Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/28/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/28/09


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At the pub, Rafe coos over Grace. Sami comes over, saying that she couldn’t get Allie away from Caroline, but Lucas is coming to get her soon, so it should be alright. Rafe tries to reassure Sami about their adoption scheme, promising her that her grandma will come around eventually. Sami sighs, telling Rafe that there is something else her grandmother said that makes her think this adoption isn’t such a good idea.

At the Java Café, Will gets some coffee from the barista. She asks where his girlfriend went. Will looks at her quizzically, and she reminds him he was here with a girl earlier. Will starts to say she isn’t his girlfriend, but stops, saying that he doesn’t know where she went. He goes back to his studies with a sigh.

At the pier, Mia scoffs, asking Nicole if she thinks she is the only person that loves her baby. Sami loves Grace so much that she is letting her bodyguard adopt her. She wants Grace to be loved, and Mia thinks that makes Sami a nice person. Nicole is surprised that Sami is letting Rafe adopt Grace. Mia guesses Nicole doesn’t approve, but Mia says she does. She thinks it’s wonderful that Grace will have both a mother and a father. Nicole tells Mia that she thinks the adoption is a great idea, actually.

Brady heads into the hospital, leaving Melanie another message to call him back. He stops at the nurse’s station, asking Maxine if Melanie is supposed to be working today. Maxine says she is, but she’s late, per usual. Brady asks if she is always this late, but Maxine admits she isn’t. She asks Brady if something is wrong. Brady sighs, saying he thinks there is.

Melanie and Phillip pass a nurse in a nearby corridor. Melanie hisses at Phillip, saying she is supposed to be at work, and she fears the nurse might have recognized either her or Phillip. What if she is giving him up right now for reward money? Phillip claims there isn’t one, but Melanie thinks EJ would pay top dollar to get Phillip turned into the police. The two sneak into an office and Phillip asks what they are doing. Melanie grins, saying they’ve got to find a way to make Philip dead. They hear footsteps approaching and scramble around, looking for a place to hide.

In the morgue, Stephanie asks Owen what he plans on doing with the gun. He doesn’t answer. She tries to assure him that Melanie doesn’t know she is here, as she left, but Owen knows she made up a fake story to come look for Stephanie. Who is to say she isn’t lurking outside right now, waiting for Owen? Stephanie pleads with him not to hurt Melanie. Owen scoffs, saying Stephanie hasn’t given him many options in that respect. He heads off. Stephanie sighs. A little later, he comes back with duct tape, saying he will have to gag Stephanie. She reminds him Melanie left, but Owen says his father is upstairs, and he doesn’t want him finding out about Stephanie, either. Stephanie asks him gently if that doesn’t tell him what he is doing is wrong. Owen shakes his head, saying it’s too late to turn back now. He prepares to put the tape over Stephanie’s mouth, but she begs him to wait, saying she has to tell him something about Melanie.

Phillip and Melanie hide around the corner as two orderlies wheel a body into the office. The men leave and Phillip and Melanie quickly check the body, noticing that it’s a male that is similar to Phillip in height and weight. Melanie explains that after they bag the bodies here, they’re taken to funeral homes or sometimes to the morgue. Phillip says they have to make sure to get the paperwork in order to get him taken to Owen’s father’s place. Melanie agrees, flipping through a stack of papers. He asks Melanie if anyone checked the body brought in while she was in the morgue, but she says Owen’s father left immediately, and so did the guys that brought it in. Phillip sighs, reminding himself that he’s going to be in a body bag in a morgue. Melanie asks if he is having second thoughts, but Phillip shakes his head, saying this will all be worth it if it only helps him get Stephanie back.

Mia tells Nicole that she isn’t happy for Sami at all. She’s just glad Sami is going to stay away from her husband. Nicole shrugs, saying two good things came out of this adoption scheme, then. Mia rails on Nicole, saying she is sick of her and Dr. Baker and all the secrets and lies. Nicole scoffs, saying she wouldn’t have to keep any secrets if she just stayed away from Will. Mia refuses to do so, saying she has kept up her end of the bargain here. Just because Nicole has her baby, doesn’t mean she gets to run her life. Nicole claims that isn’t what she is trying to do. Mia ignores her, and warns Nicole to stay away from her, or she’s going to be sorry.

