Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/4/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/4/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Suzanne and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the hospital, Daniel tells Sami and EJ that while he’s pretty sure Grace was just having febrile seizures, he wants to run some tests to make sure nothing else is going on. Sami asks him what else could be wrong. As Nicole peers around the corner, Daniel explains that these seizures could be caused by something genetic. He adds that according to the paperwork, though, Sami doesn’t know anything about the biological parents, so Grace‘s background won’t really help them. Nicole sweats. Sami, pale and hoarse, tells Daniel that that isn’t entirely true.

Phillip and Stephanie head into the Kiriakis mansion. Phillip grumbles about having to go back to the police station the next day to give their statements. Stephanie claims she prefers it that way, saying she just wants to spend some quality time with Phillip. He nods, saying that now that the police have Owen, he can concentrate on what’s most important--taking care of the woman he loves. The two kiss.

At the pub, Chloe tell Lucas that there is something he needs to know. He asks what’s on her mind. She sighs, “Us. And our future together.”

Nicole whispers to herself, begging Sami quietly not to say anything about Grace’s parents. Daniel asks Sami what she knows about the birth parents. She replies that there is no need for Daniel to do any testing.

At Sami’s place, Will hangs up his cell phone in frustration, saying he can’t get hold of Rafe or his mom. Both of their phones are off. He says he is going to head down to the hospital and Mia agrees to go with him. She grabs one of Grace’s favorite blankets from the crib, and the two head off.

EJ asks Sami in surprise how she knows Grace’s biological parents. Sami stammers, saying it’s complicated. Nicole panics, flashing back to Chloe telling her that Sami was pregnant with EJ’s baby. Sami explains to EJ that she was just trying to protect Grace, but she’ll tell everything if it will only help her to get better. Daniel jumps in, saying that there may or may not be a genetic component to what is going on. Either way, the more information they have, the better. Sami nods, vowing to tell him everything she knows. Nicole practically sobs.

Phillip breaks off the kiss, telling Stephanie he wouldn’t know what to do if something had happened to her. Stephanie assures him she knew she was safe the moment she heard his voice in the morgue. She adds that she knew he would save her. Phillip tells her how much he loves her, and the two go back to kissing. Kate interrupts just then, apologizing, but saying she is just so glad to see them both. She hugs the two, saying she just got back from London the day before. Stephanie asks about Billie, and Kate says she is doing much better. She adds that she heard of their engagement, and Stephanie shows Kate her ring. Kate exclaims over it, saying that Phillip has exquisite taste in women and in jewelry. She hugs the two again, saying she will let them spend some time alone together. She welcomes Stephanie to the family and to her new home. Roman breezes in just then, scoffing and saying this saying this isn’t Stephanie’s new home.

Lucas asks Chloe why she looks like she is about to cry. He adds that he didn’t realize talking about their future had this kind of effect on Chloe. She says that she misspoke. What she meant was that this is about their past. Lucas tells her to forget it, then. He already told Maggie that he wanted to forget about the past and concentrate on the future. All that matters is that he and Chloe love each other. Chloe shakes her head, saying that isn’t true. Lucas asks her to stop. He tries to assure her that everything is perfect between them right now. Chloe flashes back to confiding in Nicole that she can’t stop thinking about Daniel. She comes back to the present and sighs, telling Lucas that he’s wrong.

Sami asks Daniel if the tests will be unnecessary once she tells him everything she knows about Grace’s parents. Daniel shakes his head, saying the information will help, but they will still have to run the tests. Just then, Maxine comes over, telling Daniel that he is needed in ICU immediately. The baby’s fever is spiking. Sami panics. Daniel asks if he has Sami’s permission to do a lumbar puncture. Sami asks what that is. Daniel explains that he needs cerebral fluid from Grace to rule out some illnesses that she might have. Sami tells him to do whatever he has to to make her little girl well again. Daniel and Maxine head off. Sami starts to follow, saying Grace needs her, but EJ holds her back. Sami sobs hysterically as EJ tries to soothe her. Nicole watches from around the corner as Stefano comes up behind her. He startles her, saying that it looks like Sami has drawn EJ back into her web. He watches as EJ holds Sami and chuckles, telling Nicole it’s only a matter of time before Sami gobbles him up.

Roman asks Kate and Phillip for a moment alone with his niece. Phillip walks Kate into the foyer and Roman hugs Stephanie, saying that he is glad that she is back, and that he is also sorry for what she had to go through. She says pointedly that she is just glad to be back at home. Roman sighs. Stephanie adds that she heard what he said when he first came in, and asks him to explain himself. Roman tells her that he promised Steve and Kayla he would look after Stephanie since they aren’t around. He adds that he can’t let her stay in this house, and suggests that she start packing her things to leave. Stephanie gapes.

