Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/3/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/3/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita


At the DiMera mansion, Nicole urges EJ to concern himself with his real family and stop chasing after Sami. He asks Nicole to move out of his way. She retorts angrily that if he walks out that door--EJ interrupts, asking if she plans on leaving. He glares, wondering if this is another one of her threats. Nicole glares back.

At the hospital, Daniel takes a shower. He fantasizes about Chloe joining him. He tells her how gorgeous she is. She kisses him, saying she loves him and can’t stay away from him. Daniel snaps out of his reverie and turns off the shower. He sighs, telling himself that this can’t continue.

Outside the pub, Will tells Lucas that he isn’t ever giving Mia up as Mia listens in from the doorway. Lucas explains that he just trying to protect Will, but Will replies angrily that he doesn’t need protection. Lucas sighs, reminding Will how upset his mom would be if she knew what was going on. Will asks Lucas to leave him alone. Lucas sighs, saying that he is just warning Will--he needs to stay away from Mia, before it’s too late. Will sighs.

At her place, Sami leans over Grace in her crib and calls 911 in a panic. She gives her address, and begs them to send an ambulance. She adds worriedly that her little girl has had a seizure, and begs them to hurry.

Nicole sighs, telling EJ she isn’t threatening him. She’s just being insecure and unreasonable. She adds that she won’t try to stop him if he wants to go see Sami. He thanks her and moves in to kiss her, but Nicole jerks away. He is surprised she is still upset, but she explains he married someone that was insecure and vulnerable. Even though they’re now married, Nicole whines that she still doesn’t feel like she is important to EJ. She is sure that makes him angry. EJ wonders how it could not make him angry. He shakes his head, saying that he could spend all day telling Nicole how much she means to him, and she would still feel unloved. Nicole grumps that she only feels that way because of Sami. EJ asks her if she would really feel secure if Sami were out of the picture. Nicole sighs and admits that ever since she met EJ she feels as if she has had to compete with Sami for his love and attention. That still hasn’t changed, and she fears that it never will.

At the pier, Rafe’s foreman gives him his instructions for the evening. Rafe says he understands and takes out his phone. The foreman warns him not to use it while he’s working, but Rafe explains that he was just turning it off.

Meanwhile, Sami leaves Rafe a frantic message, saying that something is seriously wrong with Grace, and that she is on her way to the hospital. She hangs up as sirens wail in the distance. Sami heads out the door with Grace in arms.

Nicole sighs, saying she knows EJ doesn’t need this right now, and she also knows he hates the fact that she can be so insecure. EJ assures her that he loves every side of her. He’s just sorry that Nicole doesn’t seem to understand that she is one of the most important things in the world to him. She starts to soften as EJ adds that he loves her very much, and no one can make him as happy as she has. Nicole smiles. EJ also admits that Nicole was right. He was overreacting about Rafe adopting Sami’s baby. Nicole says she was wrong, too. This was his decision, and it was presumptuous of her to tell him that his fears weren’t important. EJ hugs her, telling her that he has decided to stay at home and focus on his family. He kisses her on the forehead.

Daniel gets dressed in the locker room. He watches as the shower clicks back on and Chloe appears inside. She pokes her head out, saying how nice the water is. She begs him to come back in. He shakes his head, saying he can’t. He snaps out of his reverie, seeing that the shower is empty. Daniel groans, saying he has to get out of here. He rushes out of the locker room.

Will fumes, saying that he thought of all people, Lucas would understand, and wouldn’t judge Mia for having problems. Lucas explains that he isn’t judging Mia. However, Will is sixteen years old. Lucas doesn’t want to see him have to carry around that kind of baggage. He doesn’t want to see Will ruin his life. Mia walks back into the pub sadly. Will scoffs, telling Lucas they’re through here. He heads off, back inside the pub. Lucas calls after him that they’re not finished here, and they’ll talk more about this later.

