Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/26/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/26/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole rushes into the hospital, fretting over EJ and asking him how he is. He says he is ok, but his father might not make it. Nicole tells him how sorry she is as Lexie rushes over. She asks why Stefano was brought in by the police in a diabetic coma. She says she thought Stefano was overseas getting medical treatment, and EJ admits that was the plan. Lexie demands to know what the hell happened to him.

At the pier, Victor calls Brady a traitor. Bo retorts that if it weren’t for Brady, Stefano would have died, and Bo would be hauling Victor and Phillip in on murder charges. Brady gasps, saying he thought they found Stephanie. Bo shakes his head, saying that is why he needs to locate Phillip. Victor insists he sent him away on business. Brady says the hell he did, but Victor demands he stay out of it. Bo snaps at Victor to stop lying to him, or Stephanie and Phillip might both end up dead. Victor retorts that they’ll both die only if Bo refuses to back off.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Phillip looks at Stephanie’s earring and asks Melanie where she found it. She explains that the night she lost her bracelet, she came back and Carlos let her in. She then found the earring on the terrace. Philip thinks for a moment, then asks her if she saw anyone else. Melanie says she just saw the gardener, Owen. Just then, Owen starts to walk down the stairs with Stephanie’s bag of clothes.

Back at Owen’s father’s morgue, Stephanie gasps for air in her drawer, sobbing and worrying that she is going to die.

Owen comes down the stairs and listens in at the doors of the living room. Phillip tells Melanie that he is sure Owen had nothing to do with this. He’s worked for them for years, after all, and he wouldn’t lay a finger on Stephanie. Melanie isn’t so sure, saying you have to be particularly careful with those silent types. Phillip scoffs. She reminds him this had to be an inside job, and asks him who else he thinks could have taken Stephanie. Phillip suggests Melanie did. She chuckles at first, but frowns when she sees Phillip is serious.

Stephanie gasps and chokes, begging Phillip to come save her.

Melanie scoffs, asking if Phillip is joking. He wants to know how she heard Stephanie had been kidnapped, and she explains that Brady told her. She reminds Phillip that she has no reason to take Stephanie, and if she had, she certainly wouldn’t be giving Phillip her earring. He reminds her that she has double-crossed him in regards to the DiMeras before. Who’s to say she wouldn’t do it again? Melanie laughs, admitting that she masterminded the whole thing. She suggests Phillip tie her up and call Bo. Phillip glares, saying that maybe he will. Melanie grabs her purse, sarcastically saying that she’s glad she offered to help. She starts to huff off. Owen hears her coming out and looks for a place to hide.

Stephanie cries, saying that she loves Phillip so much. She begs him not to let her die like this.

Lexie gasps, saying she had no idea Stefano was kidnapped in Brunei. She asks EJ why he didn’t tell her. He explains that he didn’t want to get her involved. She fumes, asking if he felt the same way about the police. EJ starts to answer, but Lexie flies into a rage, reminding EJ this never would have happened if he and their father weren’t so hell-bent on getting revenge for Tony’s death. She angrily reminds EJ that he has a wife and daughter, and he needs to realize the fact that his behavior is putting them in danger. EJ stammers that he is sorry, but Lexie doesn’t want to hear his apologies. She says she will take care of their father, but he needs to take care of his family and end this. She adds that he is the only one that can. She storms off. EJ sighs, saying she is right, and that he has to stop this. Nicole tells him not to listen to Lexie, as she is dead-wrong about all of this. EJ stares at her in surprise.

Owen ducks behind a door as Melanie starts to had off, but she changes her mind, stomping back into the living room to tell Phillip that she is just trying to help him. He scoffs, wondering how she could help him when all she does is lie all the time. She flies into a rage, saying that she may be self-absorbed and selfish, but she isn’t a bad person. Stephanie is out there somewhere, and she might even be hurt. Melanie adds angrily that she had nothing to do with it, and if Phillip doesn’t believe her, he’s going to come to regret it.

Victor scoffs, asking Bo who he is going to believe here--him or Brady? He adds angrily that Brady and Phillip are barely on speaking terms, so he doesn’t have a clue as to what is going on. Brady admits he doesn’t know where Phillip is exactly. Bo tells him to go ahead and head home, but he promises to call him later with any news. Brady heads off. Bo angrily reminds Victor that Stephanie is his niece, and Victor and Phillip’s irresponsible behavior has put her into danger. He ask Victor to let him handle this by the book, but Victor refuses. He tells Bo that the DiMeras never do anything by the book, and besides, Stephanie isn’t the only on in danger here--so are Hope and Ciara. Bo growls that he can take care of his own family, but Victor accuses Bo and his ego of putting Stephanie into jeopardy. If something happens to her, Victor claims it will be on Bo’s head.

