Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/27/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/27/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At Rafe’s place, Sami and Rafe lie in bed and cuddle. Rafe suggests they stay in bed all day. Sami agrees. He tickles her and she giggles. Suddenly, Rafe wakes up alone to the phone ringing. He grumbles that he knew it was too good to be true and answers the phone. It’s Sami, who is at her place. She apologizes for calling so early, but she says she was thinking about him. Rafe says he was thinking of her, too.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole talks to EJ’s attorney on the phone, telling him that if he doesn’t get EJ out of jail today, she’ll make sure his retainer with the family blows up in his face. She says she has another call and clicks over. She listens for a moment, then tells the guard at the gate to let him in. She hangs up and smiles at Sydney in her crib, saying she will be right back. Nicole heads into the foyer and opens the door to find Brady standing on the stoop. She asks what he is doing here. Brady demands to know where the hell they’re keeping Stephanie.

Victor opens the door of the Kiriakis mansion to find Caroline standing there. She barges in, waving the paper in his face and asking if the news is true. He tries to calm her down, but she barrels on about the fight on the pier and EJ’s arrest. She adds that she heard the police are looking for Phillip, and they found Stefano near-death in the back of a van. She rails on Victor, asking him how he could do this. Victor reminds her that Stefano tried to kill Phillip, but she says he promised to keep Stephanie safe. Waging war with the DiMeras isn’t going to make that happen. Victor says he meant those words, and he does vow to make sure nothing happens to Stephanie. Caroline scoffs, saying it isn’t like he never lies. She demands to see Stephanie now, as she wants to talk to her. Victor sighs.

Phillip and Melanie lurk in the cemetery near Owen’s father’s mortuary. Melanie sets a coffee cup down on a tombstone, but Phillip hisses at her to be more respectful. She counters that Phillip ought to be more careful, as his picture is all over the paper. Just then, Phillip catches sight of someone and grabs Melanie’s arm, asking if that is Owen’s father. Melanie says it looks like the pictures she found of him. She squares her shoulders, saying it’s showtime.

Inside the morgue, Owen re-ties Stephanie as she asks him who is looking for them. She asks if it’s Phillip or the police, but Owen refuses to answer. She thanks him quietly for getting her a change of clothes, but he snaps at her, saying he isn’t stupid. Every time she tries to be nice to him, it’s just so she can run away again. Stephanie says she isn’t such an idiot that she would try to run away from a man with a gun. She admits, however, that she doesn’t think Owen would shoot her. She thinks he is too good of a person to do that. In fact, she doesn’t think he could shoot anyone. Owen glares, saying he would if he had to. He pulls out a roll of duct tape.

Rafe offers to come over to Sami’s place and bring breakfast, but she says she is on the way to the pub to see her grandmother. She tells Rafe she’s going to tell Caroline about him adopting Grace. Rafe asks if she wants him to meet her there for support, but she thinks everything will be ok. He tells her to call if she needs him, and adds that he’d like to get together and spend time with her and Grace later. Sami agrees. Rafe says he has another call coming in and has to go. He hangs up abruptly. Sami sighs, saying she loves him. Rafe answers the other line and listens. He sits up and says he is definitely still interested. He listen some more and assures the person that this is what he wants, and he doesn’t have any second thoughts.

Melanie starts to head off, but Phillip stops her, unsure if she should be doing this alone. She huffs, reminding him that the police are looking for him and he needs to lay low. Besides, Owen’s father probably knows what he looks like. Phillip warns her to be careful. She is surprised he is worried about her, but he reminds her of what Owen did to Stephanie. What if Melanie runs into him, too? Melanie says she’ll cross that bridge when she comes to it. At least then, they’ll have found Owen, and that’s what has to be done to get Stephanie back. Phillip thanks her again for her help and she says it’s no big deal. He needs someone good at lying, and honestly, she can’t wait to see the look on Stephanie’s face when she realizes how much she owes her. She laughs, saying it will just kill Stephanie. She heads off chuckling as Phillip sighs, saying that’s a bad choice of words.

Sami puts Grace in her stroller and coos, asking if she is ready to go see her grandmother. Will comes out just then and wishes the two a good morning. Sami tells him she is off to the pub to see Caroline, but she tells him there’s some fruit and oatmeal around if he wants breakfast. Will says he was thinking of going to Java for breakfast and asks for ten bucks. Sami thinks that sounds like a lot for one person. She asks slyly if he is planning on meeting Mia. Uncomfortably, Will says he isn’t sure. Sami takes out her wallet and hands Will some money, saying he should be prepared just in case Mia joins him. She asks him to tell Mia she looks forward to having her baby-sit again. Will agrees to tell her and heads for the door. Sami tells him she likes his cologne. Will gives her a look and heads off. Sami giggles and kneels down next to Grace, saying she thinks her big brother has a crush. She smiles, asking if Grace is ready to go see her grandmother.