Lucas asks Chloe what she means. Is she trying to say that their life isn’t good right now? Chloe shakes her head, saying she has debated telling him the truth for a long time, but now she knows she has to. Just then, Lucas’ phone rings. It’s Will, calling to tell Lucas about Grace. Will says that he is on his way to the hospital with Mia. Lucas says he will meet him there. He hangs up and tells Chloe what is going on. She tells him to hurry over to the hospital. Lucas says he is sorry to leave her when she is so worried, but he assures her that she shouldn’t worry about the past. He loves her, and she loves him, and that is all that matters. Chloe smiles wanly as Lucas heads off. She sighs.

Nicole tells Stefano that she is glad to see he is well enough to get out of bed, but he is way off-base when it comes to Sami and EJ. She adds that Sami is going through something very difficult right now, and if EJ is the only shoulder around for her to cry on, then that is fine by her. Stefano is shocked she is being so noble. Nicole explains that she knows EJ loves her, and she loves him, too. Besides, there is a baby’s life at stake here, and that is what is most important. Stefano grins and chuckles slyly, asking Nicole if she is sure Grace’s life is all that is at stake here.

Sami tells EJ that she needs to make some phone calls to her family. EJ nods and she heads off. Stefano and Nicole head over. Nicole tells EJ that she just came to visit him and his father, and heard what happened to Sami’s baby. EJ nods, saying Grace was having seizures, and now her fever won’t break. Nicole sighs, saying it’s just terrible. She adds that Grace is so beautiful and sweet, and she just can’t believe this happened. EJ shrugs, saying he really has never paid that much attention to the baby before.

Sami tries to call Rafe again, leaving him another frantic message to call her back. She hangs up and sighs.

Daniel prepares to do the spinal tap on Grace, saying it won’t be much fun, but it’s the only way to find out what is going on. Daniel moves in. Grace wails.

Sami sobs, saying to herself that Grace must be brave. She then vows to take Grace home once she gets better, and to never let her go again. Sami bawls.

EJ sympathizes with Grace, sorry that this had to happen to her. Nicole asks how long he plans on sticking around, and EJ says he is staying until they know the baby is going to be ok. He asks Nicole for a moment alone with his father, and she heads off. Stefano tells EJ not to be worried about Owen. EJ asks about Stephanie, but Stefano claims EJ worries too much. Stephanie is not going to say anything, because they’re going to make sure she doesn’t.

Roman claims he is just concerned for Stephanie, but she accuses him of trying to run her life by ordering her to pack up and leave. She says that this is her decision, and she is staying. She loves Phillip, and he makes her feel safe. Roman sighs, saying that how Phillip makes her feel, and the reality of the situation are two different things. He adds that once Stephanie decides to become a Kiriakis, all bets are off, and she’ll be moving into a very dark world. Roman tells her to ask herself if it is worth it--if this is the life she really wants for herself.

Out in the foyer, Kate tells Phillip that she is worried about him being involved in this sick feud with the DiMeras. Phillip assures her that it’s all over. Now that he has Stephanie back, things are going to be different. He tells Kate that he really thought that he had lost her for good. He vows to never let Stephanie go again.

Stephanie retorts that this is the life she wants, and that Phillip makes her happier than anyone ever has. Besides, she loves him. Roman asks her if she thinks love justifies what she just had to go through. Stephanie groans, saying what happened to her was just bad luck. Roman scoffs, asking if she really believes that. He adds that the next day, she is going to have to give her statement, and some of the information she gives up will implicate the Kiriakis family as well as the DiMeras. Roman wonders how her fiancé’s family will feel about her after tomorrow. Stephanie frowns.

Will and Mia head into the hospital. Sami throws her arms around Will as he asks for news on the baby. Sami says she hopes Grace is ok, but she hasn’t heard from Daniel yet. Mia hands her the blanket she brought for Grace and heads over to the waiting area to give the two some time alone. She finds Nicole sitting there. Nicole asks what she is doing here. Mia explains she came with Will. Nicole sighs, reminding Mia that she told her not to see Will anymore. Mia scoffs, saying Nicole has no control over her decisions when it comes to Will. Mia refuses to stop seeing him.