EJ holds Nicole, admitting that he should tell her how much he loves her more often, but he wants her to know now that she truly has his heart. He kisses her. Just then, EJ’s phone rings. He listens, asks about Owen, then hangs up. He explains to Nicole that Owen and Stephanie were found near Heritage Park. Nicole gasps, asking if he means that funeral home. EJ nods, saying Stephanie was in the morgue, apparently. Nicole asks if everyone is alright. EJ says Owen won’t be once he gets his hands on him. Nicole asks if Owen has already implicated him, but EJ says he hasn’t yet. He adds that he needs to go see his father right away and heads off, telling Nicole that he loves her.

Sami rushes into the hospital with the paramedics. Daniel meets her and Sami explains in a panic that Grace is having seizures. Daniel asks a nurse about her condition, and she explains that the baby has a temperature of 105, and is having a seizure every few minutes. Sami glances at Grace, shrieking that she is having another one. She begs Daniel to do something to make it stop.

Will heads into the pub and finds Mia packing up her books and notes. She explains that she has finals in the morning, and needs to go study. Will asks if he can give her a ride. She refuses. Will sighs, asking if his dad said anything to make her upset. She shakes her head, but says that she thinks that his dad is right. It’s probably best if they don’t hang out together anymore. Will asks incredulously if his dad said that to her. Mia shakes her head, admitting that she overheard Will and Lucas talking outside. Will claims his dad can be a jerk sometimes, but Mia thinks Will is lucky to have a dad that cares. She adds that she is moving out of town anyway, so it really doesn’t matter. Will asks if she is really leaving, and she nods, saying she has a friend in Minneapolis that said she could crash with her. Will insists that she stay in Salem, and promises to find her a place to stay. Just then, Maggie walks in. Will grins, saying he thinks he knows the perfect person to talk to about this.

Chloe heads into the DiMera mansion and greets Nicole and Sydney. She asks what’s new, and Nicole explains that she thinks she and EJ had a major break-through. She just explained to him that she was insecure when it comes to Sami, and EJ promised her that he would make an effort to show her how much he loves her. Nicole sighs, saying it’s so nice to finally get a ‘happily ever after’ after all those years of awful relationships. Chloe smiles, saying she is glad to see Nicole so happy. It gives her hope, too. Nicole wonders why Chloe needs hope. After all, she got her ‘happily ever after.’ Chloe smiles wanly, saying Nicole is right. She’s really lucky.

Rafe’s foreman tells him he needs him to move some two-by-fours after his break. Rafe nods and the man heads off. Arianna comes over just then, saying she can’t believe they’ve got Rafe working the graveyard shift. He pours some coffee from his thermos and shrugs, saying he’s the new guy. Arianna sighs, saying he acts as if he just lost his job at the FBI, but they both know it was all that Sami Brady’s fault. Rafe groans, asking if she really came down here to harass him about Sami. She sighs, saying she is just concerned. Rafe glares, asking if she shows her love by insulting the woman that he loves. Arianna says she is sorry he feels that way, but she really is worried about him. She asks him if he really can’t see that what is happening between him and Sami is just like what happened before. Rafe glares, saying this is nothing like what happened before. Arianna sighs, saying he might not see it, but she does, and she can’t let him make the same mistake twice. She just won’t.

In one of the rooms at the hospital, Sami hovers as Daniel gives Maxine instructions about putting Grace on an IV drip. Sami peppers him with questions. Daniel asks her to wait outside. Sami refuses. Maxine gently leads her to the door as Sami protests. Maxine assures her they will let her know what is going on soon, and adds that Grace is in good hands. She shuts the door in Sami’s face. Nearby, EJ inquires as to where Stefano is. Another nurse tells him he is having tests run. EJ offers to wait around. He catches sight of Sami and heads over, asking what is wrong and why she is here. Sami says it’s her little girl and chokes back a sob.

