Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/25/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/25/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

At the Horton cabin, Lucas and Chloe finish making love. He grins and runs a hand up her thigh, telling her how much he loves her. Lucas sighs, saying he can’t believe how much he loves her. He kisses her neck. Chloe says that she loves him too, but she isn’t in love with him. Lucas wakes up just then with a gasp. He looks over at Chloe, who is sleeping beside him, and sighs.

At his apartment, Daniel lies in bed and dreams of making love to Chloe. He wakes up, gasping and groaning.

At the Java Café, Bo asks Brady if he can tell him where Victor and Phillip are. Brady says he can’t, but he admits he thinks Stephanie has disappeared. Bo curses. Brady explains that she went missing, and Phillip was frantic, but then later he seemed calmer and made up some lame excuse about how she had just been out running errands. Then he overheard Phillip and Victor talking about something big going down later tonight. He thinks it must somehow be connected to Stephanie’s disappearance. Bo curses again, saying he knew Victor was up to something.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor speaks with Phillip, who is at the pier, over the phone, asking if the ‘package’ arrived. Phillip says he did, but admits Stefano is barely hanging on by a thread. He adds that he will just be glad when Stephanie is safe. Victor agrees and Phillip thanks him, saying that he’s glad they decided on a plan of action together. Victor claims he wouldn’t have agreed to it if he didn’t think it was for the best. He asks Phillip to let him know when he has Stephanie, and the two hang up.

Stephanie lies in the morgue drawer, her hands bound, as Owen speaks on the phone with EJ, who’s in the woods, telling him there has been a change of plans. EJ asks if his car broke down, and offers to send someone to pick them up, but Owen reminds EJ that he doesn’t know where he is. EJ sighs, saying that Owen sounds strange. He adds that he needs Stephanie now, and demands to know when Owen is going to bring her to him. Owen says he plans on never doing so. EJ stares in astonishment.

In a van near the pier, one of Victor’s men checks Stefano’s pulse. He shakes his head, saying Stefano doesn’t have much going for him.

EJ asks Owen what he means, reminding him that the arrangement all along was that he would bring Stephanie to him at some point. Owen admits he knows that and apologizes, saying he really should have thought this through more. Stephanie listens in hopefully as Owen says that he now realizes that he doesn’t want to be involved in something like this. Stephanie has become dear to him, and he doesn’t want to see her get hurt. EJ yells that he paid him to do a job, and he expects him to do it. Owen asks EJ what his plans for Stephanie are, but EJ refuses to say. Owen yells that he isn’t handing Stephanie over to EJ. He screams that he will never let him hurt her and hangs up in a rage. Before EJ can react, Phillip calls, asking him why he is late. He smirks, adding that Stefano isn’t looking so good. EJ frets.

Daniel sighs, tossing and turning. He fantasizes about Chloe telling him she loves him. He comes back from his reverie, and buries his face in his hands. He groans and gets out of bed.

Chloe wakes up and finds Lucas staring at her. Startled, she asks if anything is wrong. Lucas claims that he can’t sleep, and Chloe asks if she can do anything to help. He isn’t sure. Chloe asks if something is bothering him, adding that she knows things haven’t been the same since his mom started acting so strangely. Lucas reminds her that Kate fired her and told her she wasn’t good enough for her son. He wonders if that even bothers her, but Chloe claims it doesn’t. She knows Kate called earlier from London, and asks if she had bad news about Billie and if that is why Lucas can’t sleep. He says that that isn’t the problem and tells Chloe that he had a dream about her not loving him. Chloe stares in surprise.

Bo talks to a fellow officer over the phone, telling him that he’ll meet him. He warns he man to tell the team they have to move in silently with no sirens. He then hangs up. Bo tells Brady that he had a detail that didn’t make sense until he learned about Stephanie. He thanks Brady, saying that he may have saved her life. Brady wants to tag along, but Bo insists he will handle this and rushes off. Brady sighs. He pounds his fist on the table, upsetting a cup of coffee. He curses. Melanie walks in just then, asking him what is wrong.

