Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/29/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/29/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie gets a coffee at the Java Café. Lucas walks over, saying that he wants to continue their conversation from the other night--the one about Kate and Chloe. Maggie claims she is in a rush, but Lucas stops her, reminding her that she told him he was just being paranoid. She sighs, saying she really doesn’t know what is going on with Kate and Chloe. She’s as baffled as Lucas is. Lucas says he doesn’t buy that. He adds that he is starting to remember the night he fell off the wagon--and he remembers what Maggie said to him. Maggie fidgets.

Kate walks into the Kiriakis mansion and finds Daniel in the living room. She says she didn’t expect to see him here. He explains he is waiting on Victor, who’s on the phone in the study. Kate senses that something is wrong and asks Daniel what is going on. He sighs, saying it’s Phillip, and he’s in trouble.

In the morgue, the orderlies tell Owen’s father the paperwork dictated that the body was to be brought here. Owen’s father says he doesn’t care what the paperwork says. This corpse is not on his list, and they must take it back. Inside the body bag, Phillip sweats.

Outside in the cemetery, Owen holds his gun on Melanie as she cradles Brady’s head in her lap, begging him to wake up. She whirls on Owen, asking him why he would do this. He snarls, asking her to guess. She guesses that he must really have Stephanie, then. Owen nods, saying he isn’t going to let the two of them screw it up for him, either. Melanie sighs.

We pan in on an unconscious Stephanie in the morgue drawer as Owen’s father continues to argue with the orderlies. Finally, he decides to open the body bag, hoping the hospital put some additional identifying papers inside. Phillip frets.

Melanie tells Owen that he really doesn’t have to point a gun at her, but Owen says he won’t let anyone stop him from getting away from here with Stephanie. Melanie says that is fine, and she’s rooting for him, but--Owen interrupts her, screaming at her and demanding to know where Phillip is. Melanie flinches.

The orderlies offer to take the body back to the hospital, warning Owen’s father that one of his clients might be very upset with him, but that isn’t their problem. Owen’s father grumbles and agrees that he doesn’t need a lawsuit right now. He agrees to keep the body and the two men head off. Owen’s father sighs, saying that if Owen wants to learn the ropes so badly, he can handle this client himself. Phillip thinks to himself that he has to get out of here before Owen gets back--and he has to find Stephanie.

At the pier, Will and Mia almost share their first kiss. Mia’s cousin, Jaime, interrupts. Mia introduces her to Will, but admits that she has to go. Will stammers that he will talk to her later and heads off. Mia dreamily tells Jaime how sweet and nice Will is, not to mention cute. Jamie scoffs, asking Mia if she is out of her freaking mind.

Maggie asks Lucas what he is talking about, and he tells her he vaguely remembers her being at the Cheatin’ Heart the night he relapsed, and he remembers her telling him that she knew something more about what was going on with Chloe. Maggie swears that she has no idea what Lucas is talking about. He shakes his head, saying he knows Maggie is hiding something from him. He claims that he can feel it. Chloe walks in just then, asking the two if she is interrupting. Maggie says she was just leaving. Lucas tells Chloe that they were discussing the night he fell off the wagon, and how Maggie told him something that night. Maggie glances at Chloe. Chloe frets.

Daniel explains that there was some sting operation down at the pier, and Phillip was involved. He took off before the cops could arrest him, and now they’re looking for him. Kate groans, wondering why no one called her. Victor walks in just then, saying that he didn’t call her because he had everything under control--that is, until Brady screwed everything up.

Owen accuses Melanie of coming here to look for Stephanie, and he knows Phillip must be around somewhere, too. Melanie claims she doesn’t know where he is. She asked him to come here to help her look for Stephanie, but he wanted to do things his own way. Owen doesn’t buy it, saying that Melanie doesn’t even like Stephanie. The only reason she could be doing this is for Phillip.

Phillip struggles to get out of the body bag. Owen’s father comes back in just then, yelling for Owen. Phillip lies perfectly still as Owen’s father grumbles that the body will have to wait to be embalmed. He looks over the paperwork again and gasps, saying that he was wrong. This body is supposed to be cremated, not embalmed. Phillip lies inside the bag, terrified.

Will sits at the pub. His friend Tad comes in, saying he was supposed to meet Kinsey, but she bailed on him to go shopping. Will scoffs, asking Tad why he would date a girl like that. Tad asks what he means, and Will says that he thinks Kinsey is a bitch. All she ever does is talk trash about people. Tad asks if he means Mia, saying she is no saint herself. Will says that at least Mia doesn’t say nasty things behind people’s backs. Thad defends himself, saying Kinsey isn’t his girlfriend. Besides, when she talks trash about people, he tells her it isn’t cool. He adds that if Will wants to be with Mia, that is fine by him. Will thanks him for saying so, and the two make plans to go see a movie over the weekend. Tad heads off for home to study. Will sighs and flashes back to nearly kissing Mia. He tells himself that the next time he sees her, everything has to be perfect. He gets an idea and rushes off with a grin on his face.

