been here. Sami assures him this isn’t his fault. Sami worriedly asks Daniel if Grace is in pain. Daniel admits that she isn’t comfortable, but since the seizures have stopped, she’s more lethargic than anything else. Daniel tells the two that Grace is a fighter, so he has high hopes. Rafe grins at Sami, wondering where Grace got that from. EJ asks Daniel if they still need to look for the biological parents, but Daniel doesn’t think it’s necessary right now since they have a diagnosis. He then promises to update Sami soon and heads off. Rafe tries to assure Sami that everything will be alright. EJ says that he is going to leave the two alone, but tells Sami that if she wants to find the biological parents, all she needs to do is let him know. The DiMeras have ways of doing these kinds of things. Sami looks at EJ and Rafe uncomfortably.

Stefano tells Nicole that he knows his son is under an intense amount of pressure, so he doesn’t feel now is the time to break the news to him. Nicole scoffs, saying he should know all about it, since he is the one applying the pressure. She adds that Stefano also knows that she and Sydney are EJ’s whole world. Stefano scoffs, saying it doesn’t much matter since it is a lie. Nicole fumes, saying it’s not as if Stefano is some paragon of truth. She adds that she did this for EJ. She doesn’t give a damn about Stefano or his money--she just wants EJ. And thanks to her, he is getting the chance to raise his own daughter. Stefano reminds her that Sydney isn’t hers, though. Nicole says that doesn’t matter. She and Sydney are EJ’s family, and if Stefano tells him the truth, his world will fall apart. She adds angrily that that will be on Stefano’s hands, just like Tony’s death was.

Sami asks Rafe for a moment alone with EJ and he heads off. Sami says that she appreciates EJ wanting to help her and her baby, but she knows finding the biological parents right now won’t help. In fact, if they were to know Grace was sick, it would just make things worse. EJ nods and hugs her, saying he’ll be praying for her. Rafe watches from the waiting area. EJ heads off and Sami heads over to sit down next to Rafe. She explains tearfully that she nearly told EJ the truth. She explains that Daniel told her she might need to find Grace’s real parents, and she feared if she kept it secret, something bad would happen. Rafe says he understands. Sami says that she would have told in a heartbeat if would have helped Grace, but she knows now that EJ can’t do anything for Grace by knowing he’s her father. She adds that she is now convinced Grace is going to be ok. She cries and says that Daniel said Grace was a fighter, he wouldn’t say that if he thought something was going to go wrong. Rafe agrees and hugs her.

Daniel heads into Grace’s room. We pan in on a shot of the little girl rubbing her eyes. Daniel looks at her worriedly.

Phillip assures Stephanie that nothing is going to happen to her. After all, this isn’t her fight. Stephanie waves her engagement ring at him, reminding him that she is going to be a Kiriakis. Phillip says that perhaps they’ll just decide that all this fighting wasn’t worth it and put a stop to it. Stephanie sighs, saying she isn’t holding her breath when it comes to Stefano and Victor. Phillip tells her that she doesn’t have to worry. He’ll do anything he has to to protect her. Stephanie asks about him, though. She doesn’t know what she would do if she lost him. Phillip assures her that they’ll both make sure that doesn’t happen. He kisses her, asking her not to worry. He tells her he loves her. Stephanie lays her head on his chest and bites her nail fretfully.

Stefano again warns Nicole to be careful. She gets that he doesn’t want to talk about Tony, but she asks him to consider Sami. If it hadn’t been for her, Sami would have kept EJ’s daughter from him forever. Stefano asks Nicole what will happen if Sami learns the truth and files for custody of Sydney. Nicole vows that that won’t happen, and that Sami won’t ever know a thing. Stefano says she has no way of being able to promise that. He adds that she also has to know that EJ wouldn’t stand a chance of beating Sami in a custody battle if he was still married to the woman who kidnapped Sami’s child. Nicole tells Stefano that this is as much his problem as it is hers. He doesn’t want to lose Sydney any more than she does. Stefano agrees with her there, adding that if Sami does find out about this and takes Sydney, there will be hell to pay. He asks Nicole if she can guess who is going to get that bill. EJ walks in just then, asking the two what they are talking about.