Stephanie lies in the morgue drawer, seemingly unconscious.

Lexie checks over Stefano and takes his hand, promising to do everything she can for him. She calls his name, but Stefano doesn’t respond.

Nicole tells EJ that she knows he wants to protect his family, but listening to Lexie isn’t the way to do that. EJ disagrees, saying he needs to end this. Nicole huffs, reminding him Stefano is clinging to life, and that he wouldn’t want EJ to give up and let Victor and Phillip win. EJ says this isn’t about winning--it’s about innocent people getting hurt. He claims he doesn’t want anything to happen to Stephanie. Nicole reminds him he doesn’t know where she is, but EJ says he can at least point the police in Owen’s direction. Nicole asks him if he wants to take the chance of losing her and Sydney. EJ asks what she means and she explains that if he tells the truth, he could go to jail for a long time. Nicole says she needs him and so does his daughter. They couldn’t handle it if he was in jail.

Bo scoffs, telling Victor that Stephanie’s kidnapping is already on his head--that’s why he needs to find Phillip. He plans on arresting him, and jail is honestly the safest place for him right now. Victor asks what charges Bo plans on filing and Bo retorts that Phillip assaulted EJ. Once Stefano talks, he’ll bring both him and Victor up on charges of kidnapping. Bo adds angrily that he has no problem throwing the book at Victor and Phillip, if it keeps them from committing murder.

Melanie tells Phillip that she ran into Owen on the way to the terrace to look for her bracelet. He seemed really nervous and distracted. Phillip asks what he was doing, and Melanie says she saw him putting leaves into a bin. She thought it was odd he was working so late, too. Phillip asks if she saw Stephanie, but Melanie claims she didn’t. She headed to the terrace, and that’s where she found the earring. Owen listens in worriedly as Phillip calls for Henderson. He asks when he saw Owen last, and Henderson explains it was a few hours ago. Owen said he was going on vacation, and had cleared it with Phillip. Henderson gave him his paycheck in advance. Phillip curses, saying he didn’t clear his vacation and asks if this is normal behavior for Owen. Henderson guesses it isn’t and apologizes profusely. Philip excuses him and tells Melanie that he is now sure Owen was behind this. Melanie asks if she thinks he did this for money and if she should call the police. Phillip shakes his head, saying he is going to find Owen himself. If he’s responsible for this, Philip is going to kill him with his bare hands. Owen, seeing that the two have their backs turned the door, makes a break for it. He quietly heads out and sighs, telling Stephanie that he’s sorry, but there’s been a major change of plans.

EJ still handcuffed, puts his arms around Nicole and assures her that he isn’t going to jail. She frets that if Owen is found by the police, he may turn on EJ. Just then, Lexie comes out of Stefano’s room, telling the two that Stefano’s blood sugar levels are stabilizing. EJ, elated, is glad to hear he is on the mend, but Lexie warns him there may be lasting damage from the lack of insulin. EJ asks what she means and she explains his brain or kidneys may have been affected. EJ, angry, demands that Lexie call in a team of specialists to help him. She sighs, saying she would if she thought it would do any good. She insists they are giving Stefano the best care possible. Cowed, EJ apologizes to her, asking if he can see Stefano. Lexie says he is resting now, but that EJ can see him a little later. She heads back into Stefano’s room. EJ vows to make this right. Nicole asks what he means, but he says it doesn’t concern her. Angry, she retorts that it does if it involves their family. She adds that she and Sydney need him, so he can’t go to the police about this. She begs him not to do so.

Phillip starts to show Melanie to the door, but she tells him the cops are looking for him, and they’ll probably be here any minute. She thinks he needs her help if he is going to find Stephanie. Phillip scoffs, but Melanie says he knows two heads are better than one. He needs to face it--she is all he has.

Owen rushes back into the morgue and leans against Stephanie’s drawer, saying he’s sorry he took so long. He tells her he’s in a dilemma. As much as he would like to go away with her, he doesn’t think it’s going to happen. He starts to open the drawer.

Phillip looks through a folder Henderson has brought to him, saying he can’t believe that this is all they have on Owen. There’s just a cell number and a post office box here. Henderson shrugs, saying Owen always seemed private to him. Phillip groans and shakes his head, saying he can’t believe this is all his father has on the guy. Melanie is surprised Phillip hasn’t gotten to know him since he has worked there for years. Phillip scoffs, saying he is just hired help. Henderson makes a face as Melanie says it’s no wonder Owen turned on him. Just then, the bell rings. Melanie and Phillip back into the living room and Henderson answers. It’s Brady, and he wants to know if Phillip or Melanie are here. Henderson hesitates. Phillip hisses that Brady will call the cops on him if he learns he is here, and then they’ll never find Stephanie.