Mia asks what Jaime’s problem is, and claims that Will is just a friend. Jaime reminds her about her last male friend, but Mia says Will isn’t anything like that. Jaime sighs, saying she just doesn’t want to see Mia get hurt. Mia vows that what happened to her before is never going to happen again. Jaime says she is right about that. She tells Mia that she isn’t ever going to see Will again.

Kate demands to know what Brady has to do with all this and where Phillip is. Victor asks Daniel to excuse them, and wonders if he would mind calling Lucas and getting him over here. He thinks they all need to know what is going on with Phillip. Daniel agrees and heads off. Victor tells Kate that they kidnapped Stefano to get revenge on him over the attempts on Phillip’s life. Kate is unsurprised and Victor explains that the DiMeras took Stephanie to use as a bargaining chip. Kate doesn’t get it, saying that Phillip is just dating her. She isn’t a Kiriakis. Victor, surprised that she doesn’t know, explains that Phillip and Stephanie got engaged. Kate is shocked that Phillip didn’t tell her, and assumes the DiMeras must have found out. Victor nods and tells Kate about the plan to make the exchange going haywire when Brady tattled to Bo and the police got involved. Phillip ran off before he could be arrested. Stefano was returned, but the man the DiMeras hired to take Stephanie went rogue and won’t return her. Victor isn’t sure if he wants more money or what. Victor starts to lay into Brady for what he did, but Kate says he was just doing what he thought was right. She claims that this is all Victor’s fault for acting like such a maniac. She worries about Phillip going through this, after everything else that has happened, and demands that Victor clean this mess up. He says he will, but asks her to be discreet about the kidnapping. He doesn’t want Lucas or Daniel to know any more than they should. Kate rolls her eyes, wondering why Victor even has to ask.

Lucas tells Chloe and Maggie that he knows Maggie told him something important the night he relapsed. He claims that it is starting to come back to him. Maggie, flustered, tells him that he needs to stop obsessing over the past and needs to start focusing on the future. Chloe agrees, of course. Just then, her phone rings. It’s Daniel, but he wants to talk to Lucas. Chloe hands the phone over, and Daniel asks Lucas to come to the mansion to speak with Victor about Phillip. Lucas agrees and hangs up. He tells Chloe what is going on, and Chloe says she has a few things to do first, but she’ll meet him there. He agrees and heads off, telling Maggie they’ll talk later. Chloe thanks Maggie, but Maggie says she wouldn’t if she were Chloe. She explains that Lucas is starting to remember, and it’s just a matter of time before he recalls learning that Chloe betrayed him with Daniel.

Mia lays into Jaime, asking how she dares to forbid her from seeing Will when they are just friends. Jaime asks Mia to let her finish, and explains that the lease on her apartment is up. She and Travis are leaving town. Mia asks in shock when she decided this. Jaime explains that Travis lost his job. He can’t find another one here, so they have no choice but to move. She tells Mia that she can either find a new place to stay or she can move back in with her mother. It’s her choice.

Chloe tells Maggie that Lucas can’t find out what happened with Daniel. After all, she made a promise to God to be faithful to Lucas, and to give up Daniel forever, and she has kept that promise. Maggie agrees that she has, but that doesn’t change the fact that she cheated on Lucas. Chloe worries that Lucas will leave her, and that this will all blow up in her face soon enough. Maggie tries to reassure her that it might not. After all, Kate loves her son, and if Chloe is the one keeping him happy, then she won’t jeopardize that just to tell him the truth. Chloe hopes Maggie is right, saying she’ll pray that her affair stays a secret. Maggie says she had better pray hard.

Lucas heads into the Kiriakis mansion and hugs Kate, glad that she is back. He says he heard about Phillip, and is sorry she had to come home to this. They make small talk about Billie, and Kate says that she will make a full recovery. Lucas is glad, but Kate moans that it seems unfair that all her children have to face such adversity. Lucas reminds her that he and Austin are pretty lucky. After all, they both have Carrie and Chloe. Lucas reminds her that some things are working out. Kate sighs.

Melanie lays into Owen, wondering why everyone thinks she’s so shallow. She retorts that she can do something nice for her fellow man from time to time, too. She adds angrily that if Phillip loves Stephanie and wants to be with her, then that is fine by her. She sighs, saying she just wants to do the right thing. She adds, “Shoot me.” She realizes what she just said and begs him not to shoot her, claiming she was kidding. Owen says that he gets her motivation, but it’s too late for her to help Stephanie. Melanie asks what he means. Owen glances down at a senseless Brady and tells Melanie that it’s over for the two of them. She chokes back a sob.

