Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/1/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/1/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the morgue, Phillip lies in the drawer next to Stephanie and listens to her sob. He calls out for her. She whimpers. Phillip explains it’s him and asks Stephanie where she is.

Nearby, in the cemetery, Brady and Melanie are locked in the crypt. Melanie whines, saying the two are going to die. Brady sighs, asking her to stop saying that. If they are going to get out of here, he needs her to be strong and quit with all the doom and gloom stuff. Melanie tries to calm down, but can’t. She reminds him angrily that they’re in a mausoleum, and probably all four of them are going to die. She bawls, saying she should have stayed in France instead of coming to Salem. Brady begs her to be quiet. Melanie sighs, saying thy should have called the cops as soon as they realized Stephanie was in the funeral home. Melanie wonders what they have done.

Hope and Bo lurk around the door of the Kiriakis mansion. Bo tells Hope that Victor and his guards are off the premises, and that this is their best chance. Bo rings the bell and Lucas answers. Lucas explains that Victor has left, if that is who they are looking for. Bo asks if anyone else is here. Lucas says Kate, Chloe, and Daniel are, but they’re all out on the terrace. Lucas asks if they are here about Phillip. Bo explains that he knows Victor probably told him not to talk to the police. Hope jumps in, saying they’re here as family. She asks if they can come in.

Kate walks out onto the terrace of the mansion and catches Chloe and Daniel embracing. She chuckles nastily. Daniel and Chloe back off of each other quickly. Daniel claims that this isn’t what it looks like. Kate scoffs, saying she is disappointed. She had hoped they’d come up with a better excuse, like they didn’t expect her to catch them groping each other like a couple of teenagers. Chloe admits Kate has a right to be suspicious, but she vows that she and Daniel are just friends now. Kate smiles, saying as humorless as Chloe is, she really makes her laugh sometimes.

Stephanie sobs, asking Phillip if that is really him or if she is dreaming. Phillip grins, saying it’s no dream. He’s here, and he’s going to get her out of here. Stephanie asks where he is, and Phillip explains that he smuggled himself into the morgue to get information. Stephanie asks him to get her out, but Phillip sighs, saying he can’t, as he is stuck in a drawer. Surprised, Stephanie asks if he put Phillip in one, too. Phillip asks if that is where she is, and she says it is. Phillip demands to know if Owen has hurt her. Stephanie claims he hasn’t. At first, he told her he took her on behalf of the DiMeras, but now he has changed his mind. Stephanie sobs, saying Owen keeps saying he wants to take her far away. Phillip curses, asking if that SOB has been keeping her here this whole time. Stephanie bawls, saying he has and it’s horrible. She can barely breathe. Phillip vows to find a way to undo all of this.

Chloe claims that Daniel was just consoling her. Victor was particularly vicious to her, and she was very upset. Kate huffs, admitting that she could be wrong. She thinks even a lying slut like Chloe might have a moment of honesty from time to time. Daniel lays into Kate, wondering how she could speak to Chloe like that. Kate claims Chloe has taken her son’s love and devotion and made a mockery of it, but Chloe claims that that isn’t true. She has been very loving to Lucas and his daughter, and she has been faithful since the day of their wedding. Kate reminds her angrily that she wasn’t faithful before that. Daniel thinks that is enough, but Kate yells for Lucas. She tells Chloe that she thinks it’s time her husband learned the truth. Chloe snorts, saying the truth is that she loves her husband, and if she were going to have an affair, she certainly wouldn’t do so in this horrible mansion with so many people around. Kate accuses her of being self-absorbed enough to not care. Daniel asks Kate to think about what she is doing, but she says she already has. Besides, the two promised to stay away from each other. Chloe says they have, but Kate reminds them of the platonic groping session she walked in on. Daniel begs her to clam down. Kate claims she is calm. Lucas on the other hand, is a different story. She may be used to what the two of them are capable of, but he isn’t. She screams Lucas’ name. Chloe frets.