Sami explains to Rafe that Caroline told her it would be even harder to explain this adoption plan to her parents. Sami sighs, saying her mom can see right through her, and her dad isn’t a fool, either. They’re going to wonder why Sami wants this adoption to go through so badly. Rafe says he isn’t lying when he says he wants to be Grace’s father. Sami understands that, but her parents are going to wonder why the two don’t get married, then. Rafe asks if that is what she wants, but Sami explains that she is just telling him what her dad is going to say. She is sure he won’t back down, either. Rafe is equally sure Roman will come around eventually. Sami sighs, saying she wishes Rafe was Grace’s real father. Rafe assures her he is, and soon he will be legally, too. Rafe vows that pretty soon, Sami will have nothing to worry about, and she won’t know what to do with herself. Sami grins, sure she will find something. The two kiss.

Stephanie tells Owen that she doesn’t think Melanie was lying. She had been talking recently about how sick her grandmother was. Owen thinks it’s too much of a coincidence that she showed up here, but Stephanie explains that Melanie likes to shop around. She’ll most likely visit every other funeral home in Salem, too. She pleads with Owen not to hurt Melanie if she comes back, but Owen says the only way he can promise that is if he and Stephanie leave for Canada right away. Stephanie sighs, saying she knows he is being protective of her and cautious, and she appreciates that, but she doesn’t think Melanie will be a problem. He asks how she knows that, and Stephanie says that if she had walked out of the closet and shook Melanie’s hand, Melanie still wouldn’t have told Phillip she was here. Stephanie explains that Melanie is in love with Phillip, and more than anything, she just wants Stephanie out of the way.

Melanie wheels a gurney with a body bag on it into the office. Phillip asks her what she will do with the real body, and Melanie explains she’ll take it to the morgue and have it put in a body drawer. She unzips the bag and instructs Phillip get naked. He stares at her in horror. She sighs, explaining that the body is naked, so he has to be, too. Phillip refuses, saying he can’t scope out a funeral home with no clothes. Melanie says he at least has to remove his shirt in case someone opens the bag. Phillip agrees and takes it off. Melanie clucks when she sees his bullet wound, surprised that Stephanie still wanted to marry him after he got shot. She guesses Stephanie is stronger than she thought. She tells Phillip to get in the bag and he does so. Melanie starts to zip it up.

Lexie heads into Stefano’s room. He grumbles, wondering when he is getting out of here. Lexie says she can tell he is doing better by his attitude, but his blood work also shows that he hasn’t any lasting damage from the insulin deprivation. Stefano growls that he plans on doing some lasting damage to Victor. Lexie lays into him, saying that if he had listened to her when he was first diagnosed and focused on his health instead of this stupid vendetta, then EJ wouldn’t be in jail right now. Stefano says that he needs to speak with EJ, but Lexie refuses. Stefano assures her that he will follow her instructions to the tee once all of this is settled, but he needs to make a phone call to EJ right now. Lexie snaps that she is in charge and he isn’t making any damned phone calls. Stefano grumbles.

Maxine makes a few calls and tells Brady that no one has seen Melanie. A nurse nearby states that she just saw Melanie ten minutes ago. She was up on the seventh floor wheeling a gurney around. Brady rushes off. Maxine wonders what Melanie is doing up there.

Melanie heads back into the office, telling Phillip she got the other body down to the morgue. She asks Phillip what he plans on doing once he gets to the funeral home, and Phillip says he will look for Stephanie. If she isn’t there, he’ll try to find a clue as to where Owen has taken her. Melanie asks if he is sure he can get out of the body bag. Phillip nods, saying he was planning to leave it open a little bit. Melanie ask him to flick the lights once he gets inside. She’ll be waiting in the cemetery to make sure he’s ok. Phillip shakes his head, saying that won’t work, because Melanie isn’t going to be there.