EJ assures Phillip that he will be at the pier soon. Phillip tells him to hurry and get here before his father stops breathing. He adds that Stephanie had better be alright. EJ again assures him that he is minutes away and hangs up. EJ motions to Marco, who comes over, and he tells him they’re leaving. Marco reminds him they don’t have the girl. EJ says he knows that, but they’re going to get his father anyway. Marco isn’t so sure it’s a good idea, saying that Phillip will realize they don’t have Stephanie right away. EJ’s odds of winning here aren’t good. EJ warns him that he’d ask for his opinion if he wanted it, and tells Marco to just be sure his men are ready to move in. He adds that he knows Owen betrayed them, but he will have to deal with that later. For now, the only thing he can concern himself with is getting his father back safely. He heads off, shouting at Marco to follow.

Owen pulls Stephanie out of the drawer and helps her to sit up. She asks to be untied, but he changes the subject, noticing that her other earring fell off. He goes on to say that he talked to Mr. DiMera, and told him he couldn’t hand Stephanie over to him. He wasn’t sure what motivated him to be so courageous. Stephanie says she doesn’t understand and asks Owen what he plans on doing with her. Owen beams, saying that he is going to save her.

Chloe is surprised at Lucas’ dream, asking what she said to him in it, but he says she didn’t say anything. He just got the feeling that she didn’t love him. He sighs, admitting that he knows it sounds crazy, and that it was just a dream. Chloe asks if he remembers any specifics, but Lucas says he doesn’t. He snaps at her, asking her not to keep badgering him about this. Chloe apologizes, and Lucas says he is sorry, too. He didn’t mean to take this stupid dream out on her, since he loves her. She says she loves him, too. Lucas guesses that the dream happened because of his conversation with his mom earlier. Chloe assures him that when Kate gets back to town, she’ll do everything she can to make things right with her. She adds that she doesn’t want Lucas worrying about this. He sighs, telling her that thinks he’s going to go for a drive. Surprised, she offers to go with him, but Lucas hurriedly throws on some clothes, saying he would rather go alone.

At the hospital, Maxine hands Daniel a paper, telling him how popular and respected he is around here. She starts to say they’d all hate it if--Her pager interrupts. Daniel thanks her and she heads off, grumbling. He looks at the paper Maxine handed him, and we see that it’s a sheet requesting a leave of absence from the hospital.

Melanie jokes with Brady, suggesting that he switch to decaf. Brady asks what she is doing out at this time of night, and she explains that she is a night owl. She tells him that she appreciates the fact that he tries to give her good advice about being a nicer person, but she wants him to know that his last piece of wisdom cost her a pile of money. Brady asks what she is talking about and she reminds him of the advice her gave her about Stephanie. Melanie scoffs, saying sarcastically that she is America‘s sweetheart and never has a bad day. Brady sighs.

Stephanie asks Owen in surprise if he is really going to save her. He nods, asking if that makes her happy. She admits it does, and Owen is glad. He assures her that he isn’t some evil guy. Yeah, he works for the DiMeras, but he took the job years ago, and all it entailed was spying on the Kirakises and reporting in from time to time. Stephanie assures him he didn’t do anything wrong. He takes her hand, saying when EJ swooped in and demanded he kidnap her, he didn’t know what to do. All he knows now is that he can’t hand Stephanie over to him. She agrees that EJ would hurt her. Owen unties her and barrels on, saying life is about more than giving and taking orders. He adds that Stephanie deserves to be happy--someplace far away from here. Stephanie asks if that means she is free to go. Owen says she is. Stephanie grins and burst into tears.

Victor calls Phillip, asking if the exchange has been made. Phillip says it hasn’t, adding that he talked to EJ. He thinks he sounded sketchy, as if he were stalling or something. Victor worries that EJ may be planning to double-cross them, but Phillip assures him he knows what to do in that case. He promises to be in touch in hangs up. Just then, EJ comes over with Marco and another guard. Phillip demands to know where Stephanie is. EJ accuses him of being jumpy and asks where his father is. Phillip glares, reminding him that if he doesn’t have Stephanie, then there’s no deal.