Daniel stands at the nurse’s station, looking over some paperwork. Will comes in and asks where Sami is, and Daniel explains she is with Grace. Will asks if she is going to be alright. Daniel says he isn’t sure. He explains that Grace has bacterial meningitis, so they’re giving her antibiotics, but it’s a serious illness. Will asks worriedly if Grace might die. Daniel just isn’t sure. Mia claps a hand over her mouth and chokes back tears. She heads over to the waiting area and cries quietly. Will stares in shock.

In Grace’s room, Sami and Rafe watch over Grace as she sleeps in her crib. Sami hopes her sleeping so soundly will result in her getting better. Rafe is sure she will, just like she always has. Sami takes out the religious medal Teresa gave her and hangs it on Grace’s crib. She says that she is sure God won’t let anything happen to one of his little angels.

Stephanie has a nightmare about being locked in the morgue drawer. She wakes up with a gasp to find Phillip sleeping beside her. She gasps, trying to catch her breath.

EJ asks Nicole what’s wrong, saying that it looks like she has been crying. Stefano jumps in, saying that he was comforting Nicole, who is very distraught about Sami’s baby. EJ nods gravely, saying that Grace has bacterial meningitis. Nicole asks tearfully if she will be alright, but EJ says that Daniel wasn’t very reassuring. He adds that he just feels really badly for Sami. He then asks what Stefano is doing out of bed. Stefano explains that he was praying. EJ scoffs, and asks Nicole for a moment alone with his father. She agrees, telling Stefano to take care of himself. She adds that she doesn’t want anything happen to him. She heads off for coffee. Stefano chuckles, telling EJ he certainly has a remarkable wife. EJ ignores the comment, telling Stefano that he just got a text message. They have a problem.

Mia sobs in the waiting area, apologizing to Will for acting this way when this happening to his family, not to her. Will reminds her that she loved Grace even before he did. It doesn’t matter that Mia isn’t related to her. She thanks him for saying so and heads off, saying she is going to wash her face. Will sighs. Daniel heads over, asking if he is alright. Will guesses he is ok, but admits he is upset he can’t do anything for Grace. Daniel says there actually is something he can do.

Sami tells Rafe that when she first came to Salem with Grace, she lied and told Lucas that her baby died. She wonders if God is punishing her for that. Rafe assures her He isn’t. After all, God has kept her and him and Grace together this whole time, so Rafe is sure that He won’t quit on them now. He hugs Sami reassuringly.

Phillip wakes up and finds the bed next to him empty. He calls out for Stephanie worriedly. She comes back, saying she was just washing her face. Philip asks her if anything is wrong. Stephanie sighs.

Stefano tells EJ that he appreciates all he has done, but he is back now, and he is going to handle things from now on. He suggests that EJ just concentrate on his family. EJ asks how he is going to handle Owen. Stefano admits that he doesn’t want to go into details, but he assures EJ that he will never be implicated in that young woman’s kidnapping.

Daniel tells Will that there isn’t anything he can do for Grace, but there is something he can do for his mom. Will asks Daniel what it is, saying that he will do anything. Daniel explains that in his experience, people in his mom’s situation handle things better if their family is around them. Daniel suggests that Will go get them all and make sure they come down here. Will agrees to do so immediately, and asks Daniel to tell Mia where he is if he sees her. Daniel agrees and Will heads off. Nicole walks by with coffee and heads into the waiting area. She notices Mia walking by, crying her eyes out. Nicole rushes over, asking her what is wrong. Mia sobs, saying that Grace is really sick. She adds that this isn’t fair to Will, but she can’t stop crying. It’s like she’s losing her baby all over again. Nicole puts a reassuring arm on her shoulder and bursts into tears herself.