Bo tells Lucas that Victor told them Phillip left town. Hope adds that Brady has dropped off the face of the earth, too, and asks if Lucas has seen him. He shakes his head, saying he hasn’t heard from him since Victor kicked him out of the mansion. Bo asks in surprise if they had a fight and Lucas shrugs, saying there’s nothing new there. He asks the two if they think Brady is in danger. Hope nods, saying they all are--at least until this feud is over. Bo says they were hoping Lucas would help them out, and let them have a look around. Lucas shrugs, saying he’d do anything for Phillip. The two thank him, but Henderson walks in just then, saying he assumes Bo and Hope have a search warrant.

In the parlor of the funeral home, Owen tells his father he wishes he hadn’t cancelled his vacation on his account. His father looks through some papers, ignoring Owen. Irritated, he shouts his name. His father looks up and asks Owen if he is in any kind of trouble. Owen sighs, and says he isn’t. He just needs to hang out here a little longer. He asks his dad to go and relax, but his father says he can’t now, thanks to the new body that came in from the hospital. He has to take care of it right away. Owen gulps.

Phillip assures Stephanie that it won’t be much longer until they are rescued. She gazes at her engagement ring and flashes back to Phillip proposing. She comes back to the present and sighs, saying she hears Phillip. He thinks Owen must be gone, since he doesn’t hear him anymore. Stephanie thinks he must have left, then. Phillip tells her that he is going to text Melanie and Brady so they can get them the hell out of here.

Melanie cries, saying she screwed everything up by being so greedy and selfish. Brady suggests they work on getting out of here, and then Melanie can atone for every bad thing she has done. Melanie claims that she is never going to get the chance to do that. Brady asks her to stop, claiming that she is going to get out of here, and that she is going to get the chance to do everything she wants. Melanie says that is sweet, but it’s also a lie. They both know that if she dies today, then she’s going to hell.

Chloe begs Kate not to say anything to Lucas. Kate nastily replies that all her crying and begging is very unbecoming. Daniel thinks Kate is upset about Phillip and not thinking clearly, but she says she is thinking more clearly now than she has in weeks. Daniel reminds her that she has been keeping their secret this whole time for Lucas’s sake. Daniel doesn’t think it’s a good idea to spill it now just because she’s angry--especially since nothing happened. Kate snorts, telling Daniel that his version of ‘nothing’ is very different from hers. She hurries into the house.

Bo tells Henderson that he and Hope are family, and that they’re just visiting, but Henderson icily replies that he has orders not to let them inside under any circumstances. Bo says they’ll leave, then, but they are taking Henderson with them. He gapes. Bo assures him they just need to question him, and that it won’t take long. Henderson hesitates. Hope tells him Victor need never know, but Henderson shakes his head, saying he can’t. Bo tells him testily that they don’t have to ask--they can just bring him in. It’s their prerogative. Henderson agrees reluctantly, and the three head off, saying goodbye to Lucas. Kate storms into the living room just then, followed by Chloe and Daniel. Kate says she has something to tell Lucas. Chloe looks on fretfully. Lucas asks why the three are looking at him like that.

Brady groans, telling Melanie that she isn’t going to hell. She is going to live through this, and she’ll have plenty of time to make up for all of the bad things she has done. Melanie sniffles, saying that she needs a tissue. She adds that she is freezing, and Brady gallantly removes his shirt for her to wear. She thanks him for being so sweet. She promises to stop blubbering for his sake, admitting she has a lot to be thankful for. She adds that she is here with a nice handsome gentleman-- She breaks off suddenly, yelping.

Phillip tells Stephanie that he texted Melanie and Brady, and they should be here any minute.

Owen looks through his father’s papers, asking if it’s the body from University. He doesn’t think it should take too long, and his father agrees, especially if Owen helps him. Owes is surprised, but his father reminds him that he said he wanted to learn the ropes. He has to start some time. Why not now? Owen agrees to help his father embalm the body, and the two head for the morgue.

Stephanie tells Phillip that she can’t believe the risk he took, coming here to save her. She can’t believe he did this for her. Phillip explains that he loves Stephanie, and that he would do anything for her. He adds that he loves her more than his own life.