Owen yanks open the drawer and pulls Stephanie out, but she is unconscious and unresponsive. Owen panics, begging her to breathe.

Victor tells Bo that he can do whatever he wants to him, but he’ll only arrest Phillip over his dead body. Bo rolls his eyes, saying he’s out of here. Victor curses, telling Bo not to dare walk away from him. When Bo needed his money or influence, Victor was always there for him. Is this how Bo repays him? Bo says that he is just doing his job, and accuses Victor of not trusting him and not coming to him with this first. Victor retorts that he doesn’t trust Bo, because Bo hasn’t earned his trust. Victor launches into a lecture, angrily telling Bo that he doesn’t treat him like he is his father. His dismissive cruelty hasn’t gone unnoticed. Bo says this is nuts, but Victor reminds him he hasn’t brought Ciara by the house or invited him to his home for ages. Victor can tell that Bo is ashamed of him. Bo reminds Victor that he wasn’t the father that raised him, and seeing what kind of a man Phillip is, he is grateful. Victor glares, telling Bo to get out of his sight. Bo agrees, but reminds Victor that Phillip being in jail is a lot better than him ending up dead. Bo storms off.

Brady and Henderson head into the living room, but Phillip and Melanie are gone. Henderson is confused, telling Brady that the two were just here. Brady curses.

Phillip and Melanie run through the grounds of the mansion. She stops for a moment to catch her breath. Phillip asks her if he were to tell her to do something, and Stephanie’s life depended on it, could he trust her to do as he says? Melanie says he can. Phillip sighs, guessing he doesn’t have a choice. He grabs her hand and the two rush off.

Nicole reminds EJ that the police will arrest him if he tells all he knows about Stephanie’s disappearance. She knows EJ thinks he is invincible, but he isn’t, and what happened to Stefano just proves that. She asks him what he is going to do, and EJ caves, admitting that she and Sydney are more important to him than anything else. He tells her he loves her as his phone rings. EJ somehow answers, despite the handcuffs, and tells the person on the other line to keep looking, as he wants Owen found as soon as possible. He hangs up just as Bo comes over, telling EJ that he is under arrest.

Owen performs CPR on Stephanie, begging her to breathe.

Near the Java Café, Phillip asks Melanie if she understands what she has to do. She nods and promises to get it for him. He asks her to meet him in a half hour and to call him if she has any problems. She agrees, tells him to be careful, and heads off.

Victor heads back into the Kiriakis mansion. He finds Brady in the living room and asks what he is doing here. Brady says he is looking for Phillip. So are the police. Victor says that he already explained Phillip wasn’t here, but Brady says he was here not fifteen minutes ago. He can ask Henderson if he doesn’t believe it. Victor calls Henderson in and asks him to show Brady to the door. He adds that he is never to allow him back into the house, either. Brady gapes. Victor glares.

Lexie holds Stefano’s hand, saying they have barely had anytime together. She cries, saying he had barely had any time with Theo either, and the two get along so well. She says that she wants to get the chance to know him again, and she sobs, begging him not to leave her. She says she loves him, and she just lost her brother. She can’t stand to lose her father, too. Stefano opens his eyes and squeezes her hand. Lexie smiles through her tears and greets him.

Bo begins to read EJ his rights, but Nicole interrupts, asking what EJ is being charged with. Bo says he assaulted Phillip. Nicole scoffs, asking where Phillip is and if he is being charged, too. Bo says he will be once he finds him. Nicole retorts that Bo doesn’t have a damn thing on her husband. Bo says he has enough to bring EJ down to the station and book him--unless of course, he wants to give Bo information on how to find his niece. Bo tells EJ that a little cooperation in the matter will go a long way for him. Nicole glances at EJ worriedly.

Owen works on Stephanie, begging her to come back to him. She wakes up while his mouth is on hers and slaps him, demanding that he get off of her. She gasps for air. Owen holds his cheek and glares, saying she is going to be sorry she did that.

Bo asks EJ if they have a deal, and EJ says they do. Nicole hisses, asking what he is doing. EJ explains that he doesn’t want to see an innocent person get hurt. Bo bursts into laughter, complimenting EJ sarcastically on his big heart. EJ warns him that the information he has may not help, but Bo says they will have to see. He wants to take EJ downtown right away, but EJ says he needs a few minutes first. His father is in there fighting for his life. Bo gives him five minutes to speak to Stefano. EJ thanks him.

