Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/2/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/2/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the morgue, Stephanie holds a gun on Owen. Owen grabs her and she drops the gun. As Owen manhandles Stephanie, Phillip flies out of the morgue drawer. Startled, Owen makes a rush for the gun as Stephanie throws herself into Phillip’s arms. He tries to reassure her as Owen aims the gun at the two, warning them not to move.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole watches over Sydney. Just then, EJ walks in. Nicole rushes over and hugs him, saying the lawyer called not ten minutes ago. Nicole tells EJ how glad she is he is home, and that this is all over. EJ smirks, saying the arraignment has been moved up, but this isn’t over yet--not by a long shot.

Sami rushes to answer the door at her place. Rafe is standing there with a tool belt. He smirks, asking if anyone here needs a construction worker. Sami grins and pulls him in for a kiss, saying she needs one badly.

In the cemetery near the funeral home, Hope finds Melanie’s hospital badge in the ground. Hope thinks that if there were a struggle here, Melanie may have dropped the badge on purpose. Bo thinks she may still be around here, and Hope nods, thinking that Brady might be, too. Bo catches sight of something on the ground and the two train their flashlights on a large footprint on the dirt.

In the crypt, Brady vows that Melanie is going to get out of here and find her chance at happiness. She thanks him for saying so as Brady looks around the crypt curiously. He tells Melanie that he may have thought of a way for them to escape.

Phillip tells Owen that he and Stephanie will do whatever he says. Stephanie cries out, begging Owen not to shoot them. Owen glances at her, and Phillip takes the distraction as an opportunity to attack. He bum rushes Owen, pushing him up against a wall. The two struggle for the gun as Stephanie panics.

EJ talks to someone over the phone, telling the person that they and their men have to make sure they search everywhere--around the Kiriakis mansion, and in any abandoned buildings or factories downtown. He hangs up and sighs. Nicole asks if he is still worried about Stephanie. EJ shrugs, saying he couldn’t care less if she is alive or dead. Right now, he is just focused on finding Owen.

Owen and Phillip continue to struggle. Phillip backs Owen onto an exam table as Stephanie looks on worriedly. Owen aims the gun at Phillip’s face. A shot rings out. Stephanie shrieks.

At the pub, Will greets Mia, reminding her of those people with the big house and pool that he told her about. He grins, telling Mia that he got permission to use the pool any time he wants. Mia is less than thrilled by the prospect, saying she may have to go away. Will reminds her that finals are coming up, and asks how long she will be gone. Mia sighs, saying she may be leaving for good.

Sami and Rafe kiss passionately. Rafe thanks her for the warm welcome, and mentions that he has a little time before he has to be at work. Sami sighs, reminding him that when she met him, he was working his way up the ladder at the bureau. Now he’s working the night shift at a construction site. Rafe tells her he enjoys carpentry, and made a good living at it before he joined the academy. Rafe adds that there are a ton of guys that would love to be in his place right now--with their arms around Sami. Rafe adds that there is no place he would rather be. She asks if that is really true, and Rafe swears he means it. He asks her what this construction worker can do for her. Sami attacks him, kissing him and telling him she as a few things in mind.

Hope and Bo examine the footprints, noticing three sets. Bo thinks Melanie and Brady must have had someone with them. Hope wonders if it was Phillip, but Bo doesn’t think Melanie would have dropped her badge if the two had found him. He suggests Hope call for back-up on the way to look around. The two head off, with Bo saying he is sure Brady and Melanie are close by.

Brady points out two windows to Melanie, each of which are at least nine feet off the ground. Melanie doesn’t think he can get up there, but Brady points out a small ledge he can use to get himself up to the window. Even if he can’t get through, perhaps he can break one. That way, at least someone might hear their calls for help. Melanie isn’t sure she is comfortable with Brady doing something so dangerous. Brady assures her it will be fine. She watches nervously as Brady uses the vases attached to the vaults to scale the wall. Melanie tries not to panic, telling him to be careful. She tries to give him instructions on what to do once he gets to the window, but one of the vases cracks and Brady tumbles to the ground before he can finish his climb. Melanie leans over him, begging him to wake up. Brady lies on the floor, unresponsive.