Kate flashes back to Chloe begging her not to tell Lucas about her and Daniel. Kate snorts, agreeing not to. She says this isn’t because Chloe asked, it’s because she’s worried about her son, and doesn’t want him to fall off the wagon again. Kate comes back to the present and tells Lucas that she is just worried about Phillip. She tells Lucas that her kids mean everything to her. He reminds her suspiciously that she said she had something to tell him, and he doesn’t think it had anything to do with Phillip. Chloe stammers. Lucas, angry, asks if this is a joke or something. He asks what the two of them are hiding from him.

Hope and Bo head into the pub with Henderson. Pete comes over and hands Hope a box of Cheerios Bo left behind earlier, which launches a PSA about how the cereal lowers cholesterol, and how Bo’s doctor asked him to start eating them. Bo and Hope notice Henderson making a phone call, and assume he must be talking to Victor. Henderson hangs up and comes over, and the two explain that they understand he might be uncomfortable talking about Phillip. Bo says they just need to know one thing, and that is when Henderson saw Brady Black last.

Brady tells Melanie that it’s just some flowers on the ground, but Melanie is sure she saw a rat. Brady assures her there aren’t any rats in here. Brady suddenly takes out his phone, getting an idea. Melanie reminds him that they haven’t been able to get any reception, but Brady still thinks there may be a way to let the outside world know they’re here. Brady uncomfortably asks Melanie if she has a bra. She nods, and he explains that he needs more wire. She asks him to turn around, so she can take it off.

Stephanie wonders what is taking Melanie and Brady so long. Phillip wonders if they got his text message. Suddenly he hears voices. Stephanie hopes it’s Melanie and Brady. Owen and his father head into the morgue. Owen’s father explains that he couldn’t tell at first if the body was meant to be embalmed or cremated, but he figured it out. He heads over to Phillip’s drawer, asking Owen to give him a hand. Stephanie gasps. Owen’s father hears it, startled, and asks Owen angrily if someone else is in here.

Chloe claims that no one is keeping anything from Lucas, and that they’re all just a little edgy. Daniel thinks Kate looks pale and suggests he take her to get some air. She refuses, but Daniel tells her it’s doctor’s orders. Kate smiles and follows Daniel into the foyer. She hisses at him that she isn’t going anywhere with him. Daniel reminds her that he saved her life and Phillip’s life. She owes him. Kate glares, asking if he is really going to play that card. Daniel nods, adding that she at least owes him the courtesy of hearing him out.

Chloe accuses Lucas of being paranoid. She adds that she just wants to go get something to eat. Lucas, angry at being accused of being paranoid, retorts that Chloe keeps changing the subject, just like she did at the café when he told her and Maggie that he was starting to remember more of what happened the night he got drunk. Chloe stammers that she doesn’t remember doing that, but Lucas claims she was acting nervous and weird. He thought Chloe would be happy he was getting his memory back, but instead, she acted as if she didn’t want him to remember anything. He thinks she and Maggie are keeping something from him. Chloe denies it. Lucas shakes his head, saying he knows the two of them aren’t being honest.

Henderson explains that Brady came by the mansion looking for Phillip right before Victor disowned him. He adds that he doesn’t think Hope and Bo should be worried about Brady, since Henderson saw him earlier today. He notes that Brady was walking by the river towards the cemetery. Hope asks quickly if he was with anyone. Henderson nods, saying Brady was with Melanie Layton.

Melanie looks at her crumpled bra ruefully, telling Brady that he ruined it. He has twisted the under-wire into an antenna, and tells Melanie that this should boost the weak signal they’ve been getting. Brady attaches the wire to his phone and holds it up, telling Melanie to wait. She looks on fretfully. Brady looks at the phone and whoops, saying he got a signal. Melanie jumps up and down, squealing and celebrating.