Daniel orders a double espresso at the Java Café. The waitress jokes that he must want to stay awake the rest of the night, and Daniel explains he has a lot of paperwork to do before he leaves in the morning. Just then, Chloe walks in. She sees Daniel, hesitates, then rushes off before he sees her.

Lucas heads into Maggie’s kitchen, saying he saw her light on, and hoped she was still awake. Maggie explains she is up late baking a cake for a raffle at the church. She asks if Lucas is having any problems with sobriety, but Lucas explains that he has been attending meetings and is doing well. He adds that drinking isn’t exactly his problem right now. Maggie asks him what the problem is, then.

Melanie barrels on as Brady sighs, only half-listening to her. She groans that she could have made hundreds if she hadn’t wanted to impress Brady with what a good person she is. Brady asks what she means and she sighs, reminding him that he advised her to return Stephanie’s earring. Brady sits up, interested, asking her where she found it. She groans, reminding him she said she found it on Phillip’s terrace. She wonders who lit a fire under him as he asks excitedly to see the earring. Melanie refuses.

Stephanie thanks Owen profusely. He grins, saying he thinks this is fate. Stephanie agrees, and adds that she is going to keep her promise. She vows not to tell Phillip, Victor, or the police about what happened here. He smiles, saying it will be her personal memory. She tries to smile, asking him if she can go now. Owen nods, saying they’ll be leaving here shortly. She asks what he means by ‘they.’ Owen explains that he forgot to tell her--they have to decide where they want to go. He assures her that wherever it is, he knows they will have a happy life together. Stephanie turns pale.

Phillip tells EJ he isn’t playing games. EJ says he isn’t either, and demands to see Stefano. Phillip suggests they both walk Stephanie and Stefano down here and make the exchange at the same time. EJ refuses, saying he wants his father brought to him now. Phillip’s eyes widen as he realizes EJ doesn’t have Stephanie. He calls him an SOB and attacks. The four guards pull their guns as the two struggle. Phillip pummels EJ. Suddenly, Bo’s voice shouts at the men to drop their weapons. Phillip flees. EJ rolls around on the ground, groaning and bleeding. Bo grabs EJ as some other officers begin to cuff the guards. EJ screams at Bo to let him go. Bo warns him to calm down and do as he’s told if he wants to find his father alive.

Meanwhile, someone jumps into the van with Stefano as the driver suggests they get out of there. An officer comes over, weapon drawn, warning the driver to put his hands in the air. The man insists he had nothing to do with Stefano getting hurt--in fact, he thinks the old man has been dead for a while. We pan in on Stefano, pale and still in the back of the van.

Bo demands to know where Stephanie is as an officer cuffs EJ. EJ refuses to say. Bo glares, warning EJ that he will put him in a pine box if anything happens to her. He tells the officer to get EJ to the hospital before they book him and the two head off. Another officer comes over, telling Bo they found Stefano. The officer isn’t sure if he is alive, but he’s on his way to the hospital. He adds that the man that ran off initially hasn’t been found. Bo sighs and makes a call, telling someone to get their ass down here. They obviously ask where he is, because Bo glares, telling the person they know damn well where he is. He hangs up in a fury.

Brady tells Melanie that he doesn’t have time for her games. This earring could be a clue and he needs to see it. Melanie asks how it could possibly be a clue. He explains that Stephanie needs their help. Melanie scoffs as Brady’s phone rings. He listens, thanks the person, and hangs up. He explains to Melanie that he thinks the police found Stephanie. Melanie asks what he means, and Brady explains she was kidnapped. Melanie gasps. Brady says he has to go and rushes off without further explanation. Melanie protests, but gives up after she loses sight of him outside the café. She heads back over to her purse and takes out Stephanie’s earring, staring at it curiously.