Meanwhile, Will asks Sami in a panic if Grace will be alright. Sami just isn’t sure. She says that the doctors are trying to figure out what is wrong with her. Will frets, saying he is sure they can fix it after they find out what is wrong. Sami says she is sure they can, too. She adds carefully that Daniel told her he needed to know some information about Grace’s biological parents. She tells Will that she needs him to be prepared for when she gives that information to Daniel and warns him that he probably won’t like what she has to say. Will stares at her, confused.

Mia tells Nicole that she is here for Grace. She and Will have baby-sat her a few times, and Mia has grown attached to the baby. She asks Nicole why she has such a problem with that.

Daniel hands the samples from Grace to Maxine, and she heads off to the lab with them. Daniel gazes at Grace, saying she may be the smallest patient he has ever had, but she is also strong. He adds that he is going to need her to fight like hell right now to get through this. Sami peers through the window at him and Grace.

Stephanie tells Roman that she knows he has her best interests at heart, and she appreciates him caring enough to check up on her. Phillip and Kate come back in, asking if they need some more time, but Stephanie says that Roman was just leaving. She hugs him and Roman promises to call her soon. He heads off, and Kate does, too, offering to walk him out. Phillip guesses that Roman told Stephanie to run away from all things ‘Kiriakis’ and never look back. He asks if Roman persuaded her. She wraps her arms around him, asking him what he thinks the answer to that is. Phillip wants to hear it anyway. She smiles, saying that Phillip is her lover, her best friend, and her hero. She is never going to leave him. Stephanie hugs him tightly.

Chloe sits alone at the pub and wonders what she has done. She fantasizes about telling Lucas the truth about her sleeping with Daniel. She claims she has now seen the error of her ways, and Lucas tells her they can’t undo what has already been done. He suggests they try to forget about the past and move on. He kisses her. Chloe comes back to the present and sighs, saying it’s possible that Lucas might forgive her for this.

Sami is on the phone with Roman, who is strolling through the park. She must have explained the situation with Grace, because Roman agrees to go find Rafe at the construction site. Sami thanks him, and Roman adds that he is sending her good thoughts in regards to Grace. He adds that he’ll tell Rafe to get down to the hospital right away. Sami says she loves him. She hangs up and bawls.

Nicole tells Mia that the only reason she is bonding with Grace is so that she can score points with Will. Mia gasps, saying that isn’t it at all. She just loves Grace because she is so sweet and beautiful. She sighs, saying it might be because of her feelings about own baby. Nicole snaps that it is her baby, and that Mia had better get that straight. Mia asks Nicole what the problem is, adding that she and Will have already gotten off to the wrong foot, since she lied to him about the real reason she is going to Salem High now. Nicole warns her that she had better keep lying, too, because if Will finds out the real reason, he’ll be long gone.

Will brings Sami a soda, asking if she needs him to go find Rafe. Sami explains that her dad is on the case. Will asks her what she was saying about Grace earlier--about needing to tell the doctors something he wouldn’t want to know. Sami sighs, explaining that the doctors need information about Grace’s medical history, and there are some things about her parents that Will won’t like. He asks what she means as Lucas walks over, asking Sami if she is sure she wants to do this.

Phillip kisses Stephanie, asking her how she is feeling, and what her uncle said that upset her. Stephanie sighs, saying she is better, but Roman told her that she might say something in her statement that will tie Owen to their feud with the DiMeras. She assures Phillip that she won’t lie to the police, but she also won’t ever hurt him--not after what he did for her. Phillip kisses her and picks her up, carrying her upstairs.

Chloe says to herself that then again, Lucas might not be so forgiving. She again fantasizes about telling him the truth, but this time, Lucas flips out, calling her a two-faced whore, saying Victor was right about her, and that he can’t believe she did this to him after he gave her everything. Lucas storms over to the bar, grabs a liquor bottle, and drinks from it, telling Chloe that this is all her fault. She begs him to put the bottle down. Lucas screams that he has shot a man in a fit of rage before, and he will do it again. Chloe comes back to real life, saying that she doesn’t know what she was thinking before, but she now knows she can’t tell Lucas the truth. Kate walks in just then. Chloe explains that Lucas left, but Kate says that she wants to talk to her. Chloe gulps.

Nicole asks Mia if she understands now why she has to keep her pregnancy a secret. Mia nods, guessing that Nicole is right. Will wouldn’t want to have anything to do with her if he knew about the baby. Nicole urges Mia to forget about babies and go be a normal teenager. She adds that Mia must also stay away from her. Mia agrees and heads off. EJ walks over to Nicole. She asks for news on Grace, but EJ doesn’t have any. She also asks about the genetic testing, and if it’s a definite, and EJ says he thinks it is. He excuses himself to make a phone call. Nicole sighs, telling herself that if Sami finds out Grace isn’t her baby, then all hell is going to break lose.