Stephanie finishes telling Owen all about how Melanie has tried to get Phillip away from her. She suddenly starts coughing, croaking for water. Owen gets her some and unties her, saying she had better not try anything. She nods, takes the water and quiets down. She cries a little, saying she is really going to miss her mom, dad, and brother. Owen promises that once they’ve been in Canada for a little while, she can call them. She asks him if he would really do that for her, and he nods, saying he just wants her to be happy. She hugs him and kisses his cheek, thanking him for taking such good care of her. Owen hugs her back. Stephanie eyes his gun, which is lying on a nearby table.

Stefano tries to get out of bed, demanding a phone, but Lexie stops him, saying he can’t have one due to police orders. Stefano stammers. Lexie explains that he is a murder suspect, but Stefano curses, saying he is the victim here. Lexie glares, saying that she told the officers they didn’t need to handcuff Stefano to the bed. If he keeps this up, she’ll tell them she was wrong. Abe walks in just then as Stefano demands to see his lawyer. Abe agrees, but tells Stefano the two of them are going to have a little chat first.

Phillip tells Melanie that he wants her to go home. She doesn’t need to have any part in this. Melanie reminds him he is going into a morgue in a body bag, but Phillip says what happened to Stephanie is bad enough. He couldn’t live with himself if something happened to Melanie, too. She thumps him on the arm, saying he’s going to need backup. He wonders why she is doing all this for him, and she remains him that she owes him. Phillip shakes his head, saying that debt has already been paid. Melanie ask him to stop arguing. They need to put this plan into action before someone walks in and sees the dead body talking. She starts to zip Phillip up in the bag, but Brady walks in first, asking the two what the hell they are doing. Melanie and Phillip stammer.

Owen is glad Stephanie knows that he cares for her and is trying to protect her. He calls Phillip a fool for ever arguing with her. Owen claims he would never do that since Stephanie is so beautiful and genuine. After all, she even took time to speak to him, a lowly gardener. Stephanie says that is because she likes him and admits she sometimes wishes she had met Owen first. Her mom warned her about Phillip and how he treats women. She is sure her mom would love Owen, though. He thanks her for saying so and kisses her. Stephanie kisses him back, keeping her eyes on the gun.

Stefano says he isn’t saying a word until his lawyer gets here. Abe explains that this is totally off the record, and for Lexie’s sake alone. Stefano retorts that Abe isn’t a cop, he’s the ineffectual mayor of this town. Lexie exclaims. Stefano goes on to say that he won’t let Abe use his daughter to coerce him. Abe retorts that Stefano is smug, arrogant, and stupid. Does he realize what Lexie has had to go through because of him? Abe says he would love nothing more than to see Stefano rot in jail, but he might possibly broker some kind of deal for Stefano if he’ll talk to him. Abe adds that this would be for Lexie’s sake alone. Stefano tells Abe to get out. Abe asks angrily if Lexie means nothing to him. He gets up in Stefano’s face, yelling and wondering if Phillip and Stephanie mean nothing as well. Stefano roars at Lexie to get Abe out of there. A nurse walks in as Abe heads out. He tells her to make sure Stefano stays alive until Stephanie is found. After that, Abe doesn’t really give a damn. He storms off. Lexie sighs.

Rafe grins at Grace and Sami, saying that the two have the same smile. She hushes him, reminding him that the walls have ears around here. Rafe admits he had a good time meeting her grandmother. Sami rolls her eyes, saying he can’t mean that. After all, Caroline wasn’t very nice. Rafe says he completely understands where she is coming from. Sami is sure that he will win her over eventually, and that Caroline will come to love him. The two kiss. Nicole walks in just then, saying that the three should be filed under ‘domestic bliss’ in the dictionary.

Mia heads back into the Java Café, greeting Will and thanking him for waiting around. She adds that she told her cousin to back off, and she thinks that will work for a little while. Will asks if this is the cousin she lives with and Mia stammers that it is. She adds that she hates living there. She has to sleep on the couch, her cousin is mean, and her boyfriend treats her like a boarder. Mia sighs. Will asks if she can live anywhere else, and Mia says her only other option is the streets. Will asks about her parents, but Mia doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. He asks if she wants coffee, but she thinks they’ve done the coffee thing to death and need to expand their horizons. He asks what she means and she tells him to follow her. The two head off.