Owen picks up Stephanie’s earring, explaining she won’t need this or any of the other things she’s used to having when they start their new life together. Stephanie takes the earring and puts it back on, trying to put on a brave face. She asks about their new life and Owen excitedly explains that he has over six thousand dollars saved up. The can go anywhere she wants, although has always wanted to live in India. He asks what she thinks, but she isn’t sure what to think. Owen says it’s no big deal, and that they don’t have to decide right away .The important thing is that they just get out of here. He grabs her hand, but she jerks it away, trembling. Owen asks her suspiciously what is wrong, saying he thought they had built a bond up. Stephanie tries to smile. Owen sighs sadly, guessing that she doesn’t want to go with him.

Maggie stirs her batter, asking Lucas what’s wrong. He isn’t even sure anything is. He confides in Maggie that his mom is back to being her old self, and adds that she doesn’t seem to like Chloe anymore. Maggie sighs, saying she likes Kate, as she is a friend, but she reminds Lucas that Kate has never approved of any woman he was in a relationship with. Lucas says he knows that better than anyone, but it’s different this time. It’s as if Kate and Chloe are keeping something from--something big. He can feel it. Maggie stares in surprise.

At the pub, Daniel hesitates over signing the form for his leave of absence. He says to himself that he has to do this and flashes back to making love to Chloe. He comes back to the present and sighs, crumpling up the paper. Just then, Chloe walks into the pub. She stares at him. Daniel stares back longingly.

Maxine tends to the cut over EJ’s eye at the hospital. She suggests he see a doctor even though his injuries are minor. EJ demands to see his father, asking the officer in the room if he is under arrest. The officer leads him off, saying he is, and warns him not to try to run away. He two head out in the waiting area as Stefano is wheeled by. EJ rushes over and gently asks Stefano if he is alright He opens his eyes and smiles. EJ laughs, assuring Stefano he is in the hospital and is going to be fine.

Victor shows up at the pier, asking Bo why he called him here. Bo demands to know where Phillip and Stephanie are. Victor assumed Stephanie was here with Bo, but he says she isn’t. Victor claims that he sent Phillip to New York on business. Bo fumes, saying he will charge Victor with lying to the police and impeding an investigation if he doesn’t tell the truth as to where Phillip is.

Phillip scrambles around in the bushes as sirens wail nearby. He vows to find Stephanie and rushes off.

Stephanie admits to Owen that she is scared. She claims the idea of her and Owen running away together is so exciting that she can barely believe it’s real. Owen insists it is. Stephanie sighs, saying she can’t go anywhere in these clothes, though. Owen surveys her lingerie and robe critically and agrees. He says they will have to buy her new ones, but Stephanie doesn’t think it’s a good idea to waste their money on new things for her. Owen remembers that she had clothes in a bag at the Kiriakis mansion and Stephanie compliments his good memory. She says they should go get them, but Owen says he will go alone, since he can travel faster by himself. Stephanie nods and sits on the exam table, saying she’ll just wait here. Owen starts to head off, but then tells Stephanie he can’t take the chance of her escaping. He shoves her back into the morgue drawer and shuts the door on her as she shrieks in protest.

Chloe comes over to Daniel and greets him, asking him what the paper is. He explains he was considering taking a leave of absence from the hospital and from Salem. Chloe hopes he isn’t, and Daniel says he changed his mind. He says no matter where he goes, he will still miss her and still have nights that he can’t sleep for thoughts of her. Chloe tries to hold back tears. Daniel assures her that he isn’t saying this to make her feel guilty for choosing Lucas. All Daniel wants is for her to be happy, and if Lucas does that for her, then that is great. He says he can’t lie, thought. This whole situation is maddening. Chloe says she can’t lie to him either. She cries, telling him that she isn’t happy--not at all.