EJ gets off the phone with Lexie, telling Nicole that Stefano is doing much better, and is getting hard to handle, according to Lexie. EJ adds that he should be home any day now. Nicole says she is glad. She knows she and Stefano haven’t gotten along so well, but she is really hoping they can work on their relationship once he returns. EJ asks if she really means that since she hasn’t been making much of an effort lately. Nicole sighs, saying that isn’t fair. Besides, she has decided to get along with Stefano, considering he is her father-in-law and Sydney’s grandfather. Plus, she knows how important this is to EJ, since he is so devoted to Stefano. EJ says that he knows Stefano can be cantankerous and difficult, but he is very soft-hearted when it comes to people he loves and trusts. Nicole vows to become one of those people. EJ is sure she will, and says it might just take some time. EJ sighs, and switches gears, saying he just hopes Stefano can come home soon. The police are keeping him from talking to EJ, and since Stefano was the one that originally hired Owen a couple of years ago, EJ needs to talk to him about what is going on. Nicole asks if EJ is sure that Owen is the only one he needs to worry about. EJ nods, saying that Stefano won’t say a word, and neither will his men. Phillip is missing, so the only person that could talk is Owen. EJ vows to find him.

As Owen and Phillip struggle, Stephanie looks on in horror. Owen’s gun flies out of his hand and under a table. Stephanie goes after it. Owen breaks free from Phillip and rushes over, yanking Stephanie out from under the table by her hair. He shakes her menacingly. Phillip cries out for Owen to stop.

Sami and Rafe make love by candlelight.

Mia explains her living situation to Will. He is sorry the lease is up on her cousin’s apartment, and that she has to move. He wonders if Mia can move back in with her mom or dad, but Mia gives him a look, saying that isn’t an option. Will is sure they can figure something out. After all, what will Grace do if she never sees Mia again? Mia sighs, saying she will miss them, too, but she thinks this is best for Will. After all, he is popular and smart, and the last thing he needs right now is a friend like her. Will objects as Lucas comes over. Will introduces him to Mia, and he asks how they met. Mia explains that they have classes in English and chemistry together. Will tells Lucas that they have a problem that Will thinks he can help them with. Just then, Will’s friend, Jack, calls. He answers as Lucas jokes that he won’t be able to help them with chemistry. Will hangs up, saying he has to go for a moment, but will be right back. Lucas sits in his chair, telling Mia that he wants to hear the story of how she and Will met. Mia fidgets.

Brady wakes up on the floor of the crypt and sits up, holding his head. Melanie asks if he is alright, and holds up three fingers, asking him to count them. He says he sees three of them and gets to his feet, assuring Melanie that he is fine. In fact, he’s glad that stupid vase broke off the wall, because now he can use it to break the window. He starts to throw it, but Melanie yells at him to wait, saying she hears someone outside. She frets, hoping it isn’t that creepy Owen. The two freeze and listen. They hear Bo and Hope calling their names and start pounding on the door, yelling that they’re in the crypt. Bo and Hope hear them and try the door, but it’s locked. Bo assures them everything will be fine and asks Hope for a credit card to jimmy the lock.

Phillip begs Owen to let Stephanie go. Owen has her in a headlock and says if Phillip takes one step closer, he’ll kill her. Stephanie whimpers. Phillip tells Owen to be cool but Owen screams that he doesn’t take orders from Phillip anymore. He is the one giving orders, and his first one is that Phillip needs to say goodbye to Stephanie--right now. Stephanie sobs. Phillip frets.