Rafe tells Sami that he has seen how she is with Grace--even before she was born. And Daniel was right about Grace. She’s a fighter, and she’s fighting to be with Sami because she knows how much her mom loves her. Sami says Grace knows how much Rafe loves her, too. She sobs, saying she isn’t sure what she will do if they lose her. Rafe tries to reassure her as Daniel comes in, saying he needs to do some more tests. Rafe tells him Grace is sleeping peacefully, and asks if that is a good sign. Daniel doesn’t answer, and just says that he will get them both back in here as soon as he can. They both say goodbye to Grace, telling her to hang in there, and head off. Daniel stares at Grace worriedly.

Phillip tells Stephanie that he is surprised she is awake, considering all that has happened. Stephanie scoffs, saying there isn’t much to do in a morgue drawer besides sleep. Phillip isn’t so sure she is joking anymore, and asks her if she is really alright. Stephanie admits that she can’t stop thinking of Owen and what he did. Phillip assures her that Owen is going to pay for what he did to her, and that he is never going to get the chance to hurt anyone else again.

EJ and Stefano head into the DiMera mansion. Stefano says how glad he is to be home, and EJ asks if he is sure Lexie didn’t have any further instructions for him. Stefano chuckles, saying she was just glad to be rid of him. He suggests a celebratory drink, but EJ says he’ll take him down to the police station himself if he makes one move for the bar. All he needs right now is a cup of weak tea. Stefano sighs, saying he wants EJ to remember this moment when Sydney starts ordering him around. EJ laughs, saying she already does. He asks Stefano again what he plans on doing about Owen. Stefano tells EJ not to worry, and that he plans on taking care of Owen once and for all.

Mia tells Nicole that she keeps falling apart like this is her own baby. Nicole says she understands. Once you become a mother, things like this affect you in ways you never thought they could. Mia says she can tell Nicole is upset, too, but she thought she hated Sami. Nicole says that she would never wish this kind of thing on anyone. Besides, of all the horrible things she’s said about Sami, she never claimed she didn’t love her children. Mia sighs, asking if it is wrong of her to be happy that her own baby is safe at home right now. Nicole cries, saying that that they can both be glad Sydney is healthy, but that doesn’t mean they both don’t want Grace to get better and go home with Sami. Mia agrees that she does want that, and asks Nicole to go home and give Sydney a big hug for her. Nicole agrees. Mia says she is finally coming to accept that giving her baby up was the best thing for her, but the one thing she regrets is that she didn’t hold her when she was born. Nicole flashes back to holding Grace after her birth and asking Mia if she wants to hold her. Mia shakes her head. Nicole comes back to the present, telling Mia that she will never forget helping to bring her little girl into the world. She hugs Mia and the two cry.

Sami and Rafe light a candle in the chapel. Rafe again tries to assure Sami that God is looking out for them. She tells him that she can’t help but remember all the times she hurt people to get what she wanted. The things she wanted were stupid, and now her little girl is sick, and all she can do is pray for her and hope that works. Rafe puts an arm around her, asking if he can get her something, but Sami says she just wants to stay here. She thanks Rafe, saying she doesn’t know what she would do without him. The two kneel down at the altar and begin to pray.

Daniel instructs another nurse on Grace’s care, saying he will be back after dealing with some other patients. He warns the nurse that her level of consciousness is deteriorating, so if there’s any change, she needs to call for a code blue. The nurse nods, asking if any visitors are allowed. Daniel explains the mother and father are, as he thinks they’ll be good for Grace. The nurse agrees, saying babies and mothers bond very closely in the womb. Daniel explains that this child is adopted, but her mother still may be able to help. He heads off, asking the nurse to say a prayer if she thinks that will help. She agrees to do so, and to say one for the poor family, too. Just then, Nicole and Mia walk in. Mia asks the nurse if she can ask her something about Grace. She asks Mia if she is the baby’s mother. Nicole nods, saying she is.


EJ tells Stefano, “I keep thinking to myself: what would I do without my baby?”

Daniel tells Sami and Rafe, “We have done everything. You need to prepare yourself.”

Nicole bawls and prays, “Punish me! Please don’t punish her! Please let Grace live. Please.”

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