Victor tells Caroline that Stephanie isn’t here, but she demands to know what the hell is going on. Victor sighs, saying he didn’t think Stephanie was safe enough--not even here. Victor claims that nothing is more important to him and Phillip than keeping Stephanie protected. Caroline scoffs, asking if she can at least call Stephanie. Victor apologetically explains that he thinks it’s best that no one know where Stephanie is--not even Caroline. He says he is sorry, but she knows he isn’t. She glares, saying it took her too long to figure out what kind of a man he really is. She knows Stephanie will figure it out, too, as well as who Phillip really is. Caroline adds angrily that she is going to do everything in her power to help her granddaughter do just that.

Brady storms into the living room, asking Nicole where Stephanie is. She says she doesn’t know. Brady thinks EJ must, then. Nicole rolls her eyes, saying every time something bad happens, the Kiriakis family blames the DiMeras. Brady shouts that he doesn’t have time for her crap as she shushes him for the baby’s sake. Brady ignores her, yelling that he has to find Stephanie, who may not even be alive right now. That makes him angry, and willing to do anything to get her back. Sydney fusses. Nicole glares.

Owen’s father greets him worriedly as he heads upstairs out of the morgue and into the parlor. His father says his phone message worried him. Owen apologizes for that, saying he knows his dad wanted to go out of town this weekend. His father assures him that if he needs something, then that is more important than a weekend trip. Owen is glad, admitting that he needs a favor. He says he got involved in something he shouldn’t have, and he needs to lay low for a little while. He was hoping that he could stay here. He adds that his father mustn’t tell anyone he is here. If anyone asks, he hasn’t seen him. Before his father can answer, Melanie knocks on the door. Owen gives his father a pleading look and rushes back down to the morgue. Owen’s father opens the door, asking Melanie if he can help her. She hopes so.

Stephanie lies in the morgue drawer, bound and gagged with duct tape. She struggles and moans. She manages to get her hands free and rips the tape off of her mouth, screaming for help. Owen yanks the drawer open and leans down, glaring at Stephanie. She whimpers.

Caroline heads into the pub and joins Sami at a table. She apologizes for being late and sits down in a huff. Sami can tell something is wrong by the way Caroline ignored Grace and by the way her mouth is set in a firm line. Caroline admits she went and saw Victor. She fumes over his arrogance, saying she sometimes wishes she had never told Bo that Victor was his father. Sami asks in surprise if she really means that. Caroline nods, saying he isn’t like a father at all--he’s more like a tyrant. She changes the subject, asking why Sami wanted to meet her here. Sami explains that she has good news about Grace--Rafe is planning on adopting her. Caroline gasps, saying that Sami can’t be serious.

Will brings Mia some coffee as the two sit at the café. She looks over her one of her books, saying she isn’t sure she should be letting Will cover for her. After all, she was the one that spaced out in class. Will says it isn’t like he is cheating or giving her all the answers, but Mia feels uncomfortable because she never does anything for him. Will reminds her she came to one of his games. She sighs, saying she left halfway through. Her cousin called and she had to go home. Will jokes that he scored 17 runs after she left. She chuckles, but he says he is serious. He’s like Derek Jeter after the seventh inning. She laughs, promising to stay next time, but she says she is buying the pizza afterwards. Will laughs and agrees.

Nicole scoffs, asking if Brady is threatening her. He angrily reminds her that her husband, EJ, kidnapped Stephanie even though she never did a thing to him, and he also tried to kill Phillip, who is like a brother to him, twice. But all of a sudden, he is the threatening one for reminding her that he could blow her sweet little family out of the water. Nicole shuts the living room doors hurriedly, hissing at him to keep his voice down. Brady reminds her angrily that Stephanie is alone and scared somewhere with some DiMera thug. Nicole insists EJ didn’t take her, but Brady says she is lying. He pleads with her to help him, saying she is his best shot at finding Stephanie. Nicole claims she has no idea where Stephanie is. Brady says that they need to have a long talk, then--about how Nicole is going to find out where she is.

Victor calls Phillip. He answers and Victor asks where is. Phillip refuses to say, reminding Victor that these lines could be tapped. Victor sighs, asking if Phillip can tell him if he is safe or not. Phillip says he is, and asks about Victor. Victor says everything is fine for now. The cops don’t have anything since DiMera is still too sick to talk. Victor suggests that now might be a good time for Phillip to take a little trip around the world, but Phillip refuses to leave the country, saying he has to find Stephanie.