EJ gets off the phone and sighs, telling Nicole that they will just have to wait. She reassures him that everything is going to work out. She knows he doesn’t like having to be patient, but she knows if he is, that everything will be fine. He thanks her for saying so, and she adds that EJ has never had a problem with his self-worth. EJ asks if she is sure about that. Hasn’t she ever wondered if he is plagued by self-doubts? Nicole says that has never crossed her mind at all. EJ kisses her, saying he certainly has good taste in women. She thanks him for saying so, and tells him that she knows whatever decision he makes, it will be the right one. She adds that EJ is like his father in that every move he makes comes from love of his family. EJ hopes that is true, but Nicole knows it is. The two kiss. Sydney fusses and Nicole heads over to check on her, but she’s fine. EJ starts to head off to get Johnny, but Nicole stops him, asking him when he has to take Johnny over to Sami’s. EJ explains that he was planning to do so in the morning, but Nicole says there is something he needs to know. She explains that Sami’s boyfriend, Rafe, is adopting her daughter. Rafe is going to Grace’s father, legally. EJ stares.

Sami lies in Rafe’s arms, wishing things could always be like this. Rafe assures her they will be soon, and tells her he has a surprise for her. He pulls a paper out of a manila envelope and hands it to her. Sami gasps in astonishment.

Hope and Bo let Melanie and Brady out of the crypt. They ask if they know where Phillip is, and Melanie explains that is why they were in there. She’s pretty sure Phillip and Stephanie are in the morgue with Owen. Bo starts to head off, but Melanie warns him to be careful, as Owen has a gun. Bo and Hope hurry toward the funeral home, instructing Melanie and Brady to stay put. Brady refuses and follows the two. Melanie does the same.

Owen screams at Phillip, blaming this whole situation on him for trying to play tough guy with the DiMeras. Owen adds angrily that he would have been long gone with Stephanie if it weren’t for Phillip. Phillip begs Owen to calm down, admitting that this is all his fault. Owen tightens his grip on Stephanie, saying that he is getting out of here with her one way or the other. He has to make sure she is safe. Phillip says that is all he cares about, too. Owen instructs him to get back in the drawer. Phillip agrees, but asks Owen to give his word that he won’t harm Stephanie. Phillip claims that she is pregnant. Owen lets go of her in surprise. Stephanie elbows him in the gut. Owen crumples up in a ball. Phillip flies over to him and throws him across the room. Phillip leaps on top of Owen and wails on him, fists flying. Stephanie shrieks, begging Phillip not to kill him.

Mia tells Lucas that she and Will met at school. Will is really smart, so he helps her study sometimes. Lucas beams, glad to hear it. He’s thrilled he’s doing something right for a change. He takes Mia’s book and flips through it, asking what it is they’re studying. Suddenly, Lucas comes across a brochure for a twelve-step program. Lucas asks Mia what it’s doing in her book.

EJ flips out. Nicole tries to calm him down, saying it isn’t as if Sami can raise that baby on her own. EJ slams bottles around and makes a drink, fuming that he never understood why Sami got the idea in her head to adopt another child, anyway. Nicole says Sami has never been known for her smarts, but EJ ignores the comment, saying that he won’t allow this to happen. Nicole doesn’t understand why he is making such a big deal about this, as it’s Sami’s choice. EJ angrily replies that this ‘Ralph’ guy is a lowlife. He snuck in here and spied on them, then got fired from the only job he ever had due to incompetence, and now he’s going to be around Johnny all the time. EJ sips his drink and furiously adds that it’s bad enough Johnny has to spend time with Lucas. Nicole huffs, reminding EJ that he and this family have more important things to worry about than Sami and her love life. She reminds EJ of what will happen if the police find Owen before he does.

Stephanie rushes over to Phillip and grabs his arm, begging him not to hit Owen anymore. Phillip backs off as Owen groans and rolls around on the floor, beaten to a pulp. Bo and Hope rush in just then, closely followed by Brady. Hope checks on Stephanie and Phillip explains to the two that Owen is their guy--the one that took Stephanie. He points to Owen, who is still on the ground, seemingly unconscious. Stephanie rushes into Phillip’s arms. He hopes she knew he wasn’t going to let Owen leave here with her. She nods, saying she got his signal. He holds her face in his hands, saying she did just the right thing. He asks if Owen hurt her, but she says he didn’t. The two hug. Phillip tells her everything is fine, and that they’re going to go home. Stephanie begs him not to let go of her. Melanie rushes in just then. Brady stops her, telling her everything is ok. She watches Stephanie and Phillip holding each other and sighs, saying everything is perfect.