Owen’s father curses as he peers at the form, saying he can’t tell if the ‘cremation’ block is filled in or if that is just an ink blot. He groans, saying he will have to wait to hear from the family. In the meantime, he slides the drawer next to Stephanie’s open and puts Phillip on the table inside. Then she shuts the drawer and heads off, looking for Owen. Phillip works to get out of the body bag, glad that he finally caught a break. Stephanie lies unconscious, not a foot away from him.

Chloe shows up at the mansion. Victor opens the door, saying he didn’t remember extending an invitation to the village slut. Chloe glares, saying she is here to support her husband. If Victor doesn’t like that, he can take it up with Lucas. Lucas comes into the foyer and Chloe breezes past Victor, saying she needs a moment to herself. Lucas demands to know what Victor said to her. He shrugs, saying he just told her that she was always welcome in his home. Lucas scoffs and head back into the living room. Kate comes into the foyer, sighing and saying she never should have left Salem. Victor reminds her that being with Billie was the right thing to do. Kate hugs him, holding back tears and telling Victor that they have to find Phillip--before it’s too late.

Phillip coaches himself, thinking that he just has to unzip this bag, and then he can get out of here and search for Stephanie. In the drawer next to him, Stephanie shifts and moans. Phillip hears her. He looks to his right, startled.

Victor tells Kate, Lucas, Chloe, and Daniel that as they all know, he’s asked them here to tell them what is going on with Philip. All he can say is that he is doing everything he can, but he’s handling this situation internally, and isn’t getting the police involved. Chloe asks Lucas quietly where Brady is. Victor butts in, saying that his grandson is dead to him, and that’s why he isn’t here. Brady made an unfortunate error, and Victor can’t afford those at a time like this. He adds that that is all he has to say on the matter. He heads over to get a drink and Daniel comes over, asking him what happened with Brady. Victor doesn’t wan to talk about it, but Daniel insists, saying he cares about the family. Victor scoffs, reminding him of his turns with his granddaughter, Kate, and then the village bicycle. Daniel accuses Victor of being a bitter old man, but Victor says he just calls things as he sees them. Daniel says he is leaving, but hopes Phillip is found safe. He storms off. Chloe stares after him. Kate and Lucas exchange looks.

Brady wakes up with a groan. Melanie rushes over as Owen holds his gun on the two. She asks if Brady is alright. He says he thinks he will live. Melanie glares at Owen, telling Brady that Owen does have Stephanie, and that he is probably hiding her in the funeral home. Owen interrupts, telling the two he has to get rid of them before someone finds them. Brady asks him to take it easy, and if they can talk about this, but Owen hustles them along, saying there isn’t time. Melanie unfastens her badge from the hospital and stealthily drops it on the ground as Owen forces the two out of the cemetery.

Lucas whines to Kate that he is sick of Victor insulting Chloe. Kate suggests that she said something to upset Victor first, but Lucas is sure she didn’t. He begs Kate to talk to Victor for him. Will walks in just then, and greets the three, asking what is going on. Victor says Lucas will fill him in later and heads off for some air. Will follows him out to the foyer, asking Victor if it would be alright if he had a few friends over here to go swimming. Victor says it is fine with him, and asks Will to just check to make sure Henderson is here first. Will thanks him profusely. Chloe heads into the living room, telling Lucas that she has been trying to call Caroline to check on Allie. Kate excuses herself, and so does Chloe, saying she will keep trying Caroline. Will walks in and ask Lucas why everyone is so upset. Lucas tells him there’s some drama going on involving Phillip. He asks why Will is here, and he tells Lucas about asking permission to use the pool with some friends. Lucas thinks Will must be trying to impress someone, and asks if it’s that girl that came to his baseball game. Will blushes.

Mia asks Jamie how she could ever suggest she move back in with her mother. Jamie reminds her it’s a free place to live, but Mia thinks it’s a horrible idea. Jaime says she is sorry, but it’s either that, or Mia can live out on the street. Mia sits down on a bench with a sigh, thanking Jaime sarcastically for being so understanding. Jaime sighs, saying she wishes more than anything that she could help Mia, but she has her own money issues, and can’t afford to pay her rent. Mia says she understands, but she just doesn’t know what she is going to do. Jamie apologizes again, saying she will see her later. She heads off. Mia bawls. Maggie comes over, greeting Mia. She dries her eyes and greets Maggie. Maggie wants to know what’s wrong, but Mia claims nothing is. Maggie sits down beside her, saying she doesn’t know Mia all that well, but she knows her well enough to know something is wrong. She asks Mia if she will confide in her.