Owen tells his father someone probably walked into the parlor upstairs. His father heads off to check. Owen yanks Stephanie’s drawer open, saying he knows she made the noise. He reminds her of her promise to keep quiet, and vows that he will get her out of here soon. Owen shuts the drawer and heads off. Stephanie hisses at Phillip, wondering what they are going to do. She thinks they’re going to try to embalm him. Phillip struggles, saying he could come up with something if only he could get out of this drawer. The two quiet down as Owen walks back in, this time with his gun. He opens Stephanie’s drawer and tells her it’s time to go.

Chloe tells Lucas that she thinks he must be upset because of the dream he had about her. She assures him that she loves him with all her heart. She thinks he has no reason to be insecure, but Lucas reminds her he doesn’t have a great history when it comes to choosing women. Chloe says none of that was his fault, and besides, this time, it’s going to be different. She’s not going to do what those other women did to him because she loves him with all her heart. Lucas sighs, saying that if everything is so perfect, then why did she want to break off their engagement? If there is something he needs to hear, doesn’t Chloe think that now is the right time to tell him? Chloe sweats.

Now outside, Daniel reminds Kate that she promised to let this go. She says she is reconsidering, but Daniel reminds her that Lucas is a grown man. He doesn’t need her interference. Kate snaps that she doesn’t need Daniel’s advice as to what she should or shouldn’t do concerning her children. Daniel sighs, telling her that this rage she feels is about way more than just her concern for Lucas. This is about her. Kate scoffs, saying she doesn’t understand. Daniel leans in, saying that from what he can tell, Kate is jealous of her son’s wife, and that jealousy is just eating her alive.

Bo asks Henderson if he sure the last person he saw Brady with was Melanie. Henderson nods, saying he knows the girl because she betrayed Phillip. Lately, it seems as though they’ve mended fences, however. Hope says he is free to go and thanks Henderson for his help. He heads off, asking the two to bring Phillip home safely. Hope sighs, saying they at least know where Brady was last seen. She asks if Bo will drive over there. He nods and the two hurry off.

Melanie congratulates Brady. He grins, then his face falls as he tells her his phone battery died. He asks for her phone. She pulls it out of her purse, but it has died, too. Brady sighs, saying they will just have to go with plan b. Melanie moans, saying she is a bad luck magnet. She asks what Brady’s plan b is, but he isn’t sure. He just prays the police can trace the signal from his phone. After all, he got through for a moment. He sighs and picks up the flowers on the floor, replacing them on the wall. Melanie wonders why he is bothering. She is sure Isabella, whoever she is, doesn’t need them. Brady sighs, saying she is his mother.

Stephanie, startled, tells Owen that she thought they had to stay put, since Melanie was looking for them. Owen explains grimly that her friends aren’t going to be a problem anymore. Stephanie turns to the drawer Phillip is in, and rests her hand on it, opening it slightly. She asks Owen if they can get something to eat, as she feels pretty weak. Owen agrees, saying they can grab something on the way out of town. Stephanie feigns surprise that he isn’t going to say goodbye to his father. Owen glares, guessing that she doesn’t want to leave with him. She insists that she does. Owen sighs, saying it is now or never. He has done some things over the past couple of days to protect her--things that he never thought he would do. If Stephanie doesn’t want to come with him, then he is going to have to come up with some other permanent solution for her. He glares, asking if she get what he is saying. She looks at him, horrified.

Kate admits to Daniel that she was attracted to him, and he did satisfy a certain need. But the more she got to know him, the more he disgusted her. Of all the men she has been with, she finds him the most repulsive. She admits that that is saying a lot, coming from her. She adds angrily that there is no way she is jealous of Chloe. Daniel admits he may be wrong. Kate retorts that he so often is. She reminds him that her cancer may come back, and she is interfering in her children’s lives so that she can ensure their happiness after she is gone. She wonders if he can possibly understand that. Daniel admits that he can’t. If she really wants her sons to be able to live without her, then she needs to let them live their lives now.