Brady asks again what Phillip and Melanie are doing, but Phillip says it doesn’t concern him. Brady threatens to go straight to hospital security. Phillip caves, saying he and Melanie think they know where Stephanie is. Phillip explains that one of their gardeners was working for the DiMeras and took her. Melanie nods, saying the guy’s father owns a funeral home. When she went to check it out, she found Stephanie’s earring on the floor of the morgue. Brady sighs, asking Phillip if he plans on being their next client. Phillip nods, saying they have to get in there and try to find Stephanie. Brady thinks he needs to call Bo since they might discover he’s alive or try to embalm him, but Phillip shakes his head. If the cops confront the guy, he’ll clam up. Kidnapping is a capital offense, after all.

Stephanie and Owen kiss. She reaches for the gun slowly and picks it up. As she moves it toward her, Owen grabs the butt of the gun. He yanks Stephanie’s hair with the other hand, asking how she could do this to him.

Sami asks Nicole what she wants. Nicole says she was just trying to comment on how happy the three of them looked--like a little family. Rafe says they are happy. He’s adopting Grace, and he is going to be her father. Sami adds that that isn’t any of Nicole’s business. Rafe agrees, saying it isn’t EJ’s either, but she can go ahead and let him know that Sami has back-up now and Grace has a father. Nicole scoffs, wondering why he has to be so hostile over such lovely news. Sami tells Nicole to shut up. She’s never happy for someone unless something is in it for her. Sami accuses Nicole of being up to something, and vows to find out what it is.

Mia and Will are back at the café. Will is wearing a leopard-print fez. Mia chuckles, saying he shouldn’t have doubted her skee-ball skills. Will sighs, saying they ought to make a bet at the batting cages. Mia says that wouldn’t be fair, since she has never played. Will promises to teach her, saying once the ball hits the sweet spot on the bat the first time, she’ll be a baseball junkie. He stops and stmamers, sorry if he hurt her feelings Mia assures him he couldn’t if he tried. She tells him to come on, and the two head off for the batting cages.

Stephanie tells Owen that she wasn’t trying to do anything. She explains that guns scare her, and she wants him to get rid of it. Owen says he can’t do that. She begs him again not to hurt Melanie. He walks over to a cupboard and takes out a paper cup, telling Stephanie to drink it. She refuses, saying she doesn’t know what it is. He tells her that since she is scared of guns, she has to drink it. She shakes her head. Owen growls that he is very upset with her right now, so it’s in her best interest to drink it, or her other option will be to deal with the gun. Stephanie grimaces and takes the cup, swallowing the contents. Owen explains that she is going to get very sleepy. He’s going to put her back in the drawer for a nap. She starts to panic, but Owen assures her he drilled holes in there for her to breathe. Stephanie sways. Owen catches her as she passes out. He lays her on a table, telling her to rest easy.

Phillip begs Brady not to give them away to the police. Brady agrees on one condition--that he go with Phillip to the mortuary. Phillip agrees, telling Melanie he has back-up, so she doesn’t need to go. Melanie says she does. She’s the only one that has seen Owen’s father, and besides, if Phillip doesn’t let her go, she’ll go to the police herself. Phillip sighs and agrees. Melanie suggests they get going and she and Brady zip Phillip into the bag.

Abe talks on the phone in the waiting area, telling someone that they’ve got both DiMeras in custody, and that there’s an APB out on Phillip. He hangs up as Lexie comes out of Stefano’s room. He says he is sorry, but she doesn’t think he really is. Abe sighs, saying he just loses his temper because of what Stefano does to her. He asks if Stefano is alright. Lexie says he is medically, but she isn’t sure she’ll ever be able to describe Stefano that way as a person. She asks Abe what he wants from Stefano, and Abe explains that they need to find out what went down on that pier and if Phillip is still alive. Abe also wants to know where this whole feud is heading. Lexie suggests Abe get someone in there to talk to Stefano. Abe asks who, and Lexie tells him that Stefano wants to talk to EJ. Lexie thinks that Abe should let him.