Daniel looks over some lab results in Grace’s room, telling Maxine that he doesn’t like this. He orders her to get the baby a course of antibiotics. Maxine agrees and hurries off. Daniel sighs worriedly.

Sami asks Will if he would mind going to the townhouse and getting some of Grace’s things together. Will agrees and heads off. Lucas pulls Sami aside, asking if she meant what she said to Will earlier, about confessing that she is Grace’s mother. Sami sighs, saying she might have to. She explains that Daniel told her they might do genetic testing, and if telling the truth will help Grace get wall, then she has to do it. Lucas asks if she knows this mean EJ will learn the truth, too, and Sami nods miserably, saying she’s aware of the repercussions. Lucas sighs, asking if she really means to give up her secret. Sami bawls, saying she has no choice.

Stephanie and Phillip finish making love. Phillip asks her if she knows that he will always protect her. Stephanie says she does know that, and that is why she will always feel safe while she is with him--as long as she lives. The two kiss.

Lucas tells Sami that he is behind her a hundred percent. She thanks him, but tells him that she needs to tell EJ the truth on her own. Lucas nods, saying he understands, and hugs her. He wishes her luck and heads off. Sami sobs, but tries to pull herself together. Nicole comes up behind her as Sami tells herself that she just has to do this. She has to tell EJ that he is Grace’s father. Nicole heads off quietly. Sami frets.

Kate tells Chloe that Phillip has been found. Chloe nods, saying she knows, and that she is glad. Kate adds that seeing Phillip and Stephanie reunited, and how happy they are together, got her to thinking. Chloe says she is happy for them, too. Kate tells Chloe that as treacherous as she has been, she is also good for Lucas. Kate offers to give Chloe one more chance, but only because she makes Lucas so happy. Chloe stares in shock.

Nicole heads into the hospital chapel and sits in a pew. She says that this can’t be happening, and that she has to stop Sami. She thinks, then sighs, telling herself to face it--she can’t stop Sami from telling the truth. As soon as EJ knows--She breaks off, cursing Sami.

Stefano and EJ walk over to Sami. Stefano tells Sami how sorry he is. She thanks him, asking him for a moment alone with EJ. Stefano heads off. Sami tells EJ that there is something very important they need to discuss--it’s about the two of them. EJ stares, surprised.

Stephanie and Phillip make love.

Chloe asks Kate what she means by another chance, and Kate explains that she wants her to have her old job back as host of her Hearth and Home talk show. Chloe is surprised, but pleased, and agrees to do it. Kate promises to send over a contract and says she’ll give her a call so they can have a meeting. Chloe agrees to do it any time and Kate heads off. Chloe sips her wine and tells herself that Kate is trying, so maybe she doesn’t have to worry about Lucas finding out the truth. Kate peers in at Chloe outside the window of the pub. She tells herself that the trap has been set, and that little rat will never know what caught her.

Will and Mia pack some of Grace’s things into a diaper bag back at Sami’s place. Mia can tell that Will is worried, and she tries to assure him that Grace is strong, and that she’ll be fine. Will nods and heads off to look for anything they may have forgotten in the bedroom. Mia holds one of Grace’s stuffed bears and prays silently.

Sami tells EJ that there is something he needs to know about Grace and her birth parents. Just then, Daniel walks over. Sami asks how Grace is doing. Daniel sighs, telling Sami that her little girl is very sick. What she is fighting right now is much more serious then he first suspected. Sami bursts into tears.

Nicole tells herself that the only way out of this is to face Sami head on. Stefano comes up behind her, telling her that that would be a mistake. Not even God can get her out of the mess she is in now. Nicole says she doesn’t know what Stefano means, since she was just praying for Sami’s baby. Stefano wonders why, since Sami’s baby is fine. Nicole says she isn’t, and wonders what Stefano is talking about. He tells her that the little girl fighting for her life out there isn’t Sami’s baby at all, and Nicole should know that better than anyone, since she is the one that has Sami’s real baby. Nicole gasps.


Stephanie asks Phillip, “They kidnapped me for payback. I’m free now. You think they’re going to let that go?”

Nicole tells Stefano, “If you tell EJ the truth, his world will fall apart.”

Daniel tells Will, “It’s a serious condition.” He replies, “She’s going to be ok, right? I mean, she’s not going to die, is she?”

Rafe holds Sami, “What’s happening?” Sami sobs, “It’s our baby. It’s Grace.”

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