Lucas tells Maggie that he isn’t sure anything is going on, but Kate and Chloe are both being evasive. Kate suddenly changed her mind about Chloe, and Chloe, inexplicably enough, doesn’t seem to care. Maggie thinks she might be trying not to come between Lucas and his mom, but he says there is something more to it, and he’s sick of being kept in the dark. When he questioned Chloe about what was going on, she was very evasive and shifty. Maggie suggests that Lucas focus on his sobriety and stop obsessing over things he can’t control. Lucas sighs, saying Maggie is acting the same way Kate and Chloe have been. Maggie stares guiltily.

Bo tells Victor that Phillip and EJ were fighting like a couple of dogs. Phillip ran off before he could be arrested, and Bo wants to know where he is and what is going on with Stephanie. Brady walks over just then, telling Bo one of the other officers called him and ask what is going on. Victor whirls on him angrily, calling him a disloyal bastard and saying that he has ruined everything.

Stephanie sobs inside the morgue drawer. She tries to calm herself down, saying that she is wasting her energy. She gasps for air, noticing with horror that her supply of oxygen is running out.

Owen lets himself into the Kirakis mansion and lurks in the foyer. He hears a noise and darts upstairs. Phillip comes out from behind the door, calling out for Victor, thinking he was the one that came in. He gets no answer. Philip rifles through a drawer in the living room, vowing to himself to find Stephanie. Just then, Melanie rushes in, asking if he has found Stephanie. He angrily says he doesn’t have time for this, but she says she has a clue. She hands him Stephanie’s earring, saying that Brady told her it might help in locating her.

Chloe asks Daniel not to misunderstand what she is saying--her decision to choose Lucas is final. Daniel claims he understands that she wants Lucas to be happy. She nods, but admits that Kate has been really awful lately. She hasn’t said anything to Lucas, but she’s been mean and nasty. What’s worse is that Lucas has been resettles and moody. Daniel assumes he is upset about Kate, but Chloe thinks it’s more than that. It’s like there’s some lost memory eating away at him, and he’s trying to figure it all out. She worries that he won’t stop this until he finds out the truth.

Maggie tells Lucas that he is being paranoid and tells him he needs to go home and get some sleep. She says she needs some too, as it is late, and she asks Lucas to come back by in a couple of days. He apologizes for coming by so late, but he is still worried about Kate and Chloe. After all, if they both hate each other, what are they trying to hide from him? Maggie claims she doesn’t know anything. Lucas apologizes again and heads off. Maggie sighs. Outside, Lucas gets a flash of Maggie threatening to tell him the truth the night he was drunk at the bar. Lucas comes back to the present and shakes his head in confusion.

EJ sits by Stefano’s side as he lies in bed. EJ tells him how glad he is to see him. Stefano smiles. Just then, the machines hooked up to him beep wildly. Maxine rushes in. EJ says worriedly that he thought Stefano was stabilized after the dose of insulin he was given. She doesn’t answer as she works on Stefano. EJ frets.

Victor accuses Brady of being a traitor, but Bo says Victor and Phillip would have been brought up on murder charges if Brady hadn’t told him what was going on. Stefano is barely alive as it is. Brady gasps, saying he thought Bo’s man said they found Stephanie. Bo explains they are still looking for her and explains to Victor that that is why he needs to know where Phillip is. Victor insists he sent him to New York. Brady glares, “The hell you did.”

Melanie quickly tells Phillip that she found the earring on the terrace after she came to look for her bracelet. Phillip asks if she saw anyone else. Melanie says the only person she saw was the gardener. Phillip nods, saying his name is Owen. Just then, Owen starts to head downstairs with Stephanie’s bag.

Stephanie hyperventilates inside the morgue drawer, saying she is going to run out of air and die. She sobs.


Phillip tells Melanie, “I’m going to find that son of a bitch. I swear to God--if he’s responsible--I’m going to kill him.”

Victor tells Bo, “Do what you want with me. If you try to arrest Phillip, then you’ll do it over my dead body.”

Nicole tells EJ, “I’m begging you--do not go to the police. Please don’t do it.”

Owen begs, “Come on, breathe! Breathe, Stephanie!”

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