Will finishes explaining Mia’s situation to Maggie as the three sit at a table. Will asks Maggie if she knows of anyone that might let Mia stay with them. Mia remonstrates him for asking. Maggie interrupts, asking Mia if she really has no other relatives she could live with. Mia shakes her head, saying she just has her mom, and frankly, she’s the last person Mia would want to stay with. She says she’ll figure it out somehow, and that she’ll be fine. She gives Will a look. Maggie says that she doesn’t think Mia going out on her own right now is a good idea. Not only is she young, but she’s also going through a recovery process. Mia sighs, saying she has no choice but to try to figure this out by herself. Maggie says she doesn’t have to, and adds that she has an idea. She wants Mia to move in with her. Mia grins.

Chloe talks to Lucas over the phone as Nicole plays with Sydney. Chloe hangs up. Nicole says Lucas has called three times now. Chloe admits that he likes to check in, but Nicole thinks it must be driving her crazy. Nicole knows that Chloe likes her space, and Lucas can be really clingy. She goes on to accuse Chloe of being sad when she was talking about ‘happily ever after’ earlier. Chloe claims that she is happy. She is part of a family now with Lucas and Allie, and she really needs that in her life. Nicole nods, saying she understands. She thinks feeling part of a family is the best thing in the world. Chloe smiles ruefully, saying everything would be perfect if she could just erase a certain doctor from her mind.

Daniel tells Maxine that Grace is still seizing and asks Maxine to give her a certain dosage of a drug. She hesitates, saying it sounds like a lot, but Daniel orders her to do so. He frets over Grace.

Arianna tells Rafe that she just doesn’t want history to repeat itself. Rafe tells her that the past is going to stay in the past. Arianna adds that he gave up his dreams, but Rafe claims this construction job is just a temporary one, to show Social Services that he is fit to be Grace’s father. Arianna sighs, saying she just thinks that Rafe is so excited to play daddy that he hasn’t thought of how a baby will complicate his life. Rafe says he has thought about it, and that Grace has complicated his life, but he loves her so much, he thinks she’s worth it. He says Sami is worth it too, and Arianna knows he feels that way. He accuses her of being angry about it. She claims she isn’t, but Rafe thinks she preferred things when they were both alone and miserable. Now that he has found someone, she feels abandoned. Arianna stammers. Rafe asks her if that is the truth.

EJ asks Sami if Grace is ill. She nods, crying, saying that she was fine one minute, then the next she was burning up. Sami bawls, saying she was even having seizures. EJ assures her the doctors are taking care of her. Sami nods, saying Daniel is the one treating her. EJ puts his hands on her shoulders, comforting her and assuring her Grace is in good hands. Sami frets, saying that she tried to call Rafe, but his phone is off. EJ assures Sami that her baby will be fine, and adds that he will stay with her as long as she needs. She nods and cries.

Will tells Mia and Maggie that he thinks it is a wonderful idea. Maggie adds that this isn’t a permanent solution. She doesn’t want Mia feeling uncomfortable or anything. Mia thanks her for her kindness, surprised at Maggie’s offer since they barely know each other. She does, however, agree to stay with Maggie on one condition--that she get a job when school is out and start paying rent. Maggie agrees to that as long as the work doesn’t interfere with her meetings. Mia swears it won’t. She vows to attend all her twelve-step meetings and to stay clean and sober. Maggie nods approvingly. Will and Mia are all smiles.

Arianna claims that she doesn’t feel abandoned, and that she does want Rafe to be happy. He isn’t so sure, saying that she is way too focused on his life rather than her own. She huffs, saying she just isn’t a self-centered person. Rafe demands to know when was the last date she went on. Arianna claims she went on one last night, and the guy was fabulous. Rafe doubts that. She glares, saying at least she isn’t taking on a ready-made family in an attempt to hide from the past. Rafe claims that his feelings for Sami and her kids have nothing to do with Heidi. His relationship with Sami is honest and real, and it’s good. Arianna scoffs, saying that if he really thinks that, then he is more deluded than she thought.