Sami looks through the paperwork for the adoption, saying she didn’t realize it was so complicated. Rafe thinks Grace is special enough for it to be complicated. Sami smiles ruefully, noting that filling this out is going to take him forever. Rafe tells her that it’s already done. He’s finished the paperwork and had it notarized. These forms are just copies. Sami beams, saying he did it so fast. Rafe chuckles, saying he doesn’t mess around. He adds that its in the state’s hands now, so they just have to wait. Sami tears up. Rafe asks her not to cry. Sami says she just wants to say that she is s lucky to know him. He has always helped her, even when she didn’t want his help .She kisses Rafe, telling him how grateful she is. Just then, Grace wails. Sami says she will be right back, but Rafe offers to go, saying he is now her father, after all. He heads off. Sami snuggles under the covers and smiles blissfully.

Lucas asks Mia worriedly if Will has been drinking. She shakes her head, saying it isn’t Will--it’s her. She’s been going to twelve-step meetings ever since she got out of rehab. She swears everything is fine now. Lucas says he thinks it’s great that she admitted she has a problem, and that she is working on it by going to meetings. Lucas isn’t sure if Will told her, but he is a recovering alcoholic himself. He knows how hard it is, so he wishes Mia luck, and urges her not to give up. Relieved, she smiles and thanks him. Lucas suddenly says he has to go. Mia is sure Will will be back soon, but Lucas says he will just catch him outside. Mia sighs worriedly as Lucas heads off. He finds Will outside on the phone. Will hangs up, and Lucas tells him they’re going to have to have a talk soon. Will, confused, asks what’s going on. Lucas says it’s about that girl, Mia. He wants Will to be very careful when it comes to her.

Bo slams Owen up against a wall, demanding to know who paid him to do this. Owen doesn’t answer. Bo says he can talk to the DA, then. Hope heads off with Owen. He yells after Stephanie that they could have been happy together. She shudders as Bo comes over, asking if he needs to talk to someone. Stephanie shakes her head, saying she just ants to call her parents when she gets home. Bo nods and heads off. Stephanie asks Melanie and Brady if they are ok, but Bray think they should be asking her that. Melanie adds that Owen hit Brady over the head, but they’re both fine. Stephanie explains that she was in the closet when Melanie came to the morgue. Owen had his hand over her mouth, but she can’t tell Melanie how grateful she was to know she was looking for her. Phillip nods, saying that if it weren’t for Melanie, he never would have gotten in here. Stephanie tells Melanie that she risked her life to save hers, and she will never forget that. Melanie blushes, saying she is just glad Phillip and Stephanie are safe, and that they can be together. Phillip agrees and hugs Stephanie, kissing her. Melanie looks on painfully. Brady stares at Melanie.

Will demands to know what Lucas means. Lucas explains that he knows Mia just got out of rehab. Will groans, surprised Mia told him. Lucas says she did, and he respects her for that, but Lucas reminds Will that one of the first rules of the twelve-step program is that you don’t start new relationships. Will moans, saying he and Mia aren’t in some stupid relationship. They’re just friends. Lucas scoffs, saying no, they’re not.

EJ tells Nicole angrily that everything that can be done to find Owen is being done. All he can do right now is hope Owen is found, and with a little luck, he will be. Besides, he can handle more than one problem at a time. Nicole sighs, saying she knows that. EJ adds that while he can’t do anything else to find Owen right now, he can focus on the ridiculous adoption situation with Sami. He puts his coat on. Nicole scoffs, asking if he is going over there. EJ says he has a right to weigh in on this, but Nicole says he doesn’t. This is Rafe and Sami’s decision, and EJ going over there and throwing his weight around is just going to make things worse. Nicole thinks EJ even knows that, but he still can’t seem to help himself. EJ says that is absurd, but Nicole doesn’t think he can walk away when it comes to Sami. EJ asks what she means. Nicole accuses EJ of being jealous of Rafe. EJ scoffs.