Melanie sits with Owen’s father. She sobs over the fake grandmother she has concocted, saying she died, and that she wants to make sure she carries out her grandmother’s final wishes to the letter. Owen’s father hands her a tissue, saying her grandmother sounds remarkable. Melanie asks him if family is important to him, too, and he says it means everything. She smiles through her tears, saying she thinks this is the right place for her grandmother’s funeral. She asks slyly if this is a family-run business, and if Owen’s father has any kids.

Owen grumbles, saying he was trying to keep Stephanie loosely tied so he didn’t bruise her wrists. She scoffs, reminding him he keeps shutting her in a drawer where she can’t breathe. He says he is sorry, but Stephanie insists that she can’t go back in there. If she does, she’ll die. She begs him not to make her go back in that drawer. Owen considers her request.

Sami sighs, saying that she was hoping for a different reaction from Caroline. Caroline asks what her mother and father said, but Sami admits she hasn’t told them about it. Caroline scoffs, asking if Sami was trying this idea out on her before she faced the big guns. Sami accuses Caroline of being in a bad mood and taking it out on her. Caroline reminds Sami sternly that she is considering giving parental rights to a man she barely knows, that has never been a father, and has no visible means of supporting himself. Sami protests just as Rafe walks over, saying that the last bit isn’t true. He has a job now. Sami beams.

Nicole tells Brady that even if EJ took Stephanie, he doesn’t talk to her about those kinds of things, and he won’t. So Brady deciding to take it out on her and Sydney isn’t going to help Stephanie. Brady scoffs at Nicole’s pretense of being an innocent bystander in all this. Nicole says he knows that Sydney is innocent, though. Brady retorts that Stephanie is, too. EJ could have taken him or Victor to bargain for Stefano, but he took an innocent young woman who was already traumatized from seeing her boyfriend shot. He asks Nicole if she is happy that she chose this sort of man for a husband. Nicole ignores the question and insists she has no idea where Stephanie is. She adds that there’s nothing she can do to help Brady. The only thing she can do is beg him to stand by her side and not tell anyone about Sydney. Brady sighs, saying he isn’t the one Nicole needs to be worried about. Nicole asks what he is talking about. Brady tells her he means Mia.

Will tells Mia that he is pretty sure the heredity unit will be on their test. He blathers on about how cool it is to be able to tell what color a kid’s eyes might be by looking at their parents. That’s why he is always telling his mom that she needs Grace’s medical files. He asks Mia if she thinks adopted kids have a right to know their medical histories, but Mia doesn’t know if they do or not. Her phone rings and she explains it’s her cousin. Will heads off to get more coffee, and runs into Kinsey, Mia’s acquaintance from Salem West. She smirks, noting that Will is still hanging out with that druggie Mia. She asks nastily if the two are an item.

Victor tells Phillip that Caroline came by looking for Stephanie, but she doesn’t know she’s missing. He figures Bo must be keeping quiet about it for now. Phillip is glad, saying that if whoever has Stephanie finds out they’re looking for her, he’ll kill her and run. Phillip says that they can’t let that happen.

Owen insists that he is trying to help Stephanie. She pouts, insisting she’ll die if she has to back in that drawer. Just then, Owen hears his father open the door to the morgue. He grabs Stephanie, picks her up, puts her on the floor, and covers her mouth, threatening to kill anyone that comes to look for her if she makes a peep. He hustles her off to a closet where the two hide. Melanie and Owen’s father come down. She thanks him for showing her around, saying her grandmother wanted her to make sure everything was clean and in order before she let her funeral take place. Owen’s dad says he understands. Melanie presses him again about his family, but suddenly notices Stephanie’s other earring on the ground. Melanie flashes back to considering selling the one she found on the terrace. She comes back to the present and notes uncomfortably how cold it is in here. Owen covers Stephanie’s mouth in the closet, begging the two quietly to leave.

Sami hugs Rafe, congratulating him. She explains to Caroline that her dad and Uncle Bo wouldn’t let him join the force if he wasn’t trustworthy. Caroline nods and congratulates Rafe. Sami asks when Rafe starts, but he explains he isn’t joining the force. Sami’s face falls as she asks him if he is going back to the FBI. Rafe shakes his head, saying he got a construction job, actually. It’s not so bad, and in a few months, he can learn to operate the crane. Sami stammers. Rafe sighs, saying that he can tell she is disappointed--just like her grandmother.