Chloe talks to Caroline on the phone in the foyer, thanking her again for watching Allie for them. Victor walks in behind her as she hangs up. He says he pities Allie, not only for having Sami and Lucas as parents, but for having Chloe for a step-mother. She retorts that Allie is a very happy little girl, but Victor thinks she’ll be even happier when Lucas finally dumps her wicked step-mother. Chloe calls Victor a mental case, saying that she and Lucas love each other, and they’re staying together, no matter what he thinks. She adds that she loves Lucas with all her heart. Victor chuckles, wondering how many men she has said that to--20, 30? Chloe glares, saying she despises him. She storms off as Victor grins, wondering if it was something he said.

Kate and Daniel take a stroll out on the terrace. Kate asks him if he is alright. He says he is just rattled after the news about Brady. Kate admits that Victor was out of line, but he has been making a habit out of that lately. Daniel fumes, saying that Brady is a good guy. If he raised an alarm over the thing with Phillip, then he must have had a good reason. Kate heads inside to make a drink. She offers Daniel one, but he refuses. She heads inside. Just then, Chloe rushes by in tears. Daniel stops her, asking what is wrong. She sobs that everything is and throws herself in Daniel’s arms.

Mia tells Maggie that she just got some bad news from her cousin. She may have to leave town and quit school, and she doesn’t want to, since she has made so many friends, and summer break is coming up. Maggie says she is sorry. Mia sighs, wondering how she is ever going to tell him. Maggie asks if she means Will and Mia nods, saying he has been really nice to her. If she leaves now, she will always wonder what might have happened. She frets that Will might forget all about her. Maggie assures her he won’t. She wipes the tears from Mia’s eyes and wonders who could ever forget her. She puts an arm around Mia and tries to comfort her.

Lucas gives Will a hard time about Mia, saying she was cute. Will claims they are just friends, but Lucas says he saw her rooting for Will. He thinks Will has a crush. Will groans, reminding himself never to talk to his dad about girls. He adds that he isn’t interested in any girls, and that he and Mia are just friends. He huffs off. Lucas chuckles, calling after him that he’s sorry.

Owen forces Melanie and Brady into a crypt. Brady groans, asking what they are doing here. Owen figured Brady would be right at home in the family tomb. There are plenty of fresh-cut flowers, and hardly anyone comes to visit, so the two will be safe here. Melanie starts to protest, but Owen heads out, locking the two inside. Melanie looks around her and frets.

Phillip calls Stephanie’s name. She groans. Phillip fights his way out of the body bag and hisses her name as she continues to groan. Stephanie opens her eyes.

Chloe hugs Daniel, saying she can’t take Victor anymore. He’s just so sadistic and mean. Daniel tries to convince her that she can’t let Victor get to her. She cries, saying that just when she thinks things are looking up, everything starts to fall apart again. Daniel pulls her back in for another hug. Kate walks out just then, sees the two, and scoffs. Chloe backs off of Daniel as Kate grins slyly. Chloe sighs.

Brady tells Melanie that the door to the crypt is locked from the outside, and there’s no other way out. She begins to panic, but Brady reassures her they’ll be found. She squeaks with fear, asking how he knows that. Brady reminds her that she dropped her badge on the ground. He thinks that was brilliant. Suddenly, Melanie remembers her cell phone. Brady assures she won’t get reception in here, but Melanie tries anyway. She gets no signal, of course. Brady tries to assure her not to count Phillip out in all this. Melanie reminds him Phillip is in a body bag in the morgue, but Brady says Phillip can be resourceful at times. He tells her they just need to calm down and focus. Melanie sighs, saying that what they need is a jackhammer. Melanie heads over to the plaques on the wall and looks them over, apologizing to their owners for no one coming to visit. She says she and Brady are here now, and they could end up being permanent additions. Brady shakes his head and sighs.

In the parlor of the funeral home, Owen’s father glances at a photo of Owen, wishing he was more like his brother. Owen walks in, and his father demands to know where he was. Owen snaps that he was out. His father explains that a body was brought in that he hadn’t gotten word about. He asks if Owen knows anything about it. Owen doesn’t understand what he means. His father asks him angrily if someone spoke to him about this body earlier or told him it was being delivered.

Stephanie sobs. Phillip calls her name. She doesn’t answer, and continues sobbing. Phillip tells Stephanie that it’s him, and asks her where she is. She bawls.


Lucas asks Chloe, “Come on, what is this? A joke? Tell me what’s going on. What, are you guys keeping something from me?”

Melanie tells Brady, “You and I both know that if we die today, I’m going to hell.”

Stephanie hisses, “What are we going to do? They’re going to try to embalm you.” Phillip replies, “I’ll just figure it out when I get out of this drawer.”

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