Chloe tells Lucas that he can’t trust the memories he has from the night he got drunk. He said himself that he blacked out. Lucas asks her to answer the question, but she claims she isn’t hiding anything. Lucas sighs, saying that if Chloe can’t be honest with him, then maybe they shouldn’t be married. She gasps, wondering how he could say such a thing. Lucas tells her that he doesn’t want her pity. If she really feels that for him, then she should just leave now. Chloe doesn’t understand why he is acting this way. He says that he knows her, and he knows how she thinks. He accuses her of being afraid he might fall off the wagon again if she is honest. Lucas begs her to tell him whatever it is she has been hiding. He vows that he can handle it. Chloe takes a deep breath and agrees to tell the truth.

Melanie says she didn’t know he lost his mother. Brady nods, saying she died when he was a baby. His dad used to take him here and tell him stories about his mom, and how she loved Italy. Brady explains that she died there. Melanie asks if he still visits, but Brady admits he hasn’t been here in a long time. He thinks it’s funny it took something like this happening to get him back here. Melanie asks him not to do that to himself. Just because he hasn’t been here doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his mother and think of her. Brady admits he always felt like his mom was watching out for him and protecting him. Melanie wishes she knew what that felt like. She just hopes that Brady’s mom can find a way to help the two of them now. Brady smiles, saying she just might.

Stephanie swears that she does want to go away with Owen. Owen claims that he doesn’t believe her anymore. He sighs, saying he thought they had a plan. He thought the two of them were going to be happy. Just then, Phillip grunts and bangs on the drawer. Stephanie uses the opportunity to take the gun from a distracted Owen. She pulls the gun on him, pointing it at him and telling him that he’s a sick bastard. She adds that she isn’t going anywhere with him.

Kate sighs, saying Daniel might be right. Perhaps she does need to find another way to make sure her kids are happy after she is gone. Daniel asks if she is going to leave this alone, then. Kate shrugs, saying she promised she would keep it a secret, so she will continue to do so. Daniel tells her it’s the right decision and heads off, wishing her a good night. Kate waits until he is out of earshot and chuckles, saying that he also promised her to stay away from Chloe. Since he broke his promise, she will have to break hers, too.

Chloe stammers, telling Lucas that what Maggie was going to tell him that night was that Chloe was planning on leaving town without saying goodbye to him or Allie. Lucas is shocked, asking her why the hell she would do something like that. Chloe sighs, saying that she is just screwed up. If he thinks he has problems with the opposite sex, he has nothing on her. She thinks Lucas deserves better than her. Lucas begs her not to say that. Chloe says it is true, and she meant it when she said that was the reason she wanted to break things off with him. Lucas tells her that he loves her and wants to be with her. No one has ever made him as happy as she does, and she’s the only person he wants. He thought she already knew that. Chloe smiles.

Out in the cemetery, Bo tells someone over the phone to send over two units and conduct a sweep. He hangs up and tells Hope they finally got the search warrant for the DiMera mansion. Just then, Hope catches sight of Melanie’s hospital badge on the ground. She picks it up, noting this isn’t the kin of thing you normally lose. Bo nods. Hope guesses that there might have been a struggle, and Melanie may have dropped this here, hoping someone would find it. Bo agrees, saying Melanie might be around here someplace. Hope nods, hoping Brady is as well.

Melanie tells Brady that it sounds like his mom had a wonderful life. She found true love and left behind a son Melanie is sure she would be proud of. Brady isn’t so sure about that. Melanie says she is. If she could die in Isabella’s shoes, she’d be pretty happy about things. Brady promises that Melanie is going to have her chance at love and everything else.

Owen grabs the gun from Stephanie as Phillip comes flying out of the drawer. He grabs Stephanie protectively as Owen aims the gun at the two of them, ordering them not to move.


Mia tells Will, “I may have to go away.” He asks, “How long will you be gone?” She replies, “Maybe for good.”

As Phillip wails on Owen, Stephanie shrieks, “Phillip, don't kill him!”

Nicole tells EJ, “You just can't walk away, especially when it involves Sami.”

Sami tells Rafe, “I finally have everything I ever wanted. I'm so happy.”

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