Brady tells Nicole that he saw Mia at an AA meeting. Nicole, surprised, asks if Mia is an addict. Brady shakes his head, saying she has been using rehab as a cover story to account for the time she was gone having the baby. Nicole shrugs, saying she think it’s a plausible cover story. Brady scoffs, knowing she of all people appreciates at good lie, but there’s a problem. Mia doesn’t want to lie anymore. There’s this kid she likes, and she doesn’t want to string him along. Nicole doesn’t see what the big deal is if some teenager knows Mia had a baby. Brady tells Nicole that the teenager is Will. Nicole turns pale. Brady reminds her that no one is closer to a boy than his mother.

Will scoffs at Kinsey, saying he’d rather hang out with Mia than some skinny girl with a big zit on her forehead. Kinsey squeals and feels around on her face. Will says ‘Gotcha.’ Kinsey accuses Will of being mean. Will tells her she ought to think twice before she says bad things about Mia. Mia walks over and overhears Will tell Kinsey that he thinks it’s really cool that Mia is being open and honest about her problems and how she’s working through them. Mia grins.

Phillip paces around and flashes back to the last time he saw Stephanie and their argument. He remembers her tears, and the way he told her that they shouldn’t get married. Philip comes back to the present and sighs.

Owen holds a hand over Stephanie’s mouth as she bawls silently. Owen’s father asks Melanie what she is looking at. She claims she is cold. Just then, someone knocks on the door from morgue to the outside. Owen’s father answers, and it’s a man with a delivery. Melanie asks crassly if it’s a stiff. Owen’s father explains they call them ‘the dearly departed,’ and offers to show Melanie upstairs. She explains to him that she is going back to the hospital and the two head off. Owen whispers excitedly to Stephanie that they are all alone again.

Caroline tells Rafe that she doesn’t mean to look down on anyone’s job, but if he really loves being a cop, is he going to be happy in construction? Rafe hugs Sami and explains that he is a family man now. He has responsibilities. Caroline says she heard--just like she also heard he has traveled around a lot and never settled down. Sami admonishes her. Caroline huffs, saying she doesn’t think the two are being realistic at all. Rafe says he has a grandma, too, and tells Caroline about how his own grandmother hated his cousin’s fiancée. But then, when she saw how well she took care of her husband and kids, his grandmother accepted her and the two became friends. He smiles, saying it’s a nice story. Caroline seems to soften, asking Rafe jokingly if he is Irish. She asks if the two are hungry. Rafe says he is and Caroline heads off to get him some food. Sami turns and hugs him, saying that if Caroline is willing to feed him, then that’s a very good thing.

Brady strolls along the pier and leaves Melanie a message, saying he has called nine times and really needs to speak with her. He hangs up as Arianna walks over, saying the girl is probably trying to avoid him. Brady scoffs, jokingly accusing her of still listening in on other’s conversations. She says he was bellowing, which is annoying. He reminds her of her own annoying habit of spilling coffee on people. He thanks her for helping remind him to pay his insurance and heads off. She calls him a jerk under her breath, but laughs. Brady calls back that he heard that.

Nicole takes out her phone, saying she’ll just have to see about Mia and Will being friends.

Mia tells Will that she overheard him standing up for her, but he didn’t have to do that. Will shrugs, saying he was just telling the truth. Mia starts to tell him something, but she gets a text message. It’s from Nicole, asking Mia to meet her at the pier. Mia flashes back to Nicole telling her that she has to stick by her by not ever seeing her again. Mia sighs and tells Will she has to go. She promises she will be at his next game with her phone turned off. She heads out of the café.

Melanie rushes over to Phillip, out of breath. She tells him that she saw Stephanie’s earring in the thing--the place where they keep the bodies. That’s where she must be. Phillip gapes, asking if she means the morgue. She nods and pulls out her phone. He asks what she is doing. She says she is calling the police, of course. Phillip takes the phone from her and shakes his head.

Mia meets Nicole at the pier, saying that she doesn’t like being told what to do. Nicole retorts that doesn’t like hearing that Mia is telling people she’s an addict. Mia scoffs, assuming Brady told her. Nicole says that that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that she and Mia agreed that Mia wouldn’t talk about this stuff with anyone because she might slip up. Mia snaps back that she is tired of Nice telling her what to do. Nicole wonders what has gotten into her and Mia explains angrily that saying she just had a close friend tell her she was honest. She isn’t honest--she lies all the time about everything. Nicole asks if the friend is Will Horton. Mia angrily wonders if Nicole is bugging her backpack. Nicole ignores the question, saying Will may seem harmless enough, but his mother is trouble. Mia thinks Sami seems nice. Nicole groans, saying Mia is dumber than she thought.