Nicole tells Chloe that she thought she was going to try to forget about Daniel. Chloe sighs, saying she has tried, but trying and succeeding are two different things. Nicole asks if it has gotten any better since she got married, but Chloe shakes her head, saying it’s gotten worse, because now she knows she can’t have Daniel. She tells Nicole that she is just trying to focus on being a good wife to Lucas and a good mother to Allie. She adds that she has to go meet the two at the pub and gets up to leave. She asks Nicole to give EJ her best in regards to Stefano. Nicole agrees to do so, saying she is going to head over to the hospital soon and visit Stefano and EJ. Chloe asks if she has really gotten into playing the role of the DiMera wife. Nicole chuckles, saying she could do without the DiMera part, but she loves being EJ’s wife. She couldn’t be happier about that.

Sami leaves Will a message that Grace is sick, and that she will be at the hospital for a while. She hangs up suddenly when she notices Maxine retuning to the nurse’s station. Sami begs for news about Grace, but Maxine says she will have to wait on the doctor. She heads off to speak to another nurse. EJ walks over and butts in, telling Maxine sternly that Sami has been waiting over an hour. She needs news on her little girl, so Maxine needs to go find the doctor--now. Maxine sighs and agrees, heading off to find Daniel. EJ comes back over to Sami and assures her that everything is going to be fine. He takes her hand, promising to stay with her. She squeezes his back and nods, smiling faintly.

Will and Mia head into his place. Will calls out for Sami, but get no answer and assumes she must be out with Rafe and Grace. He offers to order pizza, and Mia agrees. Will tells her that he thinks she’ll really enjoy living with Maggie. Mia hopes so and adds that she was serious about paying rent. Will offers to ask his mom if she needs a part-time nanny for Grace or something. He is sure she will agree, since she likes Mia. Mia sighs, wishing Will’s dad liked her, too. Will flops down on the couch angrily, saying that he doesn’t care what his dad thinks. Mia sits next to him, asking him if he thinks things would be different if she never had a drug problem. Will asks what she means, and she asks him if he thinks his dad would still hate her if she never used drugs.

Chloe heads into the pub and greets Lucas and Allie. Lucas grumps that he isn’t letting Allie date until she is thirty. He suddenly lights up, asking Chloe if she will talk to Will for him. She asks what is going on, and Lucas explains that he’s dating some girl from school. Chloe is glad, but Lucas says the girl just got out of rehab. So Lucas told Will not to see her anymore, and he blew up. Chloe isn’t surprised, telling Lucas that telling a teenager not to do something is pretty much a guarantee that they will. Lucas gets it, saying he needs to use reverse psychology. He’ll just tell Will that not only does he want him to see this girl, he wants him to marry her and have lots of kids. Chloe chuckles, saying Will will probably dump the girl immediately. Lucas laughs, wondering how she got so smart. He gazes at her admiringly, wondering what he would do without her.

Rafe scoffs, asking if Arianna calls everyone that disagrees with her deluded. She claims that she has good instincts about people, but Rafe reminds her that her own life isn’t all that great. Nicole walks over behind the two as Arianna retorts that Rafe is screwing up his life by being with Sami. She adds that if he wants to do that, then she won’t say another word about it. She storms off. Nicole walks over to Rafe, asking him jokingly if he traded in his cable guy uniform for a hard hat. He ignores her and brushes past her. She says she was kidding and adds that she thinks it is great he is adopting Grace. Rafe scoffs, saying her approval doesn’t mean much. She sighs, saying that she can guess his sister doest approve of the adoption, but she thinks that is a shame, since children and family are so important. Nicole adds that she really does think Grace is lucky to have a father like Rafe.

Sami leaves Rafe another tearful voicemail. EJ suggests that he must have to turn it off at work. She nods, saying he is probably right. EJ tries to assure her that Grace will be fine. He reminds her of the rash Johnny had, and how she thought it was some flesh-eating virus. Sami chuckles through her tears, saying she has been known to overreact at times. EJ nods, saying Johnny was fine, and Grace will be, too. Sami tells EJ that Grace is really smart. She can tell already. EJ smiles, saying Grace is lucky to have a mother like Sami. She really couldn’t do much better. Sami beams.