Nicole thinks witness protection made Sami paranoid. Sami tells her to quit pretending she is happy for them. Nicole says she is, but she also doesn’t want to ruin their good moods. She congratulates Rafe, saying he has a beautiful daughter, and heads off with a smile. Sami whirls on Rafe, angry that he told Nicole about the adoption. She accuses him of just wanting EJ to find out. Rafe admits that that is true, but he also had another reason, and when Sami hears it, he knows that she will agree with him.

Will and Mia head into the park. Will assures Mia that she is just a rookie, and she’ll get better at batting. She scoffs, asking him if most rookies run screaming from the ball. Will chuckles, suggesting she work on her coordination. Mia gives him a look, claiming that she is poetry in motion. She adds that she is more coordinated than Will any day. To prove it, she executes a pique turn and asks Will to try it. He does so, but stumbles and falls into Mia’s arms. The two exchange a longing look.

Owen’s father heads into the morgue, calling out for Owen. He doesn’t answer. Owen’s father notices that the drawer Owen has been keeping Stephanie in is slightly ajar. He heads over to it.

Two men stand over Phillip’s body bag. One looks at the paperwork and notes that the body is going to Heritage Park, the mortuary Owen’s father owns. They head off with Phillip. Brady and Melanie hide nearby, and start to follow when the men leave. We pan in on Phillip, who is inside the body bag.

Abe tells Lexie that he is the mayor, not the commissioner. He can’t allow Stefano any visitors. Lexie offers to listen in on the conversation and let Abe know what is going on, but he reminds her that Stefano wants a lawyer. Abe should be getting him one, not compromising his civil liberties. Just then, three reporters rush in and pepper Abe with questions about Phillip, the fight on the pier, and the DiMera-Kiriakis feud. Abe tells them he can’t speculate, and Lexie steps in, saying this is inappropriate. One man nastily asks her if the mayor being married to a DiMera is appropriate. Lexie tells Maxine to call security, but she already has. An officer rushes over as the reporters demands answers. Abe promises to grant them an interview in his office, but they aren’t satisfied. As they head off, one woman threatens to get to the bottom of the corruption at City Hall. Abe sighs. Lexie wonders what they have done. Abe reassures her about the reporters, but she says she was talking about her family. She shakes her head, wondering again what they have done.

Rafe reminds Sami that she doesn’t want Nicole poking around in her life. Sami agrees, and Rafe explains that Nicole acts the way she does because of Sami and what she used to have with EJ. Nicole was happy about the adoption because she sees Sami has moved on and is focused on something besides EJ. That obviously would make Nicole happy. Sami agrees that that makes sense, but she has also known Nicole a long time, and she knows how she operates. She’s definitely up to something.

Nicole is back at the DiMera mansion, talking to Sydney. She admits she doesn’t know why that poor sap fell for Sami, but this is good for both of them. Sami is neutralized, and she can focus on Mia’s baby, while Nicole focuses on Sydney. Nicole sighs, saying the first thing on the to-do list is getting Sydney’s daddy out of jail.

Owen’s father leans on the drawer Stephanie is inside. He tells someone over the phone angrily to make sure the shipment arrives today, or he will find another supplier. He hangs up as the two men come in with Phillip. Owen’s father slams the drawer shut and tells the two he wasn’t expecting a delivery this morning. The men show him the paperwork, but Owen’s father says that this body isn’t on his list. They’ll have to take it back. Inside the body bag, Phillip frets.

Brady and Melanie lurk in the cemetery outside. Owen creeps up behind them and knocks Brady out with a blow from the butt of the gun. Brady slumps over. Melanie gasps and cries out. Owen trains the gun on her. Melanie gulps.


Phillip thinks, “I’ve got to get out of here before Owen gets back. I’ve got to find Stephanie.”

Owen asks Melanie, “If you and Brady are here, where’s Phillip?!”

Kate tells Victor, “You just need to find Stephanie and you need to find Phillip and you need to clean this mess up!”

Maggie says, “I have nothing to hide, Lucas.” He replies, “You know something. There’s something you’re not telling me. I can feel it.”

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