Sami comes out into the living room and Rafe tells her he got Grace to quiet down. He thinks she seems a little warm and asks Sami if she is still teething. Sami says she is. Sometimes it can take months for them all to come in. Rafe sighs, saying he wishes he had a magic wand so Grace would never have to feel any pain. Sami grins, saying that he sounds like a dad already. Rafe says he has to go to work, but tells Sami that he will be thinking of her. She says she will be thinking of him, too, and how wonderful this all is. She admits that when she was younger, all she wanted was to be happy. But every time she got close to happiness, something huge was hanging over her head. Rafe chuckles, guessing she caused a lot of people a lot of trouble. Sami laughs and admits that’s true. She’s just glad things aren’t like that with Rafe, because it’s no way to live. She adds that she is so happy right now--more happy than she has ever been. The two kiss.

An officer comes into the morgue with two other men, asking Melanie and Brady if they’ve given their statements. Bradys says they have, and asks if he can go. The officer nods. Melanie watches Stephanie and Phillip hugging and rushes after Brady, asking him to wait. Stephanie watches, grimacing, as two of the men pull her nightie and robe out from the morgue drawer. Phillip asks if she is sure she doesn’t need to talk to someone, but Stephanie thinks she will be fine apart from some nightmares. She asks Phillip why he told Owen she was pregnant. He asks if she is. She shakes her head. Philip sighs, saying he needed to distract Owen, but it wasn’t exactly a lie, especially since he would love nothing more than to have a family with Stephanie. She frowns. Phillip asks if Stephanie is sure she is ok, and if she is sure Owen didn’t hurt her. Stephanie says he didn’t touch her in that way. Phillip asks her to open up and talk to him about what really happened. Stephanie’s lip trembles.

Lucas tells Will that he can tell something is going on just by the way Will and Mia look at each other. Will continues to claim that they are just friends, but Lucas warns him to stay away from Mia. Will refuses. Lucas says he knows what he is talking about, but Will reminds him he just fell off the wagon. That proves he doesn’t know as much as he thinks. Mia comes to the door of the pub and listens in as Will tells Lucas that he doesn’t care what he says or thinks. Will vows that he is never giving Mia up.

Brady is back in the crypt, kneeling by Isabella’s niche in the wall. He thanks her, saying he knows that she had a part in his rescue today. He adds that he misses her, and he misses getting to know her. He sighs, saying he loves her, and starts to head off.

Stephanie tells Phillip that she may need to talk to someone in the future, but for right now, she’s fine. Phillip sighs, saying her time here must have been like a nightmare. Stephanie hugs him, saying that all that matters is that he saved her and that she is safe. He hugs her back fiercely.

EJ says that if anyone is jealous here, it’s Nicole. She has always been that way when it comes to Sami. Nicole asks EJ if he is really saying he isn’t jealous of Rafe. EJ says the idea that he might be is absurd. Nicole dares him to prove it, then. She asks him to put his real family first, and not to go running off to see Sami.

Sami leaves a message for Grace’s doctor, saying she has an appointment for her daughter the next day in the afternoon, but she has been running a fever lately, and Sami was hoping she could move the appointment up to first thing in the morning. Suddenly, Sami glances over at Grace. She panics and drops the phone, dropping to her knees next to the crib. She cries out for Grace in dismay.


Maggie tells Mia, “I’ve got it all figured out. You’re going to move in with me.”

Chloe calls to Daniel from the shower, “Come back in.”

Arianna retorts, “You might not see it Rafe, but I do. That’s why I can’t let you make the same mistake again. I won’t.”

Sami panics over the phone, “Rafe, it’s Sami. There’s something wrong with Grace. Call me. Call me. I’m going to the hospital.”

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