Lucas asks Chloe if she thinks Will will find it odd that he changed his mind about Mia so suddenly. Chloe thinks that teenagers find most of what their parents say and do to be weird, so he probably won’t. Lucas agrees and heads off to the back with Allie to get more paper for her to draw on. Maggie walks by just then and Chloe stops her, saying she has been meaning to call her. Maggie asks what’s wrong, and if Lucas has remembered more about the night of the explosion. Chloe shakes her head, but says that she is starting to wonder if she shouldn’t bring it up herself. Maggie asks what she means, and Chloe admits that she has been considering telling Lucas the truth about her affair with Daniel.

Will tells Mia to stop worrying about what his dad thinks. Isn’t the most important thing that she got help for her drug problem and is now fine? Mia agrees that that is the most important thing. Will nods, telling her that no matter what his dad and the kids at school say, he won’t ever change his mind about how he feels about her. Mia beams.

Rafe asks what Nicole is even doing here, and she admits she was on the way to the hospital, but waned to stop at a shop near here that sells baby food Sydney loves. She tells Rafe that it’s organic, and that he ought to try it with Grace. Rafe sighs, asking Nicole why she thinks they’re buddies all of a sudden. She claims she is just trying to be helpful, but Rafe says that there is always an ulterior motive with her. He asks Nicole flat-out what it is she wants from him.

Maggie asks Chloe if she thinks Lucas will go easier on her if she tells him the truth before someone else does. Chloe sighs, asking Maggie if she thinks that is just wishful thinking. Maggie says Chloe already knows what she thinks. She asks Chloe if she is really sure she wants to risk Kate breaking her promise and telling Lucas everything herself. Chloe says she doesn’t. Maggie urges her to be honest with Lucas, saying that Chloe owes him that much. She says she has to go and heads off. Chloe sighs.

Daniel comes out of Grace’s room. Sami rushes over, asking him what is wrong with her baby girl.

Nicole wonders why she has to have an ulterior motive to be happy for Rafe and Sami. Rafe gives her a look. She insists that she really is happy for them. She thinks it’s best that Grace have both a mother and a father, and she really thinks Rafe will make a great dad. Rafe laughs, saying he heard some creative story-telling in the FBI, but this takes the cake. Nicole is sorry he feels that way, but insists that she really does hope that everything works out for Rafe and his new family. She heads off. Rafe shakes his head and takes out his phone. He stares at it in surprise, noting that it’s dead. He says to himself that he must have forgotten to charge it.

Lucas comes back to the table, telling Chloe that Allie is in the kitchen, watching Caroline make pies. Chloe is glad the two have a moment alone. Lucas is, too, saying he can’t wait to have dinner--just the two of them for once. Chloe sighs, hoping this isn’t the last time it happens. Lucas asks what she means. Chloe tells him that there is something he needs to know.

Will and Mia look over the pizza menu. Will nearly kisses her, but his phone beeps. He takes it out, noticing that his mom left him a message earlier. He listens to the voicemail and gasps. Mia asks what is wrong. Will hangs up, telling her that his mom is at the hospital, and that Grace is really sick.

Daniel tells Sami that they managed to stop the seizures. He goes on to explain that small children can have these sometimes, and they tend to be harmless. Sami is relieved, thanking him. EJ puts his arm around her. Nicole walks in just then and watches the three as Daniel explains to Sami that he wants to keep Grace here to run some tests on her. They’ll need to do some blood work, too. Sami begins to panic. Daniel explains that they just need to check the diagnosis, and make sure she doesn’t have any infections, or some disease she inherited from her biological family. Sami sweats.


Roman tells Stephanie, “You become a Kiriakis, all bets are off. Just ask yourself: is it worth it?”

Stefano tells EJ, “Stephanie is not going to say anything because we will make sure of that.”

Daniel says, “I am going to need you to fight, little Grace. You need to fight like hell.”

Lucas tells Sami, “So you’re ready to face reality is what you’re saying.” Sami bawls, “I don’t have a choice.”

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