Brady tells Henderson that he can show himself out. Victor instructs Henderson to pack Brady’s things and the man heads off to do so. Victor tells Brady the door is the other way, but Brady says he has something to say first. He says he is sorry for the way things turned out tonight. Victor snaps at him to save his apologies. They mean nothing to him, and nor does Brady anymore.

Melanie lurks around a wooded area with a piece of paper. She tries to call Phillip, but gets no answer. She frets, wondering where he is.

Owen yells at Stephanie, asking if this is the thanks he gets for saving her life. He threatens to shut her back in the drawer, but she sobs, begging him not to. She claims that she was just scared and disoriented, and that she didn’t mean to hurt him. She vows never to do so again. Owen slams his hand down on the table, saying that nothing is going as planned. Stephanie collects herself, asking if she can help in any way. Owen says she can’t. He unlocks a drawer and takes out a gun, saying no one can help him now. Stephanie shakes with fear.

Brady starts to tell Victor that no matter what he thinks of him--Victor interrupts, asking nastily if Brady is going to suck up so he doesn’t get cut out of the will. Brady scoffs, asking if he really thinks he cares about the money. Brady insists that he doesn’t even like living here. Everyone here is so bitter and angry, what between Victor, Kate, and Phillip taking shots at each other and reveling in other people’s misery. Victor says Brady liked it well enough while he lived here, but Brady says that was because he thought he was welcome. Now he sees there were strings attached, and he was expected to be as ruthless as the rest of them. Brady reminds Victor that he already disowned Phillip, and now him. Who is next? Victor says he never disowned Phillip. And while he is furious at Bo, at least he has the excuse that he is just doing his job. Brady is just a miserable bastard, and Victor wants nothing more to do with him. Brady storms off. Victor sits in a chair and glowers.

Lexie comes out of Stefano’s room and tells EJ that he is awake, and can see him for a few minutes. EJ and Nicole head inside as Bo asks to speak to Stefano, too. Lexie says he can’t do it tonight. She sighs, saying the whole thing is a mess. She wonders who is going to be the next to get hurt. Bo says Stephanie Johnson might be, unless Lexie can help him get some information out of her old man.

Stefano tells EJ that he knew he would find a way to save him. EJ says he is sorry all didn’t go as planned. Bo comes in just then, telling EJ it’s time to go. EJ kisses his father and presses his ring into his hand, saying he is glad he is back. Nicole offers to come with EJ, but Bo says he can’t see anyone until after his arraignment. She argues that Bo said EJ wouldn’t get into trouble if he cooperated. EJ reassures her, and she promises to get the best lawyer in the state and have him out by tomorrow. Bo and EJ head off. Stefano chuckles, saying it was the ring that helped him. Nicole asks if he needs a doctor, as he isn’t making sense, but he asks her to stay and talk awhile. He questions her as to whether or not she has been to the Mediterranean. Nicole says she was in Greece, mostly, at least for a little while. Stefano insists the real Mediterranean is in places like Marsala. Nicole says she has heard if it. Stefano gives her history lesson about the Italians and Phoenicians, and says he knows he sounds like he is rambling, but the lesson explains why the ring is so important. Stefano claims that the ring is the reason why he cannot be destroyed. It is why Elvis was able to save him. He asks her if she understands. She says she thinks does. She starts to go on, but notices that Stefano’s eyes have closed. She calls his name and sighs.

Bo tells EJ that he can hold him for 24 hours as he leads him to the elevator. He adds that if EJ doesn’t help him find Stephanie, he will make sure he is brought up on kidnapping charges, and that he never sees his wife or kids again.

Phillip meets Melanie in the wooded area, apologizing for being late. He asks if she got the information on Owen and she nods, handing over the sheet, and saying it isn’t much. Phillip notes that his father works at a mortuary. Melanie asks if Phillip thinks Owen’s dad could help them. Phillip suggests they find out, and the two head off.

Stephanie asks Owen what he is doing with a gun. He practically cries, saying he wanted them to run away together more than anything, but they can’t now that everyone is on to them. She stares in horror as he tells her how sorry he is.


Sami tells Caroline, “Rafe is going to adopt Grace.” She replies, “You can’t be serious.”

Brady tells Nicole, “Stephanie’s missing, and you’re my best shot at finding out where she is.”

Phillip tells Victor, “Whoever has Steph can’t know that we’re looking for him.” He replies, “If he knew that--“ Phillip interrupts, “He’d kill her.”

Stephanie says, “Owen, I’m begging you-- please-- put me back in there and I’m going to die.”

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