Rafe tells Sami that he thinks he is lucky to have a job right now, considering, but Sami reminds him he loved being an agent. Arianna comes in just then, greeting the two and Grace, since she is her future niece. Sami cops an attitude, telling Rafe that she didn’t think they were going to tell anyone. Arianna reminds Sami she is his sister as Caroline walks over. She exclaims, saying she had no idea, even though the two share a last name. She adds jokingly that you become family at the Brady pub sooner or later anyway so it doesn‘t matter. Rafe chuckles, saying Arianna and Caroline should talk since neither of them approve of him adopting Grace. Arianna sighs, saying she thinks the decision was just a little rash, but Rafe reminded her to mind her own business. Caroline says that concept doesn’t really fly with her and Sami agrees emphatically. Arianna sighs, saying she just worries something might go wrong. Sami says she has seen Rafe when things do go wrong. That’s why she knew letting him adopt Grace was the right decision.

Owen comes out of the morgue into the parlor, thanking his father for covering for him with that girl earlier. His father says he thinks he deserves an explanation as to what is going on, but Owen claims that all he needs to know is that Owen finally has everything under control. He hugs his father.

Phillip tells Melanie that finding Stephanie’s earring doesn’t prove anything. The guy could have moved her already to someplace else, and if the cops arrest him, he’ll clam up and not say a word. Melanie admits that that won’t help them find Stephanie. Phillip nods, saying grimly that if that happens, they won’t find her alive, anyway.

Stephanie, bound and gagged, shimmies across the floor of the morgue.

Kinsey comes back to talk to Will at the cafe, saying that she sees Mia took off. Will asks her what her problem is, and adds that he’d like it if she left him alone. She refuses, saying that as mean and arrogant as he is, she still doesn’t want to see him get hurt. She wants him to know that these rehab things never work. She had a friend come back from one, and she wasn’t the same. She still did drugs, and she stole things, too. Kinsey wonders how well Will really knows Mia. Will claims that he knows everything he needs to know about her.

Mia tells Nicole that she doesn’t care what she thinks, and that she likes Sami. Nicole accuses Sami of lying and being underhanded. Mia scoffs, saying Nicole is one to talk. Nicole whines, saying that Sami lies and schemes and uses her kids to try to win over Nicole’s husband. Everything she has ever done, on the other hand, has been for Sydney. Mia claims that Sami loves her children. She loves Grace so much that she is willing to let that bodyguard of hers adopt her so she can have a father. Nicole gasps. Mia nods, saying Sami just wants her daughter taken care of, and she thinks that that makes her a really nice person.

Now alone, Sami grumps to Rafe that they are really batting a thousand with their families. Rafe claims Arianna is wrong. Sami sighs, saying his sister just thinks she is trying to tie Rafe down. Rafe sighs, saying her grandmother doesn’t think he can take care of her. Sami thinks her grandmother is wrong. Rafe says Arianna is wrong, too. He says the only one tying him down is this little one. He smiles at Grace as Sami says it’s them against the world since they’re the only three that think this is a good idea. Rafe grins, assuring her that they’re going to win.

Melanie suggests that the police might give Owen immunity if he tells them where Stephanie is. Phillip nixes the idea, saying that since Owen is working for the DiMeras, he knows they’ll kill him if he rats on them. Melanie sighs, guessing that it is up to them, then. Philip wants to check out the morgue again, but wonders how they can get in. Melanie says she supposed to come back here later but Phillip isn’t sure they’ll let her back in the morgue. Melanie says she has an idea. It’s like the old joke, ‘people are dying to get in there.’

Stephanie shimmies towards the door. Owen walks in and stands over. She sits up. He kneels down and rips the tape off her mouth, apologizing for hurting hr. She thinks he’d let her go if he really was sorry. He sighs, saying that her friend was here earlier. Can’t she see that he can’t let her go? Stephanie asks what he is talking about, but Owen tells her not to play dumb. He recognized the girl’s voice. Stephanie assures him that she doesn’t suspect anything, and she left, but Owen says he has to make sure of that. He pulls out his gun.


Mia says, “No, Nicole, you’re going to stay away from me or you’re going to be sorry.”

Sami tells Rafe, “Maybe this adoption isn’t such a good idea.”

Brady asks Melanie and Phillip, “What in the hell are you two doing?”

Stephanie tells Owen, “She’s in love with Phillip. More than anything in the world, she wants me out of the way.”

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